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31 July, 2007 - Electric Motorcycles - A Review
Electric Motorsport GPR
A review on what's on the market for electrical motorcycles.

Not scooter, nor trikes, but real motorcycles that you can go and buy right now (if you have that much cash). Performance is still too low, prices too high, but we're getting there.


31 July, 2007 - Video: Racing Commercials
Video clip inside
TV ads for "old" motorcycle races, one for motocross, the other for motorcycle dragsters.


30 July, 2007 - Everything Except The Kitchen Sink
Everything loaded on motorcycle, including dog
This guy has got almost everything from his house loaded on his BMW 650GS motorcycle, including kayak and dog.

Only thing missing is the kitchen sink...


30 July, 2007 - My Next Bike - Ecological, Electrical, Solex
I've always been in the market for an electrical bike, and now, one of the ultimate symbols of France, the VeloSolex, is going to be available in electric.

A great vehicle to go and buy a croissant at the local boulangerie, clean and proper, and not fast. But then, if you live in Normandy like I do, you're never in a hurry....


30 July, 2007 - Final Motorcycle Rider Resting Place
Motorcycle Memorials Urn Fuel Tanks
We've seen motorcycle hearses for our final journey, but here even one better. Motorcycle fuel tanks that are urns for your ashes!

What better way of making your final statement?


27 July, 2007 - BMW Roll Out 100,000th R1200GS Motorcycle
BMW R1200GS-Adventure motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW announced the 100,000th R1200GS motorcycle has rolled off the production line. It's a record braking model for BMW.


27 July, 2007 - A True Biker - ATGATT
Video clip inside
Web Article
Yesterdays funny photo (Take off your helmet when drinking) resulted in a comment from a reader, about who the person was in the photo.

It belongs to a Canadian living in Taiwan, with a funny web site, and even funnier videos. Here's the video which features the photo.


27 July, 2007 - Speed Ticket Insurance
News Article
A Danish association (speed club - appropriately named Fartklubben) is offering an insurance against speeding tickets (and also parking tickets).

For a little bit of money, they'll pay your speeding fines. Too good to be true ?


26 July, 2007 - Pump Up Your Helmet
ScorpionExo 1000 series Helmet Pump
Scorpion are producing a helmet like the way Reebok used to make their Pump sneakers.

Press a little pump, and you inflate air into your helmet, making it fit perfectly. Great idea.


26 July, 2007 - Take Your Helmet Off When Drinking!
Drinking with helmet on
It's not a good idea to drink something, like a milk-shake, when you still have your integral helmet on....

Bad idea...


26 July, 2007 - RSS Feed Per Category Enabled
This Site Article
For those of you who want to subscribe to the RSS feed, but can't be bothered by everything, you can now select specific categories for your RSS feed.


25 July, 2007 - Tour De France; Bicycle or Motorcycle Race ?
Tour de France 2007
Is the famous Tour de France a bicycle race or a motorcycle race?

When you look at the photo (or TV broadcasts), you'd swear it's a motorcycle race with a few bicycles as spectators.


25 July, 2007 - Strange Motorcycle/Quad/Bar Stool
motorized bar stool
If you want to save time, here's the invention for you. A motorized bar stool.

Ride up straight to the bar, have your drinks, and ride back again, with never leaving your stool. Handy!


25 July, 2007 - Gone For The Day: Paris Bound - No Speed Limits
I'm off to Paris for the day, celebrating my wedding anniversary.

Back this evening, in the mean time, there will be a few articles to amuse you.


24 July, 2007 - BMW R1200GS Wins 5th Centopassi
BMW logo
A BMW R1200GS Adventure won the Italian Centopassi event, which finished this weekend. The mountain event has become a main part of the road races in Europe. Again, many people participated.


24 July, 2007 - Wearable Videocam
Hands free camera
A Swedish designer has designed the prototype of a hands free, wearable, camera.

The devices transmits images and sound without wire to a recorder (presumably a mobile phone). Still in concept form, this is one device that could see a market.


24 July, 2007 - KTM 690 Baja Comes Through Baja Aragon With Flying Colors
KTM's Marc Coma
KTM logo
KTM and Marc Coma have tried out the new KTM 690 Baja in the Spanish Baja Aragon race.

