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31 August, 2007 - Winter Coming: Snow Riding With Radix
KTM equipped with Radix
If you dread the winter because you can't ride due to all the snow, how about this?

Radix kits can be bought for Honda, Yamaha, KTM and Husaberg motorcycle, that'll give you a maximum of fun in the snow.

Just because it's snowing, doesn't mean you can't have fun!


31 August, 2007 - See The Motocross of Nations LIVE
Racing Article
US based Mediazone are offering a special deal to watch the Motocross of Nations live on the internet.

So, if you're a fan of this event, tune in on your PC to watch the race live.


31 August, 2007 - Hayden’s Dad Dragged Into Drug Gang Arrests
News Article
Earl Hayden, Nicky's father, has a car dealership. The business manager of the dealership has just gotten himself arrested for drug money laundering.

Earl himself is not accused or arrested.

Interesting, specially after reading the Bostrom Conspiracy...


31 August, 2007 - Video: Valentino Rossi and Yamaha
Video clip inside
Yamaha logo
NOTE: We've implemented a new style of displaying video clips!

Here's a TV ad of Valentino Rossi and Yamaha.

What ??? No Michelin ad??


30 August, 2007 - Extreme Ape Hanger
Extreme ape hanger motorcycle
Now this is what I call a real ape hanger!

Like to see him ride the twisties...


30 August, 2007 - Biker Id Bracelets
Biker Ids
Interesting product; biker bracelets with your id and vitals engraved.

Be fashionable, while still being safe.


30 August, 2007 - Carry Your House and Car On Your Motorcycle
Sounds not possible?

It is, in Vietnam... ;-)


29 August, 2007 - Video: AMA Corona Superbike Ad
Video clip inside
A TV ad of the upcoming AMA Corona Superbike race in Laguna Seca this September.


29 August, 2007 - Netherlands: Vandal Proof Speed Camera
Dutch new speed camera radar
The Dutch have a new speed radar camera.

It's vandal proof. You can shoot, it, burn it or try to pull it down. It'll keep working.

4 cameras are on board, so you'll be flashed, no matter what or where.

There's no escaping!


29 August, 2007 - Biker Loses Prosthetic Hand On Motorcycle
News Article
A UK teenager with a prosthetic hand left his hand on his motorcycle when quickly visiting his girlfriend.

When he came back, his hand had disappeared.



29 August, 2007 - India: Motorcycle Police Extreme Brutality
India Motorcycle Police pulling a man
Motorcycle Police in India get extreme violent with a purse snatcher.

On TV, they drag the man through the streets chained to their motorcycle.

Makes Rodney King look like a walk in the park.


28 August, 2007 - China: Police Monitor The Web With Motorcycles
Chinese web motorcycle police
The Chinese Police are going to monitor all web traffic with Police motorcycles.

They fear that the communists will loose power because of Western influences. But using motorcycles ?


28 August, 2007 - First Official Photos of BMW HP2 Sport
BMW HP2 Sport
BMW logo
MCN UK have several photos of the new BMW HP2 Sport version.

It looks like a real race version of their High Performance motorcycle.


28 August, 2007 - DVD Review: Wild Hogs
Movie Article
This is a seriously funny movie! Wild Hogs has a lot of motorcycle action great comedy and beautiful riding sequences.

The movie is great to watch with the whole family. Everyone will get something out of it.


28 August, 2007 - Dangerous Job: Motorcycle Escort For George Bush
Bush Motorcade Motorcycle accident
This is the 2nd time in a year, that a motorcycle Police officer dies while riding escort for President George W. Bush.

Does this happen frequently, or is it a Bush thing?

I wonder what happened... sad!


27 August, 2007 - Motorcycle/Scooter Desk Lamps
Lamponi Desk lamp
Lamponi produces works of art. They're desk lamps based on famous scooter and motorcycle manufacturers.

Have a Vespa or Indian desk lamp.


27 August, 2007 - Two Country Presidents Riding Motorcycles Together
Tony Saca and Chen Shui-bian riding motorcycles
The title sounds like the start of a good joke, doesn't it.


27 August, 2007 - Crazy Belgium: Police Has Too Much Money From Fines
News Article
The Belgium Police get to keep money from traffic fines.

They have so much money, they don't know what to do with it. They even bought a bunch of Police Motorcycles, but don't have the officers to ride them.

Result: the motorcycles are gathering dust.


27 August, 2007 - Fashion Victim #63547: Louis Vuitton Harley Davidson
Harley-Davidson Louis Vitton motorcycle
For sale, by owner, Louis Vitton handbag and matching Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Rarely used.


24 August, 2007 - Not Exactly ATGATT On A Honda Goldwing
Not exactly riding ATGATT on this Honda Goldwing motorcycle, is he ???


