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31 July, 2013 - Hold The Press: Someone Invented The Motorcycle Wheel
Patent Wheel
Patent Wheel
#Patent #Motorcycle #Wheel - At times I really got to wonder about the patent offices. Imagine getting a patent in for a motorcycle wheel! But the patent exists and it was submitted (number EP2572897 A2 was filed on September 17th, 2012).

The patent calls for a rather elaborate wheel to be used for a motorcycle. It is the hub itself that is different, but the difference, from what I can see, is pure cosmetic...........

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31 July, 2013 - Video: Yamalube Starring Lorenzo and Rossi
Yamalube ad Rossi Lorenzo
Yamaha logo
#MotoGP #Yamaha #Advertising - As big name MotoGP racers you need to spend time making local TV commercials for your sponsors. If not, no money, and no money means no racing. Even the biggest names in motorcycle racing today can not escape these tasks.

Here are none other than Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi together in a Indonesian TV commercial for Yamaha's oil company Yamalube.


31 July, 2013 - Spain: Radar Detectors Are Now Illegal
Radar Dector On Ducati ST4
Spain flag
#Radar #Detector #Spain - Like more and more European countries, the use of radar detectors are becoming illegal. Spain is the latest in the European Club to make the usage (and even possession) illegal. One hurdle remains, the Spanish Congress needs to approve the law in September, but it is seen as a formality.

What this means is that you will not be allowed to have a radar detector on you on your motorcycle. If you get caught, you will get fined $200 and 3 license points.

Mind you, radar location devices (like GPS) are still allowed.


30 July, 2013 - Video: Adidas Promotes World Soccer Cup In Rio With Motorcycles
Adidas Whistle Rio Ad
Adidas logo
#Advertisment #Soccer #Brazil - World's largest soccer event is getting closer and closer. Held in Brazil next year, there has been a lot of controversy about Brazil spending $18 Billion while its citizens are going un-fed, un-educated and un-medicated.

But that has not prevented the sports brand Adidas from promoting the event with a nice but a bit incomprehensive TV commercial. It features quite a few motorcycles doing stunts, young (and beautiful & sexy) gals & guys and music.


30 July, 2013 - Spain And France To Exchange Speeding Fines
Europe Fines Flag
#Spain #France #Fines #Speeding - More and more bilateral agreements are being made between European countries allowing them to exchange vehicle registration data. What this means is that if you get caught speeding on your motorcycle in one country, you will get the fine sent to your home in your home country. If there was no bilateral agreement, you would never see the fine.

Now on August 1st 2013, Spain and France will start their bilateral agreement. Speeding in one country? Then expect a fine at home within days. This for all types of radar fines such as speeding and red light radars.

In 2012, 450.000 Spanish vehicles were caught in France speeding, and 130,000 French registered vehicles were photographed in Spain, so you can see the financial advantages of such an agreement...........

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30 July, 2013 - Egypt: Motorcycles Come In Handy As Ambulances During Riots
Motorcycle Ambulance Egypte 1307
Egypt flag
#Egypt #Protests #Ambulances - Tough, but as least there were motorcycles around to ferry injured demonstrators. It is not much of an ambulance, but you take what you can get.


29 July, 2013 - The Cost Of A Motorcycle Around The World: Harley-Davidson 48
Harley Davdison forty eight
Harley-Davidson logo
#Prices #HarleyDavidson #Motorcycles- Prices differ in each country, that is something we all know and understand. Cost of living, import duties, basic materials, etc they all differ per country. That is why you can not buy the same thing for the same price in different countries, and that applies to motorcycles as much as anything else.

I decided to have a look at what the same motorcycle model costs around the world. It is not an easy exercise since most motorcycle manufacturer's web sites do not list prices, and if they do, often they do not sell the same model, or list prices in some countries but not in others.

I noticed that Harley-Davidson was the most consistent (but not always), so I looked at the base price for Harley Forty-Eight Sportster motorcycle. Using the starting price listed in their web site (you will see a link to the price I found below for each country) I converted the local currency to US$ using the currency rate established on Monday 29 July 2013...........

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29 July, 2013 - Ad: Escape The Police With A Peugeot Scooter - Good or Bad?
Peugeot Satelis 125 Compressor ad
Peugeot logo
#Ad #Peugeot #Scooters - Hmmmm... I do not know what to think about this print advertisement. It is for Peugeot, the French scooter (and a few cars) manufacturer, and the text below the cops riding toy scooters says:

"Satelis 125 Compressor, an acceleration that leaves everyone on the spot"

According to the text, the 125 cc scooter has the performance of a 250cc one. And apparently it is enough to escape the cops.


29 July, 2013 - A Helmet Fit For A RTW Motorcycle Rider
RTW Helmet
#Motorcycle #Helmet #RTW - If ever there was a helmet that was perfectly suited for a RTW motorcycle rider, it is this one


26 July, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 26 July 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Time is flying and the summer still has one month left, but that month is going to be with a lot of gusto. Boy that was some heat we had. Here are some interesting motorcycle relayed articles that have appeared over the last week.

