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31 July, 2008 - Motorcycle Helmet On A Bicycle
Bicyclists wearing motorcycle helmets
How about that? Bicyclists on the Tour de France wearing motorcycle helmets instead of the ultra-light bicycle helmets.

What is the world coming to......??


31 July, 2008 - Triumph Scooter
Triumph T10 Tina Scooter
A little know fact, but Triumph motorcycles used to make scooters once upon a time.

The 100 cc Tina T10 scooter had a short lived time, since the competition was fierce, and the Japanese were invading the motorcycle market. It cost Triumph dearly.


31 July, 2008 - Belgium Testing Route Speeding
Gentbrugge Viaduc
Despite political issues unrest the Belgium government, they still have time to start an experiment (which has been very successful in The Netherlands).

By placing two digital radar cameras miles apart, taking photos of all motorcycles (and cars), they analyze both photos and subtract the time. This way they calculate your average speed, and fine you if you were going to fast!

No escaping possible!


30 July, 2008 - One Way Of Transporting Loads Of People On A Motorcycle
Motorcycle rickshaw
If you've got at least 10 people to transport, and only have a motorcycle at your disposal, here's one way of doing it....

Convert your motorcycle into a rickshaw. Success guaranteed!


30 July, 2008 - Study: Riding Your Motorcycle Dangerous For Your Children
Leather Motorcycle Pants
According to some Doctor, riding a motorcycle for more than 3,000 miles per year, and wearing tight leathers, will not only prevent you from getting children, but could also give you sexual performance issues.

So it looks like you've got to make a choice.... sex or motorcycles, motorcycles or leathers, leather or sex...


30 July, 2008 - World Record Honda CBR Motorcycle Attempt
World record attempt Honda CBR motorcycles
The Dutch Honda CBR club are going to attempt to break the world record of the most number of CBRs in one place.

They tried 4 years but failed despite having a 10 kilometer long row of CBR motorcycles lined up. So now they need your help to augment the numbers. Have you got a CBR and are willing to ride to Holland?


29 July, 2008 - Review: Parrot SK4000 - Wireless Communications and Music for Motorcycles
Parrot SK4000 box
Detailed review of the Parrot SK4000 Bluetooth communication and entertainment device designed for motorcycles.

Full stereo music, FM Radio and Bluetooth mobile telephone. Includes a remote control located on the left handle bar.

Verdict: Interesting and well designed unit, with fantastic sound. A concert hall in your helmet! Too bad it's for one person only.


29 July, 2008 - Due To Photo Server Down, No Updates
This Site Article
Since the image/photo service we use has been down for a while, we'll not publish anything new until they're back.

Showing text with blank images is just not nice. Now, could I have one full month without any problems!!


29 July, 2008 - Bikers: We Do Not Like You, But Give Us Your Money
Opinion Article
MotoGP logo
The town leaders of the city of Speedway, the city hosting September's Indianapolis MotoGP race, want your money. But they don't want your noise.

So they are voting a new ordinance that will prevent you from revving up your motorcycle engine. The law is squarely aimed at motorcycles, not cars.

They don't deserve the MotoGP race! If bikers will not come to see the race, they will not need to vote on new discriminating laws.


28 July, 2008 - Dog Transport On Motorcycle - This Could Work
Dog on motorcycle
I'm always on the lookout for a good method of transporting my dog on my motorcycle.

This could work, but the box needs to be bigger... bummer..


28 July, 2008 - Video: BMW R1200GS Motorcycle Spoof
Video clip
Here's a funny TV ad spoof for the BMW R1200GS motorcycle for BMW Santa Cruz.

It's fake, but funny.


28 July, 2008 - Does This Mean We Can Start Speeding Again?
Police car at fuel pump
It looks like the Police are starting to feel the cost of fuel....

Does that mean that they'll stop chasing us for speeding??


25 July, 2008 - US Scooter Sales Up 65% 1st Half 2008
Scooters sold sign
Guess what? Sales of scooters (and motorcycles) are through the roof!

In the US alone, during the 1st half of 2008 sales of scooters was up 65.7%!!


25 July, 2008 - How To Fit 7 People On A Motorcycle
Big motorcycle sidecar
That's simple, each one gets his/her own sidecar.

