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31 July, 2009 - Changing Front Motorcycle Tire While Riding On Your Own
Hey.. it's Friday, so don't expect anything serious....


31 July, 2009 - Stilo VerbaVolant Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Communicator
Italian Stilo are famous for their car rally helmets and communication gear (World champ WRC Loeb uses it to talk to his navigator).

Stilo have released their new Bluetooth communicator for motorcycle helmets, the Stilo VerbaVolant.


31 July, 2009 - This Is Giving Us Motorcycle Riders A Bad Name
This has got to stop. These Iranian motorcycle cops are giving us serious riders a bad name...


30 July, 2009 - Racing The Dakar On A Yamaha Motorcycle With Support
HFP Offroad Yamaha motorcycle
Dakar 2010 logo
If you want to race in the 2010 Dakar, and are afraid for the logistics that goes with the race (motorcycle preparation, spares, mechanics), French HFP Off-road offer a Yamaha WRF450, specially prepared for the Dakar, and a full support package.

Three different options are available.


30 July, 2009 - Sturgis: What To See If You Are Not There
SturgisCam Street
Sturgis is a few days away, and for those of you who can not attend, here's a list of webcams that are working. This way you can check your spouse or friend...


30 July, 2009 - Is He Covering His Motorcycle?
Did this guy put a cover over his motorcycle to protect it from the rain????


29 July, 2009 - Italy: A Couple Of Interesting Law Changes Coming Up
Law Article
Italy are about to install some new laws... YIKES...

15 year prison for vehicle manslaughter while DUI... 150 kph on motorways .. and in towns, no radar cameras without local plods.


29 July, 2009 - Dakar: KTM Service Truck at Dakar Rally
KTM logo
KTM have announced that despite the fact that they are not fully in the 2010 Dakar race, they are going to supply their famous orange Service Truck for all their customers.


29 July, 2009 - France: Luxury Touring On A Ducati Motorcycle
Columbus International offer motorcycle tours of a lifetime! Riding a Ducati motorcycle (including the latest Streetfighter) in Southern France, eating at the top Michelin rated restaurants, helicopter transfers, driving a Formula One car, riding a Superbike or staying on your own private yacht while fishing for barracudas.

You can also just rent one of their Ducati motorcycles and tour by yourself.


29 July, 2009 - India: No More Riding Over Students Hands With Motorcycle
Sorry folks, but if you want to ride over the hands of your students on your motorcycle, you're no longer allowed to do it in India.

You'll need to go elsewhere to get your kicks...


28 July, 2009 - Radar Alerts On Your Smartphone
You can now get real-time speed radar alerts on your smartphone (like iPhone or Blackberry) for several European countries.

You'll be warned that you are approaching a fixed, mobile or red light camera on your motorcycle....


28 July, 2009 - Harley-Davidson iPhone Clock
Combining two of the big American icon, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Apple's iPhone/iPod gives you a Harley shaped headlights that functions are radio/alarm/clock with either the music from your Apple gadget, or it plays the roar of a Harley motorcycle.

If that doesn't wake you up.. what will??


28 July, 2009 - Chinese Army Motorcycle Stunt
Passenger: Please stop.. we need to change the side tire on the motorcycle sidecar!

Rider: Stop? Are you out of your cotton pickin' mind. We've got to eat!

Passenger: Okay, I'll change it on the go, please lean to the left...


27 July, 2009 - How To Transport Extra Fuel On Your Motorcycle
Ever need to bring extra fuel with you for that long motorcycle trip?

Here's one guy who has brought enough fuel for a RTW trip...


27 July, 2009 - Official English Document For Tourists In France
Everything you need to know about riding your motorcycle in France, in different languages, straight from the horse's mouth (the French Minister of Transport).

Downloadable Acrobat documents in English, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese.


27 July, 2009 - Ride Motorcycle In Comfort
If you've reached a certain age, like me, and still ride your motorcycle long distance, this is the ideal seat.

Comfortable, lumbar support, and hopefully with electric massage option.... way to go...


24 July, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 24 July 2009
Web Article
Here are the top interesting stories I could find over the last few days related to motorcycles:

- Yamalube Black Leather Polish Review
- Easy Ideas To Follow When Buying Motorcycle Saddle Bags
- The Truth Behind The Rossi Leg Wave


24 July, 2009 - Special Edition Ural Sidecar: Red October
Ural logo
Russian Ural motorcycles has a 30 unit special edition sidecars the Red October.

The special edition is to honor the book/movie The Hunt For Red October...