The motorcycle is doing better than expected. It's now ready for next month's Baja 1000.


24 July, 2007 - Rain, Rain, Go Away
Heavy Rains In Europe
It has been raining very heavy in Western Europe.

Here are a few photos of the consequences for us poor motorcycle riders.


23 July, 2007 - Paris Motorcycle Exhibition Ready For September
Mondial Du Deux Roues Motorcycle Exhibition
The Paris motorcycle exhibition, Mondial Du Deux Roues, will open its doors on 29 September.

One of the biggest motorcycle shows, we can expect to see many new motorcycles and accessories.


23 July, 2007 - Not The Way To Wash Your Motorcycle
Muddy waters
Flooding and muddy waters don't make it easy for motorcycle owners.

Specially when you live in China.


20 July, 2007 - Netherlands Wants To Outlaw Integral Helmets
No integral motorcycle helmets allowed
The Dutch part for Freedom and Democracy, the VVD, wants to outlaw bikers from wearing integral helmets when not riding a motorcycles!

In other words, you must take off your helmet before dismounting! Stupidity is too kind of a word.


20 July, 2007 - BMW Finally Acquires Husqvarna Motorcycles
News Article
BMW logo
After months of rumors, BMW announced that they have purchased Husqvarna for an undisclosed sum of money.

Still needs approval from the European Lords.


20 July, 2007 - Hot! Very Hot!
Riding a motorcycle through a burning tunnel
Photo of a guy riding his motorcycle through a burning tunnel in order to break Guinness World record.

Hot, very hot.


19 July, 2007 - Reminder: Motorcycles For Sale Section On-Line
This Site Article
Just a gentle reminder that the pre-owned (2nd hand) motorcycles section has been added to this site.

You can add your motorcycle for sale for free. Why not add it?


19 July, 2007 - Uvex F1 Magic Goggle: Electronic Tint
Uvex Magic F1 Goggles
Uvex have launched a skiing goggle (that could be used for motorcycles, since it's compatible with helmets), that changes tint by the press of a button.

Using state-of-the-art liquid crystal technology, it's light, and changes tint very fast.

Available in September 2007.


19 July, 2007 - Video: USA: Slightly Better Motorcycle Safety
Video clip inside
Here's another motorcycle safety video from the USA.

Not as bad as last week's video, but still far behind the safety videos from the UK.


18 July, 2007 - Ducati: Fast USB Drives
SanDisk-Ducati USB Drive
SanDisk have launched a series of fast external computer memory, starting with a 4 Gb USB Drive labelled as Ducati.

Sexy looking, and very fast, they're Ducati's all right.

You can have any color you want, as long as it's Ducati red!


18 July, 2007 - Lawyer Challenges Denver Motorcycle Noise Law
Politics Article
The strange and unfair law that went in effect this month in Denver is being challenged by a smart lawyer (a biker himself). He has stated that the Police motorcycles generate more noise than what the new law allows for, so either the law must be withdrawn, or the Police must stop using the motorcycles.

Smart move, now let's see what is going to happen in court.


18 July, 2007 - Review: Using The Hex GS-911 Tool
Hex GS-911 diagnostic tool
A review of the BMW motorcycle fault diagnostic tool, Hex GS-911.

Despite the name, the tool will run a fault diagnostic on most BMW motorcycles, F, R, K, and even C series.


18 July, 2007 - Milla Jovovich, BMW and Resident Evil 3
Milla Jovovich, BMW K1200R motorcycle and Resident Evil 3
BMW logo
Here's another photo of the BMW K1200R motorcycle used for the movie Resident Evil 3, but this time there's also Milla Jovovich, the star of the movie.


17 July, 2007 - Ducati Grandstand For The Misano Adriatico GP
Ducati Tribune
Ducati logo
Ducati are running a grandstand tribune for the Misano GP.

Here's your chance to participate.


17 July, 2007 - Ducati: A Story Of Passion - The DVD
Ducati DVD
Ducati logo
Pro Italia, USA's largest Ducati dealer, have produced a one hour DVD called 'Ducati: A Story of Passion'.

Ducati is a motorcycle manufacturer with a passionate fan club, and this DVD could be a collector's dream.


