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31 August, 2010 - Ads: Motorcycle Safety Ads From Missouri
Ad Missouri Stumpy USA
Three billboard ads promoting motorcycle safety in Missouri.

Not as powerful as others we've seen, but they'll do the trick, I guess.


31 August, 2010 - License Plate Blockers: LAPD Finds Them Useless
LAPD Photo Spray Test
The LAPD went out and field tested photo blocking spray and license covers, to see how effective they really are in avoiding tickets.

Their test results show that the products used on cars and motorcycles, aren't that effective.


31 August, 2010 - Scooter Camping Car/Mobile Home
Piaggio APE 50 Bufalino
Who needs a Winnebago to travel in comfort, if you can have a camping motorcycle/scooter based on the popular Piaggio APE?

Bed, fridge, cooking area, desk, 2 seats, wash basin.... what more do you need?


30 August, 2010 - France: One Motorcycle Racing Minister
Christian Estrosi
Estrosi Race
Christian Estrosi, the current French Minister of Industry and Mayor of Nice, not only loves motorcycles (which is unusual for politicians), but he actually used to race them professionally, most notably in the MotoGP world.

He never won a MotoGP race, but did end up 2nd in the Bol d'Or, and even raced last year in the Legends race.

Now that's a Minister/politician after my own heart!


30 August, 2010 - 27 Custom Painted Miscellaneous Motorcycles
Custom Paint BMW Motorcycle
Custom Paint KTM Motorcycle
We seen customized paint jobs on sports motorcycles and on cruiser, even on scooters. Here's the last part of the customized paint series, the rest of the motorcycle world. Most of the photos below are dual-sports or off road motorcycles, with some cruisers thrown in for good measure.

Here are 27 motorcycle with custom paint jobs.


30 August, 2010 - Video: MotorLand Aragon MotoGP 2010 Ad
Video clip
MotorLand MotoGP 2010
Interesting TV ad for the upcoming MotoGP race in Aragon, Jorge Lorenzo's home circuit.

It's quite obvious from the ad's graphics, that Lorenzo is expected to win.... and he probably will...


30 August, 2010 - Nigeria: Ban On Motorcycle Taxi In Parts Of Lagos
Nigeria Okada Motorcycle tax ban
Damned if you do, damned if you don't. The okada, the extremely dangerous motorcycle taxi in Africa (particularly Nigeria), is often the only way to get around the traffic jam invested city on time, but is also very dangerous.

Now it looks like the authorities are trying to prevent these motorcycle from riding on their streets. They are being banned.


27 August, 2010 - The Netherlands: Hell Freezes Over
Slow on Motorway
Looks like hell has frozen over, and pigs can fly! The ultra strict country of The Netherlands, were many portions of motorways are limited to 80 kph, and where there is an overall maximum speed of 120, has gotten many of the Members of Parliament asking the Minister of Transportation to "up" the speed limit to 130 kph, or even 140 kph!

I would have thought it would have been faster to see Paris Hilton get an Oscar for acting.


27 August, 2010 - My Motorcycles Will Need To Go! New Toy! I WANT
Video clip
If you haven't seen the video, have a look. But it's going to cost you......

My first reaction is to sell my motorcycles, house, dogs and wife..... I want...


27 August, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 27 August 2010
Web Article
Here's are the motorcycle stories I've been reading during my holidays that may interest you.

- Riding Overseas: Get Your International Driving Permit
- Book Review: Around World On Motorcycle
- Could This Innovative New Light Save Your Life
- What Is DTS-Si Technology And How Does It Work In Motorbikes?
- Motorcycle Tire Review Pirelli Diablo Strada


27 August, 2010 - Thailand: Special Forces Or Motorcycle Hooligans?
Thai Special Police Moped
Fun or serious? Thailand Special Police Motorcycle Unit in training.

Yeah... right!


26 August, 2010 - Europe: Motorcycles Have A New Powerful Enemy
Trafistar SR590 image
Airplane HUD
Our most powerful enemy has reached Europe, in Switzerland. A Swiss company is testing the first of a new, military technology, radar in Switzerland. Cheap, and extremely powerful, it can follow 22 vehicles (cars, motorcycles, trucks etc) on 4 different lanes, and track 10 different traffic violations at the same time.

The company plans to make 150 next year, and we'll be seeing them in Europe in no time at all.


26 August, 2010 - DVD Review: Hard Miles 2
Hard Miles 2
Iron Butt Owen Winning Route
A review of the DVD Documentary Hard Miles 2. A sequel to the Hard Miles DVD we reviewed last year.

The documentary brings you along some of the contestants of the 2009 Iron Butt Rally, riding a motorcycle for 11 days over 11,000 miles.

A very well done look at this grueling motorcycle rally, also know as a scavenger hunt on steroids.

Worth it...


26 August, 2010 - Ad: Take The Bus, Not Your Motorcycle
Ad Bus India
A very much anti-motorcycle print ad from India.

They prefer you to take the bus than hop onto your motorcycle.