Nice PhotoChop.....


24 July, 2008 - Ads Are Back, Sorry
Trouble Ahead sign
I had removed the right most column ads (due to malware in one of the ads), and replaced it with a donate button. So far, one person did donate, so not enough to keep this site up & running.

So for the time being, I've put Google Ads in that column (the donate is still there, but below the fold).


24 July, 2008 - Cambodia: Motorcycle Ambulance
Motorcycle ambulance in Cambodia
Imagine having to be brought to the hospital on this motorcycle ambulance. Yes, you can avoid most of the traffic, but boy, what a way to go....

Picture from Cambodia...


24 July, 2008 - Video: Diet Pepsi - Born To Be Wild
Video clip
If I wasn't such a diehard Code fan, I'd go out and buy Diet Pepsi after seeing this funny TV ad.

Good insertion into the motorcycle cult movie "Easy Rider".... nice ad!


23 July, 2008 - High Score
High score
Too funny to make a comment (I'm ROFL)....


23 July, 2008 - Man On Motorcycle Rides 120 km, Realizes He Forgot His Wife
Backwards sitting pillion on motorcycle
What a way to keep the peace at home... a couple after filling up at a gas station left to continue their route. 120 kms further, the man discovers that his wife is no longer sitting behind him.

Shocked he goes to the cops, to find out that she didn't fall... he just forgot her at the gas station.

You can imagine the scene that evening at home....


23 July, 2008 - Gerard Depardieu Launches Yamaha Motorcycle Dealership
Gerard Depardieu on a Yamaha motorcycle
Famous French A-list actor, Gerard Depardieu, has had his share of mishaps on motorcycles (partially due to his other business, that of wine making).

Now his keen passion leads him into another business venture: Depardieu is opening a mega Yamaha motorcycle dealership.

Let's hope he can keep both passions separated from now on.. for the sake of his customers.


22 July, 2008 - France: Road Kill On A Dramatic Increase
Elephant on the road
Road kill is on the increase in France. Currently, reports have reached the 25,000 accidents between motorcycles (and other vehicles) and animals.

Wild boars represent 46% of the accidents. These small tanks are not scared of anything, and will charge a biker.


22 July, 2008 - Running Your Motorcycle on Ethanol - Bio Flex Power Kit
Thorn Bike's Bio Flex Power
French engineering company, Thorn Bikes, is a firm believer in E85 fuel, an 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline fuel. far less expensive than normal fuel, 40% less CO2, it's one way of reducing pollution.

They have manufactured a transformation kit for injection motorcycles, that should allow any injection motorcycle to run this kind of fuel. They believe so much in it, that they've entered a Honda CBR 1000 in the upcoming 24 hour endurance race, the Bol D'Or.

Honda believe in it as well, since they've supplied the motorcycle, and Elf is backing them. Soon we'll be able to buy the kit.


22 July, 2008 - Pastor Crashes Motorcycle During Service
Fun Article
A pastor in the USA wanted to show his congregation about unity, and decided to use his motorcycle. He wanted to show them that a motorcycle and its rider could be one.

But he lost control of the bike, and crashed into the front row, braking his wrist.

God moves in mysterious ways...


21 July, 2008 - Video: British Army Motorcycle Safety
Video clip
To prevent British soldiers from killing themselves outside of the battlefields, specially when riding their motorcycles, they've produced a good safety video.

It's well done, with a good tag line. I hope it makes them think...


21 July, 2008 - Doo Rags and Bandanas With No Knots
Doo Rag/Bandana
For those of you who ride your motorcycle with doo rags or bandanas, you know the problem: knots get in the way...

NoMoreKnots offers doo rags and bandanas in multiple colors and designs without knots... easy.


21 July, 2008 - Video: Spoof On Long Way Round TV Series
Video clip
Video clip
Seriously funny spoof of the popular TV series "Long Way Round". Called "Wrong Way Round", Gregor McEwan and Barmy Choorman go the wrong way round on their push scooters.

Two episodes, full of crashes and hugging. Funny...


