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31 August, 2006 - Video: Rossi/Honda Hornet ad
Video clip inside
A 2 minute video commercial from the "old days" when Rossi was still with Honda. Here he's seen riding a Honda Hornet CB900F motorcycle.


31 August, 2006 - 2005 Deaths Down In France, Except Motorcyclists
France Article
Statistics Article
The 2005 statistics on road fatalities were published yesterday in France. Everything is pretty good, except for motorcycles and pedestrians.


30 August, 2006 - And You Think Your Motorcycle Is Safe Outside?
Fun Article
Despite what you lay think, strange things can happen to your motorcycle when it's outside. Sue Smith found out, when her son discovered a video on the internet of a stranger stripping on her motorcycle.


30 August, 2006 - More Motorcycle Transporters - Belgium
Bike to Beach trucks
After last weeks article on US Motorcycle Carriers, reader Jerry Rocteur pointed out a Belgium version.

Bikes-to-Beach bring your motorcycle from door to door in Southern Europe (or to big events, or corporate events) for very reasonable fees.


29 August, 2006 - Video: Adventure Riding
Video clip inside
A long video (1 hour, 19 minutes) of some Polish guys who went on their motorcycles from Poland to Cape Town, South Africa; Very interesting. Plus a smaller video of riding a BMW R1150GS in the deep mud of Mozambique.


28 August, 2006 - Ouch ! What Was The Bear Doing In The Woods?
Fun Article
Gosh, this could happen to you. A 200 pound bear darts in your path while you coming along on your motorcycle. Bammm !!


28 August, 2006 - First Luxury Motorcycle Resort
Vintage Motorcycle Resort Phase 1
They're building a luxury motorcycle resort in the USA. Called Vintages, it's fully equipped with spas, sauna, bars, etc.

It should be come a nice holiday spot, or passing-through place when travelling in the US. 20 of these will be built over time in the USA.

Lifetime memberships, or more limited ones are available.


25 August, 2006 - US Motorcycle Carriers
US Motorcycle Carrier trailer
Here's a fellow in the USA, who'll come and pick up your motorcycle and transport it on a truck to popular destinations (like Sturgis etc), or in the winter to warm weather (Florida).


24 August, 2006 - Interesting Way To Avoid A Ticket
Speed Radar photo
A Wales, UK based Royal Marine got arrested for changing the color on his motorcycle, in the hope of escaping a speed radar ticket.

Good idea, but it didn't work.


24 August, 2006 - Le Touquet EnduroPale and Foreigners
Racing Article
In order to attract more foreigners to the beach enduro race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, the organizers are now offering a special prize for the first foreigner to cross the finish line.


23 August, 2006 - EcoRider Available in the USA
The Scottish diesel motorcycle, EcoRider, is now available in the USA.

Run diesel or gas, here's a nifty motorcycle.


22 August, 2006 - UK Motorbike Store Open
This Site Article
After yesterday's opening of the motorcycle store for the USA, today is the turn of the UK. Together with Amazon UK, we now offer a wide selection of motorbikes goodies.


22 August, 2006 - UK Female Motorcycle Magazine
Bikeress logo
The UK sees the birth of the first female motorcycle riders magazine; Bikeress.

To be published every quarter, it's in a handy A5 format.


21 August, 2006 - New Motorcycle Shop
This Site Article
We've opened a motorcycle shop on this site, together with Initially meant for the USA market, it'll eventually be available to other countries. Only motorcycle stuff (gear, Accessories, Books, Gadgets, software, etc).


21 August, 2006 - Time For A Puzzle ?
This Site Article
We're trying out a new section; a regular motorcycle-related crossword puzzle. Since we need to buy the software, please let us know if you think it's a good idea or not. Try out the trial puzzle.


20 August, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs 2006 - Day 7 Final
Red Bull roManiacs 2006
Final day of the Red Bull roManiacs. 7 days of hell for the contestants.

The winner is another Frenchman, Michel Gau (after two years of Despres).

Will they come back next year ?? (videos available of the day's race).


19 August, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs 2006 - Day 6
Red Bull roManiacs 2006
Penultimate day, last day of hard enduro.

Only 10 riders left in the expert class. If you look at the results at the bottom, some folks have been on their motorcycles for 20 hours !!

There's again a video available of the day's ride.


18 August, 2006 - Wine and Motorcycles; Touring France
Unicorn Adventures Motorcycle Wine Tour
Maybe you think that wine and motorcycles don't really mix, but if you do it professionally, like Unicorn Adventures, you could have a great holiday.

Unicorn run a fully organized wine tour of France on motorcycles. A 15 day holiday through all the wine regions of France on one of their BMW motorcycles.

Interested ??? Read on...


18 August, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs 2006 - Day 5
Red Bull roManiacs 2006
Red Bull Romaniacs logo
Almost there, Day 5. Longest day, with the shortest time for Michel Gau, in 9 hours and 41 minutes.

The longest is still underway while day 6 starts. Are they crazy or what ?


17 August, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs 2006 - Day 4
Red Bull roManiacs 2006
Day 4, past the half way stage of the race.

Not many riders left. Not many motorcycles left without scratches.


17 August, 2006 - Rare Sight - Bush On A Motorcycle
President Bush on a Harley motorcycle
A photo of President George Bush on a Harley motorcycle, while visiting the Harley factory.

He even managed to start the engine, under applause .....


16 August, 2006 - Motorcycle Chair
Motorcycle armchair
For the really passionate motorcycle rider, here's an armchair that looks like a motorcycle, complete with saddlebags.

Hope it's more comfortable than my motorcycle saddle..