24 August, 2007 - Book Review: The Bostrom Conspiracy
Book Article
A review of the book entitled "The Bostrom Conspiracy".

Verdict: I've read better books, this one is low on proof, but still an interesting read. Lots of interesting characters. Nonfiction.


24 August, 2007 - Suggestive Motorcycle Ad From BMW
BMW Motorcycle ad
BMW logo
Here's quite a suggestive ad from BMW motorcycle.

I wonder if they meant it, or it just happens to be suggestive.


23 August, 2007 - Spousal Approval Form For Motorcycle Parts
Spousal Approval Form For Motorcycle Parts
Here's the famous form you need to fill in to be able to buy spare parts for your motorcycle.

Your wife needs to sign it!


23 August, 2007 - Saudi Arabia: Motorcycles and Anti Drug Campaign
Harley motorcycles in anti drug rally
Not a sight you see often. Motorcycle riders group together in Saudi Arabia to protest against drugs.

Looks like something happening anywhere in the world, why not Saudi?


23 August, 2007 - China: This Still Hurts Me
China crushed motorcycles
No matter how many times I see these photos and read the articles, it still hurts!

What a waste of motorcycles!


22 August, 2007 - License Plate For Paris Hilton
Swarovski crystal license plate
Here are the perfect license plates for Paris Hilton's pink motorcycle.

If she ever decides to ride the bike...


22 August, 2007 - See Spot Find!
Spot Satellite Messenger
Spot is an interesting and reasonable cheap personal satellite tracking device. Four buttons, with the possibility to alert authorities in case of real emergencies, or allowing your friends and relatives to track your position in real-time.

At their prices, this could be of interest to anyone going into areas that are not covered by cell phones.


22 August, 2007 - Video: MZ 1000 SF - 1000% Domination
Video clip inside
MZ logo
A look at a MZ video publicity for their sexy MZ 1000 SF motorcycle.

From the "other" German motorcycle manufacturer.


21 August, 2007 - What’s Better Than A Harley-Davidson?
Twintrax double Harley-Davidson
What could be better than having a Harley-Davidson motorcycle ?

How about TWO Harley-Davidson engines on ONE motorcycle ? Yes,it's being built in Germany.


21 August, 2007 - Harry Potter Can’t Ride A Motorcycle
Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter in the successful movies, is filming a new movie called "My Boy Jack".

In this movie he's supposed to ride a motorcycle, but couldn't do it. So with some screen magic, they managed to make him "ride".



21 August, 2007 - Praying On A Motorcycle?
Indian Motorcycle Police team
It looks like this Indian Police stunt team is praying!

Praying that the top guy doesn't fall? Or that they will not all tumble!


20 August, 2007 - Create A Video, Win A Vespa Scooter
Piaggio logo
Vespa logo
Piaggio USA are running a contest. Create a video showing Vespa in a positive light for global warming, and you can win a .... Vespa.

Grab your camera, and start shooting. You've got 2 months.


20 August, 2007 - Tracking Your Tracks Using USB Key
Trackstick GPS USB device
If you want a cheap device to record your motorcycle trip, Trackstick is a USB key device that incorporates a low power GPS.

Record up to one month of tracks, plug in to your computer (USB port), and visualize on Google Earth.


20 August, 2007 - Video: Harley-Davidson TV Ad From 1997
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a nice Harley-Davidson TV ad dating back to 1997.

This is more like it....


17 August, 2007 - The Most Dangerous Roads Part 2
Alps road
Here's the sequel to "The Most Dangerous Roads of the World".

It's called "The Most Dangerous Roads of the World - Part2", and the roads are not as terrible as the first part, in fact, they're more the roads I'd like to ride.


17 August, 2007 - Wired Helmet Headsets - Tork
Tork Max
For all of you who still prefer to be wired to your motorcycle for your communication needs, here's a look at some headset gear and an intercom.

Made by USA based Tork, they look good and are reasonably priced.


17 August, 2007 - Bulletproof Backpacks
Bulletproof Backpack
Here's an interesting product. Bulletproof Backpacks!

It's interesting to see, since they're quite useful in today's violent society, but sad when you read who the market is for. Read on.


16 August, 2007 - Incredible Motorcycle - Confederate Renovatio
Confederate Renovatio motorcycle
Confederate Motor Company are going to produce a very special motorcycle; the Renovation.

Very sleek, very sexy (and probably very expensive). It's a work of art.


16 August, 2007 - KTM Racing In The Streets Of Vienna
KTM Mika Kallio
KTM logo
KTM treated the MotoGP riders, allowing them to race in the streets of Vienna, Austria.

Legal street racing!!!