18 July, 2008 - Celeb DUI: Will They Ever Learn
Guillaume Depardieu
French actor Guillaume Depardieu, son of famous French actor Gerard Depardieu, was found guilty, after having been stopped several times DUI on his motorcycle, for yet again drinking and riding.

This is obviously someone who doesn't learn. He has already lost one leg after a motorcycle accident, but still insists on riding after a few glasses of vodka.

He got two months (neither he nor his lawyer were present at the trial), but he plans to appeal (he probably doesn't think it's enough time in jail).


18 July, 2008 - The Netherlands: Toll Free For Motorcycles
Motorcycle on Dutch motorway
The Dutch government, in a rare moment of clear lucidity, has decided that motorcycles are a solution, not a problem, for traffic.

Therefore, for the new tolls that are being planned for their motorways starting 2012, motorcycle will not have to pay, and can use the motorways for free.

One small step for mankind, one big step for bikers!


18 July, 2008 - The Netherlands: On Request Speed Radar Traps
Dutch Police Speed Trap
The Dutch Police have put a process in place in one specific city (so far), that enables individuals in a neighborhood to request speed traps to be placed.

For a day, the cops will place the speed trap in that street, and then send the results back to the requester.


17 July, 2008 - Legal Issues In France Regarding Spy Shots
France Article
Law Article
French car manufacturer Renault has had a journalist from the car magazine Auto Plus arrested on 5 counts, including espionage. Why?

Because he received photos of a new car that was going to be released 3 years from now, and the photos were given apparently by an employee of Renault. This can mean that spy shots are illegal, and would safeguard a manufacturer's testing.

Damn... now I'm not going to post the spy shots of the new BMW K1800LT motorcycle....


17 July, 2008 - King of Jordan Continues His Motorcycle Holidays
King Abdullah of Jordan
The coolest King of, ehh, Kingdoms, is by far Abdullah, King of Jordan.

He was spotted earlier this year riding his motorcycle in South Africa, and was spotted a few days ago riding with his son in Oregon, USA.

As seems to be his habit, his ride ends where most motorcycle rides end; at the local hamburger joint.

Now, isn't that cool...


17 July, 2008 - End Of Foreigners Speeding In Europe
Police speed radar
Foreigners in Europe used to be able to speed on their motorcycles in each other's countries. The resulting fine could be ripped up, since the Police could not cross the border to get the fine paid.

That is going to change next year. Within the European Union, the Police will come to your door to get the fine paid, but it'll be your national Police, not the foreign one. That will stop foreigners from speeding in Europe.

Now the only thing that'll save you is a Swiss license plate (they're not part of the European Union).


16 July, 2008 - Allstate Survey Of American Motorcycle Riders
Statistics Article
American insurance company, Allstate, did a survey amongst motorcycle riders in the USA.

Not much surprise in the results, apart that the majority would leave their spouse if they had to choose....

Needless to say the survey was anonymous...


16 July, 2008 - Video: Italian Motorcycle Police Display
Video clip
Nice video clip of display by the Italian motorcycle Police during the 1950's.

You get dizzy from watching the video...


16 July, 2008 - Some Guys Have All The Luck
Jerry Springer at the Miss Universe elections
Just not fair, he rides a motorcycle on stage, travels to exotic locations (Vietnam) and gets to see the most beautiful women in the world (I'll not say universe since I believe in extraterrestrial live...).

And to top things off, he probably gets a fortune for doing it.... it's just not fair!


15 July, 2008 - So This Is What The Armada 2008 Looks Like
Armada 2008 Tall Ships
This article has little to do with motorcycles, except that motorcycles were really needed to get there. 11 million people visited the Armada 2008, 2-3 million were present during the sail-out on Monday.

The views were spectacular, with old tall sail ships and tall sail ships passing past us. Thrown in were a few war ships. Nice....


15 July, 2008 - Need Not To Look Like A Biker?
Tucano Urbano Figaro blazer
TucanoUrbano logo
Even if you love riding your motorcycle, many employers and other "people" don't think it's cool, specially when you arrive with leathers.

Tucano Urbano have a solution for you; It's a blazer, that looks real "officey", but is rain proof, and more important has armor incorporated. So you can still look like an office dork slave clone worker, but be a cool motorcycle rider.


