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31 July, 2012 - Patent: Motorcycle Loading Device For Trucks
Patent Motorcycle Loading Device
Motorcycle Car Transport Easy Way
Sometimes you need to load your motorcycle onto a truck, especially when your bike is broken down. Professionals who make their livelihood transporting motorcycles need an easy way of loading the motorcycle.

Trailers are easy, since you can just push up the motorcycle, but if all you've got is a pickup truck, things get more complicated.

George Simpson has designed a device that will load a motorcycle onto a truck............

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31 July, 2012 - Ad: Sandiego Motoshow 2012 - Not Macho
Motoshow 2012 Sandiego
Motoshow 2012 Sandiego
Usually during motorcycle exhibitions, shows and photos, pretty & sexy girls are placed before the motorcycle. Just to dress them (the motorcycle) up, and make them more noticeable.

But not in the advertisements for the Sandiego Motoshow 2012..... there it's the other way. The motorcycles are there as the main event, even blocking the view of the pretty girls. And it is Sandiego, not San Diego, since this one is in the Medelin area in Colombia, and it's a shopping center


31 July, 2012 - France: Former Prime Minister Hurt In Motorcycle Accident
Francois Fillion Helmet
France flag
The last Prime Minister before the current one, Francois Fillion, is a self-proclaimed petrol head. He loves anything with wheels and an engine, and has been known during his 5 years as Prime Minister under the Nicolas Sarkozy government to head for the races as a spectator. And often enough, not just as a spectator, since he has participated in the 24 Hours of Le Mans for Classic Cars.

His love for mechanized wheels is not limited to 4 wheels. He's also into motorcycles and scooters. And it's this passion that has cost him dearly.

Last weekend, Francois Fillion spent the weekend with Luca di Montezemolo, president of Ferrari, in Capri, Italy. He went out for a scooter ride, but lost control of his scoot when attempting to hit the brakes too hard. He crashed, and broke his leg, with an open wound......

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30 July, 2012 - How To Turn A Moped Into A Motorcycle - Video
Video clip
Turkey flag
It's incredible what some people can do if they put their minds and hands to it..... Somewhere in Turkey, some enterprising lads took a moped, you know - one of those 50cc-2-stroke-pedal-to-go-faster-louder-than-real-bikes vehicles, and turned it into a motorcycle!

What they did was bolt on three other 50cc engines, making it a 200cc motorcycle. The job is impressive to say the least.

In the video below, you'll see, and more importantly hear, the 4x50cc mopcycle run some static tests, and then some poor fellow, without ATGATT, ride off into the sunset.

The sound the engine(s) provide is impressive, as is the speed the thing accelerates.


30 July, 2012 - Be Seen, Really Seen, On A Motorcycle
Sometimes you just can't be careful enough when riding your motorcycle, especially at night. We're small in size, compared to trucks and cars, and with only one light in front and back, we can easily be run over by cagers who just don't pay attention.

BikeLink hopes to remedy this situation. Through Fundable, a web site like KickStart that allows people to invest in ideas without taking an equity stake, BikeLink wants to turn their safety product into a sellable product.

BikeLink is a battery operated collar you place behind your motorcycle helmet. At night time, turn on the BikeLink, and several bright LED lights will start shining......

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30 July, 2012 - Dakar 2013: Motorcycles Sold Out
Dakar 2005
Dakar logo
It might be a worldwide financial crisis for many, but for some passionate racers, it just doesn't matter. In the space of 2 months, the Dakar rally has sold out all its spaces for motorcycles. A total of 305 motorcycles & quads have registered for the race that starts next year in Santiago de Chile. But only 220 of them will actually start on the 5th of January 2013.

10 Latin-Americans, and the rest are motorcycle racers from 51 different nationalities. It's interesting to see so many people want to race in a "dream of a lifetime". Typically, it'll cost some $75,000 to participate, counting your bike, transport, etc. Some people have even mortgaged their house so that they can participate.

At this moment I'm still contemplating to attend the mythic event, but it depends on me finding a magazine or newspaper that will help finance the trip (it costs a lot of money as accredited press to attend). We'll see...


27 July, 2012 - Terracotta Warriors: I Did Not Know They Had Motorcycles In Those Days
Terracotta Warriors on motorcycle
China flag
It looks like in the days they made the Terracotta Warriors they already had motorcycles......pretty neat, especially considering they were made in the 3rd century BC...

