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29 July, 2011 - Norway: Biker Gangs Call Truce, Pay Tribute To Massacre Dead
Norway Biker Gang Tribute
The main 1%-er biker gangs in Norway called for a truce in order to organize a massive motorcycle parade to pay tribute to the young kids killed in the Norway massacre of last week.

Organized via Facebook, even the motorcycle police took part.


29 July, 2011 - Video: Jack Daniels Whiskey - As American As
Video clip
Jack Daniel logo
If you've got a product like Jack Daniel's whiskey to sell, it's not going to be difficult to make a great TV commercial. It's not like you're selling soap.

Here's a really nice Jack Daniel's TV advertisement featuring a motorcycle or two.


28 July, 2011 - Ireland: Nice Motorcycle-Friendly Road Pillions - NOT!
Naas Ireland
When will they ever learn? Authorities on one hand are trying hard to make us behave, trying, according to them to save our lives, but on the other hand, they do everything to kill us.

Here's an example of what's happening in Ireland.


28 July, 2011 - France: 10 Million License Points Lost In 2010
French driving license
During 2010 a total off over 10 MILLION license points were deducted from driving licenses in France.

The majority for small speeds, typically less than 20 kph on motorways. 20 kph? That accelerating on your motorcycle to overtake.

Over 85,000 driving licenses were revoked during the same year.


27 July, 2011 - Video: Zoan Motorcycle Helmets - Elevator Girl
Video clip
Zoan logo
Nice and funny TV commercial for the Canadian Zoan motorcycle helmets manufacturer.

The advertisement involves a crowded elevator, a pretty & sexy girl, and an incredible pair of XXXXXXX.


27 July, 2011 - Talk About Luck - Part 82736
Fun Article
Here's one motorcycle rider who should buy a loads of lotto tickets.

One very lucky biker....


26 July, 2011 - Video: Ducati Diavel 2011
Video clip
Ducati logo
Nice and kind-of sexy TV commercial for the Ducati Diavel motorcycle. One of those advertisements with a baritone voice, sexy ladies and of course the Diavel power cruiser.

There's even a guest appearance of a AMG Mercedes in the ad.


26 July, 2011 - Give Your Guests Motorcycle Oil To Drink
Harley Oil Can Drinks
What will they think of next....

A converted Harley-Davidson motorcycle oil can for drinks.... confuse your guests.


25 July, 2011 - Video: HJC Motorcycle Helmets - Hole In The Wall
Video clip
HJC logo
Funny, but not a real TV commercial for HJC motorcycle helmets.

It seems to have been a school project, but funny nevertheless, so much so that HJC liked it. Nice to see that you can make a good commercial without a real budget.


25 July, 2011 - France: Motorcycle Cops No Longer Unsafe
Gendarme New Clothing
Finally, after many years dressed in the most unsafe motorcycle clothing you can expect, the French motorcycle Gendarmes are going to ride ATGATT, proper ATGATT.

Apart from the already announced Schuberth C3 helmet, they'll now have airbag jackets, proper pants and real motorcycle boots.

All uniforms will have reflective and high-viz stripes on them.


22 July, 2011 - I Have Always Dreamed Of Being A Scooter
Moto Guzzi Scooter Version
Here's a Moto Guzzi motorcycle that prefers to be a scooter....

In fact, in belongs to a couple who is riding the motorcycle around the world (RTW).


22 July, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 22 July 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
I may be gone from my desk for the next 3 weeks, but still I hook up to the internet and read good motorcycle related stories. Here are some that may interest you.

- AIRHAWK Seat Cushion Review (Bill Muneio)
- Tyre Requirements Two-Wheelers: A Detailed Article On Tyres (Bike Advice)
- So You Want My Job: Motorcycle Expedition Guide (Art of Manliness)


21 July, 2011 - No Sidestand On Your Motorcycle? No Worries!
No sidestand on motorcycle
Got no sidestand, or a center one, and need to park your motorcycle in the street?

No worries for this guy


20 July, 2011 - Harley-Davidson Motorcycle For Vegans
Vegan Harley Davidson
For someone who doesn't eat meat products, or use anything that comes from animals, ie Vegans, riding a motorcycle is a problem.

