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30 June, 2014 - Walking With ATGATT Is Not Easy, Try Running!
The Netherlands flag
#Netherlands #Running #ANWB - The Dutch are crazy. They have an annual running race in which all the contestants must be fully ATGATT. This is running with your feet, not motorcycle.


30 June, 2014 - Review: 2014 KTM Duke 390 Cup - The Duchess Of Competition
Review 2014 KTM Duke Cup 390
KTM logo
#Review #KTM - A detailed review from a top French motorcycle web site of the 2014 KTM Duke 390 Cup - The Duchess Of Competition


30 June, 2014 - Marc Marquez Wannabe At The MotoGP Finish?
Marquez Assen Finish Wannabe
#Squid #MarcMarquez - Is this some motorcycle rider who wants to be like Marc Marquez at the Assen MotoGP finish


27 June, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 27 June 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
Despite a week on the road on my motorcycle (in glorious weather), I still had the time to read loads of interesting motorcycle related articles on the web. Here are a few you may have missed, for your reading pleasure.

- Deer Prudence | Street Savvy - When the Buck Stops Right in Front of You (Motorcyclist)
- We rode Harley-Davidson's incredible electric motorcycle (The Verge)
- Interview: Mika Kallio On The Moto2 Title, Lighter Riders, And Dani Pedrosa (Motomatters)
- Our Own Worst Enemies (Geezer With A Grudge)
- Pinner Portrait Watch Brandon Give New Life To Old (Pinterest)


27 June, 2014 - France: How The Motorways Are Stealing From Motorcyclists
Automated toll booth
France flag
#France #Autoroutes #RipOffs - A note to all motorcycle riders riding the French autoroutes. More and more toll booths have become unmanned, and the computer has to be able to determine if you are a motorcycle or a car, but often it calculates you as being a car, so you end up paying a higher price. And there's not much you can do about it.


27 June, 2014 - Wait A Minute! That Is Not How You Do It!
Not the way you use a helmet
#Funny #LOL #Helmet - There are people, and then there are people. What can I say?


26 June, 2014 - Want A Motorcycle Helmet Made Out Of Cork? Honest!
Nexx Cork Helmet
Nexx logo
#Nexx #Helmets #Cork - Want a cork motorcycle helmet? Honest, it exists. Really.


26 June, 2014 - Review: 2014 Honda PCX 125
Review 2014 Honda PCX 125
Honda logo
#Review #Honda #Scooter - A detailed review from one of the top French sites of the 2014 Honda PCX 125 scooter.


26 June, 2014 - I Do Not Think This Is What They Meant With ATGATT
Iraq flag
#Iraq #ATGATT #Military - Talk about riding motorcycle with body armor. Somehow when they talk about riding motorcycle ATGATT, I don't think this is what they had in mind.


25 June, 2014 - Idea: When There Is Never Enough Storage Space In Your Garage
HyLoft Ceiling Storage
HyLoft Ceiling Storage
#Storage #Garage #HyLoft - There is never enough storage in a garage. No matter how big it is. HyLoft have a series of Ceiling Storage that is reasonably cheap, easy to put up, and effective to store loads of stuff in your garage. This way you will have space for your motorcycles.


25 June, 2014 - Video: UK - Stay A Hero, Stay Safe
Ad Stay a hero stay safe
UK flag
#UK #Safety #Video - A great motorcycle safety PSA dating back to 2011 from the Sussex region in the UK. Makes you think without showing any violence or shock. Just plain common sense.


25 June, 2014 - Philippines: Now That Is A Real HOG
Philippines hog
Philippines flag
#Philippines #HOG - There's no denying it.... this is a real motorcycle-riding HOG. Don't get anymore piggy than that.


24 June, 2014 - Ad: Think - Wooow What A Great Ad, But Need To Look Twice
Ad Think Take longer to look for motorbikes.
Think! logo
#Advertisement #Think! #Safety - Here is a very good, if not great, safety advertisement coming from the UK Think! organization. It's a PSA you need to look twice to get it, but then it hits home. Cool.


24 June, 2014 - France: You’ve Got To Love Lawyers, Specially When You Screw Up
Speeding on Autobahn
France flag
#France #Speeding #Lawyers - Two men were caught speeding in France at 244 kph, racing each other in cars. But thanks to the magic from two lawyers, they got off scot-free.


