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29 August, 2008 - Top Internet Stories 08-29-2008
Web Article
Here are eight motorcycle stories found on the internet during the last seven days.



29 August, 2008 - Valentino Rossi Becomes CEO Of AGV Motorcycle Helmets
Rossi and Dianese
AGV logo
Valentino Rossi is already looking ahead for his next job when he retires in a few years.

Rossi has just been appointed President of motorcycle helmet manufacturer AGV. There you go... set for the next few years..


29 August, 2008 - AA-UK Turn To Honda Motorcycles
The AA Honda Motorcycles and scooters
Honda logo
Honda are delivering 50 Silverwing 600 scooters and Deauville motorcycles to the UK based AA. No, not Alcoholics Anonymous, and but British Automobile Association.

The AA hopes to cut down the waiting time for car drivers than have broken down in the major cities of the UK.

So, it's motorcycles to the rescue of cars.... ironic..


28 August, 2008 - Video: Honda 2008 CB1300SF TV Ad
Video clip
Honda logo
A rather bland TV ad for Honda's CB1300SF motorcycle.

Nice motorcycle though...


28 August, 2008 - Sexy Female Motorcycle Rider
Sexy pink motorcycle rider
Here's one sexy dressed female motorcycle rider...

Well.. I presume it's a "she"....


28 August, 2008 - 100K Road Deaths Per year? In One Country?
Motorcycle in Mumbai
Yes... you read that right! 100,000 motorcycle and car deaths per year.

All in one country... India. It's a world record! And if there are 100,000 deaths, there must be millions of injuries!

Holy cow!


27 August, 2008 - Isle Of Man TT: Ecological Motorcycle Race
TTxGP logo
The first major emission free motorcycle race is scheduled to be held during next year's Isle of Man TT race.

The 101 year old race is the oldest motorcycle race, and is a major event. Now, it's going to be high tech, with electric motorcycles riding next to high powered gasoline guzzling motorcycle.

That's going to be interesting!


27 August, 2008 - Open House For Hells Angels Motorcycle Club
Hell Angels Amsterdam poster
The Amsterdam chapter of the Hell Angels motorcycle club are throwing a big party, and everyone is invited.

Entrance is free (donations accepted), and they even have a party for kids in the afternoon. Evening sees a live music band and DJ.

What are you waiting for?? Party Time!


27 August, 2008 - Piaggio To Buy Airline? Motorcycles Not Enough!
Piaggio logo
Alitalia logo
Piaggio is joining an Italian group that is going to bail out the Italian Airline, Alitalia.

The motorcycle consortium's CEO is marked to become the CEO of the troubled airline.


26 August, 2008 - Video: Bajaj Pulsar Fear The Black
Click to see the Video clip
Bajaj logo
Yet another nice TV ad for Baja Pulsar motorcycle.

They seem to be doing something right in the ad department...


26 August, 2008 - Wear Your Motorcycle Brake and Indicator Lights
Harness brake light for motorcycles
Brake lights on a motorcycle are not that easy to see. They're usually low, and car, specially when tailgating, can't see them enough.

Placing them on your helmet is one idea, but here's another way of doing it. A harness that is worn on the back, will show the brake light and indicators, both attached to the motorcycle without wires!


26 August, 2008 - Really Trying To Slow Down Motorcycle
Chinese speed chicane
This is one speed chicane that you do not want to try if you're slightly "inhibited" (=drunk) on your motorcycle.

2 foot high concrete wall, twisting road, narrow.... nightmare...


25 August, 2008 - On A Motorcycle Look Out Where You Are Looking!
Look where you are going on your motorcycle
As we all know, your motorcycle will go wherever you are looking, so better pay attention.


25 August, 2008 - Find Out Your Motorcycle Average Mileage
Fuelly screen capture
Want to help with gathering data on motorcycle mileage?

Manufacturer mpg data is not real, but looking at what others are reporting, is! Here's a site that will allow you to report your motorcycle's real mileage.


25 August, 2008 - Mini But Full Fledged GPS Tracking For Motorcycles
GPS Tracking Key
Here's an interesting GPS Tracking device. It's a an USB Key with a powerful magnet.

It means you can install it anywhere without any tools. Use it to find out where your motorcycle has gone (with or without your permission), or use it to store your favorite routes. Interfaces with Google Earth.


22 August, 2008 - Top Internet Stories 08-18-2008
Web Article
This is the start of a weekly article on what has been happening on the world wide web in the motorcycle world.

We'll be showing you stories we thought were interesting, with a link back to the original story, so you can read it in full.