24 July, 2009 - Multiple Wives And One Scooter
If you've got multiple wives, you need to treat them equally, so when going to the movies, you need to take them all.

Big problem if you've only got a scooter...


24 July, 2009 - A Race Between Motorcycles and Bicycle?
Sometimes, when watching the Tour de France bicycle race, I wonder if it's a bicycle or a motorcycle race?

You see more motorcycles riding than bicycles...


23 July, 2009 - Coffin Motorcycle - Not A Hearse
Nice customization job. It's a motorcycle/sidecar combo in the shape of a coffin.

So it's not a hearse, but it does have a coffin... hmmmm..


23 July, 2009 - Funny! Hidden French Cop
This French cop is hidden behind a supermarket advertisement, stating "A Rain Of Points"...

How true, and how sad...


23 July, 2009 - Bilateral Agreement On Speeding Fines Between France And Belgium
Another bilateral agreement, this time between France and Belgium. Speeding offenses, motorcycle and car, will be exchanged between the two countries, and LEOs in each other's country now will have access to each other's car and license database.

Not fair! So far, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain and Belgium have created these bilateral agreements.


22 July, 2009 - This Site Now Available On The iPhone
iPhone-BiTFL Home Page
iPhone-BiTFL Article Portrait mode
I've finally done it. There is now an Apple iPhone version of this motorcycle news site available.

It's a first attempt, so not very pretty, but it works. Currently for iPhone users only... Here's how to use it..


22 July, 2009 - UK: Speed Radar Photos May Be Copyrighted!
A UK motorcycle rider challenged a speeding ticket by proving that he was not speeding. How?

By calculating the real speed by comparing the two photos he received, measuring the distance and time. Simple.

But now the speed camera operator is challenging the website that published the photos (like what we are doing now), saying that the photos are copyrighted. They don't want you to see how easy it is to challenge the ticket...


22 July, 2009 - Teheran Motorcycle Show
Not exactly the place I'd expect a motorcycle show; Teheran, Iran... from all places.


21 July, 2009 - Video: Heavenly Honda Motorcycles
Video clip
Honda logo
A nice, good old fashion, and "divine" TV ad from Honda Motorcycles USA.

Dating back to the 1960's...


21 July, 2009 - BMW To Enter The Indian Super-Motorcycle Market?
BMW logo
BMW are looking at entering the growing Indian market for superbikes. Already big names like Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki have started selling, despite enormous import duties, their big bikes.


21 July, 2009 - New: Daily Newsletter Service
This Site Article
You can now opt to receive a daily email with the day's motorcycle articles as they have appeared on this site.

The service is run by Google's Feedburner.


21 July, 2009 - Europe’s Top Bad Tire Offenders
Michelin logo
Michelin tires company has checked 50,000 cars and motorcycles in 27 countries for tire pressure, and here is what they found.

You want to take a guess which countries are the worst offenders?


20 July, 2009 - Troy Corser and Nick Heidfeld (F1) Swap
The BMW Superbike boys (Corser and Xaus) swapped their motorcycles with the BMW Formula One boys.

Some have all the fun. Here's what they thought of each other's ride..


20 July, 2009 - President Aleksandr Lukashenko On A Harley Motorcycle
Video clip
The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, met up with some motorcycle riders, and not only did he go on the ride himself, he accepted a loaned Harley-Davidson motorcycle, placed his son in the front, and rode off.


20 July, 2009 - Tour de France 2009: Motorcycle Kills Woman Spectator
Sad. A stupid woman decides to cross the road in between bicycles during the Tour de France 2009 and gets hits by a Police motorcycle.

Sad.. for the cop, since he'll have to live with it for the rest of his life.


17 July, 2009 - Video: Yamaha Motorcycle Special - 1979
Video clip
Yamaha logo
A simple but very straightforward, almost sexy, TV ad for Yamaha motorcycles dating back to 1979...


17 July, 2009 - French Railroads Invest In Electric Motorcycle Company
Video clip
The French railroads, the SNCF, have invested money in a French start-up that is going to produce an electric motorcycle/car.

The SMERA is halfway between a car and a motorcycle. Nice looking vehicle!

The SNCF are planning to place these motocars at railway stations, and renting them out.


17 July, 2009 - Cambodia: Motorcycles 2nd Highest Killing Rate
Pretty incredible! Riding motorcycles in Cambodia has the 2nd highest mortality rate, just after passing away from AIDS.

So having sex and riding motorcycle is going to be the most lethal activity you can do..