16 August, 2006 - Video: ATGATT ??
Video clip inside
A funny video clip of two crazy guys who don't believe in ATGATT on motorcycles.


16 August, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs 2006 - Day 3
Red Bull roManiacs 2006
Day 3 summary of the Red Bull roManiacs hard (and tough) enduro, some photos of day 1, and the full results and standings for the pro class.

More and more are dropping out. Is this year too tough ??


15 August, 2006 - New Moroccan Motorcycle Touring Company
Moto Morocco website
A new, UK based, touring company has been created for touring Morocco. Moto-Morocco will come and pickup your motorcycle, bring it to Morocco, while you fly comfortably there.

Then, with their experienced guides, mechanics and support staff, you tour the country. What could be better ?


15 August, 2006 - "Boobs on Bikes" to go ahead
Boobs on Bikes
The topless motorcycle parade "Boobs on Bikes", despite attempts to stop it, is being held in Auckland, New Zealand. 23rd of August will see 30 topless ladies parading on motorcycles.

Way to go !


15 August, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs 2006 - Day 2
Red Bull roManiacs 2006
The results of day 2 of the roManiacs. Already Cyril Despres had to quit, Sala won, and the Americans are way behind.

A tough and "normal" day at the roManiacs hard motorcycle enduro.


14 August, 2006 - UK Police Chief Told Off For Anti-Motorcycle Writing
Politics Article
The British Motorcyclist Federation (BMF) have logged a complaint against the deputy Chief of Police for North Wales, Clive Wolfendale, for anti-motorcycle writings in his blog. He now wants to ban motorcycles from Wales's national parks.


14 August, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs 2006 - Day 1
Red Bull roManiacs 2006
The first day of the famous Red Bull roManiacs tough motorcycle enduro race was held on Sunday 13 August. 2 time winner, Cyril Despres won the prologue.

Are these riders really that good, or just plain suicidal ?


11 August, 2006 - Locking your Motorcycle in a Campground
Motorcycle In-Lock
British inventor/product designer John Wrightson has designed a nifty way of securing your motorcycle when there's nothing to secure your motorcycle too.

Simple, easy to use and carry, it's the egg of Columbus.


11 August, 2006 - Video: The Travis Pastrana Double Back-Flip
Video clip inside
Even if you're not a freestyle fan, the Travis Pastrana double back-flip will not let you cold. Here's the video clip of him doing it the very first time ! Pretty incredible !


10 August, 2006 - Slow News Day 2: The Beauty & The Beast 2
The Beauty and the Beast
Since yesterday's photo was appreciated, here's another one to keep you busy while we search for some real news items.


9 August, 2006 - Slow News Day: The Beauty & The Beast
The Beauty and the Beast
It's a slow day, not much to report, so here's a special photo for those of you who enjoy photos of women on motorcycles.


8 August, 2006 - Interesting Way To Carry Pillion Passenger
Motorcycle rider and his pillion passenger
Here's a photo of "one" way of carrying a pillion passenger. The mind boggles at the possibilities.


8 August, 2006 - Yahoo and Our Weekly Newsletter
This Site Article
Yahoo is giving problems with our weekly newsletter. So if you've registered/subscribed for our newsletter, apologies. You will not have received it. Zookoda (the service provider) is working very hard at solving it, but the problem lies with Yahoo. Patience.


7 August, 2006 - Sturgis 2006
Motorcycle meet Sturgis 2006
500,000 motorcycles are gathering in the mythical and famous Sturgis biker meet. The largest in the world, Sturgis attracts bikers from around the world.

Here are some photos of the event as published by the newswires.


4 August, 2006 - 4 Year Old Stolen Racing Motorcycles Mystery Solved
News Article
5 GP Racing Suzuki motorcycles (Barry Sheene, Kevin Schwantz, Scott Russell, Kenny Roberts Jr.), that were stolen 4 years ago, have been found. It was an inside job !! The butler did it !


4 August, 2006 - Castle, Horses and Motorcycles - A Day In Normandy
Paris Motorcycle Police Exhibition Team
Last weekend we visited the annual horse and buggy race. Also at the event was the Paris Motorcycle Police Exhibition Team showing off their skills.

Quite interesting and impressive.


4 August, 2006 - Interesting "Race" - From Junk To Race
Team Momba's Kawasaki motorcycle
12 people, in 72 hours, produced a vintage motorcycle from scratch at a motorcycle swap meet in Ohio, USA, and then raced the old Kawasaki motorcycle in a vintage race (and ended in 7th place).

Nice idea !!


3 August, 2006 - Video: Woow - Did This Really Happen ?
Video clip inside
A video clip of a motorcycle in an amateur race loosing his front wheel. Unrealistic !! Did this really happen, or was it staged ?? It looks real !!


2 August, 2006 - The ONLY Way to Trailer A Motorcycle
Honda Goldwing trailering a motocross motorcycle
If you've got to trailer your motorcycle, here's the only way you should !!!


1 August, 2006 - Personality Change Survey - The Results
Survey Results Graph
The results of the "Does your personality change when on a motorcycle ?".

Over 17,000 people responded !!


1 August, 2006 - Follow-up: Special GPS Route Calculator for Motorcycles
Web Article
Quick follow up of the previous article on the special GPS.


1 August, 2006 - Special GPS Route Calculator for Motorcycles
Enroute Route planning software for motorcycles
Dutch company Waypoint is releasing a special route planning software package for motorcycles. It will search for the best twisting roads, or nicest scenic ones between two cities.

Then you can export the track to Garmin or TomTom.

Available Sep 2006.



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