In fact, it's an artist who has made these in recent years, and is exhibiting them on the streets of Xi'an, China.


27 July, 2012 - Really, Helmets Work Better Than Umbrellas
India Monsoon Rain Umbrella
India flag
Honest... when riding your motorcycle in the rain, a helmet does wonders, more than an umbrella.

God knows how he is managing to keep the umbrella open, and riding at the same time.


27 July, 2012 - Ducati: Read All About It - iPad Version
Ducati Red Line Magazine
Ducati logo
Apple's iPad has become a successful publishing platform for newspapers, magazines and books. Many motorcycle magazines have now got an iPad version, and slowly but surely motorcycle manufacturers are starting to get into the game (though I'm still waiting for the manufacturer who releases iPad/Tablet specific motorcycle manuals).

Ducati have got an electric magazine, for free, that you can download and read on your iPad. The magazine, also available in print, is called "Ducati The Red Line Magazine".

The glossy magazine is full of photos of your beloved motorcycles, but in addition to the print version, this one has videos. This edition you'll find an interview with Troy Bayliss, MotoGP, Superbike and the Diavel........

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26 July, 2012 - Review: Screaming Banshee - Super Loud Motorcycle Horn
Screaming Banshee 01
Video clip
Sometime ago we mentioned this Kickstart project involving the Banshee motorcycle horn. It was the idea of an enterprising person in the USA that wanted to make a proper and safe horn for motorcycles. Motorcycle horns are notorious for being lame; sounding like a duck with a severe cold.

The Banshee horn, when pressed normally, would still sound like a duck, but when pressed a bit longer, it would blow the socks off that truck driver moving into your lane because he is busy watching TV while sending a SMS to his girlfriend. The horn also will flash your high beams, so people will also know where the danger is coming from. Great idea.

Well, the good new is that the Kickstarter project got fully funded, and the horn is being manufactured and sold. To mark the occasion, Screaming Banshee LLC, the company founded for this horn, sent me a version of their horn to test out........

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26 July, 2012 - Living In Your Helmet
Helmet House Simpson
Helmet House Photoshop
Some folks just can't get enough of having their helmet on, and not only when riding a motorcycle. Their love for motorcycle helmets extends to their living quarters.

So why not make your house in the shape of a helmet? It's a novel idea, though some houses have been built that closely look like a helmet, they were never meant to be one.

Here are two "houses", the first more a shack, the second a pure PhotoChop imagination of a helmet house. Buy why not? It could be an interesting project for an architect.


26 July, 2012 - Mario’s Motorcycle Art
Mario Mallari Motorcycle Art
Mario Mallari Motorcycle Art
Here's a guy from the Philippines, Mario Mallari Jr, how makes some nice art from scraps of metal.

A lot of the art objects are motorcycles, in different shapes and forms. Nice stuff.

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25 July, 2012 - Gone To Get Married - 26 Years Ago
Married on a motorcycle
Despite all the problems my site is having, between a hosting company that is screwing up royally forcing me to go elsewhere, comments not working for Internet Explorer, and a major reduction in ad revenue thanks to readers using Ad Blockers, I still see the time to go with my lovely bride out to eat in a really good restaurant to celebrate us being married for 26 years. Or maybe because of all the problems....

So I'll be back tomorrow, and hope to thrill and entertain you with more motorcycle stories.


24 July, 2012 - Ad: Meccano - If You Can’t Have It, Build It.
Meccano Build It Ad
Meccano logo
An excellent advertisement for the building kit for children (and some adults I know), Meccano (known in the USA as Erector). The visual part of the ad is nice, but the slogan is better:

"If you can’t have it, build it."

How many of you have faced that in your past, and probably in your future?


24 July, 2012 - The Netherlands: Road Signs To Be Readable By Color-Blind
Colorblind Road Signs
The Netherlands flag
Being color-blind can be unforgiving on the road. You can "guess" the color of traffic lights by the position of the light that is on, but road signs can be a problem. Riding up on your motorcycle, you have only seconds to see the road sign, and if you are color-blind, you'll have a problem.

In The Netherlands, there are some 700,000 color blind drivers, and now the government has decided to change all the important road signs so that these people can recognize them quickly.

The problem with current road signs is that there is not enough contrast, especially for red and blue, the two main colors many color-blind people have problems with.......