17 July, 2007 - Handicapped Riding Motorcycles - Martin Conquest
Martin Conquest - motorcycle trike for disabled riders
Martin Conquest in the UK are producing in series a BMW R1150R adapted for disabled riders and their wheelchairs.

An incredible feat of engineering, the trike has all that you need to be able to ride if you are in a wheelchair.

Bravo !


17 July, 2007 - Motorcycle Search Engine
BikerSeek website
Here's a website with a motorcycle sites only search engine.

Span, leaches and other dirty websites are filtered out, leaving you only with sites that count.


16 July, 2007 - France: Accident Statistics 2006
France Article
Statistics Article
The 2006 accident statistics for France are out. Reduction in road deaths.

More radars coming !


16 July, 2007 - Not What He Had Planned To Ride, Rossi
Valentino Rossi on a scooter
Valentino Rossi had other plans for riding to the pits, and it did not involve riding a scooter!

Ouch !


13 July, 2007 - NO Harley! BOLD Harley!
Harley-Davidson nipple rings
OMG! This makes me sick.

How could they? Harley-Davidson nipple rings ??????


13 July, 2007 - France: Getting Out Of License Points Penalties
Points for sale
Many French drivers stand the chance of loosing their driving license after being caught by a speeding radar. But people have gotten smart. Several websites offer you the possibility to contact a "point seller".

These people sell their license points, by "owning" up to the speeding. Everyone wins; you get to keep your license, the 3rd party gets a big lump of money, and the government still get their money.


12 July, 2007 - Bad Taste #72537 ?
Wall-clock in shape of a motorcycle
Tacky ? A wall-clock in the shape of a motorcycle, that every hour will rev up, and go through the gears.

How long before you find it in pieces?


12 July, 2007 - AKE Motorcycle Communication Center
AKE Powercom central hub
German AKE have a large series of communication devices for motorcycle riders. Their central communication hub allows you to ride while listening to stereo music, GPS, mobile telephone, walkie-talkie and your pillion.

They now offer you all of the above, without being wired to your motorcycle. Bluetooth to the rescue.


12 July, 2007 - Video: Motorcycle Awareness USA Style
Video clip inside
A pretty lame video, made in the USA, for motorcycle awareness.

Not like in the UK, where videos are hard hitting and make people think.


11 July, 2007 - KTM Hire Tadeusz Blazusiak As Factory Rider
KTM have hired Polish rider, Tadeusz Blazusiak, who recently won the Erzberg race on a borrowed motorcycle.

He will be one of the professional enduro riders. Expect to see much more of this talented rider.


11 July, 2007 - Keeping Cool: VentilationVest
Keeping cool on your motorcycle can be hard. Even though it's a very cold summer here, other parts of the world are experiencing major heat waves.

The German made ventilationVest can be a life saver. Battery operated (8 hours of operation), the vest will cool you down.


11 July, 2007 - How Many Forum Readers Does It Take?
Fun Article
We're all members of some motorcycle discussion forum, so you'll recognize this "how many forum members does it take to change a light bulb" joke.

I put it here for those 3 readers who aren't a member of any discussion forum.


10 July, 2007 - Spy Shot Of New Airbag Testing
motorcycle airbag
One of our photographers managed to capture a hidden airbag test when visiting BMW's biker bash in Garmisch.

The airbag seems to be in an advanced stage.


10 July, 2007 - Motorcycles For Sale Section Added
For Sale Sign
We've added a 'Motorcycle For Sale' section to this site.

It's free, and your ad will run for 30 days.


10 July, 2007 - Looks Like They’ll Have Their Hands Full
Riding motorcycles in Vietnam with no helmets
The authorities in Vietnam will have their hands full. They're going to try to enforce a helmet law!


9 July, 2007 - Video: Kawasaki - Another Funny One
Video clip inside
Kawasaki logo
Kawasaki have been putting out great and funny motorcycle advertisements. Here's another one.


9 July, 2007 - Rwanda Militia Threaten McGregor
News Article
The Dynamic Duo, actors Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman, are being threatened by Rwanda militia to stop their motorcycle trip through Africa, or face consequences.

The militia, who are known to have practiced cannibalism, may just stop their motorcycle journey.


9 July, 2007 - Enertia Electric Motorcycle: The Future?
Enertia electric motorcycle
Brammo motorsports in the USA are releases a road electric motorcycle next year!

