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30 July, 2010 - Elegance On A Motorcycle
Motorcycle elegance
Would this qualify as riding elegantly on a motorcycle (or a scooter as the case may be). Sure looks like it to me..


30 July, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 30 July 2010
Web Article
Holiday time coming up, and there's less and less on the net. Here are some interesting motorcycle articles that you may be interested in.

- Women Stunt Riders Past And Present
- KTM's Sexy Design
- The Motorcycle Adventure Checklist


30 July, 2010 - These Motorcycles Were Meant For Walking (On It)
Worker on Honda Motorcycle Jakarta
Sorry, got stuck with some stupid music tune in my head when I saw the photo.

What's more interesting are the statistics. 3 x more motorcycles sold than cars in Indonesia...


29 July, 2010 - Movie Review: Killer Biker Chicks
Killer Biker Chicks scene
Killer Biker Chicks cover
This would count for the ultimate B-movie (in fact, they show the definition of B-movies at the start). It's got motorcycles, bare chested women, violence and barely no acting and the most cheesy and corny lines you can imagine.

It's so corny and strangely filmed that it's not only funny, but enjoyable. That is, if you're into B-Movies. Killer Biker Chicks is not a biker movie despite it having motorcycles.


29 July, 2010 - Ad: Maccabi Healthcare - Funny
Macabi iphone
Not only is this a nice print ad, combining two of my passions; motorcycle and gadgets, but when you go to the advertizers site, the iPhone app is actually really cool, and I wonder why other countries don't provide such a service.


29 July, 2010 - Video: If Our Motorcycle Had Gears Like This
Video clip
What if the gears in our motorcycle were like this one in this video?



28 July, 2010 - Video: Kawasaki - Let The Good Times Roll #2
Video clip
Kawasaki logo
This is the 2nd Kawasaki TV ad for their motorcycle from back in the 1980's.

It's very much like the popular Coca-Cola TV ads from those days.


28 July, 2010 - Video: Aprilia Motorcycles Aren’t For Painting
Video clip
Aprilia logo
A really cool video, I'd say more or less in response to BMW's cloth-from-the-table-pulling video, from Aprilia.

In this funny video, you see an Aprilia RSV4 motorcycle painting! Honest, it's painting. Have a look.


28 July, 2010 - France: The New Radar Warning Signs
France Radar New sign
This is the new radar warning sign in France. No longer do you get an advanced warning of an upcoming speed radar so you can slow down your motorcycle, but now all it tells you is that you are in a zone covered by a radar a few kilometers long.


28 July, 2010 - Ultimate ATGATT. All You Will Ever Need On A Motorcycle
Fruit Armor
Fruit Armor
The famous Banana Guards, the ultimate ATGATT gear for the discerning motorcycle rider, has got better.

Now available is the Froot Guard, ATGATT gear for your apples, grapes, oranges, peaches, nectarines and lemons.

Without these protectors, your motorcycle gear is not complete.


27 July, 2010 - Keeping Cool With KTM Motorcycles
KTM Ice Cube Tray
Need to keep cool during the summer when not riding your motorcycle?

KTM to the rescue! A KTM-logo ice cube tray.... what more do you want. Sorry, "Harley-Davidson" is too long for ice cubes...


27 July, 2010 - Ad: Allen Solly and The Unicycle Motorcycle
Allen Solly Unicycle
Some groovy and funky print ad featuring a unicycle motorcycle drew me to the advertizer's web site.

Allen Solly is an Indian clothing brand, and their web site is really good. And it's got nothing to do with motorcycles, except this ad...


27 July, 2010 - Raleri PCShade Universal Photochromic Visor
Raleri PCShade
Raleri LCD Visor
Two great visors for motorcycle helmets from Italian Raleri.

One, reasonably chap, is a photochromic visor that changes tint depending on the sun light. The other is an electronic one, that changes tint immediately, but is more expensive.

Both visors do not replace your own motorcycle helmet visor, but sit inside it. All most all helmet can be used.


26 July, 2010 - 51 Custom Paint Jobs For Chopper Motorcycles + 2
Custom Paint Chopper motorcycle
Custom Paint Chopper motorcycle
Choppers are by definition motorcycle that are custom made, so they almost all have custom paint jobs.