- 2014 Motus MST And MSTR Revealed (Motorcycle.Com The Sidecar)
- Bikers Rousted At Northern Ariz. Rally Sue Police (San Francisco Chronicle)
- The Easiest Motorcycles For Short Riders (Ride Apart)
- Book Review: Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance (Anglophiletoad)


26 July, 2013 - Video: Funny - How To Keep Cool On A Motorcycle
Cooling Down Motorcycle Ride
#Hot #Cooling #Motorcycle - For those of you who live in an area that has gotten really hot the last few days, this video taken in what I think is London, UK, will amuse you, if not inspire you.

Personally, I think it is a great idea to keep cool during your hot summer's motorcycle ride in a city.


26 July, 2013 - How To Make Sure You Capture Your Whole Motorcycle Ride With GoPro
Gopro Maniac
#Funny #GoPro - The latest GoPro cameras are great. They are small, and you can mount them almost anywhere, recording your dream motorcycle ride. But after a while, having only one video camera gets a bit boring; only one angle is just not enough.

So next time you go for your motorcycle ride, and you want to film it, do this:


25 July, 2013 - The Right Way Of Adding Extra Range To Electric Vehicles
Patent Wind Turbine Charging
Patent Wind Turbine Charging
#Electrical #Patent #Turbine - We showed you a few days ago a project to make electric vehicles (motorcycles, cars) go further without batteries but with wind turbines. The project in our eyes is doomed to fail, but this recently submitted patent has a better chance.

The idea is the same, except here we are using normal batteries. The idea is to use specific spaces in the frame of the vehicle to place a wind turbine. When the vehicle is in motion, the wind passes through these boxes, which makes the blade turn. With the turning motion of the blades you can generate electricity, which can then be sent to either the electrical engine or to the batteries...........

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25 July, 2013 - Idea: Nice Motorcycle Helmet Lock
Key Double Lock
#Quirky #Helmet #Lock - I often look for ideas to safely store my gear on a motorcycle. One of the biggest "problems" I have on my Ducati is where and how to store my helmet. I hate having to walk around with my helmet, so I usually end up with a small chain and a lock, tie up my helmet and lock it with the lock.

This Quirky project looking for support could do nicely to fulfill my helmet/lock issue. The lock has in fact two locks. One at the top, and a chain lock at the bottom. In between is a combination lock that actions both locks...........

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25 July, 2013 - Australia: Cool Photo - Four Motorcycles In The Sunset
4 Riders In The Sunset
Australia flag
#Australia #Photo #Sunset - Nice photo.... this could be a nice poster on a wall somewhere. These guys are doing one of the few things left on my bucket list.


24 July, 2013 - USA: Golden Gate Bridge Free For Motorcycles?
Golden Gate bridge Toll
#Fail #GoldengateBridge #Toll - It looks like that by trying to save money, the operators of the Golden Gate Bridge are losing money. They installed a new automated toll system for world's most famous bridge, firing their toll booth operators in the process. This way they hoped to save money on payrolls.

However, they did not anticipate that their automated system had one "slight" problem.... it can not "see" motorcycles .... in other words, motorcycles ride through the toll gates and the system is supposed to automatically scan the license plates and send you the bill. But it does not recognize that there is a vehicle passing through, so no invoice.

Maybe next time companies will understand that saving money on payrolls is maybe not such a smart idea. In the mean time, enjoy the free ride brothers & sisters.


24 July, 2013 - Fantastic TV Commercial From Indian Motorcycle - A Dig At Harley
Indian Motorcycle Dig At Harley
Indian logo
#Indian #HarleyDavidson #Advertisement - Here is a really good TV commercial from Indian Motorcycle… They are going to release and launch their latest motorcycle, the 2014 Indian Chief in Sturgis in August, and they made this pretty good advertisement.

Using Willie Nelson's famous song "On the Road Again", 80% of the video when you watch it, you would think it is an ad for Harley-Davidson. It is only at the last moment that you will see that they are making fun of the eternal enemy.



24 July, 2013 - China: A Road To Avoid On Your Daily Motorcycle Commute
China Cliff Road
China flag
#China #Earthquake - I would not want to have to ride this road on my daily motorcycle commute, especially when there is an earthquake going on. But then I would not want to ride any road during a quake.


23 July, 2013 - Ads: 2 x Honda Motorcycles Ads From Brazil - Nice But Not Original
Honda Trail Ad Brazil
Brazil flag
#Advertisement #Honda #Brazil - Here are two print advertisements from Dorvalino Motos in Brazil, one for a Honda CBF 250 L, the other for a Honda PCX scooter. The ads are nice, and should "talk" to motorcycle riders the world over, but they are not original.

Many (m)admen will use this concept when producing an ad for a motorcycle. It is to easy.............