But not anymore, introducing the special Vegan Harley-Davidson motorcycle....yummie


20 July, 2011 - Belgium: Roads To Be Dark, Very Dark
Dark Road tracks
% of the motorways/autoroutes in Belgium are going dark. There's no money for something as frivolous as lamps on autoroutes.

Even when your roads are not in a good state, and motorcycles often have problems because of truck tracks ingrained in the road.


19 July, 2011 - Ad: Yamaha X-Max, Master of City
Yamaha X Max Italy
Yamaha logo
Italians are known for designing pretty things, like motorcycles, cars and also advertisements. They pretty, but not always functional...

Here's a pretty print ad for the Yamaha X-Max scooter, though well done, I think the message is lost...


19 July, 2011 - Pepsi Flavored Motorcycle Fuel
Pepsi Motorcycle Fuel
You knew it was just a question of time. Fossil fuel is running out on the planet, and something needs to replace it.

The soda makers are stepping up to the plate with soda fuel.... here's a spy shot of Pepsi testing their Pepsi 95 RON Fuel for motorcycles.


18 July, 2011 - Buying Motorcycle Tires Over The Internet - Good Thing?
Allo Pneus Service Van
Allo Pneus logo
You can buy anything on the internet nowadays. But would you buy motorcycle tires on the net?

Buying them is easy, delivery free. But what about putting the tires on your motorcycle? French Allo Pneus offer a home service, whereby they come to wherever you are, and install them for you. Except not everywhere, since I live in an area where they do not service me location...

Would you buy tires over the internet?


15 July, 2011 - Paris: Peripherique - Ring Road - To Reduce Max Speed
Boulevard Peripherique
The greenies from the Paris City Council have asked the police to reduce the speed limit on the city's ring road (the Peripherique) from 80 to 70 kph (for a trial period).

But their reasoning to reduce it is a bit strange. It's not to save lives, lessen pollution, but for ......


15 July, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 15 July 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Read'em while they're still fresh... here are some interesting motorcycle related articles found on the web over the last few days.

- American Throttle Game When You Don't Have Wheels (Push'n'pavement)
- What Kind Of Bikes Will We Be Riding In The 2020s (Box Hill or Bust)
- How To Clean A Helmet (Wheels Guru)
- Motorcycle Takes On Bike On Tour De Frances Famous Alpe d'Huez (The National)
- Electric Superbikes The End Of Petrol Powered Machines (Metro)


15 July, 2011 - Rudy Giuliani and Motorcycles
Rudy Giuliani motorcycle
Has sitting on a motorcycle become the latest "KISSING A BABY" for politicians?

Here's Rudy Giuliani sitting on a motorcycle. At least Sarah Palin had the guts to sit on one while in motion...


14 July, 2011 - In The Useless Patents Dep: Motorcycle Sidestand Dolly
Sidestand Dolly patent
Look what I found in a patent search (I need to get a real life). Why would anyone want to have a dolly to put under your motorcycle's side/kick stand?

You can't roll the motorcycle in the garage with the dolly and sidestand out, since you'll need to redress the bike, and that leaves the dolly on the ground by itself. You can't move the motorcycle, so why have a dolly?

Someone with a higher IQ, please explain...


13 July, 2011 - Off On Assignment and Holiday
Bastille Day Paris Etoile
I'm off on two assignments for the next week or so (you should be able to guess what the first one is, considering what day it is today here in France), and after that I'm off to Finland. I should be in and out over the next week, but if I'm not, I've left you with some entertainment to keep you busy. I don't even know when I'll be back, but it should be by the 2nd week of August, that is, if I survive Finland.


13 July, 2011 - This Would Make Me Very Nervous
Afghan Family on motorcycle front army
Riding your motorcycle packed with people would make you nervous, but doing it in front of an armored military car, loaded for bear, I'd be shitting in my pants.

Nobody sneeze...


12 July, 2011 - Tour Paris On A Vespa Scooter
Paris Tours Vespa Scooter
Visiting Paris on holiday (or even business). Here's a tip for you....