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24 July, 2012 - Excuse The Long Downtime
Computer Lightning
Sorry for the two days downtime. The company that hosts my sites went down for almost 2 days. I'm currently talking to other hosting companies to plan a move somewhere more professional and communicative.

Tomorrow I'm not in either, so no stories or articles either. When it rains, it pours....

It's a major headache, since the platform I use is great and productive, but there are not that many service providers, and those that are there, are expensive.

Hang in there, and come back soon...


23 July, 2012 - 10 Photos Of Blown Up Motorcycles, Part 3
Blown up motorcycle Indonesia
Part 3 of blown up motorcycles. 10 photos of motorcycles that have suffered the worst ... a bomb or fire blast.

Warning! These photos are not for the squeamish, if you can not stand the sight of a blown up motorcycle, for heaven's sake, do NOT look! You have been warned!

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23 July, 2012 - Belgium: Not As Rosy As It Seems In The Motorcycle World
Brigitte Grouwels
Belgium flag
A few months ago we wrote about how things were looking up in Belgium for the motorcycle world. With some progressive and well thought-out laws in favor for bikers, it was a good step in the right direction.

But that is not how the political world works, is it now? On the 11th of June, the State Council cancelled a Royal Decree allowing motorcycles to park on the sidewalks, as long as they left 1.5 meters of space for pedestrians. The Royal decree was very reasonable, a win-win for everyone.

It looks like the mistake the Belgium government made (remember that in those days there was none, it was the civil servants who were running things), was not talk to the big cities about their plans for these new laws, in particular Brussels.........

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23 July, 2012 - Brammo: First Importer In France
Brammo Importer France
Brammo logo
#Brammo - It took a while, but the first importer of Brammo electric motorcycles has started up in France. Port Side Garage in Marseille has started importing the popular electric motorcycles.

Currently only the Enertia and Enertia Plus are being sold, but test rides can be organized in Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Paris, Lyon and Monaco.

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20 July, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 20 July 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
If you don't look at the calendar here in Europe, you'd never know it's mid-summer. But there are several interesting motorcycle related articles you may have missed over the last week, so here are some.

- Rossi And Ducati: One More Chance (Autosport)
- 5 Ways To Stay Cool On A Motorcycle (About Motorcycles)
- Movie Review The Highest Pass (Sojourn Chronicles)
- Touring Tip Traveling Light (Cycle Trader)
- Helmets protect motorcyclists' faces, too (Chicago Tribune)


20 July, 2012 - Patents: Motorcycle Windshield Bag
Patent Windscreen Bag
Patent Windscreen Bag
Not exactly an "invention" that I have been waiting for, but there you go, there are probably a few bikers out there that are jumping up & down from joy. Terry Lovett filed this patent last year, and it's for a bag to be fixed to your motorcycle's windscreen and handlebar.

The bag is fixed to your windscreen, and allows you to access stuff even when riding. The idea is actually not that bad, since often you need to fumble for coins for toll booths, wipes, maps, etc.....

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20 July, 2012 - The Netherlands: Meter Maids Go Electric
Amsterdam Electric Metersmaids
The Netherlands flag
It looks like getting a parking fine is going to be ecological in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company that manages the parking meters has just received 14 electric scooters for their meter maids (and boys) to zoom around the canal city looking for cars that have run out of time on their parking meter and giving them a nice fine.

The 14 scooters are from the German Govecs, and the electric scooter allows them to ride 140 kilometers, fining cars left, right and center. That's a lot of tickets they can issue before needing to recharge. But at least it's ecological. Personally, I think they should walk....


19 July, 2012 - Bringing Your Golf Clubs With You On Your Motorcycle
Go Go Caddy
Go Go Caddy
I know many bikers who golf, I'm one of them. But it's almost impossible to ride your motorcycle to the golf greens while bringing your golf clubs. The only way to do this is to keep your golf clubs at the golf course.

But Go-Go Caddy offers a solution for those who want to ride up with their clubs. A special adaptor will allow you to bring your clubs with you, but ..... only if you have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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19 July, 2012 - Harley: When One Engine Is Not Enough For Your Motorcycle
Double Engine Harley
Harley-Davidson logo
I would have thought that nowadays motorcycle engines were big & powerful, and that you didn't really need more. But I was wrong.... meet the Harley-Davidson with TWO engines

The double engined motorcycle can be found at the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee.