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23 July, 2013 - Pope Wants Catholics To Drive Humble Cars: Here Is His New Popemobile
New Popemobile
#Pope #Vatican #Popemobile - The Pope has declared that he wants Catholics to drive more humble cars. He wants especially his staff to drive sensible and austere cars, not like his luxury Mercedes Popemobile. He therefore will need to get rid of his luxury ride; so the Vatican will need to find a new one for him.

We think we have discovered his new vehicle being road tested. Here are some spy shots.


23 July, 2013 - Now I Know Why People Bring Jerrycans With Them
Real Jerrycan
#Funny #Jerrycan - I have always wondered why adventure motorcycle riders bring along a jerrycan or two on their bikes. Now I know....


22 July, 2013 - Idea: Why This Alternative Electric Charging Will Not Work - Wind Cycle
Wind Cycle
Sometimes it hurts me when I see a crowd-funding project which I know will fail miserably while the project owner firmly believes he has found the Egg of Columbus. In this case it is the Wind Cycle project on Kickstarter.

If you have a look at the introduction video, you can see that Brandon really believes it can work, but physics will prove him wrong. The idea is to use Ultra Capacitors instead of batteries, and have them charged while you ride your electric motorcycle using wind turbines.


22 July, 2013 - Video: Ladies, I Think This Ibis Ad Is For You
Ibis Biker TV Ad
Ibis Hotels logo
#Advertising #Ibis #Hotel - The French hotel group, Ibis Hotels, have released a TV commercial campaign here in France, and one of the advertisements has a couple arriving on a motorcycle, with the female pillion throwing a fit (I think I've been there before, done that before).

At the end, the TV commercial says you can save €15. Funny ad because we probably have all seen it before...


22 July, 2013 - In The Start Them Young Department: Motorcycle Mechanics
Start them young mechanics
#LOL #Funny #Kids - They sure are starting these training programs for young kids earlier and earlier....motorcycle mechanic.


19 July, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 19 July 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Things are heating up for the summer; hotter sun, no clouds and fantastic riding weather. But there is also time to read interesting motorcycle related articles on the web. Here are some which have appeared over the last week.

- ViaTerra Fly Camera Tank Bag: Review (Zig Wheels)
- Using A Motorcycle To Start A Fire (Moto Lady)
- Gear Ogio Renegade Rss 17 Backpack (Ride Apart)
- Valentino Rossi questions Sachsenring safety (Autosport.Com)
- My Schuberth C3 Helmet: A Year And 10000 Miles Later (Carla King Motorcycle Misadventures)


19 July, 2013 - Russia: Beautifully Crafted Wooden Motorcycle - Art
Steampunk Wooden Motorcycle
Russia flag
Sometimes people can make really beautiful things, and sometimes they can do that little bit more making an already beautiful object into a form of art. Russian Dmitri Goubenko is one of those people. Look at what he made:

This is a motorcycle made out of mostly wood. It is a real motorcycle, so it works. The frame and engine are obviously not made out of wood, but the rest is, and it is hand carved...........


19 July, 2013 - Be.e: A True Ecological & Electrical Scooter
Be.e Plant Scooter
Be.e Plant Scooter
#Ecological #Electrical #Scooter #Be.e - Most people equate an electrical scooter or motorcycle to be ecological, and in a sense they are, but not as much as you would think. Obviously the battery is enormously not ecological, but what do you think about the frame and other body parts?

Dutch design firm Waarmakers have released the first ever truly ecological electric scooter, the Be.e. And the reason it is ecological is because it is made out of plants, flax to be more accurate. Flax is what is used to make linen (amongst others), and using the flax seed, Waarmakers have made a glass-fibre composite frame, but without the glass part. The glass has been substituted by the flax seeds. In other words, the scooter is made out of plants...........

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18 July, 2013 - Idea: 3rd Person View For GoPro On A Motorcycle
GoPro 3rd Person View
#Kickstarter #GoPro - Many motorcycle riders have GoPro cameras to immortalize their rides using this nifty video camera. Filmed in full HD (and beyond), sound and lightweight, these cameras can be attached almost anywhere. On your motorcycle, on your helmet and even on your front. There is even one project that places the GoPro very high on your helmet.

This KickStarter project, VuVantage, involves your GoPro and a special harness. Put in the harness, and the video camera will be located several feet above & behind you, like a 3rd person is filming you...........

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18 July, 2013 - France: Law Changes For Motorcycle Taxis - Status Quo
Taxi Police Inspect Motorcycle Taxi
France flag
#France #Taxi #Motorcycle - The French can be a rather strange people at times (okay, often). They apply laws with as objective to apply laws, not to regulate something properly. The case in point are the motorcycle taxis.

Motorcycle taxis are a boon sent from heaven for some people, while a curse for others. The people who love motorcycle taxis are people who are in a hurry, usually business people traveling for a meeting or celebrities going for a TV show. They need to arrive imperatively on time, and the only ones who can guarantee arrival are motorcycle taxis.