We hope you like this new series. Please let us know.


22 August, 2008 - Really Old Motorcycles
Daimler motorcycle from 1885
Here's a site that's listing many really old motorcycles, including this one.

It's a Daimler dating back to 1885. It's the first gas powered motorcycle, and it's made out of wood. Cool!


22 August, 2008 - Video: Sons Of Anarchy TV Promo Ad
Video clip
A TV promo of the upcoming TV series "Sons of Anarchy", a action/drama about a motorcycle gang.

The series looks good, and really hope it gets picked up quickly by the European TV stations. It beats watching re-runs of tThe Sopranos...


21 August, 2008 - Video: 2 Old Royal Enfield Bullet Motorcycles Ads
Royal Enfield logo
Video clip
Here are two "old" TV ads for the former English, now Indian, motorcycle manufacturer, Royal Enfield.

That's one motorcycle that has not changed over the years....


21 August, 2008 - Boston Bruins Motorcycle Rally For A Cause
Boston Bruins motorcycle rally logo
I don't do local motorcycle ride outs, but here's an exception. 6 September, the Boston Bruins are organizing a motorcycle rally benefitting a cancer foundation.

After the ride, you get a BBQ and time to mingle. How cool is that (unless it rains, but then the event is held the following day).

There will be no bodychecking!


21 August, 2008 - Sand In Your Motorcycle Engine
Kawasaki motorycle made from sand
Nol Bikker is a Dutch Kawasaki motorcycles dealer, and he had a sand sculpture made to promote the Kawasaki ZZR1400.

Not bad, but lucky for him, he doesn't sell rat bikes. That'll be a bit more complicated...


20 August, 2008 - How NOT To Make A Bluetooth Communicator For Motorcycles
Stow and Talk communicator
Here's a typical example on how NOT to make a Bluetooth communication device for motorcycles.

Made in Taiwan, the Stow 'N Talk has way too big, and what's worse, they have a unit in the back that allows the pillion to talk (shout) to the rider.



20 August, 2008 - Spain Taxes Motorcycles On CO2 Emissions
Smoking motorcycles
Spain is introducing as first country in Europe a pollution tax on motorcycles.

When you register a new motorcycle as off next year, you'll pay a percentage based on your CO2 emissions.


20 August, 2008 - I Count 6 Legs And 5 Bodies On This Motorcycle
6 people on a motorcycle
Hmmmm. 6 pair of legs, 5 bodies attached to this motorcycle.



19 August, 2008 - Motorcycle For Dirty Bikers
Bath tub motorcycle
What to do when you get dirty from riding your motorcycle all day long?

Here's the solution...


19 August, 2008 - Chatterbox XBI Bluetooth Communicator For Motorcycles
ChatterBox XBi
ChatterBox XBi mounted on a motorcycle helmet
ChatterBox have released their XBi Bluetooth intercom for motorcycle helmets. The XBi can work on its own, or with another unit.

Bluetooth Version 2.0 and A2DP are used, so you have full stereo and less battery drain.


19 August, 2008 - Deer Morphs Into Motorcycle - Scary
Deer Motorcycle
Scary! It looks like a couple of deer have hit this motorcycle, but the bike is still moving.

Poor animals. I wonder if they're still alive?


18 August, 2008 - Jaguar Motorcycle
Jaguar motorcycle
What do you get when someone loves the Jaguar car, or even better, loves the Jaguar logo, but also loves motorcycles? (and has a lot of time)

You get the Jaguar motorcycle...


18 August, 2008 - Ducati Multistrada Transformation - Motorcycle Italian Style
Transformed Ducati Multistrada
A bunch of Italians with time, nifty power tools, and a spare Ducati Multistrada motorcycle, turned their motorcycle into something else.

It's still a motorcycle, but would fit right into a Hollywood Sci-Fi movie.


18 August, 2008 - You Know You Are In Trouble When You See This Sign
Magic Roundabout
In the UK, this would be the first sign you see when riding along the countryside on your motorcycle that you're in deep trouble.

It's a roundabout with 5 roundabouts inside it. Dubbed the Magic Roundabout, it has traffic coming from all sides.

The inventor is probably now in the local looney bin....


15 August, 2008 - Video: Harley-Davidson Roadmaster - The Ultimate Motorcycle
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's the ultimate and final Harley-Davidson motorcycle you'll ever want to have. Look no further!

This is the TV ad for the Harley-Davidson Roadmaster, cheap, affordable, no fuel cost!


