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31 July, 2006 - Paris Mayor Has Motorcycle-phobia
France Article
Politics Article
The idiot mayor of Paris has decided that on high pollution days, motorcycles can only go into the city on alternate days !

He's stated that motorcycles pollute between 3 and 122 times more than cars !!


31 July, 2006 - On My Chevy - Gone To Holland
1957 Chevy Motorcycle
I got an itch, and have gone walkabouts. Off to Holland to look into my father.

Back Thursday. There will be daily articles appearing (server Gods permitting). Have a look at this special motorcycle... a 1957 Chevy motorcycle !


28 July, 2006 - Got His License 2 Days, Now It’s Gone !
Fun Article
A 24 year old Dutchman, who just got his license 2 days prior, got caught at 200 kph.

Bye-bye license and motorcycle.


28 July, 2006 - Top 10 Motorcycle Sales Australia 1H2006
Bug Jive
The 1st half 2006 sales of motorcycles in Australia.

There's one strange sounding bike in there...


27 July, 2006 - Newsletter: Slight Problem Last Week
This Site Article
A couple of problems with our newsletter last week. Some new registrations never received the confirmation screen, the mail didn't go out on time, and Yahoo users didn't receive the email.


27 July, 2006 - Video: Erzberg 2006- BMW HP2
Video clip inside
BMW logo
Here's a three minute video clip of BMW HP2 efforts in this year's Erzberg Rodeo Enduro race, featuring Jimmy Lewis (USA), Gerhard Forster (Germany), Chris Pfeiffer (Germany) and Simo Kirssi (Finland). Quite amazing ! Also, a 2 minute clip of last year's event, giving you a good overview why this race is so difficult.


26 July, 2006 - Real Motorcycle Riding Politician
Prime Minister of Romania, Calin Popescu Tariceanu
Prime Minister of Romania, Calin Popescu Tariceanu is a real biker. We've already featured him on our site.

Now, he's had an accident. Hope he'll not stop riding !


26 July, 2006 - New British Motorcycle Safety Video
Video clip inside
A new hard hitting British motorcycle safety TV ad has been launched !

Very good, as usual. It makes you think (first about the ad) why other countries aren't doing similar.

Is it because the lives of bikers means less ??


25 July, 2006 - California The Hardest Hit By Motorcycle Thefts
Statistics Article
California has been the hardest hit by motorcycles theft during 2005. Way more !!!

See the statistics of the worst states in the USA.


25 July, 2006 - Kropotkin Feed Added to Site
This Site Article
We've added a live feed coming from the excellent "Kropotkin Thinks" MotoGP review site.

Learn more what goes on in the MotoGP world.


25 July, 2006 - Getting Worse in France !
France Article
Politics Article
The French government is stepping up their efforts to enrichen themselves (they say it's for your own safety). More radars, no more warning, average speeds calculated on autoroutes, etc etc. Living hell !!! Vive La Revolution !


24 July, 2006 - Record Motorcycle Jump Failed !
Trigger Gumm Motorcycle Crash
Very obvious from this photo that the record attempt for the longest motorcycle jump failed.

Ouch !!


21 July, 2006 - Video: Motorcycle Hit By Car - Acrobat !
Video clip inside
A video feed of a crash between a car and a motorcycle. The biker lands on his feet. Quite incredible.


21 July, 2006 - Deposit Taken For Motoczysz Replica - 50 only
Motoczysz C1 race motorcycle
The limited edition replica of the MotoCzysz C1 will be open for deposits during the US MotoGP. 50 of them will be built !

So if you've got US$ 100,000 lying around, better hurry!


20 July, 2006 - Wheels 2 Africa
News Article
US based Dakar race team, Team Rally Pan-America, have announced that *they* are sponsoring a charity (Wheels 2 Africa) that provides motorcycles for medical purposes in Africa.

So, after the race is over, the support trucks of Team Rally Pan-America will go back into Africa to help in the efforts of Wheels 2 Africa. Nice !


19 July, 2006 - New Garmin GPS ! Special For MOTORCYCLES !
Garmin Zumo GPS for motorcycles
Garmin have released a specially-built-for-motorcycles GPS, the Zumo.

Small, strong, waterproof, it can be used with gloves, sports Bluetooth and will even tell you when you're running out of gas, and route you to the nearest gas station.


19 July, 2006 - Purpose Built Motorcycle XM Radio
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle XM Radio AL20
Harley-Davidson and XM Radio have released in the USA, a special motorcycle satellite radio.

It's only available on Harley motorcycles, and only in the USA, but if you're a Harley rider, it makes a lot of sense (cents ?? $250 worth).


18 July, 2006 - Motorcycle TV in the USA
News Article
Finally, a TV Cable station in the USA is going to be dedicated to motorcycles.