16 July, 2009 - Frederic Mitterrand - French Minister of Culture
Frederic-Mitterrand on a scooter
Frederic Mitterrand has recently been appointed as the French Minister of Culture and Communication. On its own nothing to write home about.

But first of all he's the nephew of the former President (Francois Mitterrand and part of the opposition), and secondly, instead of driving in a limousine, he rides his scooter through Paris on his way to the Cabinet meeting...

Not bad...


16 July, 2009 - Amazing Motorcycle Rider - No Hands
Liu was stopped by the Chinese Police because he had too many passengers, but to the surprise of the cops, he didn't have ANY ARMS.

Liu had been riding motorcycle for 10 years, without a license and without any arms!!



16 July, 2009 - Biggest Motorcycle Exhibition Getting First Cancellations
EICMA logo
The two biggest motorcycle manufacturers have withdrawn from the biggest motorcycle exhibition: Honda and Yamaha will not be present at EICMA!

Bad news... will there be more cancellations? I hope not!


15 July, 2009 - Video: McDonalds Minivan vs Motorcycle
Video clip
A McDonalds mocha sipping mini-van against a motorcycle.

Of course the motorcycle loses out.... A fantasy TV ad...


15 July, 2009 - 1st Motorcycle Taxi Launched In Ireland
Dublin, Ireland now has its first motorcycle taxi service; Airbike.

Using Yamaha FJR 1300 motorcycles, they'll bring you, or pick you up from the airport, or ride you around the city.


15 July, 2009 - Motorcycles and Kilts
Common sense dictates that you shouldn't ride a motorcycle while wearing a kilt..

But still there are quite some guys who do... look at this pictures..


15 July, 2009 - Motorcycle Rocking Horse
Who needs a rocking horse as a kid?

Get your rug rat a real rocking horse in the shape of a motorcycle! That'll make everyone happy!


14 July, 2009 - Bastille Day 2009: I’m Out Of Here
It's Bastille Day, the French national holiday, and I've taken the day off to see what's going on in the country.

Who knows, maybe they've brought out the guillotine again somewhere...


13 July, 2009 - Special Off-Road Motorcycle
Found on fleeBay... according to the title a"Unique Specially Built Off Road Motorcycle"....

Unique and specially built is correct...boy, they'll sell anything...


13 July, 2009 - Motorcycle Back-Flip Over The London Tower Bridge
Robbie Maddison jumping over the Tower Bridge
Australian Robbie Maddison, the famous free style motorcycle rider, just jumped, with a no-hand back-flip, over the (real) London Tower Bridge (not like the fake Arc de Triomphe in Las Vegas).

He did it early in the morning while the bridge was opening.


13 July, 2009 - How To Pickup Girls On A Motorcycle?
Do you know how to pick up girls on your motorcycle? I don't! ... but this guy does!

Four of them...!


10 July, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 10 July 2009
Web Article
Here's the last 2 weeks worth of motorcycle stories found on the internet while surfing away in Italy..

- No Fuss Rear Wheel Removal Of Goldwing
- Parking Phobia
- DIY How To Remove A Broke Bolt From Your Motorcycle With An Easyout
- Learning To Ride Sweep


10 July, 2009 - Biker Cooling System On Motorcycle - WTF?
Here's a funny patent filed last year. It's for a motorcycle cooling system for the biker.

It's based on a mist spray that gets mounted on the motorcycle's handlebar, spraying a fine mist, cooling down the biker....


10 July, 2009 - That Does Not Look Secure
This doesn't exactly inspire confidence when it comes to transporting votes in a major election.


9 July, 2009 - Video: Future GPS - Funny
Video clip
Funny video clip about what might happen to our GPS if they become more human.



9 July, 2009 - UK: June Motorcycles Sales - Gloomy
Statistics Article
MCIA logo
The UK based motorcycle industry association have published the June 2009 sales statistics for the UK.

Not good, really not good. A lot less motorcycles and scooters sold.... bummer.


9 July, 2009 - Hybrid Peugot Hymotion Motorcycle On Sale Next Year
Peugeot-hymotion hybrid scooter
Peugeot logo
Announced last year at the Paris car exhibition, the hybrid Peugeot Hymotion will go on sale next year.

With a 125 cc engine and two electric engines, performance should be that of a 400 cc scooter/motorcycle, while using only 2 liters per 100 kms, emitting only 47 grams / 100 km of CO2.

Not bad...


8 July, 2009 - In the Police Motorcycle Oooops Category
I guess this doesn't do your Police career any good... image the bill to repair all these motorcycles.