But the people who hate motorcycle taxis are the "normal" taxis. They see the bikes as stealing away their customers. But anyone who has traveled in Paris will know.... there are never enough car taxis available, and often you can not even get one, or will have to wait for hours (my record is 4 hours wait). And when you get one, it can take hours for them to struggle through Paris to your destination, time not only wasted, but you will need to pay for it...........

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18 July, 2013 - Everything But The Kitchen Sink, But A Dog
Everything But Sink Plus Dog
#Funny #Cargo #Loaded - Some people really want to carry everything with them on their motorcycle. And I mean everything. Guess if you are going on holidays, or moving house, you have very little choice if you only have a motorcycle as means of transportation.

But a kayak, bicycle and a dog???


17 July, 2013 - Idea: Stor-More Key Safe - Keep Your Valuables Safe On Your Motorcycle
Big Little Key Safe
Big Little Key Safe
#Safe #Lock #Valuables - Here is an interesting project I found on CrowdSupply, a crowd-sourcing site, that could be of interest to the motorcycle community. The problem we often have is what to do with items like keys, (gate) remote controls, credit cards, etc when riding our bikes. When we've reached our destination, we just need to take them with us, but as you know, leathers are not always the easiest clothing to carry such items on you.

The Stor-More Key Safe from WordLock could solve that problem, and with a different twist, make it easier to remember the unlock code. The Stor-More Key Safe is a big stainless steel canister with an aluminium locking head making the unit a very solid safe. It can hold up to 30 keys, so enough space to hold most valuables that you do not want to keep in your pockets...........

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17 July, 2013 - France: Fighting The Mandatory Technical Inspection For Motorcycles
FFMC logo
#MOT #France #Protest - With the heavy political horsetrading and self-serving actions by European politicians, the mandatory annual technical inspections for motorcycles is back on the table, despite promises from the politicians ("the cheque is in the mail") of the contrary. Obviously many national motorcycle lobby groups, lead by FEMA, will not take this lying down.

The French very active Association of Angry Bikers, the FFMC, usually takes the fight to the streets, and for sure this will happen. But they also launched another campaign, this one a bit more subtle...........

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17 July, 2013 - Reevu Adds HUD To Motorcycle Helmet Integrated Mirror
Reevu HUD
Reevu HUD
#Reevu #HUD #Helmet - Reevu are those folks that have made several years ago a helmet with an integrated mirror, allowing you to see what is going on behind you from the top of your helmet where a mirror is integrated. This way your eyes would have to travel far less distance to "see" behind you. The idea is pretty interesting, but after a fast "mini-test" I noticed that your eyes needed to get used to the concept and the mirror is actually quite small, which worried me slightly.

Despite several attempts, Reevu never wanted to send over a review helmet for me to test properly, so I can only stand by my original review. Now Reevu are adding more information to the mix. They have what they call the "Intelligent EYE Helmet" device, a device that uses Reevu's own MROPS (Multiple Reflective Optical Systems - the process that makes it possible to see behind you) and projects data from integrated mobile communications into the mirror system. This data is presented to you the way a fighter pilots gets his data, in the form of a Heads Up Display (HUD)...........

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16 July, 2013 - Ads: Brazilian Safety PSA - When You Are Driving, Be Driving
Brazil Safety PSA Facebook Driving
Brazil flag
#PSA #Safety #Advertising - The local Brazilian authorities launched a series of safety PSAs to get Brazilians to stop using the internet while driving their cars. Apparently drivers there, like in other countries, use email, Facebook and Twitter while weaving through traffic, and that can only be a good thing for us motorcycle riders, right?

It is why I do not like seeing gadgets to be used for vehicles, like GPS, that allows drivers to connect to the internet. Way to dangerous for us.


16 July, 2013 - Taiwan: And Here You Thought You Parked Your Motorcycle Safely
Taiwan Motorcycle Damaged Typhoon
Taiwan flag
#Taiwan #Storm #Typhoon - This morning you took extra care to park your motorcycle safely, hoping to arrive at the end of a busy workday to go home on your bike.....


16 July, 2013 - Extend The Range Of Your Electric Motorcycle By Far
EP Tender
France flag
#Electric #EV #Tender - If you think about it, this is stupid, even FUBAR. People who buy electric motorcycles (or cars) do it to save money on fuel or/and because of ecological convictions (lack of CO2, noise, etc). Some, possibly myself included, because of interesting performances.

But this product goes against any of the above ideas. EP Tender got launched a few days ago in France, and it is a trailer equipped with a small 600cc engine (coming from the Tata Nano car) and a 35 liter fuel tank. The EP Tender "talks" to your electric car (and maybe with some adaptations to your electric motorcycle) and when the batteries start running on empty, kicks-in the 600cc engine to recharge your batteries while you keep driving...........