Are they nuts?


25 August, 2010 - BMW And The Electronic GS Book
BMW Thank You GS Site
BMW Motorcycles have made available an interesting electronic book called "Thank you GS". Celebrating 30 years of the adventure motorcycle, GS owners can post their memorable trips with the GS bike and photos.

Interesting concept...


25 August, 2010 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops Bol D’Or 2010
Bol D'or 2010
For those of you going to the Bol d'Or motorcycle endurancerace, and going by motorcycle, here are all the active motorcycle rest stops.

At the "Relais Calmos Motards" you will be able to rest between bikers, eat, hot drinks, check your tire pressure, minor repairs, etc.


25 August, 2010 - Cleaning Your Motorcycle The Slick Way
Muddy Motorcycle
Slick Offroad Wash packet
Cleaning your motorcycle after a long ride, or going off-road is not easy. It takes time and lots of energy.

One product might just make your life a lot easier; Slick Offroad Wash. Not pressure hose, no scrubbing, no elbow grease. Just spray it on, wait, and wash off the dirt, mud, grime and bugs without worrying about your ball bearings and joints.


24 August, 2010 - Missed Out Riding In Europe On A Motorcycle? Harley To The Rescue
Harley France Video Map
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson France have released an incredibly well done web site, showing you a 7 day trip through the Southern part of France and the Northern part of Italy on a Harley motorcycle.

The video is very well done, not only does it show you the scenery, but you can drag the video to look around you in a 360° scenery. Want to see the rider, or the sky, or side scenery...? No problem. All in HD and full screen. It's like being there.

Very nice way of riding in Europe without the cost.


24 August, 2010 - Ad: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles - Fear
Ad Harley Davidson Fear Germany
Funny but not official ad for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It's from a school (yes, they do teach advertising in schools).

You need to see it big before you get the message...


24 August, 2010 - France: Shocking Motorcycle Mortality 2009
France Article
Statistics Article
Deadly accidents in France during 2009 for motorcycle riders saw a dramatic increase, up 11.1%. A reason for the Minister of Interior to target all motorcycle riders in France with police actions.

But what they fail to mention, is that over the last 4 years, France recorded an increase of some 40% in motorcycles on the road, so on per-biker basis, mortality has gone down. And most accidents are caused by cars, not motorcycles.

But do they listen..... no!


23 August, 2010 - Video: Funny Drinking & Riding TV Ad
Video clip
Funny drinking & riding a motorcycle TV ad, though I don't know if it's real or a spoof.

If it's funny, it usually isn't real....


23 August, 2010 - 49 Custom Paint Jobs For Scooters
Custom Paint Scooter
Motorcycles aren't the only two wheelers that receive customized paint jobs. Scooter often have more daring paint jobs then their motorcycle counterparts.

Here are 49 scooters and some outrageous paint jobs.


23 August, 2010 - Belgium: Every Other Day, A Motorcycle Rider Dies
Motorcycle into car accident
According to the authorities, a motorcycle rider died every other day in Belgium during this summer.



16 August, 2010 - License Plate Country Codes
Web Article
Here's something really interesting.... (I couldn't find anything else to write about to keep you amused)....

All the country codes you find on motorcycles and cars, telling you from where in the world they are....

There.. aren't you glad you tuned into this site today?


16 August, 2010 - Now That Rossi Has Signed For Ducati.....
Rossi 46 Yamaha motorcycle
Rossi 46 Ducati motorcycle
Is this the end of 46 labelled Yamaha motorcycles and scooters, and a new era of Ducati motorcycle with the 46 number stickered on?


10 August, 2010 - Europe: Speed Limits For Motorcycles
European logo
Since the holidays are just around the corner, and if you're planning to ride your motorcycle here in Europe, here is a reminder of the speed limits.

Note that some countries have different speed limits for motorcycles...


9 August, 2010 - USA: How To Get Noticed At Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Sturgis Rally Scooter
Riding in the Sturgis motorcycle rally and wanting to be noticed with 1000's of motorcycles, you need to ride something special...

.... but would you attend Sturgis riding a scooter??


6 August, 2010 - The Mercy House: A Band To Ride Your Motorcycles To
The Mercy Band
Since I'm on holidays, I can write whatever I want, at least I think so...

A good friend of mine plays in an upcoming and hot band in the UK. They are starting to make waves, lots of radio shows and live concerts, and they have just released their first EP-CD.

Have a listen to them, and let me know what you think of them. Personally, I like them, and think they play great music to ride your motorcycle to.


2 August, 2010 - Gone On Holiday - Back In August 2010
Loaded Scooter Travel
I've decided to spend the next month on holiday, working on 2 assignments for a magazine and trying to finish my book.

This site's ad revenue is in the crapper, so go to rethink my options.

In the mean time, if anything earth shattering happens I'll let you know.



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