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31 August, 2009 - Video: Motorcycles and Viagra
Video clip
It looks like this ad agency thinks we motorcycle riders need Viagra...

Are they wrong?


31 August, 2009 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops For Bol D’Or 2009
France Article
Racing Article
For those of you going to the Bol d'Or motorcycle endurancerace, and going by motorcycle, here are all the active motorcycle rest stops.

At the "Relais Calmos Motards" you will be able to rest between bikers, eat, hot drinks, check your tire pressure, minor repairs, etc.


31 August, 2009 - This Could Catch On - Motorcycle Skateboard
Finnish designer, Olli Erkkila, produced this amazing cross between a Solex motorcycle and a skateboard.

That would work in commuter traffic... fun!


28 August, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 28 August 2009
Web Article
Here's a look at some of the top motorcycle stories I've found on the internet over the last few days:

- Motorcycle Accidents The Truth About Accidents On Two Wheels
- Motorcycle Camping Gear Part I
- Motorcycle Camping Gear Part II
- Bikers Are Watching You
- An Italian Affair: Vyatka vs Vespa


28 August, 2009 - Tv Reality Show: Two Wheels 2 Anywhere
A look at the USA motorcycle TV reality show "Two Wheels 2 Anywhere". A TV show about motorcycles, bikes and travelling on motorcycles.

There's even a YouTube page with several of their episodes.


28 August, 2009 - UK: Study Shows Savvy Commuters Use Motorcycles
Statistics Article
UK motorcycle industry association (MCI) shows in a study that savvy commuters use motorcycles for transportation, not cars or bicycles.

So, it's time the government took note!


27 August, 2009 - Customizing Your Scooter Saddle
YooStile saddle
Here's a company in Germany that customizes your scooter saddle by using photo-realistic prints on vinyl.

Ride on the photo of your girl/boy friend, or use the logo of your pizza delivery.

Prices start at €99...


27 August, 2009 - Do Not Complain About The State Of Your Roads!
Next time you want to bitch about the state of your roads, have a look at this photo...

You probably have a much better road...


27 August, 2009 - My Other Motorcycle Is A Ducati
A horse with a BMW logo
What can I say about this photo...



27 August, 2009 - USA: Pathetic - Lawyers and Motorcycles
News Article
Guy borrows motorcycle from friend. Guy crashes motorcycle and injures himself.

Guy then sues friend for allowing him to ride motorcycle!



26 August, 2009 - Iraq: Decorating The Police Motorcycle
I think all police motorcycle should be decorated in fancy stuff.

It makes them easy to recognize, and things fall off during high speed chases..


26 August, 2009 - Ridelicious - Catchy Motorcycle Music Single
Fellow motorcycle blogger, Sasha, has released a really nice single called Ridelicious.

A catchy song, great for when riding your motorcycle...


26 August, 2009 - BMW GS Motorcycle: Color Of The Day: PINK
The color pink is really cool on motorcycles. Here are three BMW GS motorcycles I have found that have shed their traditional, and boring, colors and became pink.


25 August, 2009 - Australia: Youngest Gangster’s Motorcycle Impounded
Instead of dealing with their biker gang issues, the Victorian Police in Australia confiscated the 49cc mini motorcycle from a 5 year old girl, invoking the anti-hoon law (a law for anti-social behavior - like street racing).

They even had a tow truck come and take away the mini-bike... tough guys!


25 August, 2009 - Video: Bajaj Caliber Croma
Video clip
Bajaj logo
A rather unusual TV ad for Bajaj motorcycles; the Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber Croma.

Lots of special effects in this ad...


25 August, 2009 - Goose And Gander?
Two cops in Ohio, USA were caught speeding on their motorcycles (off duty). One at 147 , the other at 149 mph.

One was given a slap on the wrists, the other fired. The moral of the story? If you want to speed without any dire consequences, join the police.


25 August, 2009 - 15 Creative Motorcycle Helmets
Here's a web site that shows the top 15 most creative motorcycle helmets out there.

Would you ride with one of these... ?


24 August, 2009 - Ghana: No Motorcycles After 20:00
The Police in the African state of Ghana have unilaterally declared that you are not allowed to ride a motorcycle after eight o'clock at night.