16 August, 2007 - Canada Introduced $10,000 Speeding Ticket
News Article
The Canadian have thought off a new way of getting your money; serious money!

If you get caught speeding 50 kph over the speed limit, you'll get fined $10,000!


15 August, 2007 - DVD Review: Ducati: A Story Of Passion
Ducati DVD
Ducati logo
A review of ProItalia's DVD called "Ducati: A Story Of Passion". The DVD is very good, and explains well the passion of the Ducati owner (and even non-Ducati owners).

The spirit of a Ducatist can only be likened with that other mythical motorcycle manufacturer, Harley. I highly recommend it.


15 August, 2007 - Church Condemns Valentino Rossi For Tax Evasion
News Article
The Vatican have stated that they believe that Valentino Rossi is guilty of tax invasion.

They do not want a trial, but plan for an inquisition. Rossi to burned at the stake!


15 August, 2007 - Video: Lotto and Motorcycles
Video clip inside
Winning the Lotto makes you want to go out and buy a motorcycle!

Damn right!


14 August, 2007 - Afraid to go from cars to scooters?
Car door on a scooter
Want to ease the transition from car to scooter? Don't feel too safe on two wheels?

Here's the solution!


14 August, 2007 - Site Update: Geo Maps
This Site Article
I've added a geo- localization function for this site. Now, when you see a little blue globe, click on it, and a window opens with a Google Map of the city or country in question.

Now you can see where these exotic locations are. Like the Bronx, NY..


14 August, 2007 - European Women’s Championship Results
Iris Ten Katen
Nina Prinz
Dutch girl Iris Ten Katen wins the European Women Championship Superstock 600, while German Nina Prinz wins the Superstock 1000 in the same championship.

The 3rd year that the races are being held, and it's become very popular. 40,000 people attended the last race.


14 August, 2007 - Stockholm, Sweden To Charge Congestion Charges
Stockholm, Sweden
The city of Stockholm, Sweden have decided to turn their experiment of charging congestion charges for entering their city into reality.

Now, depending on the time of day, you can expect to pay some US$ 9 per day. So far, motorcycles are exempt.


13 August, 2007 - Uniformed Bikers: Istanbul Police
Instambul Turkey R1200GS-P
The Turkish Police in Istanbul have all the fun.

Riding around on nice BMW R1200GS-P motorcycles. Tough!


13 August, 2007 - Slowing Vehicles Down - Salem, Ohio
cardboard kid
When do you do when you see a kid close to the road? You SLOW down! It's automatic for most riders.

Mike Wood in Salem, Ohio produces life-sized cardboard kids for exactly that purpose: slow people down!


13 August, 2007 - Old Military Motorcycles - Birmenstorf
Old Military Motorcycles - Birmenstorf
They have a great gathering of some 500 old military vehicles in Birmenstorf, Switzerland.

Looks like fun!


13 August, 2007 - British Biker Murdered After Biker Bash
News Article
A biker was shot and killed while riding his motorcycle from the Bulldog Bash in the UK.

No, it wasn't L.A., or Texas, but the UK.


10 August, 2007 - Turbine Chopper Motorcycle
Jet Turbine powered chopper motorcycle
Woow, this is going to be a very fast chopper! You could get airborne with this....


10 August, 2007 - Police in Victoria, Australia On Strike
Video clip inside
The Police in Victoria, Australia are going on strike. They are planning to stop collecting money of the fines generated by the radars, unless their demands for a pay rise are met.

They've even produced a nice little TV ad promoting their strike!

NO RADARS!! Yeah !


10 August, 2007 - Video: Aprilia SXV 450/550 Publicity
Video clip inside
Aprilia logo
Nice publicity for Aprilia's SXV 450/550 SuperMotard motorcycles.


9 August, 2007 - Diesel Motorcycle That Runs 130 MPH
Die Bike - Diesel motorcycle
The Crucible organization has created a motorcycle, based on a BMW engine, that runs on biodiesel, and can speed up to 130 mph (possibly even 160 mph).

On top of this, it's street legal!


9 August, 2007 - BlueBike - Bluetooth Communicator For Motorcycles
BlueBike Premium
Another Bluetooth communication device for motorcycles is launched. It's German, and it's called BlueBike.

The system is modular, starting with just a helmet unit, and can evolve into a complete communication unit, including Bike-to-Bike, music (stereo), etc.


9 August, 2007 - DIY Motorcycles - Lego
LEGO Harley Motorcycle
Some people are very creative. Jonathan Eric Hunter produced several motorcycles out of Lego building blocks.

A+ for effort!


8 August, 2007 - Tiger Motorcycle
Tiger Motorcycle
Someone really likes tigers, enough to custom make a motorcycle to look like a tiger.