15 July, 2008 - Florida State Getting Fashion Conscious
LED covered motorcycle
The Florida State Highway officials have launched a campaign called "Ride Proud, Ride Loud", and they're not talking about loud pipes...

The State Police think that by telling motorcycle riders in their sunny state to wear bright colors, to paint their motorcycles brights colors and to put on extra lights, that the fatalities will go done.

Personally, I think the only thing that will make you visible on the road as a motorcycle is a bright and blue flashing strobe light!


14 July, 2008 - Carrying Your Groceries On Your Motorcycles
Loaded motorcycle
Ever had the need to go grocery shopping for your veggies, and had to bring your wife along.

Shouldn't be a problem, even if you're on a motorcycle... at least, not for this guy.


14 July, 2008 - National Holiday - Off With My Wives
Lots of women on a motorcycle
It's the French national holiday, the one were they are celebrating the first use of the guillotine.

So I'm off with my wives to visit the Tall Ships Armada.... see ya..


13 July, 2008 - Server Virus Issued Resolved
This Site Article
We've found the culprit. It was from one of the ValueClick advertisers, which means I've removed them as ad supplier.

I have no control over the content if their ads, and I had thought since they were a big player, they check their ads. But I was wrong.

In the mean time I've placed a Donate button from PayPal. If that works out, I'll keep it there. In the mean time, I'll be looking at a more serious ad server.


12 July, 2008 - Server Virus Infected
This Site Article
Sorry, but our site has gotten infected with some malware. We're trying to figure out where it is, and we have disabled most Java Scripts, but it's still there.

If you get a warning that you have a virus, ignore it. Do not attempt to run their program, or download their files, just close the windows.


11 July, 2008 - Harley Davidson and MV Agusta: Marriage Made In Hell?
Harley-Davidson logo
MV Agusta logo
So Harley-Davidson and MV Agusta are getting married, and they haven't even been engaged.

To me, here on the sidelines, it looks like a marriage made in hell. What can Agusta bring to Harley? Harley is already on shaky financial grounds. Someone with a double PhD in economics please explain....


11 July, 2008 - Yellow Card For Motorcycle Riders
Yellow card
Using the example of soccer, the Police of Paris are issuing Yellow cards top to all motorcycle riders who brake the law "slightly".

Minor offenses are rewarded with a Yellow Card. If you get two, it's a red card, and they'll hit you to the full extent of the law.

Of course they're doing it when all of Paris is on holiday...


11 July, 2008 - No Smoking While Riding In San Marino
Smoking on the scooter
In the mini country of San Marino (an Italian protectorate - a bit like Monaco), a new maw forbids you to ride (or drive) while smoking.

According to the new law (enforced by a €100 fine), you need to keep control of your motorcycle (or car) at all times.


10 July, 2008 - How To Properly Kick Start Your Motorcycle
Kickstarting your motorcycle
Need to kick start your motorcycle? It doesn't have a kicks tart?

No problem. Our version of THE STIG will show you how...


10 July, 2008 - The Price of Oil - Real Time
Crude Oil Price
Most of us know more or less the price of crude oil. The oil barrel is ruling our lives. Higher prices mean less motorcycle riding.

So that we all know what the current oil rate is, I've placed a real time graph on the site (at the bottom right). So know you can see if the oil (and therefore fuel) price is going up or down. My bet is up...


10 July, 2008 - SafeRider Motorcycle Survey - Europeans Only
SafeRider ad
SafeRider is an European effort, sponsored by FEMA, to develop technology that will enhance the safety of motorcycle riders.

They are looking for your opinion. Tell them what you think is important for our safety.

And don't say no one values your opinion....


9 July, 2008 - Rain, Rain, Go Away. I Want To Play!
Caution When Rain road sign
Just back on my motorcycle from a scouting trip for next Monday's Armada sail-out.

Rain, rain and more rain. I'm drenched!


9 July, 2008 - Radar Information In Your Motorcycle Helmet
HARD motorcycle helmet warning system
Riding your motorcycle with a radar detector is great, since you'll probably avoid a lot of speeding tickets. However, you need to keep an eye on the detector on your handlebars.