Your motorcycle will be confiscated.... however, it's not a law, since it was not passed by the politicians.

But Police have guns, and politicians don't...


24 August, 2009 - France: Millau Bridge Free On 11 & 13/14 September For Motorcycles
Motorcycles crossing the Millau bridge
Friday 11 September, and Sunday & Monday 13/14 September, the famous and impressive Millau bridge will be free for motorcycles. This because of the Bol d'Or motorcycle race held at Magny Cours.


24 August, 2009 - Chinese Guy Steals A Motorcycle
News Article
An assembly line worker in a motorcycle factory in China had an original idea. He loves motorcycles but couldn't afford one.

So he stole one from the factory. Except he stole it part by part, over a period of 5 years.

But bad luck, on his first ride he got pulled over, and lost his new motorcycle. Bummer..


24 August, 2009 - Tiffany Reached Mongolia On Her Motorcycle
Tiffany, the UK based girl, has reached her destination. Travelling from the UK to Mongolia on her old, but more-or-less trusty BMW motorcycle, has spent 3 and 1/2 months getting there.

Full of incredible rides, adventures and meeting interesting people.


21 August, 2009 - A Good Reason Not To Park Your Motorcycle Outside
If ever there was a good reason not to let your motorcycle parked out on the street, this photo says it all...

'Nuff said...


21 August, 2009 - Harley-Davidson To Flood India With Motorcycles
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson is looking at penetrating the Indian motorcycle market. There's even the possibility that they will start assembling their motorcycles in India.

So maybe around 2010-2011 we'll see Harleys riding around in India.


21 August, 2009 - Redneck Bike
This is some redneck bicycle. It looks like a motorcycle ... just notice its saddle (talk about a saddle sore).


20 August, 2009 - Did You Notice That Buell Motorcycles Changed Logo?
Buell logo
Buell logo
I don't know if you've noticed it, but Buell has changed its logo. The "other" Harley-Davidson motorcycle has gone from a modern logo to an old fashion one.


20 August, 2009 - France: A1 Autoroute And The Taxi Lane
The main motorway into Paris from the North, the A1, has one (out of three) lane closed for traffic, and is now reserved for taxis and buses.

Even motorcycles are fined €135 when they stray into that lane, so be aware!


20 August, 2009 - The MowerCycle
Some people have all the fun.

The people I mean, are those that are able to work with their hands, and produce motorcycles likes this.


19 August, 2009 - Easy Way Of Bringing A Baby On A Motorcycle
It's not always easy to bring a baby along when riding your motorcycle...

... but these two seem to have found the "perfect" way..



19 August, 2009 - Returning To My Closet Sized Office
I should be heading back to my closet office if everything went well.

I hope to arrive this afternoon (my time).


19 August, 2009 - 2nd Season Of Sons Of Anarchy To Start
The successful Fx TV series "Sons of Anarchy" is starting its second season on September 8th in the USA.

The fictional story of a 1%-er motorcycle gang has become very popular in the USA, and the 1st season has started in Europe where it has become a hit (though in France it's dubbed in French so of no use to me).

To celebrate the 2nd season, Fox are giving away prizes for those that register on their website. Head over, enter your name, and you may get one of the many prizes.


18 August, 2009 - Coming Back, Grabbing An Airplane
I'm heading back, but left it a bit short, and the airplane has already left, so go to go and grab it...

Back tomorrow...


18 August, 2009 - Pirate Motorcycle Rider
Pretty amazing... keeping a parrot on his shoulders while riding his motorcycle...


17 August, 2009 - Video: Ducati Monster
Video clip
Ducati logo
Kind of a strange ad for Ducati motorcycles. It's American, but it just doesn't ring right...

Anyone seen this in real life?


14 August, 2009 - Fun With The Whole Family On A Motorcycle
Some families have fun on their motorcycle.

It doesn't matter that they have a lot of family members, and only one motorcycle...


13 August, 2009 - Know When Not To Tank Fuel
Not every form of transportation needs to be brought to the gas station for fueling....

This is one of them...


12 August, 2009 - Video: Old Vespa Commercial
Video clip
Vespa logo
Very nice, and very old, TV ad for Vespa scooters.

They don't make them like this anymore...