2 Wheel Tours offer Vespa scooter tours of the French capital. Up to 3 scooters with a guide, will navigate you through the French streets. No traffic jams, and a great way of seeing the city of lights.


12 July, 2011 - Find Me On Google +
Google + logo
You can find my diatribes on the new social media from Google, Google +.

If you've gotten yourself on Google ° (one of the 10 million estimated users by this weekend), you can follow me.


12 July, 2011 - Video: Moto Guzzi - It’s About The Ride
Video clip
Moto Guzzi logo
There aren't that many TV commercials out there for Moto Guzzi. One wonders why, since their motorcycles are great machines, and they have a good image in the market place.

Here's a nice Moto Guzzi TV advertisement, with no particular message, apart from that "It's all about the ride"...


12 July, 2011 - New Radar Cars Even More Difficult To Detect
Hidden Radar In French Police Car
The police and government are coming up with new methods to part you from your hard earned money.

A new mobile radar meant for unmarked cars is being tested in France. Not visible, no flash, infrared and highly intelligent. There goes our money...

Now if only they would use the money spent on radars and invest it in road safety, lives would actually be saved.


11 July, 2011 - 65 Motorcycle Sayings
Fun Article
Sayings are popular in almost any culture. You've got a whole series of them, based on wisdom, false-wisdom, culture and even nationality. Some of them are true, and are truly wise, some are not, but funny nevertheless.

We bikers have a series of sayings of our own that depict our life style and passion for motorcycles. Here are 65 of those sayings, or slogans. You may have read some of them, but I doubt that you'll have read all of them...


11 July, 2011 - Motorcycle Officer Down, Get A Crane!
LEO Crash Canada Prince William Visit
Seems to happen quite frequently, motorcycle police escorts crashing their rides. Must be embarrassing to lie-down your motorcycle in front of the media, VIPs and your boss.

I wonder if it's a training thing?


11 July, 2011 - Tour de France To Reduce Motorcycles In 2012
Video clip
Tour de France logo
After last week's motorcycle taking out a cyclist in the 2011 Tour de France, ASO (the organizers) announced not only suspending the motorcycle rider, but that they plan to reduce the number of motorcycles in next year's race.

But then Sunday, a TV car took out 2 cyclists who were riding up front (see the video), one of them a favorite. The diver got suspended too (despite the fact that it was the race steward's fault), but will they no also reduce the number of cars?


8 July, 2011 - Europe: The One Place Europe Is To Be Unified
Politics Article
Europe is going to have its cross border exchange of vehicle and driver information.

Apart from 3 European countries, all others will, when they fine you for speeding on your motorcycle (plus a few other offenses), will know where you live. They can then send a hit squad to get you...


8 July, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 8 July 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are some interesting motorcycle articles that have appeared on the internet over the last few days that may be of interest to you.

- ATGATT Includes Hearing Protection Chose Your Gear (Motorcycle Insight)
- Things I Learned Riding An Electric Motorcycle (About Motorcycles)
- Electric Roads To Charge Electric Cars (Brammo)


8 July, 2011 - Motorcycles: Germany Gets It, France Does Not
German License plate Difference
On one side, we have Germany, with a Transport Minister who understands motorcycle riders, and has reduced the minimum dimensions for license plates, and on the other side we have France, where the Minister of Interior hates motorcycles, and is trying to increase license plates dimensions.

So what happened to the unified and uniform Europe? Only when it suits you.... right?


7 July, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Sportster - Not For Everyone
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Back in the days that Harley-Davidson still made reasonably good motorcycle TV commercials... here's one of them. Not that it's mind blowing or well done, like the Bajaj ones, but it's not bad.

This is not aggressive, and though it doesn't say much, it says a lot by not saying much. Confused??


7 July, 2011 - France: Hi-Viz Motorcycle Vest Confusion
Motorcycle Hi Viz Band
Now the French government, after lots of changes, protests, discussions, wheeling & dealing, are planning to have all motorcycle and scooter riders (with engines over 125 cc) to wear hi-viz reflective armbands.

Two colors are allowed, yellow and gray, and you'll need to wear two of them, one on each arm.

Do you think it'll make any difference???