24 June, 2014 - Syria: Nice Motorcycle Ride In Good Old Neighborhood. NOT!
Syria Horns Blown up neighborhood
Syria flag
#Syria #Destruction - This most be devastating for the people living there. Imagine having lived there all your life, and now it looks like this.


23 June, 2014 - Givi: Carry Your House On Your Back While Riding Motorcycle + Blacklisting
Givi XS317
Givi logo
#Givi #Backpack - Italian accessory make, Givi, have got a whopper of a rucksack. Called the XS317 the backpack can store up to 30 liters of stuff. 30 liters? Many topcases don't even have that capacity.

But they are also stupid. They are blocking the access to their USA site if your computer is from Europe. Pathetic way of trying to control pricing information.


23 June, 2014 - Keep Your Head Cool With Tucano Urbano In Hot Weather
Tucano Urbano Frescura
Tucano Urbano logo
#TucanoUrbano #CoolingDown - Keep your head cool while riding in motorcycle in hot weather is important. Tucano Urbano have a cheap way of doing this.


23 June, 2014 - Brazil: How To Keep Soccer Supporters In Check
Keeping soccer supporters in check
Brazil flag
#Brazil #Soccer #Supporters - Several soccer (or as it is known here, football) supporters can be rowdy if not downright violent before, during and after their matches. But it looks like this is one thing that Brazil has under control. Not the kind of guys you want to pick a fight with.


20 June, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 20 June 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
Tomorrow is the official start of summer, and temperatures on most parts of the Northern hemisphere are rising, as is motorcycle riding. I supposed most of you were taken aback by Harley's announcement of their upcoming electric motorcycle? But it wasn't the only thing on the internet last week. Here's what you may have missed.

- How To Ride A Motorcycle In Windy Weather (You Motorcycle)
- Berlin bans Hell’s Angels logo (Salon)
- Lapd Zero Electric Motorcycles (Wired)


20 June, 2014 - The Netherlands: Yet Again People Stole Cop’s Radar Equipment
Stealing Police speed camera
The Netherlands flag
#Netherlands #Police #Radar - Yet again someone stole the Dutch police radar from under their eyes. It's gone. Maybe they should check on eBay.


20 June, 2014 - France: Moving Towards No Phone While Driving, Even Hands Free
Phoning on motorcycle in Indonesia
France flag
#France #MobilePhone - The safety authorities are proposing to ban all phones while driving even if equipped with a hands free kit. This because according to them, 10% of all accidents involve phoning while driving.


19 June, 2014 - Yoga Lessons For Motorcycle Riders
Yoga Biker
#Yoga - Yoga is becoming increasingly more popular for motorcycle riders, and for several good reasons. So I'm not surprised to see there is a web site dedicated to yoga for bikers.


19 June, 2014 - Forma Santos Riding Boots - Cool Motorcycle Boots
Forma Santos Boots
Forma logo
#Forma #Boots - Riding motorcycle with full riding boots can be a pain when socializing or other activities than riding. Therefore half size boots that look like normal boots but still protect you can be pretty cool, just look at these Italian Forma Santos boots.


19 June, 2014 - UPDATED! Revealed! Harley-Davidson Electric Motorcycle Official Photos
Harley Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle
Harley-Davidson logo
#Electric #Harley-Davidson - The electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle which was to be revealed today has leaked (not oil but the photos). US site Asphalt & Rubber has managed to get the photos of the new bike, and it looks like a total winner.


18 June, 2014 - UK: Statistics Fight Over Speed Cameras Saving Lives - Cat Fight!
Changing Statistics
UK flag
#UK #Statistics #Gatsos - There's a fight going on in the UK about statistics. The operator of speed cameras in the UK says they are saving lives, but according to others, their math sucks (like their cameras do) and the cameras are increasing accidents.


18 June, 2014 - When You Absolutely Positively Need To Watch The Worldcup On TV
Got to watch TV
#Funny #Cargo #TV - I guess if your TV just died, and you really, really, need to watch the soccer worldcup in Brazil, then you need to bring a new TV home, fast. In one piece if at all possible.