11 August, 2009 - Bringing Spare Tires On Your Motorcycle
It's always a good idea to bring extra tires with you when riding long distance over difficult roads on your motorcycle, but this biker has taken the idea a bit too far...


10 August, 2009 - Video: Michelin Pilot Power
Video clip
Michelin logo
Two great TV ads from Michelin, from the days that they were reigning the MotoGP world.

Some incredible motorcycle racing action... you can see why these riders get paid the big bucks...


7 August, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 9 August 2009
Web Article
The top motorcycle stories found in the deep bowels of the internet.

- Site Review Zen And Art Of Motorcycle
- Motorcycles 101 Why Riders Dont Wave To Each Other
- Bikers & the City
- Preparing For Next Long Ride


7 August, 2009 - Braving The Morning Rush Hour On A Motorcycle
To face the morning rush hour when riding a motorcycle, you either have to be very brave in some cities, or have the right equipment.

These three lads have both...


7 August, 2009 - Gone To A Wedding, Don’t Miss Me Too Much
We're off to a wedding and some holiday in Ireland, back on the 19th of August.

There will be articles appearing like magic every day...


6 August, 2009 - Trucking Your Motorcycle In France
There's now a new service in France that will transport your motorcycle anywhere in France. They offer a door-to-door service, or from drop-off and pick-up points.

Their website (in French) will give your on-line quotations...


6 August, 2009 - A Special 24 Hours Motorcycle Race
Every year, in Chaumont, France, there's a 24 hours motorcycle race, using a very special type of motorcycle: the SOLEX.

For 24 hours, mad bikers race around on a small, 2-stroke, pedal assisted, moped. The "prototypes" are able to reach 100 kph.


6 August, 2009 - Video: Ducati Streetfighter
Video clip
Ducati logo
Nice promotional video for the Ducati Streetfighter.

The most exiting motorcycle released last year... and probably the most exiting motorcycle available this year.


5 August, 2009 - Gone Swimming
Anything goes in this world. But how does he do it?


5 August, 2009 - Typical Sturgis Motorcycle?
Is this the kind of motorcycle you get to see at Sturgis?


5 August, 2009 - Motorcycle Road Captain At Sturgis
The Road Captain plays an important role when motorcycles gather and go out together. Whether parades or just ride-outs, the Road Captain is a respected member of the community, and usually rides a big and powerful motorcycle...

... like this Road Captain.....


4 August, 2009 - Volkswagen, Motorcycles and Print Ads
VW-Motorcycle-Gang ad
Volkswagen seem to compare their produces with motorcycle frequently in their ads....

Here's a print ad where they portray a biker gang as mimes since their cages are so silent... yeah right....


4 August, 2009 - Germany: Motorcycle Rider Fined For Not Wearing Seat Belt
Strange but true... a motorcycle rider got fined in Germany for riding his motorcycle without a seat belt!!

Obvious case of cops not knowing the law!


4 August, 2009 - Chris Vermeulen To Teach Prince Harry To Ride Motorcycle
MotoGP star Chris Vermeulen, after having seen UK Royal Prince Harry, ride a Triumph motorcycle with a Replica Vermeulen helmet, invited the Prince to Donington.

He also promised that he would give the young motorcycle-mad Royalty lessons in racing a motorcycle.

I hope Harry's mother has okayed it...


3 August, 2009 - Motorcycle Trailers And What To Do With Them Afterwards
Tow-n-stow trailer
Tow-n-stow trailer
Interesting idea if it weren't for the price tag. Having a trailer can be a blessing, but often you are faced with the dilemma on what to do with a trailer. They take up a lot of space in the garage.

Tow-N-Stow is a trailer, that when not in used you stand up, and use as storage.



3 August, 2009 - Europe’s Sturgis: Harley Days In Hamburg
Europe has the equivalent of Sturgis, but a tad smaller. Harley Days are organized in June in Hamburg, and end July in Berlin, Germany.

Some 300,000 motorcycle, riders and visitors attend from all over Europe.


3 August, 2009 - The Other Michelin Man
Michelin Bibendum
Here's one motorcycle rider who thought the Michelin man (Bibendum) was a cool idea.... that, or he's really ATGATT...



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