So here are 51 pretty (and not so pretty) choppers with custom paint jobs, plus the first and last one, just for fun...


26 July, 2010 - iPhone: Best Motorcycle Roads In France
iPhone France Moto
The guide to the best French motorcycle roads is now available on the iPhone as an app.

Some 100+ roads in France to ride your motorcycle on.


26 July, 2010 - Europe: FEMA Against Europe’s Motorcycle Safety Proposals
FEMA logo
FEMA are opposed to the ridiculous recommendations made by the European Commission to make our European roads safer, specially for motorcycles.

In essence, the EC wants you to pay much more for buying your motorcycle, not allow you to put after--market stuff on it, and basically make your life as miserable as passible so that you give up motorcycle altogether, and follow the masses.

And to think we paid for that.....


23 July, 2010 - Don’t Bother, It’s Flooded!
Flooded Motorcycle Vietnam
Don't even bother push starting the motorcycle! Can't you see it's flooded...


23 July, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 23 July 2010
Web Article
Here are the motorcycle stories I've been reading this week which you may be interested in.

- Motorcycle Parking Lot Dangers
- Avoiding Animals While Riding Your Motorcycle
- Book Review: Longest Ride


23 July, 2010 - 8 Funny Designer Motorcycle Helmets
Designer Helmets
These have got to be some of the cooler, designer, motorcycle helmets out there.

Could Dainese or Nolan please put this in their catalog?? If don't think BMW or Schuberth will...


22 July, 2010 - Movie Review: Angel Unchained
Angel Unchained cover
Video clip
A 1970 biker movie, where for a change, the motorcycle riders are mostly the good guys.

Not one of your best biker movies, but it's not bad. Obviously highly improbable, that a 1%-er gang goes and helps a hippie community fight against the town, but there you go, that's Hollywood for you.


22 July, 2010 - Australia: Educating Motorcycle Riders On Safety
Video clip
Queensland, Australia have a very good web site, run by the local authorities, full of interesting and useful information on motorcycle safety.

Detailed information about the gear you can wear, tips fro riding safely, quizzes, and a good safety video.

Education is a lot better than repression!


22 July, 2010 - News On Tiff Coates’s Travels
Tiffany in Japan
Tffany and Carla King
Some news about Tiffany "Tiff" Coates world travels on her trusty, but old, BMW GS motorcycle.

She's back in the USA, and has decided, spur of the moment, to head for Labrador.

In the mean time, Tiff has met up with Carla King, female solo world traveller and successful book author.


22 July, 2010 - Tour de France: More Motorcycles Than Bicycles?
TdF Cantador Motorcycles
Are there more motorcycles then bicycles at the Tour de France race?

Sure looks like it...


21 July, 2010 - Europe: ACEM’s Motorcycle Ad Policy
Video clip
ACEM logo
The European motorcycle manufacturers association, ACEM, have published their advertising policy for the manufacturers.

No more aggressive riding TV ads, like KTM's ads.

Huh? But KTMs CEO is also ACEM's President....


21 July, 2010 - Safe Motorcycle Tires
Squared off tire
Riding your motorcycle to your destination, and then switching to those nice twisties can be a danger.

Your motorcycle tires can suffer squaring-off, putting you at risk.


21 July, 2010 - iPhone: BMW Motorcycles North America Introduces App
iPhone BMW USA app
BMW logo
BMW Motorcycles North America have released a free iPhone app for BMW motorcycle owners.

Use it for assistance, and info. Looks good.

What about us poor folks in Europe??


21 July, 2010 - Enduro: David Fretigne Moves From Yamaha To BMW
David Fretigne Dakar 2009 Training
French motorcycle rally/enduro champion, Dakar 450 cc class winner and 3rd overall, and many victories in enduro races, has decided to move from Yamaha to BMW.

After 11 years riding for Yamaha, BMW have offered him an interesting racing package to allow him to hopefully win the Dakar race.


20 July, 2010 - Night Vision On Your Motorcycle
Tag Heuer Squadra 3.jpg
Tag Heuer have developed special glasses that can be used at night. It's not real night vision, but it does make objects stand out more at night when riding your motorcycle.