15 August, 2008 - Color Motorcycle Helmet Mirror Camera Thingymething
SAM HCS motorcycle helmet
Lots of gadgets built into helmet
The SAM HCS is a dual color camera system mounted on your helmet, that through small LCD screens on your visor will show you what going on behind you on your motorcycle.

The LCD screens can be placed on your motorcycle as well. It's not apparent how big the screens or cameras are.


15 August, 2008 - Airplane And Motorcycle! How To Combine?
Airplane flying with POD
Having an airplane is not always as easy as it may seem. Transportation at your destination is often hard to find. have THE solution for you. A pod that will transport your motorcycle for you, attached to your airplane.

End of all your problems....


14 August, 2008 - Off Road Riding With Your Scooter
Scooters in the mud
From the photo it's obvious that you can ride your scooter off road, though it's not a dirt motorcycle.

But somehow I don't think the people wanted to ride off road.. at least not with pleasure.


14 August, 2008 - Psst! Wanna Buy Schwarzenegger’s T2 Motorcycle?
Harley Motorcycle from Terminator 2 is a company that sells Hollywood movie stuff used in the movies.

They have an interesting collection of stuff, including the motorcycle used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator 2 movie.

If you've got US$25,000 lying around, it can be yours.


14 August, 2008 - Video: Mood Condoms Ad
Video clip
A TV ad for Indian condom manufacturer Mood. Features a couple in love riding a motorcycle.

However, he gets to wear the helmet, she doesn't. Talk about protection!


13 August, 2008 - Merger Between A Car And A Motorcycle
Car / Motorcycle accident
This is what you get when you merge a car and a motorcycle.



13 August, 2008 - One Way Of Slowing Down Motorcycles
Fake Police officer
Here's one effective way of slowing you down when you're riding your motorcycle....

At least you don't get a ticket.


13 August, 2008 - Yearly Motorcycle Technical Check Coming To Belgium
Opinion Article
Politics Article
Sometimes politicians just don't get it (OK, not sometimes, it's actually very often). They make assumptions, they don't research matters, and then they want to make a law based on faulty findings.

It's the case at this moment in Belgium. Like most European countries, cars need to have a yearly technical inspection, and now a senator wants the same for motorcycles "BECAUSE OFF THE HIGH ACCIDENT RATE OF MOTORCYCLES".

Get your fact right before making statements like that.


12 August, 2008 - George Clooney Escapes Hysterical Fan On Motorcycle
George Clooney riding away on his motorcycle from a fan
Hollywood actor George Clooney had a run in with an "older" female fan who went a bit nuclear with him. So George Clooney, while laughing, sped off on his motorcycle.


12 August, 2008 - Spiked Motorcycle
Spikes on a motorcycle
With a motorcycle like that, who needs guns....

Spikes and enormous engine.... :-(


12 August, 2008 - Motorcycle Swimming Lessons
Motorcycle in the water
Like with children, you need to give swimming lessons to your motorcycle, if not they never learn when they are confronted with water.

Here's one proud motorcycle owner who is doing just that....


11 August, 2008 - Ducati Motorcycle Owner: Part #87374
Ducati logo
Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati is changing ownership, again.... I've lost track in the last few years how many times they changed.

Thankfully it hasn't effected their product line up, but employee moral should be quite low. Maybe Harley should have bought Ducati... ;-)


11 August, 2008 - Would You Spend US$300 K For This Motorcycle?
OCC Shelby GT500 Chopper motorcycle
On eBay at this moment you'll find a OCC produced motorcycle for sale. It's the Shelby Cobra chopper.

Is any motorcycle worth US$300,000? Maybe for a special technology one, like the turbine driven motorcycle, the MT Y2K, but for a chopper?


11 August, 2008 - Speedway’s Motorcycle Ordinance Cancelled Thanks To Motorcycle Blog Pressure
Speedway City logo
Remember last month we told you about the town hall of Speedway, In, USA (where the MotoGP will be held) was planning an ordinance that would make it illegal to rev up your motorcycle engine? A lot of motorcycle web sites went up in arms about it.

Well, the good news is that the city has seen the light (and smelled the loss of money) and are now abandoning the ordinance.

Thank you Speedway for seeing the light and being brave enough to make the change.


8 August, 2008 - Using Coyote To Warn Others About Radar Traps
French company Coyote have the 21st century equivalent of flashing your lights or warning others on your CB radio if you spot a Police speed radar trap.

It'll also warn you of upcoming traffic jams, and if you've parked your motorcycle while under influence (or just plain tired), and can't remember where it is, a SMS message will tell you where you left it....