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15 July, 2013 - The Motorcycle Manufacturer Alphabet - Repeat After Me...
Motorcycle Alphabet Poster
#Alphabet #Motorcycles #poster - Here is the motorcycle manufacturer alphabet, something I think should hang in every school in the world. Some of the logos used were old ones, since they looked better, while some logos are from manufacturers that are now defunct.

I managed to get logos for every letter of the alphabet, except one; "X".... anyone know a manufacturer starting with an "X"?

Please do not start why I used one manufacturer and not another, I just put whoever's logo fit the nicest.


15 July, 2013 - France: Motorcycle Torch Descent of Fecamp - Burn Baby, Burn
Fecamp Descente Moto 2013
Fecamp Descente Moto 2013
#Fecamp #Event #Motorcycles - Every year since 1972, a bunch of motorcycle riders come together in the coastal city of Fecamp (Normandy region of France) for some fun & games. The date is always the same, namely the day before the national holiday of France; Bastille Day - 14 July. On the 14th there are always parades, the biggest one in Paris, but all cities and bigger towns have their own versions. One of the biggest, and definitely loudest one, is the night before, and it is held in Fecamp.

The idea, already in place in 1972, was to go down the enormous cliffs by motorcycle. The first few years there were a few dozen bikers, but this number steadily grew, reaching 1,000 motorcycles. Then there was a fatal accident in one of the descents, and the parade was interrupted for a few years, until 1980 when some 50 odd bikers decided to start it up again, despite the local authorities forbidding the event.

The biker groups managed to continue the illegal event until 1986, when it got stopped by the authorities again (it is illegal to have fun in France...). In 1992 a different organization took the event in hands, and started organizing a real event..........

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15 July, 2013 - India: Baptizing A Motorcycle
India Baptizing A Motorcycle
India flag
#India #Flood #Motorcycle - This is of course very sad, but when I first saw the photo I thought it was some folks baptizing their motorcycle.


12 July, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 12 July 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
I had a fun week, did you? I hope you enjoyed my rather lengthy Zero DS review articles? But I did have time to read some interesting motorcycle related articles which I want to share with you.

- Why Honda Is Greater Than Harley (Ric's Epic Fail)
- 5 Ways to Help Your Kids Stay Safe on Their Motorcycle (You Motorcycle)
- 10 Most Best Selling Bikes In India All Time (The Top 10)
- Riding Tip: Trusting The Torque of the Motorcycle (Jimmy Lewis Off Road)
- Buying A Motorcycle Helmet – What to Look out For (Get On)


12 July, 2013 - Darwin Awards: #82736 - New Motorcycle Gone In 48 Hours
BP Motorcycle Rider
France flag
#Squid #Darwin #Motorcycle - Some people never learn, while some people just do not get it. This Darwin Award nominee falls in the latter category.

A French motorcycle rider, 26 years of age, got caught riding the famous and notorious Parisian ring road (the Boulevard Peripherique) at 144 kph instead of the 80 kph allowed.

So far, nothing to earn this prestigious award. Except for two things:

1. He did not have his motorcycle license yet, since he was still studying for it.
2. He bought this brand new sportsbike 48 hours prior (bought it without a license, and therefore without insurance).

Now a) he has no new motorcycle (it got confiscated and will be turned into an ashtray or something similar), b) he will not be able to get his motorcycle license for a very long time and c) he will have to pay a fine of some €15,000 (and he might just end up in prison for some time).

If that is not worthy for a Darwin Award, what could be?


12 July, 2013 - Thailand: ATGATT? Do Not Need No Stinkin’ ATGATT! Use Magic
Thailand No ATGATT Charms
Thailand flag
#Thailand #Magic #Safety - Many motorcycle riders believe that riding motorcycles with ATGATT is the only way to see another day. Even hardcore & professional riders like LEO wear ATGATT. It makes sense no?

Well, not in Thailand. There, Police Sergeant-Major Maneesak Saentaweesuk decided that he needs something extra to protect him, so apart from his normal helmet and gun, he now uses "magic" to protect him on the road while patrolling on his motorcycle...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


11 July, 2013 - Scooters and Wines - They Do Mix
TDT scooter wines
Italy flag
#Wine #Scooter - Well, let me rephrase that title. Scooters and wines do mix, but not when you are riding. But the Italian wine brand, Terre de Trinci, not only makes highly regarded wines, but also makes Chardonnay and Sangiovese box wines. And according to experts, they are pretty good.

But what makes these wines more interesting for the PTW crowd is that the box wines contain photos of pretty girls riding a scooter. What more would you want?

Of course if you are into wines and motorcycles, there is always the V-Twin Zin.


11 July, 2013 - Product Review: Tyredog TPMS For Motorcycles
TyreDog TPMS
TyreDog TPMS
#TPMS #TyreDog #Tires #Safety - Quite some time ago I reviewed a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) from Tire Watch. Since then, I have always had the TPMS on my motorcycles, since I'm lazy but safety conscious. I will check tires visually, but can not be bothered to put a pressure gauge to the tires unless I think they need adjustment. A TPMS is heaven sent, since it shows on a display what your tire pressures are.