7 July, 2011 - Motorcycle Takes Away Bicycle In Tour De France 2011
Tour De France 2011 Motorcycle vs Bicycle crash
Tour de France logo
In a bizarre accident yesterday in the Tour de France, a motorcycle carrying a press photographer hooked a bicycle with Danish racer Sorensen on it.

Sorensen got ejected onto the grass (lucky) but the bicycle was hooked onto the motorcycle which happily and blissfully unaware of what had happened, continued its course.


6 July, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Timpanogos With Curt Doussett
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A pretty good Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer TV commercial, not one of those where the owner shouts their stuff on TV, but one that has a story.

It's from Utah motorcycle dealer Timpanogos, and it stars actor/TV presenter Curt Doussett.


6 July, 2011 - MV Agusta To Go Chinese: Entering China Market
MV Agusta and Lifan Agreement
MV Agusta logo
MV Agusta have signed a deal with Lifan Industry Group to have their motorcycle distributed in China.

The high-end motorcycles will start entering the dealer's showroom by the end of the year.


6 July, 2011 - Ads: Australian Government Wants Motorcycles to Slow Down
Ad Speeding Grass Australia
Ad Speeding Sunset Australia
Three print ads and 7 radio commercials from the Western Australia Government (Perth) trying to get motorcycle riders to slow down.

Some clever use of words, and in the radio ads, clever use of speeding up sound.

But will it work?


5 July, 2011 - Electric Motorcycle Cruiser - Orphiro
Orphiro Electric Cruiser Motorcycle
Orphiro Electric Cruiser Motorcycle
The Dutch have introduced one of the first (maybe the first) electric cruiser. The motorcycle looks very much like a power cruiser, a bit like the Ducati Diavel, but without the performance and range, and not even with the same price tag.

But it's a good start, and a cruiser should be an excellent motorcycle platform for an electric version.


5 July, 2011 - Sleeping On Your Motorcycle, The Easy Way
Motorcycle and Bed
I would love to be able to sleep on top of my motorcycle. Lots of people can, and it's a gift when riding long distance on your motorcycle. But this chap has found the perfect solution to sleeping when riding...


4 July, 2011 - Video: Shell Advance Brazil
Video clip
Shell logo
A pretty but meaningless TV commercial for Shell Advance motorcycle oil from Brazil...

... and it looks a bit like the Gucci TV ad with the Norton motorcycle.


4 July, 2011 - Borile To Introduce New Scrambler Motorcycle
Borile B540Scrrambler
Borile logo
Borile, a small Italian motorcycle manufacturer, making many handmade classic looking motorcycles, will be introducing at this year's EICMA show their new B450Scrambler.

If you don't know Borile, have a look at their cute Multiuso motorcycles...


4 July, 2011 - Patent: Ventilated Motorcycle Boots
Ventilated Boots
Rest assured. You can now all sleep better, knowing that a patent has been filed for Ventilated Motorcycle Boots.

It's coming.... just hope for no rain when you ride your motorcycle with them...


1 July, 2011 - UK: New Mobile Radar Van Against Motorcycles
Mobile Radar Van UK
In the UK, the North Yorkshire police have gotten themselves a new high-tech weapon against speeding motorcycles.

It's a van, highly visible, with radar cameras all around, that can take 360°, very high definition photos, up to 1 kilometer away.

From the 36 people who died on their roads last year, 22 were motorcycle riders, and 24% of them died because of speeding.


1 July, 2011 - Royal Enfield Monthly Wallpaper
Royal Enfield Wallpaper
Royal Enfield logo
Not only does Royal Enfield make some of the most beautiful classical motorcycles, but they have each month some beautiful wallpaper for download.

These free wallpapers for your computer feature a Royal Enfield motorcycle set in beautiful scenery and great photos. Different screen sizes are available.

So why stare at boring computer screen backgrounds... while you can have a beautiful motorcycle on it?


1 July, 2011 - Prepare Your Kids For Sitting On A Harley-Davidson
Harley Davidson Chair
Wow, talk about a slow news day....

All I could find for you is this Harley-Davidson chair for kids... After a hard day at school, bullying all the other kids, now they have a chair to sit back, relax and knock back a few chocolate shakes.



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