18 June, 2014 - Ideas: Motorcycle and Drones - Match Made In Heaven
Drone Hexo
Drone Airdog
#Drones #Kickstarter - Drones have a bad rep. But not these. Two drones are about to come into our lives that may change how we film ourselves on our motorcycles! Both drones will follow you by themselves and film you from the sky. That is going to give for some pretty videos.


17 June, 2014 - Ad: Chevrolet and Pizza Guys
Chevrolet Blindspot Pizza Guy
Chevrolet logo
#Advertisement #Chevrolet #Blindspot - A nice advertisement from Chevrolet where they think of us motorcycle and scooter riders with blind spot detectors. But.... there is always a but....


17 June, 2014 - Too Hot To Ride Motorcycle? Head To The Beach With KTM
KTM Going To The Beach
KTM logo
#KTM #Beachwear #Bikini - It's becoming summer, and over here the temperatures are starting to climb rapidly. Shortly it's going to be so warm that the only way to cool down is to jump in the ocean. And what better way than to wear one of KTM's beachwear?


17 June, 2014 - New Olympic Sport Testing Spied
New Olympic Motorcycle Sport MoBasket
#Funny #Olympics - It looks like the Olympics Committee is trying out new sports for the next summer Olympics. Since basketball has become pretty boring and predictable, they are testing a new variation that might please more spectators. So using sports motorcycles, maybe a lot of bikers will start watching.


16 June, 2014 - Book Review: Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash: A Dog, His Man, Their Journey 
Freedom on both ends of a leash
#Book #Review - Here is one excellent book you should think you buy and read. Called 'Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash: A Dog, His Man, Their Journey' it's the heartfelt story of Ara and his faithful dog Spirit and trusted BMW GS with sidecar, travelling the USA. Much like Neil Peart's 'Ghost Rider' book, it will effect you, but also amaze you. Truly recommendable book for adventure motorcycle riders, food lovers and life-story-aficionados.


16 June, 2014 - USA: Chihuahua Dog Manages To Wreck A Harley Motorcycle
Chihuahua dog
USA flag
#USA #Chichuahua #Funny - This is one for the books. A Chihuahua dog (the smallest dog available, rat sized) attacked a Harley-Davidson motorcycle causing $600 damage. Biker is not embarrassed, and called the cops.


16 June, 2014 - USA: Those LEO Funeral Processions Are Sad But Impressive
Las Vegas Cop Funeral 2014
USA flag
#USA #Police #Funeral - Looking at the photos of yet another funeral procession of a police officer, I can only say that a) it's sad and b) it's very impressive. The only question that I ask is "who fights crime while everyone is at the funeral?". Do criminals know this will happen and strike?


13 June, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 13 June 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
Friday 13th today. Is it a lucky or unlucky day for you in your country?? It's considered lucky here in France, so that's why while you are reading this I'm on the road (again). Been on the road a lot the last week, so didn't get a chance to read many interesting motorcycle articles, but here's some you may have missed.

- 10 Reasons To Attend Motoblot Chicago (Good Spark Garage)
- WD-40 Turns 60 Years (Motorcycle Thailand)
- Is Moto2 To Blame For A Lack Of Grip During MotoGP Races? Probably Not, Believes Guy Coulon (Motomatters)


13 June, 2014 - Video: Honda Sells Gold Wing Like A Car Ad
Honda USA Goldwing Video 2014
Honda logo
#Honda #GoldWing #Advertisement - Here is a pretty lame and bland TV commercial from Honda for their flagship motorcycle, the Gold Wing. They are selling it like it was a car. Shame.


13 June, 2014 - Bad Dog, Bad Bad Dog
Urinated on a motorcycle
#Funny #Dog #Criminal - What is this world coming to???


12 June, 2014 - Patents: Transformer Motorcycle Trailer - Do It All
Transformer Motorcycle Trailer
Transformer Motorcycle Trailer
#Patent #Trailer #Transformer - A patent was filed last year for a transforming trailer - from normal vehicle trailer to motorcycle trailer to motorcycle with 4 wheel vehicle. Strange? Yes, but interesting.


12 June, 2014 - Laser Detecting DUI Is Coming
Ad Tac Drink Drive Margarita Australia
Poland flag
#Poland #DUI #LaserDetection - A University in Poland has found a way to use a laser beam to determine if someone has been drinking in a car, and all that remotely. You'll never know what hit you...