I can fell for the cop... think what he was feeling when his motorcycle started slipping away..


8 July, 2009 - A Visit To Ducati Factory/Museum
Ducati logo
While on a trip to the Tuscany area in Italy, I decided to pop-in at Ducati and have a tour of their facilities.

Ducati were gracious to accommodate me, despite the short notice. Here's a view of their museum and factory.


8 July, 2009 - Spain: Motorcycle Scrapage Deal Approved
Spain have recently announced a motorcycle scrapage deal. For motorcycle between 5 and 7 years old, you can get up to €750 reductions.

Some manufacturers are upping the ante, Kawasaki have announced up to €2300 reductions for the purchase of a ZX-6R motorcycle.


7 July, 2009 - Motorcycle Speedometer Deviations
Now that French authorities are letting no-one speed more than a couple of kph over the speed limit, it's good to know what speed your motorcycle shows and what speed you truly are riding.

French magazine Moto Revue tested many motorcycles from different years, and published the deviations in speeds. Here are the highlights.


7 July, 2009 - Ride In Luxury - Bentley Motorcycle
If you think a motorcycle is not luxurious enough, that you need to ride a motorcycle in style, try the Bentley motorcycle.

That will impress the valet parking at the Four Seasons hotel...


7 July, 2009 - Video: Bajaj Motorcycle - Fastest Indian
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Bajaj have come out with a new motorcycle, the Pulsar 220, and it's billed as "The Fastest Indian" (nice play of words).

And as you can expect, new motorcycle = new TV ad.... nice


6 July, 2009 - The 1st Live Purple Ducati Motorcycle I’ve Seen
It's the first time I see a real, live, purple Ducati Monster motorcycle.

Despite what I thought when announced, it looks good. But still... a Ducati motorcycle should be any color, as long as it's red.


6 July, 2009 - On The Last Leg Back From Italy
I'm heading back on the last leg of our Italian trip, back to the office.

Miss me??


6 July, 2009 - France: Further Intolerance Towards Speeding-Money Please
France have announced that they are increasing their intolerance for speeders.

Before, if you were riding your motorcycle in town for example at 55 kph in a 50 kph zone, you were not ticketed. Now, in a 50 kph zone, you'll get a ticket riding at 53 kph!

That's a money generating law, guaranteed! It's a jackpot for the cash strapped French government!


3 July, 2009 - Carrying A Coffin On A Motorcycle
Motorcycle hearses are expensive, but bikers do want to be brought to their last resting place in one. So what to do?

This chap is offering a cheaper version of a motorcycle hearse...


3 July, 2009 - Video: Yamaha Scooter - Save Money On Fuel
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Nice TV ad from Yamaha for their scooters.

Save fuel, ride a scooter... that's the message.


3 July, 2009 - Video: BMW Motorcycles - Excellent
Video clip
BMW logo
Here's a really funny, and well done TV ad for BMW France. It's very much in the Kawasaki style, humor and not even showing a motorcycles.

You've got to read the description before seeing the video, since there's some local culture involved.


2 July, 2009 - Saddle-sore? Put A Few Rugs On Your Motorcycle
Saddles can be a pain in the butt... why not put a nice shaggy rug on your motorcycle like this guy did?

Much softer...


2 July, 2009 - Special Motorcycle Sidecars: Canoe


2 July, 2009 - Florence, Italy: Scooter Paradise
Florence scooter parking
Florence, Italy is amazing. Not only is it a very pretty and old city, but they have adjusted very well to scooters and motorcycles.

The amount of parking space defies imagination. Every street corner has more than what the eye can see.

Also, there are many electric vehicles in the city, scooters, trucks, cars and buses.


1 July, 2009 - Video: Yamaha G5 Motorcycle
Video clip
Yamaha logo
A nice TV ad for the Indian Yamaha G5 motorcycle.

We need their ad agencies over here... better than what we get fed...


1 July, 2009 - Looking For A Hotel. No Luck!
It's not always easy finding a hotel when you're travelling on your motorcycle...

Camping is not for everyone, so here's a solution...


1 July, 2009 - France: Dunlop Motorcycle Tire Puncture Insurance
Dunlop logo
Dunlop France are offering an interesting insurance for those that buy their Roadsmart motorcycle tires.

For 1€, you get a one year puncture insurance. Get a flat tire, Dunlop will come and either swap your tire for a new one, or come and tow you to a garage where they will swap your tire. All that within 1 hour. Service is available 24/7.



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