19 July, 2012 - Spain: Motorcycles and Bulls - Sounds Not So Fun?
Motorcycle Bull Chasing
Spain flag
Mixing bulls with motorcycles sounds like not such a good idea, unless maybe if you're inebriated. But in Spain, anything with bulls goes, even motorcycles.

Looks like fun... getting chased by a bull while you're on a motorcycle. The modern toreador?


18 July, 2012 - Germany: This Guy Must Piss The Hells Angels Off - A Lot
Anti Hells Angels Protest
Germany flag
This guys must be a thorn in the eyes of the Hells Angels. "Piss on the Hells Angels" is not the protest banner that will endear him to this extreme motorcycle riders...

How long before something happens..??


18 July, 2012 - Summer? Hot? Jump Into The Pool With Ducati
Ducati Bikini
Ducati Beach Swimming Trunks
If you are lucky and live in an area of the world where you have a real summer, i.e., sun, then you'll probably be thinking about taking a nice cool swim in a pool, lake, river or sea (watch out for sharks).

If you happen to get to the area where you will be swimming on your motorcycle, and if your motorcycle happens to be a Ducati, then you can continue your love for the Italian brand by wearing Ducati swimwear.


18 July, 2012 - Matching Helmets - Biker and .... Dog
Matching Helmets Dog Biker
I've seen many bikers and their pillions wear matching helmets on a motorcycle, but this is a first for me... matching helmet for the biker and his dog.


17 July, 2012 - Video: Honda Scoopy-i S12 Advertisement
Video clip
Honda logo
I was about the trash this Honda TV commercial from Thailand, but then thought better of it. It's actually kind-of-fun, an advertisement done in 60's & 70's style, complete with mini-skirts, the twist and weird hairdo.

The ad is aimed at young kids, since the scooter is a Honda Scoopy-i S12, a 108 cc scoot. They even made a special web site to promote the new retro-scooter in Thailand.


17 July, 2012 - EICMA 2012: Dates
Eicma 2012 Poster
World's biggest motorcycle exhibition, the Italian EICMA, will open its doors to the motorcycle public between November 15th and 18th in Milan. This is the main event, and follows only a few weeks after the 2nd largest motorcycle expo, the German Intermot.

As usual you'll find almost every motorcycle and accessory manufacturer present, and also as usual, we will be there showing you the new stuff as they are presented.

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17 July, 2012 - Video: Hero MotoCorp - Vroom Vroom
Video clip
Hero MotoCorp logo
It just shows you that you can make a nice TV commercial without spending a lot of money. All you need is a good idea (maybe not original, but good anyway), a camera and a few actors.

Indian Hero MotoCorp has done exactly that. In this TV advertisement, they've made a good ad without special effects, big budget production, original music scores, not even much to see in terms of motorcycles. In fact, you only get to see a motorcycle at the very end.


16 July, 2012 - Germany: Hells Angels On Strike - 12 Photos
Hells Angels Protest Germany
Hells Angels logo
Everyone can go on strike in Europe, everyone. Even the Hells Angels. Well, it's not a strike, more a protest run, since the local government is banning the Hells Angels from entering their city, even to have their club there.

So they organized a massive protest ride on their motorcycles into the city. 1,000 motorcycles... that must have been impressive.


16 July, 2012 - GasGas Electric Trial Motorcycles - For Kids
GasGas TXT E12
GasGas logo
I've said it before, trial motorcycles are the best motorcycle platform for electrical bikes. You don't need the range (you're not going anywhere), you just need low weight and a lot of torque, something electrical motorcycle offer. It's also a sport where engine noise can distract the rider trying to climb impossibly high obstacles.

Spanish trial motorcycle manufacturer, with a big reputation, GasGas, already has an electric trial competition bike, but now they have more electric trial bikes - for kids.

The GasGas TXT e8 and e12 are made for kids aged between 2 and 10 years, depending on the model.


16 July, 2012 - Not Motocross but Horsecross
Is this a new sport to be found shortly in the X-games or X-Fighters? Forget about a motorcycle, use a horse instead...

Must make the treehugger movement happier....


13 July, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 13 July 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Friday the 13th.. lucky or unlucky? Not for the stories I've found during last week that you may have missed, and might find interesting.

- A Requiem for Better Days (Scott Jones)
- Important Tools For Your Motorcycle (Motorcycle News)
- Chaos and Grace of Riding a Motorbike in Vietnam (USA Today)


13 July, 2012 - Video: Vespa - Betta Getta Vespa..The Olympics are Coming!
Video clip
Vespa logo
Here's a very nicely done TV commercial from a London based Vespa dealer, R. Agius Scooter. It's a funky little animation why people should get a Vespa scooter to beat the enormous forecasted traffic jams in London during the Olympics.