8 August, 2008 - Iran: Join The Army They Say, Ride Motorcycles All Day
Iran soldier with RPG on a motorcycle
Yeah, join the Army, ride motorcycles all day long. Except they didn't tell you about the pillion with his RPG, bursting your ear drums every few minutes.

Plus they shoot at you...


7 August, 2008 - Video: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Clothing Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Funny enough Harley-Davidson motorcycles ads dating back to 1996. It's for their clothing product line.

It'll ring a bell or two for anyone who travels through airports.


7 August, 2008 - Museum For East German Built Motorcycles
East German built motorcycles in museum
The first museum dedicated to East German built motorcycle will open its doors this month in Berlin, Germany.


7 August, 2008 - Motorcycle Camping Without A Tent
Travelling with a tent on your motorcycle is not always easy, since tents take up space.

The Swedish invention, Bivanorak, could do the trick for those who really want to travel light. It doesn't take up much space, and you can even supplement it with a Tarp.

But no snuggling up....


6 August, 2008 - Old Motorcycle Print Ads 1971-1972
Norton motorcycle print ad
I personally love seeing the old ads from magazines, specially old ads for motorcycles.

Here's a site with plenty of ads for motorcycles such as Norton, Triumph, Guzzi and BMW published between 1971 and 1972. Cool!


6 August, 2008 - France: Professional Motorcycle Riders And The Law
France Article
2 dogs on a motorcycle
Professional motorcycles in France (taxis, emergency, couriers, medical etc) by law need to wear the full complement of protective gear.

Not only do they need to wear them, but the gear must be approved.


6 August, 2008 - The Case Of The Missing Motorcycle Penis
Reading pigeon
A tale of the absurd, but real! A motorcycle taxi rider in Nigeria of all countries, accused his client passenger of using a pigeon to steal HIS PENIS!

He had the man arrested, and all motorcycle taxis are pushing for a court trial to get the rider his penis back. I kid you not!


5 August, 2008 - Iranian Transformer Motorcycle
The Magic Tricycle
Here's a design produced by an Iranian student for an international competition. It's a trike/car that transforms itself into a motorcycle.

Nice looking design for a Sci-Fi movie.


5 August, 2008 - Video: Durex Ad
Video clip
Funny enough ad for Durex (you know, the condoms) featuring a motorcycle (well, to be honest a noisy moped).


5 August, 2008 - John McCain Buys Motorcycle T-Shirt
John McCain at Sturgis
Kind of lame, but US Presidential candidate John McCain shows up at Sturgis and heads for the souvenir shop.

He does get brownie points for not showing up in chaps and leathers....


4 August, 2008 - That Is Not The Way It Should Be!
Riding motorcycle in the rain with kids
Hmmmm.. he probably doesn't have much choice, but packing your kids on a motorcycle while there's a storm (and with no helmets), is not the way it's done.

Pretty dangerous.


4 August, 2008 - Motorcycle Jumps Without The Dangers
Remote-controlled X-game motorcycles
Always wanted to jump with your motorcycle the way they do in the X-Games, but don't want to hurt yourself?

Here's the way you can jump, and never have to hurt yourself or your motorcycle (apart from maybe your thumb).


4 August, 2008 - Cheap Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle
Replica Tomahawk
Have you always dreamed of owning the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle, but the US$ 550,000 is just a tad too steep for you?

You can now own one for only US$1400! That's right, 1398 dollars and it's yours. But you don't get a V10, 8 liter Viper engine; You do get a 150 cc engine, AND a scooter transmission. There you go... have fun!


1 August, 2008 - Chinese Wipe Out 14,000 Motorcycles!
Chinese Destroy 14000 Motorcycles
The Chinese authorities have gone on a rampage, destroying so-called illegal motorcycles. In one swoop they destroyed 14,000 motorcycles.

Since 2003, in one province alone, they have confiscated and destroyed 500,000+ motorcycles.... yes... HALF A MILLION motorcycles!

Talk about genocide!


1 August, 2008 - Fossil Fuel? No! Bio Fuel? No! Coca Cola Fuel
Coca Cola Fuel
You don't need no stinking bio fuel to save money and the planet!

Just fill up your motorcycle with good old Coca-Cola! That's one fuel that is not imported!


1 August, 2008 - Very Pimped Out Motorcycle
Pimped out motorcycle
Talk about pimping out a motorcycle.... this is one well decorated motorcycle.

It's so decorated that I can't even recognize the model.



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