And believe me, it is important to have the right tire pressure, and also remember that pressures change depending on the load; alone, with pillion and/or with cargo.

My Honda GL-1800 Gold Wing is of a year that doesn't incorporate a built-in TPMS, so I put one on. This time I opted for one from the Taiwanese company Tyredog. Technology has changed over the years, even in TPMS systems...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


11 July, 2013 - DR Congo: One City Forbids Motorcycles After 18:00
Congo biker fight
Democratic Republic of the Congo flag
#Congo #assassinations #Motorcycle #Taxis - In the Democratic Republic of Congo, somewhere in deep Africa, a wild west situation exists. In the city of Lubumbashi, in the last 6 months, 17 motorcycle riders have been assassinated on the streets. All of them were motorcycle-taxis, and some of them were killed by people in uniform (police or military). According to other sources, there probably are more bikers killed but the information has not reached the local police force.

In order to curb the killing of motorcycle riders, the Mayor of the city has ordered that no motorcycles are allowed to circulate after 6 PM. Any biker found to be riding after 18:00 will be arrested, as will the passenger.


10 July, 2013 - Idea: How Will Garmin’s New Gadget Benefit Motorcycle Riders?
Garmin HUD
Garmin logo
#Gadget #Garmin #HUD - American GPS manufacturer Garmin announced a few days ago a new device. The gadget is not a GPS, but an add-on for GPS software. What it is, is a Heads Up Display (HUD) for cars. The device is placed on your dashboard, paired with your smartphone navigation software (Garmin's StreetPilot or Navigon apps) and then beams navigation instructions on a transparent film that is attached to your windshield. In other words, you will be able to see where you need to go without taking your eyes of the road, a bit like a fighter pilot in a jet fighter airplane.

This is a recent technology that you can see in expensive cars, like top models of BMW, but now you can buy this device for as little as US$129.99. But will it work for motorcycles?..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


10 July, 2013 - GoRider: High End Motorcycle GPS For Cheap - It’s Possible
GoRider Biker II GPS
GoRider Biker II GPS screen
#GPS #GoRider #Motorcycle- When I say a Dutch GPS manufacturer, many of you will think TomTom. But there is another manufacturer and it is called GoRider. GoRider have announced high quality, high functionality GPS systems for motorcycles, all at a very affordable price.

The GoRider Biker-II is a totally weather proof (IP57) GPS for motorcycles with a 3.5" and glove-proof screen. It comes with Bluetooth for wireless communications and a RAM mount for your motorcycle' handlebar. The GPS docking station for the RAM mount has a anti-theft device and all wires to hook up the unit to your bike's 12V system...........

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10 July, 2013 - Egypt: Take Your Mother On Your Motorcycle To A Protest
Egypt Mother On Motorcycle Protest
Egypt flag
#Egypt #Protest #Motorcycle - Sounds like what every loving son will do .... taking his mother behind him on his motorcycle to a protest rally. One where they shoot at people.....


9 July, 2013 - Ad: Metro Brazil Newspaper And Weird Motorcyclists
Metro Ad Nonsense brazil
Metro logo
#Brazil #Advertisement #Weird - Metro, the free daily newspaper, have for their Brazilian version shown a couple of "weird" advertisements. The first one, involves a scooter rider with a car door around him. Weird, but not unusual in many countries, where motorcycles and scooters are used to haul any type of cargo.

The text says "Someone needs to explain the everyday nonsense.". They have another "weird" ad, but this time it's not a motorcycle but a guy dressed as ballerina in front of a bus stop. Strange....


9 July, 2013 - Review: Riding The Zero DS Electric Motorcycle In A Rural Environment - Conclusion
Plug in the Zero motorcycle when and where you can
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Conclusion and summary of riding a Zero DS electric motorcycle in a rural environment

I had to bring back the Zero DS to the ATS dealer in Paris, unfortunately. I have had a lot of fun, although there were a few hiccups. Here is a detailed summary and conclusion of the test rides.


9 July, 2013 - Ireland: The Luck Of The Irish Ran Out - Motorcycle Fatalities
Ireland Motorcycle fatal 10yr
Ireland flag
#ireland #Statistics #Mag #Motorcycles - The famous luck of the Irish seems to have run out according to the latest statistics. At least, the luck of Irish motorcycle riders. Over the last few years, motorcycle related deaths have been increasing, bucking the 10 year trend.

The graph clearly shows that the last 10 years, motorcycle fatalities have been steadily decreasing, until 2011. Now, every year, they have been increasing again.

According to the local police, the Garda, 4 out 5 fatal accidents involve an another vehicle, usually a car. 52% of the accidents occurred on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, with July being the worst month of the year. 75% of the fatal accidents where on regional or local roads, i.e., bikers going for a weekend spin in the country.