Even the underground is not going to help; nor will the "Boris Bikes". The only solution to getting to work is a scooter, preferably a Vespa.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


13 July, 2012 - Going, Going, Gone - Out Of Here
Gone On Motorcycle With Dog
I've packed my motorcycle with everything I have, including dogs, and I'm heading out to Paris, first, the fun stuff, to pick up my new camera. Buying new stuff, specially high-tech is always fun; For the aficionados, I'm picking up a new Nikon D800E, so that I can start making some high quality movies for you guys...

Then I'm off for a photo assignment. You'll find the normal articles appearing today, courtesy of a time release of this site.


12 July, 2012 - Wine and Motorcycles Do Not Mix? Yes They Do!
Motorcycle Wine Bottle Holder
USA flag
Wise bikers, usually older ones, know that motorcycles and wine just don't mix, but we beg to differ. At least in this case....

Artist Guenter Schloz has created this unique sculpture for your dining pleasures. It is a wine bottle holder in the shape of a motorcycle. It'll hold a standard wine bottle, and has been hand-made from recycled steel.......

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 July, 2012 - Video: Servis Tyres Pakistan Ad
Video clip
Pakistan flag
This is a surprisingly good TV commercial (either that or I have become so used to seeing Indian and Pakistani advertisement) for a Pakistan tire manufacturer called Servis Tyres.

Apart from the language, I didn't understand a single word, or the music, the idea is pretty good. This is what happens if you don't use proper tires on your motorcycle.

Who said you need big budgets, CGI and special effects for a commercial?


12 July, 2012 - China: 35,000 Motorcycle Express Delivery Companies
China Courrier Service
China flag
Wow, that's an impressive figure; 35,000 express delivery companies in China, most using motorcycles and scooters.

No wonder the likes of DHL can't cope (the fact that their customer service is nonexistent doesn't help either).


11 July, 2012 - Patents: Guy Patents Training Wheels For Motorcycles
Training Wheels Patent
Training Wheels Patent
That riding a motorcycle is not easy is an understatement. You need to learn how to ride, just as you needed to learn how to ride a bicycle. But once you got the hang out of riding a bicycle, you no longer needed training wheels. Right?

Well, not according to Hiyun Yun. He filed a patent for collapsable training wheels for motorcycles, although he doesn't call them training wheels, he calls it a Safety Device for Motorcycles.


11 July, 2012 - Intermot 2012: Dates
Intermot 2012 Floor Plan
Intermot logo
One of the biggest, in fact 2nd biggest, international motorcycle exhibition, the German Intermot, is scheduled for the 3rd of October until the 7th of October this year. Held in Koln (Cologne), some 110,000 m2 are reserved for this motorcycle event.

6 halls will be showing motorcycles, scooters and their accessories, with every manufacturer worth its salt presenting; amongst others Harley-Davidson, Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, KTM, Triumph and of course on their home turf, BMW. In total over 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


11 July, 2012 - Congo: Would You Feel A Bit Intimidated?
Congo Riding Before A Tank
Democratic Republic of the Congo flag
Would you not feel a bit intimidated riding your motorcycle, followed closely by a tank? I would...


10 July, 2012 - Ad: Nolan - Gladiator
Nolan Ad Gladiator
Nolan logo
Nolan motorcycle helmets already showed a nice advertisement using an astronaut and a Nolan helmet. Now, they've published one with a gladiator.

The top line says in Latin "I needed to air my head", and in the bottom in French it says "The new Nolan N104 has an exclusive Air Booster system that assures optimal air flow."


10 July, 2012 - Egypt: Celebrations - Motorcycle Style
Egypt Motorcycle Celebration
Egypt flag
It looks like Egyptians know how to be happy and celebrate in style, motorcycle style that is. Good on them.


10 July, 2012 - South Africa: Great Idea! Police Confiscate Mobile Phones
South Africa Police Confiscate Mobile Phones
South Africa flag
This is a great idea that the police have had in Cape Town, South Africa. There, like anywhere else in the world, many motorist drive their cages while talking on their mobile phone. Distracted as they are, they are a menace to all, especially motorcycle riders.