12 June, 2014 - Portugal: 299 Kph And Wheelieing - Squids Extreme
Portugal 299 kph wheelie video
Portugal flag
#Portugal #Squid #Video - Here is an example of a squid that should never have been put into the gene pool. 299 kph and wheelieing in between cars and motorcycles. NOT impressive!


11 June, 2014 - Ideas: Chinese Guy Patents Motorcycle Raincoat
Patent Motorcycle Raincoat
China flag
#Patent #Raincoat #China -Honest, a Chinese guy has patented a raincoat for motorcycles, that looks like a wombat straight from hell.


11 June, 2014 - France: Big Reductions in Road Deaths in 2013
Statistics icon
France flag
#France #Statistics #Fatalities - The French authorities have published the road fatalities for 2013, and it's looking very good. But who is to congratulate?


11 June, 2014 - India: Motorcycle Commute In Record High Temperatures
India Hot Weather Commute
India flag
#India #RecordTemperature #Pollution - Often when it's nice and warm, riding your motorcycle is the answer. But not if you are in India, where with extreme high temperatures and pollution, life on a motorcycle must be hell.


10 June, 2014 - Ads: Now That Is How A TV Channel Should Advertise
Telepizza Ghostrider
Portugal flag
#Advertising #TVNetwork #Portugal - Three cool advertisements from a Portuguese TV network, each featuring a pizza delivering famous movie-motorcycle.


10 June, 2014 - Review: Electric BMW C-Evolution Scooter - The Future Now
BMW C Evolution Review
BMW C Evolution Review
#BMW #Electric #Scooter - Here is my own detailed review of the BMW electric scooter, the C-Evolution. I do compare it with the Zero DS I tested, and I can tell you even before you read the review; this is one VERY fast scooter. It's really an equivalent 600 cc scooter.


10 June, 2014 - France: Finally A Politician Who Is Starting To Use His Brains
Emergency lane traffic jam
France flag
#France #EmergencyLane #TrafficJams - Finally one politician in France that is using his head, not his wallet. Good proposition, now let us see if it gets implemented.


9 June, 2014 - France: 1st EV Electric Recharge Network For Establishments
eTablissement Branche Seal
France flag
#France #Electric #Label - A novel idea in France, a label/seal is being given to shops, restaurants and hotels that have electric vehicle charging points in their establishment. With a network of locations, it'll allow EV owners to plan longer distances. Great idea.


9 June, 2014 - Review: 2014 Honda NC 750 S DCT - Good At Everything
Review 2014 Honda NC 750 S DCT
Honda logo
#Review #Honda #NC750S-DCT - A detailed review from a top French web site of the 2014 Honda NC 750 S DCT - Good At Everything


9 June, 2014 - WTF? No Way Am I Riding This Road On My Motorcycle
WTF I am not riding this
#Funny - Hehe.... this could be funny in a very, very, fast car. Anyone want to try?


9 June, 2014 - Ducati: Clearer Photo of the New Ducati Scrambler
Ducati Scrambler reworked
Ducati logo
#Ducati #Scrambler #Teaser - Here is the teaser photo from Ducati of their upcoming Scrambler motorcycle, but slightly reworked by us to make it clearer and with more details.


6 June, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 6 June 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
Today are the D-Day celebrations, close to where I live, but I have not been invited. Pity since I would have liked to dine with those heads of state and give them a piece of my mind. Or maybe that's why. Well, they'll not get to read this week's interesting motorcycle related stories.

- After worldwide journey, 'Forks' author brought home a new view – and new recipes (Los Angeles Register)
- 'Fast food' stops for electric cars (USA Today)
- KLIM Altitude Pants Review (Leslie's Motorcycle Adventures By Advgrrl)
- Traffic In Moscow (English Russia)


6 June, 2014 - Shocking Statistics: More Eggs Eaten, More Deadly Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycle accidents vs egg eating
USA flag
#Statistics #Funny - A shocking statistics proves that the more eggs people eat, the more deadly accidents are caused between motorcycles and cars & vans. There is no escaping the facts. Stop eating eggs if you want to continue riding your motorcycle.