It's been tested by the 24 Hours of Le Mans racers, both by the Peugeot cars and the Yamaha motorcycle racers.


20 July, 2010 - Canada: Ontario To Subsidize Electric Cars, Not Motorcycles
eSOLEX Front
What looked like a very interesting subsidy/incentive program from Canada for the purchase of Electric Vehicles, with high premiums paid, is really a junk pile.

First, it doesn't apply to electric motorcycles or scooters, and secondly, it's only for the first 10,000 applicants.


20 July, 2010 - Video: Harley-Davidson Dealer - Anti-Ecology
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A TV ad for a San Diego Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer....

I don't know if he's serious or not. He does say the anti-ecology things with a smile....??? What do you think?


19 July, 2010 - 51 Custom Paint Jobs For Sports Motorcycles
Custom Paint Sportsbike motorcycle
Custom Paint Sportsbike motorcycle
We bikers are a strange bunch... we buy an expensive motorcycle, and then spend a fortune painting it into a different color and style...

Some motorcycle have receive a truly work of art custom paint job, while some others are, gasp, an horror (what where they thinking category).

Here are 51 sports motorcycle that have received a custom paint job. Enjoy.


19 July, 2010 - Video: Bajaj Motorcycle Music TV Ad
Video clip
Bajaj logo
As usual, Bajaj have gotten yet another nice TV commercial for their motorcycles.

This one is for their Pulsar 135LS, and it features motorcycles playing music. Nice....


19 July, 2010 - Securing Your Motorcycle The Easy Way
Grip Lock
Interesting motorcycle security device. Instead of bringing a big chain and lock with you to secure your motorcycle, this device fits over your handlebar grip^, and is closed with a combination lock.

It's impossible to ride away with your bike, though it can always be lifted onto a truck.

An added advantage is that you can't ride away forgetting to remove the lock...


16 July, 2010 - 3rd Ural European Biker Bash
Piberstein castle
Ural logo
Russian motorcycle manufacturer Ural are holding their 3rd annual bash in a circa 1200 built castle in Austria.

I can't think of a better venue for a party for Ural riders/owners. Three days in a castle, touring the Austrian Alps, listening to live music....

Sounds like fun.


16 July, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 16 July 2010
Web Article
Here are the motorcycle articles on the internet that I thought was interesting for you to read over the last week.

- What Is An Anti Fog Motorcycle Helmet
- Best Motorcycle Roads In Japan
- What You Can Do To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents
- EGrand Prix Premiere Snetterton UK


15 July, 2010 - Going Under The Bridge With A Motorcycle, Not Easy
Philippines Under Bridge
That's tough. You'd think riding under a bridge on your motorcycle would be easy....


15 July, 2010 - No More Speed Radar Tickets! Here’s How
Radar Motorcycle Id
Radar speed tickets are going to be a thing of the past! Why?

Because a company in Israel has developed a special paint that makes airplanes and missiles invisible to radar. So if it works on airplanes with sophisticated military radar, it's going to be even simpler for motorcycles and police radars!

I wonder if they have the paint in Ducati red?


14 July, 2010 - France: Bastille Day - Off To See The Parades
Bastille Day Fat Girl Motorcycle
I'm off to watch the parades since it's France's national holiday. I've also picked up some last minute assignments for my favorite magazine, so I'll be away for the next few days.

Hopefully I can try to keep you amused anyway... but don't be surprised if there's nothing here until Monday. But I will try.. honest.


14 July, 2010 - The Price Of Gas Around The World, And Its Effects
Gas Vs Electricity Costs
This table shows very well the price we pay for gasoline around the world, and the cost per mile for riding your motorcycle or car, on normal fuel, and on electricity.

It's more interesting in Europe to ride electric than in the US.

But then we already knew that...


13 July, 2010 - Less Drinking In Ireland
Guinness turtle
Ouch... this has got to hurt. In Ireland, they have drastically lowered the drinking limit.

80mg/100 has gone down to 50mg/100, while learners and professionals have got theirs lowered to 20 mg/100.


13 July, 2010 - Video: Harley-Davidson Grandpa Story Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Nice TV ad from Harley-Davidson.