Nice job though!


8 August, 2007 - What Is Faster? Bird or Scooter?
Scooter Police chasing ostrich
Scooter Police chasing an ostrich!

Who's faster?


8 August, 2007 - Weee! Splash!
Riding motorcycle in the rain
Rain continues to fall in large parts of Asia.

Not fun riding motorcycles like that.


7 August, 2007 - Big Headed Motorcycle Police
Big Headed Motorcycle Police
The Motorcycle Police boys and girls can at times have a big head.... ;-)


7 August, 2007 - Harley-Davidson Coverage Of Sturgis 2007
Web Article
Harley-Davidson logo
If you want to see what's happening at Sturgis, click over to Harley-Davidson.

They have reserved a large section of the website for Sturgis. See photos, videos and read the stories.


7 August, 2007 - Female Motorcycle Magazine; UK Based
Lady Biker Magazine site
The UK has been enriched with a female motorcycle rider magazine, called Lady Biker Magazine.

Their first quarterly issue is out, and they have a complete website, with a discussion forum, for sale, etc


7 August, 2007 - Scary Boys-"Special" Uniformed Bikers-Part 7-Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Army on motorcycle
Not exactly folks you'd want to encounter in a dark alley, or a lonely road out to nowhere.

Sri Lanka's Military in action.


6 August, 2007 - Harley-Davidson 100 Year Ad
Harley-Davidson 100 Year Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
Pretty funny publicity for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, celebrating their 100th birthday.


6 August, 2007 - Bluetooth 2.1 Adopted
News Article
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group have announced that they are adopting the 2.1 standard.

Great news for us bikers, since it means less battery drain (so longer operation of our intercoms, GPS, etc), and automatic pairing of devices.


6 August, 2007 - Sturgis 2007 Starts Today
Sturgis 2007
Yes, it's that time of the year again. How time flies.

The Mecca of American Bikers starts today; Sturgis. 7 days of motorcycles, girls, motorcycles, music, motorcycles, fast food, motorcycles, fights, motorcycles, weird people, motorcycles, bikers, motorcycles... and motorcycles.


5 August, 2007 - Dynamic Duo Arrive Safe! Not Eaten By Natives!
Long Way Down Ewan McGregor
Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman managed to arrive safely in South Africa after their Long Way Down ride through Africa.

They were not eaten, captured, thrown in prison or anything else unpleasant (apart from some mosquito bites).


3 August, 2007 - Worst Floods In Memory In Asia
The worst floods in living memory have hit Asia, specially China.

There's no way you can take out your motorcycle, except by pushing it. What is the world coming too?


3 August, 2007 - Lawyer Trying To Get Out Of Parking Ticket Loses
Law Article
Fun Article
The English lawyer who claimed he did not need to pay his parking tickets, since his motorcycle was on a center stand and didn't touch the ground, lost his case.

Shocking but true.


3 August, 2007 - Very Fast Delivery Motorcycle
Fast Delivery Motorcycle
You want to be able to deliver pizzas really fast?

Here's your chance:


2 August, 2007 - Zen Motorcycles - Custom Dream Motorcycles
Zen Motorcycles WL45
I don't often "do" choppers, or custom motorcycles, but in this case, it's an exception.

Designer Laurent Dutruel from Zen Motorcycles makes works of art! Too pretty to ride on, they should be in a museum.


2 August, 2007 - 5th Giornate Mondiali Guzzi Event Planned
Moto Guzzi Giornate Mondiali Guzzi logo
Moto Guzzi logo
Moto Guzzi are planned their annual motorcycle bash, called Giornate Mondial Guzzi (GMG), in September.

It's their 5th annual bash, and it looks like it's going to be bigger and better this year.


2 August, 2007 - Slightly Modified Yamaha Majesty
Yamaha Majesty Modified
Now, this is what I call a customized scooter. It's a Yamaha Majesty.

Where are the missiles?


1 August, 2007 - Hairy Biker
Hairy biker and ape
What a hairy biker!!!

And his pillion is hairy too...


1 August, 2007 - Dainese Buys AGV
News Article
Dainese announced that they have purchased AGV from a Belgium company, making this old Italian company, Italian again.


1 August, 2007 - Technology Changes Over The Years In Motorcycle Racing
Racing Article
Statistics Article
French motorcycle magazine published an interesting article in the advances technology has made in motorcycle racing.

In some 30 years, we're going faster, further and better then ever before. You can't stop technology. Interesting figures...


1 August, 2007 - Listening To Music On Your Motorcycle - B.I.
Motorcycle music system
There used to be a time, way before B.I., that you had to do all sorts of funny things in order to be able to listen to music while riding your motorcycle.

Here's one of them.



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