The Irish police are asking all car drivers to pay more attention to motorcycle riders during the summer months. So Irish bikers should not ride their motorcycles on country roads on weekends in July....


8 July, 2013 - 14 Motorcycles, Mirrors and Photographers - Part 2
Motorcycle Mirror Belgium
Mirror Cambodi
#Mirror #Photos #Motorcycle - Some time ago we showed you that some photos that involve motorcycles can be rather "cliche", in other words, "been there, done that". One such photo involves taking a shot of the motorcycle's mirror with the mirror showing you "something", like the face of the biker.

A lot of photographer do this, even the press. Here are 14 such "mirror" photos from around the world:


8 July, 2013 - Review: Zero DS Electric Motorcycle At A Concert - Day 7
Zero motorcycle at a Rabeats concert
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Day 7 of the Zero electric motorcycle review and test.

Today was the last day of testing, and to celebrate the occasion, I took the Zero DS to a concert. The band was the Rabeats, a Beatles tribute band, and in the process I tested night riding with the electric bike.


8 July, 2013 - Europe: Mandatory Technical Inspection For Motorcycles Back On The Table
Motorcycle MOT Bay
Europe flag
#Politics #Europe #MOT #Motorcycles - How dirty politics are. For a year or two, some politicians in the European Parliament have tried to make Europe-wide annual technical inspections mandatory for motorcycles. Some countries, notably the UK, already had the rule, but many other did not (like France, The Netherlands and Sweden).

In many countries, the motorcycle riding community took exception to these proposed rules and did their thing; protest rides. And it paid off, many politicians in the countries that would be affected by the proposed law saw the light and voted against the amendments.

So all bikers let out a sigh of relieve. Until the 2nd of July when a few politicians in the European Parliament slipped in the same rules. This while it had been decided that they would wait for a more detailed analysis & study whether these inspections were really needed. That had been the agreement. Two politicians, the MP from Belgium, Isabelle Durant and the Romanian Silvia-Adriana Ticau fought hard to get the law in. You have got to ask yourself, why would they fight that hard? What else is at stake for them privately?

They want an inspection after 4 years, then every 2 years after that. Obviously you need to pay for these inspections, and they would be mandatory. So it is all about money, a lot of it since these are separate businesses run by large companies. Large companies that employ lobbyists.

Obviously we have not heard the end of this, since the law has not been voted in, and the national motorcycle lobby groups are getting ready their response, and it is not going to be a nice one, in fact it might just get ugly.

I have tried to dig up a report I had seen some time ago about the MOT test in the UK. Apparently, if my memory serves me right, the vast majority of motorcycles of any age pass the test with flying colors, and from those that do not, the vast majority are for minor things, like a burned out light bulb. So a waste of time and money.

I will keep you posted on what is going to happen next, but I think the folks in Egypt have had the right idea.


5 July, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 5 July 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Still not summer. But at least I've been playing with the Zero motorcycle all that time. Here are a few motorcycle related articles that have appeared over the last week that may amuse you.

- A day in pictures: Melbourne's motorcycle paramedics (Gizmag)
- Motorcycle Safety Information (Motorcycle)
- Twistyrides Iphone Cradle Review Part 1 (London Bikers)
- New Motorcycles With A Throwback Feel (Guyism)
- Who's A Newbie (Geezer With A Grudge)


5 July, 2013 - Review: Zero DS Electric Motorcycle Long Distance Test - Day 6
Zero motorcycle at the Le Havre harbor
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Day 6 of the Zero electric motorcycle review and test.

Today was the day I was going to try a long distance ride on the electric bike. The plan was to ride to Le havre, a big harbor city, meaning I would have to ride 160 kilometers in total, more or less. But that was the plan. But as we know, plans change...........

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5 July, 2013 - Egypt: Be A Good Sport, Kiss A Motorcycle Cop
Egypt Kiss A Motorcycle Cop
click to see where Egypt is on the map
#Egypt #Police #Motorcycle - Be happy, be a good sport, be a nice person --- kiss a motorcycle police officer.


4 July, 2013 - Review: Zero DS Electric Motorcycle On A Railroad Run - Day 5
Zero motorcycle at a linen field
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Day 5 of the Zero electric motorcycle review and test.

I regularly need to go to the magazine's editorial offices, and often take the train. The train is some 45 kms from my house, through one of my favorite motorcycle roads; a valley with lots of twisting roads, river, watermills and beautiful nature.

Here are some photos and a video I made of the ride, plus my take on the ride.


4 July, 2013 - Video: Horror Movies From Volkswagen
Volkswagen Side Assist Biker Ad
Volkswagen logo
#Advertisements #Volkswagen #Safety - Volkswagen are promoting a technology that will assist you in detecting objects in your blind spots while driving one of their cars. Called "Side Assist", it's a mirror system that uses radar to detect if some vehicle is alongside you and you can't see it.