Legal Speeding Enterprises has a system called HARD (Helmet Assisted Radar Detection) that works wireless in your helmet. A small LED will start blinking when it detects a radar.

Watch out... a smokey with a Kodak...


9 July, 2008 - Keep Your Motorcycle Dry When It Rains
Drowning motorcycle with cover
Covering your motorcycle when it rains is a good idea. But when is it enough?

Seems like a futile gesture...


8 July, 2008 - Fires And Motorcycles
BMW R1200RT Firexpress motorcycle
Being a firefighter, on one of those big, and noisy, red fire engines has always been a dream of millions of boys and girls.

But now, the dream is a wet one.... how about rescuing those people while riding this red BMW R1200RT from Firexpress?

Now that's a job and a half!


8 July, 2008 - Going Really Deep Into A Curve On Your Motorcycle
Helmet drag on ground
How much deeper can you go into a curve? When does a kneeslider stop being effective, and you need to find a new way?

This fellow has found the way to take a really sharp curve fast!


8 July, 2008 - French Motorcycle Taxi Going Green
City Bird Vectrix scooter taxi
City Bird, one of the motorcycle/scooter taxi services of the French capital are now proposing their services using the Vectrix electric scooter.

You can go more or less anywhere in Paris on one of these green scooters for cheaper than any of the other taxi services, and you'll go ecological.


7 July, 2008 - On-Board Computers For Motorcycles
Computer on a motorcycle
Modern and more up-market motorcycles are nowadays all equipped with built-in computers. Computers control everything by the steering, and that will probably change over time.

Computers have become so small, that even cheap and smaller motorcycles are getting them. Here's one that well equipped.


7 July, 2008 - Pimp My Moped
Pimped up motorcycle/moped
Who said you couldn't trick out a moped like a motorcycle?

Not this bloke in Lucca, Italy. PimpMobile DeLuxe.....


7 July, 2008 - Moto Rail : Lessons Learned
SNCF Auto/Moto Train
France is quite big, and if you have to go from one part of the country to another, taking the motorcycle train can be a relief. But it's not always easy if you leave it to the French railroads.

Here are some lessons I learned from our 1st experience.


4 July, 2008 - Fighter Jet Motorcycles
Squadron of jet fighter motorcycles
Motorcycles shaped like fighter jets are quite common nowadays, at least I've seen tens of them.

But here's a complete squadron of these special motorcycles. Pretty neat!


4 July, 2008 - Known When You Have Been On The Motorcycle Too Long!
Skeleton on a motorcycle
Do you know when to stop riding your motorcycle?

This biker didn't....


3 July, 2008 - Do Not Piss Off A Motorcycle Rider!
Pissing off motorcycle riders
The last thing you want to do is piss off a motorcycle rider.

We've got more ways of getting even...


3 July, 2008 - KTM Mopeds
KTM Moped
KTM logo
Good old Austrian off road motorcycle manufacturer is already known that it makes bicycles, but did you know that they also used to make 50 cc mopeds?

So now the motorcycle manufacturer is making everything that moves, from bicycles to cars..


2 July, 2008 - Biker Pussy
Pussy cat on a motorcycle
Now that's a dangerous pussy on a motorcycle.


2 July, 2008 - Black Motocross
Black Cross motorcycle event
Once a year there's a major motorcycle gathering in the East of The Netherlands, including 3 days of music by some 100 music bands on 12 different stages.

Sunday they hold the crazy "Black Cross Race", involving some 500 "motorcycles". The festival starts the 25th of July.


1 July, 2008 - Soccer? Nope, MotoBall!
MotoBall - Motorcycle Soccer
Video clip
One of world's most boring games had it's finals last weekend: Euro 2008 Soccer.

but there's a more interesting version of what Europeans call Football: MotoBall. That's right, soccer played with motorcycles (250 cc bikes). They're having their own European Championships in August. That'll be more interesting. Here are a few photos and a video clip.


1 July, 2008 - On The Busy Highways Again
Busy many lanes freeways
We're off on the motorcycle to Pisa, Italy, riding the freeways (autostradas) alongside the beautiful Mediterranean coast.

Back next week. We've programmed a few funny pictures during the week, hopefully preventing you from getting bored.



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