Called "The Motorcycle Channel", it'll air 24/7 early 2007 !


18 July, 2006 - Water Running Out Of Your Motorcycle ?
MFX Classic Faucet
Here's a very original faucet for home.

If you're into motorcycles (and you are, if not you'd not be reading this), and want to have all sorts of things in your home that are motorcycle related, it's your thing !!


17 July, 2006 - The Sound Of 48 Cylinders On A Motorcycle
48 Cylinder motorcycle
You've maybe seen photos of the 48 cylinder motorcycle before, but here's a video clip of the same motorcycle starting up..


17 July, 2006 - A *REAL* All Terrain Motorcycle
Hyanide ATV motorcycle
A special design, the Hyanide is a real all terrain vehicle. Ride anywhere on this motorcycle equipped with a rubber track instead of wheels.

Sand, Snow or mud is no problem for the TANK.


14 July, 2006 - Will This Ad Sell ?
BMW K1200R Ad
BMW logo
A strange advertisement from BMW for their K1200R.

Will that sell more motorcycles ?


13 July, 2006 - Huhhhh ??
Walking the motorcycle
Strange and funny animated gif, of a motorcycle rider 'walking' his motorcycle.


13 July, 2006 - Book Review: Valentino Rossi Autobiography
A look at Valentino Rossi's autobiography book.

In short, good book. Gives you a good insight in the man's mind, and in MotoGP.


12 July, 2006 - Great Motorcycle Books
Book Article
Review of great motorcycle books.


12 July, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - Planning
Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle race
Since we've received quite some emails asking for more information on the next Le Touquet Enduropale beach race, here's information for you.

Prizes, cost, hotels, etc. Nothing to stop you from preparing this race.


11 July, 2006 - New French Motorcycle Manufacturer - Wakan
Wakan 1640 Motorcycle
France has a new motorcycle manufacturer; Wakan.

Finally there's a second manufacturer who has produced a very pretty and sexy cafe-racer style motorcycle.

The motorcycle will be available later this year, and distributed in several countries, including the UK and USA.


10 July, 2006 - ResQtag - Life Saving ?
Often in a motorcycle accident, if you're not able to talk, having information on you for medical emergencies can be life saving.

He's a nifty and cheap product from the USA that will help; ResQtag ! How much is your life worth ?


10 July, 2006 - Wearable GPS - For Motorcycles!
Xtream So Easy Rider motorcycle GPS
French motorcycle clothing company, Xtream Wearther, have released a wearable GPS for motorcycles.

Small, it's strapped to your left wrist. Is this the gadget of the year, or is someone dreaming ?


7 July, 2006 - Enduro Holidays in the Alps
Motorcycle Enduro Holidays Chalet
A look at an outfit that offers motorcycle enduro holidays in the Alps, with English speaking staff.

Stay in their fully equipped chalet.


7 July, 2006 - Governator Finally Gets Motorcycle License
News Article
Good old Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has finally passed and gotten his motorcycle license.

Now he can ride his Harley officially, and maybe not crash it. I wonder if he took lessons ?


7 July, 2006 - Cellphones on Motorcycles - Global Problem
Motorcycle rider with mobile phone
Looks like we in the Western world aren't the only ones who use cell phones on our motorcycles.

Here's a rider in China. Check out his riding gear...


6 July, 2006 - The New BMW R1200R
BMW R1200R motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW have announced their new R1200R motorcycle.

Here's the full specification.


6 July, 2006 - Oooops - Part 2 - Reality
News Article
A follow-up on yesterday's photo of the crashed BMW R1200GS-Adventure. The rider is OK, just his ego is hurt since his motorcycle was spanking new.

He's from the Raptors and Rockets website.


5 July, 2006 - Ooops - BMW 1200GS-A
Crashed BMW R1200GS-Adventure
We don't usually post photos of motorcycle accidents, but this one is something you'll not see often.

Check out the shaft drive on the BMW R1200GS-Adventure !


5 July, 2006 - Tour de France 2006 & Kawasaki Motorcycles
Kawasaki motorcycle in the Tour de France
Kawasaki is again the official supplier of motorcycles to the Tour de France 2006.

26 motorcycles are used during the race, ranging from stewards, to medical, to drinks.


4 July, 2006 - Does Your Personality Change On Your Motorcycle ?
Statistics Article
Does your personality change when you ride your motorcycle ? That's a question Thomas at Unicornadventurers asked in his blog. I know I do, but what about you ?

Take this one question survey. Results will be published in August.


3 July, 2006 - Don’t Crash With This Helmet
Brazil supporter with crazy motorcycle helmet
Sometimes helmets are dangerous.

Here's one typical case you're not safe with a helmet !



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