On its own, it's a good idea, it's just too bad drivers can't just turn their head slightly to see if they are safe to make the maneuver they want to make.

Anyway, to promote the technology, Volkswagen have launched three TV commercials which I find pretty well thought-out in the way they bring it to your attention; they use horror movie images...........

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4 July, 2013 - Feeding The Motorcycle Crazy Person
Feeding the motorcycle person
#Funny #Mechanic #Motorcycle - What do you feed that person who is totally obsessed by motorcycles? The kind of person who eats, sleeps and drinks motorcycles everyday, everynight?

Well, you feed them this...:


3 July, 2013 - Review: SWMBO Tries The Zero DS Electric Motorcycle - Day 4
SWMBO and the Zero DS
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Day 4 of the Zero electric motorcycle review and test.

Today my wife (SWMBO) took the electric motorcycle for a spin. Although she's had a full motorcycle license for a very long time, she's not exactly a biker who rides a lot. She rides around Normandy in a Suzuki VanVan, and she hasn't done that for 3 years, so a challenge and a good opportunity to see what a novice would do.


3 July, 2013 - Ride The Revolutionary Revolver Motorcycle
#Design #CompressedAir #Motorcycle - There's nothing that says a motorcycle should have a certain look or style. There are no laws, apart from physics and gravity, that apply to the design of a bike, and design student Darren Kuo from Taiwan has understood that very well.

Darren has designed this amazingly striking motorcycle called "Revolver" as his graduation project. The bike looks at first glance to be pretty awesome, but there's more to the motorcycle than what meets the eye..........

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3 July, 2013 - India: Motorcycle Specific GPS for India - 2nd Version
Mapmyindia GPS Trailblazer 2
India flag
#GPS #MapMyIndia #Motorcycle - Back in 2010, MapMyIndia launched a motorcycle specific GPS for motorcycle riders in India called Trailblazer. The interesting thing about the GPS was that in contrast with established GPS manufacturers like TomTom and Garmin, they piped in the navigation instructions to the biker using FM instead of Bluetooth.

Now three years later, MapMyIndia have probably understood why Bluetooth was easier, since they have recently launched the TrailerBlazer 2, and this time the wireless communication is done using Bluetooth.

As biker GPS's go, it's not bad, especially since out of the box they offer the hardware to place the GPS on your handlebar...........

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2 July, 2013 - Review: Zero Electric Motorcycle - Day 3 - Video Taping Ride
Zero motorcycle at a German WWII bunker
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Day 3 of the Zero electric motorcycle review and test.

Today was a day we went and videotaped the electric motorcycle riding through the French countryside. We visited a big castle, a German WWII bunker and drove down the cliffs to the closest city for some photos.

Afterwards, I tried the top speed of the bike..... ooops... just joking Mr. Police Officer.


2 July, 2013 - Ad: False Advertising? What Would The Kid Really Prefer?
Knacki Sausage or Motorbike
#Advertising #Sausage #Motorcycle - Let's face it, advertisers will often try anything to make us buy a product; even make up stories. Like this one.... the product being sold is a Knacki sausage, and in the print ad, they want to make us believe a kid will like a Knacki sausage as much as getting a small motorcycle.

Know any kids that like a sausage as much as a toy motorcycle? Not me.....


2 July, 2013 - Belgium: Hidden Radar In Garbage Can - Jackpot
Belgium Trash Radar
Belgium flag
#Radar #Hidden #Belgium - There have been mentions before of radars hidden in garbage cans, but so far they have been fakes. Until now. In Belgium, at the town of Frasnes-lez-Anvaing, a radar was spotted that was nicely camouflaged .. hidden in a garbage can.

The hidden radar has so far already caught 216 car drivers.


1 July, 2013 - Review: Zero Electric Motorcycle - Day 2 - 70 Kms Ride
Zero motorcycle at a local airstrip
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Day 2 of the Zero electric motorcycle review and test.

Day 2 was to get more used to the electric motorcycle and do some local riding. Most of the ride was in Eco mode, and I stopped frequently to enjoy the scenery, and you can see several nice photos of what I saw.


1 July, 2013 - Put Your Motorcycle On An Air Trailer: Airtrailer
#Airtrailer #Trailer #Motorcycles - Many see trailers as a necessary evil, a device that you at times need to use, even if you don't want to. We prefer to ride our motorcycles, not stare at it in the mirror of our car. But sometimes you just can't help it, you need to trailer your motorcycle.

The classic trailers work well, they are a proven system, but there are smarter alternatives (see related articles below). here's one interestingly designed trailer for motorcycle. It's called the AirTrailer, and it's from The Netherlands...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


1 July, 2013 - Syria: Use Your Motorcycle As Weapon Hanger
Syria AK 47 On Motorcycle
Syria flag
#Syria #AK-47 #Motorcycle - That's a new use you can use a motorcycle for .... discovered in Syria, use it to hang your weapons on.

An AK-47 hanger.



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