Most countries will fine you when caught. But not in Cape Town. There the cops just take away your mobile phone, and you can come and get it back 24 hours later .....

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


9 July, 2012 - A Day At The Tour de France As A Spectator With A Camera
Tour de France 2012 The Race
Tour de France logo
#TDF #Tour - World's most famous bicycle race, the Tour de France, was going to pass for the first time ever very close to my house in Normandy, and as luck was going to have it, I was going to be home, not traipsing somewhere making photos. So I decided to see what the "Tour" was all about. Having seen it on TV, I knew it was about fast bicycles, lots of motorcycles and lots of accidents.

I took many photos, and have been culling ever since. Here are 157 photos, way too much for this part of the site, so I had to move it to a section that would not bother regular readers.

I've divided the day into three sections, The Beginning - the pre-event, several hours of wait before it started, The Caravan - the famous very long publicity caravan and The Race - the actual bicycle race.

After each section is a link to another site with high resolution photos of the day.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


9 July, 2012 - BMW Motorcycles To Marry TVS?
BMW TVS Motor Tie Up
India flag
India's 4th motorcycle manufacturer, TVS Motors, is looking into a tie-up with the German giant BMW.

After KTM and Bajaj, is it now the turn of BMW and TVS?

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


9 July, 2012 - USA: Motorcycles and Guns
Guns and Motorcycles
USA flag
Although I also live in Florida, USA, I've never seen this. Guns on motorcycles. Do you consider it normal, or not so normal?

I known the views of many about the freedom of being able to carry your firearm with you at all times, but I have to wonder what its effects are on the road. Are there more shooting incidents because of road rage, or because people wear arms, less incidents?


6 July, 2012 - USA: Houston - Do NOT Warn Others For Speed Traps
Nicole Plummer Speed Trap Sign
USA flag
You know how we often warn each other about upcoming speed traps, specially amongst motorcycle riders. Tap on the helmet, flashing lights or what this courageous woman did.... put up a sign.

Natalie Plummer noticed that cops were pulling over speeders in Houston, and she was disgusted. So she used a paper grocery bag, and wrote on it that motorists were approaching a speed trap.......

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


6 July, 2012 - France: Need A Motorcycle Taxi? There’s An App For That
Hi Cab app
France flag
Motorcycle taxis have become part of the everyday scenery in most European cities, and now they've become an everyday commodity. You can see that when the first software for smartphones arrives on the scene allowing you to order a motorcycle taxi.

France based Hi-Cab has some 80 motorcycle riders at your disposal in several French cities, and to get the one you need, they've developed an app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

The app will know where you are thanks to the geo-localization function, and when you indicate where you are going to, it will tell you how much, when and what time you'll arrive.


6 July, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 6 July 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Another week, another batch of good motorcycle related articles that you may have missed for whatever reason.

- Women And Motorcycles Ridership Is On The Rise (Bangor Daily News)
- Electric Motorcycle Killer Apps (Asphalt And Rubber)
- What To Pack For Motorcycle Trip (Lady Ryder)
- Avoid These Three Motorcycle Faux Pas (2 Wheel Tuesday)


5 July, 2012 - Review: Sena SMH5 Bluetooth Communicator
SENA logo
A review of the South Korean SENA SMH5 Bluetooth (3.0) communicator for motorcycles .

The SMH5 is a "basic" unit, allowing you to listen to music, operate your music remotely, talk to 4 other units (i.e. 4 other bikers and/or pillion), receive GPS instructions and phone calls.

Here's the detailed review and test of the unit.


5 July, 2012 - The Ultimate Way Of Carrying A Dog On A Motorcycle
Ultimate Motorcycle Dog Carrier
Motorcycle Dog Carrier
Many of us bikers love dogs, and wouldn't think of going somewhere without the pooch. But often it's not easy, since they don't always sit still behind you. So you end up buying a trailer for your motorcycle. But trailers are boring.... unless you make this ultimate motorcycle dog-house-trailer.


5 July, 2012 - Tour de France 2012 - The Motorcycles
Tour de France 2012 Motorcycles
Tour de France 2012 Motorcycles
#TdF - As luck would have had it, the 2012 Tour de France passed along my house by some 500 meters, enough for me to have a look. Some 6 hours were spent there, 3,000 photos taken, and now many hours of sorting, editing and publishing. It'll take a long time to show you what it looks like being a "spectator" alongside the road of the Tour, so to keep you busy, here's just "some" of the motorcycles that can be found.