6 June, 2014 - Belgium: Incredible Increase In Speeding Tickets Due To Segment Radars
Aircraft Enforced
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Radars - The new segment radars in Belgium are a major windfall for the government. 7 times more speeding tickets over one year!


5 June, 2014 - USA: How Not To Take A Kid On A Motorcycle Ride
Unsafe Child Pillion Singapore
USA flag
A New York biker was arrested after finding that he was riding on his motorcycle with his girlfriend's 5-year old son ... tied to the bike with twine, and with a way too large helmet which wasn't even DOT approved. What a way to transport a kid on a motorcycle.


5 June, 2014 - Hyosung ST7 Cruiser Concept - Ducati Diavel Killer?
Hyosung ST7 Cruiser Concept
Hyosung logo
#Hyosung #Concept #PowerCruiser - Korean Hyosung (or whatever they are called nowadays) together with the Indian importer DSK Hyosung, have created a concept of their new power cruiser. We'll be seeing it probably at Intermot or Eicma this year. But can it beat a Diavel or H-D 750?


5 June, 2014 - Germany: July 1, Hi-Vis Vest Mandatory, But Not For Motorcycles
Chicken HiViz Vest
Germany flag
#Germany #High-Visibility #Vests - Next month cars must have a high-visibility vest onboard, if not you'll be fined. Motorcycles do not need them.


4 June, 2014 - UK: And You Thought CCTV Video Cameras Are There For Security
CCTV i3Tech
UK flag
#UK #CCTV - The UK has a record number of CCTV video cameras to be used for quote safety unquote. But now the reality shows that they aren't just used for safety, but for the usual :- money generating.


4 June, 2014 - Going To Dubai And Want To Ride A Motorcycle?
FlyBike Dubai
UAE flag
#Dubai #Rent - Going to Dubai, United Arab Emirates for work or holiday? Here's an address where you can rent a Honda Gold Wing 1800 motorcycle or tricycle and enjoy the country on a motorcycle.


4 June, 2014 - China: Now That Is A Beach To Ride Motorcycle On
China Taklimakan Rally Desert 2014
China flag
#China #Dunes #Taklimakan - That looks like enormous sand dunes, big enough to interest the Dakar organizers to race the next Dakar in China. That would be an interesting motorcycle race...


3 June, 2014 - Ad: Honda - Only Gods Think Once
Honda Moto Only Gods Think Once
Honda logo
#Advertisement #Honda #TTIsleofMan - Cool print advertisement from Honda about them winning the TT of the Isle of Man several years in a row. Nice art work.


3 June, 2014 - Switzerland: Now Cops Have Eye Vision Tests In Their Arsenal
Swiss Police Eye test
Switzerland flag
#Switzerland #EyeTest - Switzerland is getting an additional weapon to fine its fine citizens. They are going to be conducting eye vision test on all vehicle drivers/riders. If they see that you can't see, you'll be fined - you see?


3 June, 2014 - Syria: Another Scenic Motorcycle Ride
Scenic Syrian Motorcycle Ride
Syria flag
#Syria #DeathAndDestruction - Not exactly a nice background for a motorcycle ride. Death and destruction ... poor folks.


2 June, 2014 - Motorcycles and Cakes: Harley-Davidson - Part 4
Cake Harley Davidson
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #Cakes #Pastry - Part 4 of many, many cakes and other pastry made to be like the Harley-Davidson logo or motorcycles. Sugar rush coming up.


2 June, 2014 - Philippines: Water Pump Powered Motorcycles
Philippines Kuliglig
Philippines flag
#Philippines #WaterPump #kuliglig - No, you read it wrong. It's not water-powered motorcycles, but water PUMP powered motorcycles they ride in The Philippines. Interesting idea to convert a water pump into a motorcycle engine. It's cheap and very efficient. The bikes are called 'kuliglig', meaning cricket.


2 June, 2014 - France: Motorcycle Feast In Between Cow Dung and Mole Hills
Fete de la Moto Yvetot 2014
Fete de la Moto Yvetot 2014
#France #FeteDelaMoto - The first motorcycle feast took place in the fields in between the cow dung and mole hills and many motorcycle riders. Stunt riding, sidecar cross, trial, motorcycle dealers, swap meet, food and live music. What else can you wish for?



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