Called the Enertia, this electric motorcycle could be an ideal commuter motorcycle. With a range of 45 miles and a full charge time of 3 hours, it looks promising. Just the price is a bit too high.


6 July, 2007 - BMW K1200R Resident Evil 3
BMW Resident Evil 3
BMW logo
BMW have produced a special one-off motorcycle to celebrate the new Resident Evil movie.

The motorcycle, a BMW K1200R, has gotten a "special" paint job !


6 July, 2007 - Really Soft Motorcycle
Knitted motorcycle
Theresa Honeywell is an artist! She knitted this motorcycle!!

Imagine knitting this motorcycle !


6 July, 2007 - More John Deere: Now A Helmet
John Deere helmet
Yesterday's post on the Boss Hoss/John Deere motorcycle drew a reaction about a John Deere helmet.

Nanoseconds later, the helmet was found on evilbay. My question is ... WHY?


5 July, 2007 - Max Biaggi To The Dark Side?
Max Biaggi and his DTM Audi
It looks like Max Biaggi is sniffing at changing from 2 to 4 wheels.

He'll be driving an Audi A4 at the Mugello DTM races on July 13 and 14. So maybe he'll go over to the dark side of motorsports as well.


5 July, 2007 - More John Deere Motorcycles
Boss Hoss/John Deere motorcycle
John Deere customized motorcycles seems to be a big thing.

Here's a Boss Hoss/John Deere motorcycle, weighing only 550 kilos...


5 July, 2007 - Video: Bluetooth Intercoms
Video clip inside
The first two video ads for motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms.

BlueAnt and SuperTooth Interphones.


4 July, 2007 - Fire Breathing Dragon Motorcycle
Fire Breathing Dragon Motorcycle
Last month I showed a photo of a knight in armor on a Harley motorcycle. I got a comment about a motorcycle that has a fire breathing dragon.

So, I went and found a photo, here it is. Anyone know the story behind this motorcycle ?


4 July, 2007 - Statistics: UK: Road Fatalities 2006
Statistics Article
The road fatalities statistics for the UK during 2006 have been released. Interesting reading!

Did you know it's more dangerous being a pedestrian than a motorcycle rider ?


4 July, 2007 - Site Preferences Page Added
Site preferences
We added a site preferences page for this site.

At this moment, only thing you can set is whether you want the Snap Shots preview on or off. More to come later.


3 July, 2007 - TomTom Coming With Live Video GPS?
TomTom Video GPS
TomTom logo
It looks like TomTom are preparing a GPS that incorporates a live video feed of the road in front of you.

Quite interesting, specially since they seem to be superimposing the GPS data!


3 July, 2007 - Charging Motorcycle Tank bags
Bags-Connection 12V charging tank bag
German made Bags-Connection have several model motorcycle tank bags that contain their own 12V charging points inside the bag.

They also have a system that doesn't use straps or magnets, but instead, the bags get bolted on to your tank.


3 July, 2007 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2007 Report
Red Bull Romaniacs 2007
Here's the final report on the hard motorcycle enduro, the Red Bull Romaniacs held last month.

Several photos and quotes. See you next year for this incredible event.


3 July, 2007 - How Much More Can You Carry On A Motorcycle?
Heavy loaded motorcycle
The art of carrying lots of stuff, including your wife, is not lost in Asia.

Check out this guy transporting boxes and woman on his motorcycle.


2 July, 2007 - World Ducati Week 2007: A Record Year
World Ducati World 2007
Ducati logo
The World Ducati World 2007 is over with a bang.

Record number of visitors, exhibits and fun. A bit of sunshine must have helped.


2 July, 2007 - Finding Out The Traffic Situation In France
Bison Fute traffic map
With the upcoming summer holidays, many people will be coming to, or travelling through, France. Many vehicles have radios or GPS equipped with RDS, but for those of you who don't have it, here's a French government site that shows you the traffic situation in real time.

You'll be able to see which roads are blocked, which have work in progress and where the accidents are.


2 July, 2007 - Very Light Motorcycle
Balloon motorcycle
This has got to be the lightest motorcycle around.

Probably also the safest, since it's one riding airbag..



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