I'd say this is an older one, not like the ones they are making currently. It has a nice touch to it. Cute.


13 July, 2010 - The Netherlands: Cops Have A Field Day
Piggy Bank with money
The Dutch cops, you know, that country that lost the Worldcup football, had a speeding ticket bonanza last weekend.

Of the 8,300 cars and motorcycles driving on a section of the A1 autoroute, 5,000 got a speeding ticket!

Ka-Diiing goes the cash register!


12 July, 2010 - 13 Concept Motorcycles From America & 18 Others
Buell Concept Motorcycle
Victory Concept Motorcycle
The last part of our list series of concept motorcycles.

13 concept motorcycles from the North American manufacturers, and 18 others that I could not place, or was too lazy to place.


12 July, 2010 - France: Paris Airport Motorcycle Discount Parking
Motorcycle parking only sign
It was bound to happen!

The first off-airport motorcycle parking garage in Paris. 24/7 shuttle service, secure and inside parking, lockers for your helmet & stuff.


12 July, 2010 - Coma & Despres Re-Sign With KTM, Cyril Despres Gets Cool Gift
Cyril Despres and his KTM X Bow
Cyril Despres Winner Dakar 2010
Marc Coma and Cyril Despres extend their contract with KTM for another year.

Cyril Despres gets for winning the epic Dakar motorcycle rally, KTM's X-BOW car.

A car fitting a champion.....


9 July, 2010 - France: Road Mortality Rate Getting Better & Better
Motorcycle into car accident
Statistics Article
The French Ministry of Transportation published the safety figures of last month, and for the first 6 months of 2010.

Woow. Less and less people are being killed on the roads in France, even motorcycle riders.

So why all the new radars?


9 July, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 09 July 2010
Web Article
Friday's top motorcycle articles found on the internet for your amusement.

- 10 Tips For Women Traveling Solo
- Motorcycle Cannonball Run
- Tips For Hot Weather Motorcycle Riding
- Race To Dakar Review


9 July, 2010 - A Flying KTM
KTM Frisbee
A flying KTM?

Relax, it's not a motorcycle, but a KTM competition frisbee (according to the Ultimate Players Association).


8 July, 2010 - Movie Review: The Cycle Savages
Cycle Savages Scene
Cycle Savages Cover
A review of the motorcycle movie "The Cycle Savages". Another feeble attempt by Hollywood to portray all bikers are bad people.

Thin plot, lack of acting, lots of inconsistencies .... yuck!


8 July, 2010 - iPhone: BestBikingRoads App
BestBikingRoads iPhone App
BestBikingRoads iPhone App
The site "Best Biking Roads", a web site that allows you to store your best rides, and for others to find out which are the best roads to ride their motorcycles on, have recently released an iPhone/iTouch app.

The app allows you to not only find great rides for you and your motorcycles, but that's to the onboard GPS, the app can tell you which are the closest rides to where you are at that moment. No more searching... just ask "what's nice close to me"...


8 July, 2010 - India: Buy A New Motorcycle? You Must Buy A Helmet
India 1 helmet 3 riders
By some strange law, the Supreme Court of India has ruled that in India, when you buy a new motorcycle, you MUST buy a new helmet.

Even if you already have one, or even if you want one, but the dealer doesn't have that brand, you must buy whatever the dealer supplies. If not, no new motorcycle.



7 July, 2010 - France: Tour de France 2010 - Motorcycle and Some Figures
Tour de France Media Motorcycle
Tour de France 2010 Kawasaki
A closer look at the impressive Tour de France; the incredible, money-generating, publicity caravan, and some of the motorcycles.


7 July, 2010 - Win A Beer Motorcycle As Prize
Royal Enfield HobGoblin motorcycle
Your chance, that is if you live in the UK, to win this beautiful customization job of a Royal Enfield motorcycle.

The motorcycle has been customized by a beer brewery of the Hobgoblin brand.

What more could you want? A free motorcycle, beer design ...??


7 July, 2010 - An Ecological Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
Kenny Scott Harley Davidson
Kenny Scott in the UK has made a real ecological Harley-Davidson motorcycle.