There are some 200 bicycles in the race, and at least the same number of motorcycles, maybe even more. I've divided up the motorcycles per category; police, official and press.

Here are 31 photos of the motorcycles in the Tour de France.


4 July, 2012 - Video: TVS Apache RTR - Scary?
Video clip
TVS logo
The other Indian motorcycle manufacturer, TVS, have recently released their "new" TVS Apache RTR motorcycle, and for the occasion they released a TV commercial.

Not as good as the Bajaj ones, nor as the Hero Motocorp ones, but not bad. It's meant to be "scary", because as the advertisement says.. "it's scary fast".


4 July, 2012 - Off To The Tour de France 2012
TdF Motorcycle Bicycle accident
Tour de France logo
As luck will have it, the famous bicycle race, the Tour de France, is passing some 500 meters from my house in Normandy today. All I need is walk out my door to see the race, but instead I'm getting on my motorcycle to find a "perfect" spot to make some photos.

The complete road for the Tour will have been closed starting at 10 am this morning, but with a motorcycle, and my press pass, I hope to get to the top of a steep hill close by to make photos, not of the bicycles, but of the 100's of motorcycles that surround the race.

If you're watching the race on TV, I'll be located 1 kilometer from the castle of Sassetot-le-Mauconduite, just after Les-Petites-Dalles (seaside town).

I just hope I'm not going to cause what happened on the photo....

I'll be showing the photos either later today (depending on traffic), or tomorrow.


4 July, 2012 - Happy 4th of July 2012
Happy 4July 2012
USA flag
Hope our American cousins have a great 4th of July, with great weather, memorable motorcycle rides, picnics, friends & family, and a spectacular fireworks.

.... thinking of you...


3 July, 2012 - Video: Geico - Made of Money
Video clip
Geico logo
Here's the latest Geico motorcycle insurance TV commercial. It's called "Made of Money", and the message is that others may be made of money, ie have lots of it, that they don't care what a motorcycle insurance costs, but you should care.

It's nice symbolism for a TV ad, but reading more about it on the web, many Americans think the ad is really an anti-Mitt Romney ad, since he has money.... whatever (probably from the same people who think there was no moon landing).


3 July, 2012 - France: Man Ride Motorcycle Into Hospital - Really
Montbard Hospital Motorcycle Visit
France flag
The kind of stuff you'd expect in a blockbuster comedy movie coming from Hollywood. A 42 year old man went on his 125cc motorcycle to the Hospital of Montbard. Instead of getting off and walking the last meters, he kept on riding, right into the hospital. There, he kept riding through the corridors, narrowly missing hitting people on his motorcycle. He spent quite some time riding around inside the hospital...... ......Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


3 July, 2012 - What A Surreal Picture, Spooky
Santa Fe River Flooding
USA flag
This photo really got my attention when I saw it in the streams of photos I look at each day. It's so surreal, with the motorcycle "floating" on the water. Amazing shot...

It's a pity the circumstances that prompted the photo to be taken were not so nice.


2 July, 2012 - India: X-Fighters Indian Style
India Red Bull X Fighters 2012
India Red Bull X Fighters 2012
The Red Bull X-Fighters show goes anywhere in the world. India, the growing economy, is ripe for entertainment, so a good place for the circus to come to town.


2 July, 2012 - Dakar: Honda To Compete With Motorcycle Factory Team
Honda CRF450X Dakar
Dakar logo
Since 23 years, Honda motorcycles has not competed officially in the famous Dakar race. It had competed officially with a works team between 1981 until 1989, and won the race 5 times.

But now they're back! The official works Honda team, called Team HRC, includes the Portuguese veteran Helder Rodrigues (3rd in the 2012 race) and Brazilian Felipe Zanol. The second team has British racer Sam Sunderland and Argentian Javier Pizzolito.

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2 July, 2012 - The "Real" Results of the Dutch MotoGP Race Weekend
The Netherlands flag
The real fight within the MotoGP world wasn't just the one we saw this weekend in the TT of Assen. It wasn't just between racers, it's also between the motorcycle world and the general media.

The general TV/Media blamed the motorcycle world for a lot of bad things that happened on the road, but when the Dutch motorcycle news site Nieuwsmotor, investigated, it became apparent that the general media's reporting was shoddy at best. Even the Dutch cops were satisfied with the motorcycle world.

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