6 July, 2010 - Ad: Harley-Davidson Fan
Harley Davidson Fan
Harley-Davidson logo
Nice print ad from a Ad School in Buenos Aires for a Harley-Davidson Fan, not one for your motorcycle, but for the couch.

I don't think the product actually, exists, but the idea is clever.


6 July, 2010 - Video: Dakar 2011 Promo
Video clip
Dakar logo
Like any self-respecting major sport event, there's a promotional video of the next event.

Here's the promo for the 2011 edition of the famous Dakar race. Plenty of motorcycles, cars and trucks... and many emotions.


6 July, 2010 - Motorcycle The Cause Of The Tour De France Massive Crash
Tour de France 2010 Crash Day 2
It looks like a motorcycle was the cause of the massive pile-up during Day 2 of the Tour de France bicycle race....

You see? Bicycles and motorcycles don't mix!


5 July, 2010 - 32 Concept Motorcycles From Europe - Part 2
Triumph Concept Motorcycle
Peugeot Concept Motorcycle
Last week we saw the first part of the concept motorcycles from the European manufacturers, from Aprilia to Ducati.

Here are 32 photos of Part 2 of the European motorcycle manufacturer's concept motorcycles, Husaberg to Voxan.


5 July, 2010 - The Netherlands: People Willing To Pay Not To Be In Traffic Jams
Dutch Lane Splitting
The Dutch are debating a new way of taxing you on the road. The politicians are looking at a "pay-as-you-go" tax, i.o.w., you pay for each kilometer on the road.

But a market research done by Goodyear, shows that the Dutch to not want to pay a tax scheme like this, but are willing to pay more money in order to avoid to having to drive in traffic james.

But then why not just ride a motorcycle? No traffic jams and it's much more fun...


5 July, 2010 - Spain: 4 Rest Of The World: 0
Jorge Lorenzo Land Spain
What is it that makes Spain's sport folks win their sports activities?

Just think about it. In the space of a weekend, Spain won their match in the soccer World cup, Nadal won Wimbledon, Contador won the 1st Tour de France race and then of course, our own Jorge Lorenzo won the MotoGP race.

Statistically, that is a lot of Spaniards in the top of their sports.



2 July, 2010 - France: Cops Reward Good Drivers With Gasoline
Kid on toy motorcycle
This is one ticket I'd like to receive from the French police.

During the next 4 weekends, when France Inc. goes on holiday, the French cops in the Essone departement (=state) will be on the lookout not only for bad drivers, but also good ones.

50 lucky car or motorcycle riders will receive a ticket to get €50 worth of free gasoline.

Great idea... should work better than repression.


2 July, 2010 - BMW K 1600 GT and BMW K 1600 GTL
BMW logo
BMW have released information about their upcoming K1600GT and K1600GTL motorcycles.

Talk about high tech motorcycles. A Goldwing-killer in the making?


2 July, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 2 July 2010
Web Article
Here are some motorcycle articles that may be of interest to you which have appeared over the last few days.

- How To Be A Night Rider On Your Motorcycle
- Motorcycling's Missing Link
- Prepare Your Teen To Ride


2 July, 2010 - Video: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles With Marisa Miller
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A Harley-Davidson TV ad featuring the beautiful Marisa Miller.

More please...


1 July, 2010 - Movie Review: The Mini-Skirt Mob
The Mini Skirt Mob Scene
Mini Skirt Mob Cover
A review of the biker movie "The Mini-Skirt Mob".

Strange movie, not a biker movie in the classic sense. Lots of motorcycles, but a "gang" ran by women, but not the hard core biker style, but mini skirt clad girls.


1 July, 2010 - KTM Factory Rider Chris Birch Wins His First Romaniacs
RedBullRomaniacs 2010 Chris Birch
Red Bull Romaniacs logo
Another Romaniacs hard motorcycle enduro race, another winner. Chris Birch wins his first Romaniacs race, after Taddy meets a tree.

Crazy racers in a crazy race.


1 July, 2010 - Video: Funny Aprilia RS250 Ad - Not Real
Video clip
Aprilia logo
Funny "TV" ad for Aprilia, for the RS250 motorcycle.

However, it's not a real ad, nor is it from Aprilia. It's for a Dutch school as a project.

Very good idea and execution, better than many ad agencies.



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