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31 August, 2011 - 4 Hours Of Valmont Vintage Motorcycle Race 2011
Every year, in a small village close to me in Normandy, France, they hold a 4 hour vintage/classic motorcycle race. Despite a persistent rain, the spectators were there to admire the old motorcycles.

Here are some photos of the wonderful event, starting with the "paddock" motorcycles, and then the races.

I'm not an expert in vintage motorcycles, so you can guess the names and dates yourself.


31 August, 2011 - Like Sons Of Anarchy TV Series? Get The Tattoo
SoA Tattoo
You like the hit TV series "Sons of Anarchy"? Well get the tattoo.... show it off to your motorcycle friends, intimidate little old ladies on the street.

The best part, it's not permanent.


31 August, 2011 - Navigating For Motorcycle Pillions 101
Back Map Navigator
Reading a map while riding your motorcycle is impossible, at least for the biker. Many of us have turned to technology to help us; God save the GPS. But there are others who do not believe in the GPS and prefer the good old paper map.

So if you've got a paper map, and a pillion, here's one way of using your pillion as GPS. All you need to do is train the pillion to say "In 300 yards, turn left".


30 August, 2011 - Ad: Lose Your Licence and You’re Screwed
Ad Lose Your Licence Australia
MAC South Australia logo
Nice print and TV commercial promoting safety for young driver and riders. Using some strong words, the Motor Accident Commission of South Australia reminds you what will happen when you lose your motorcycle (or car) license...


30 August, 2011 - Indonesia: Mass Motorcycle Exodus
Indonesia Mass Motorcycle Exodus 2011
Why a mass exodus of motorcycle riders you may ask yourself. Since motorcycles are the preferred and favored form of transportation in Asia, it's the one and only way to get home quickly.

All the motorcycle riders in Indonesia are rushing home for a great meal. For those of you who have never tasted Indonesian food, give it a try. I was raised on it (my grandparents was born there).

It's a great reason to rush home for the first good meal in a month...


30 August, 2011 - Putin Rides Tri-Motorcycle, Nyet To ATGATT
Putin on Motorcycle not ATGATT
Video clip
Putin, Russia's supreme leader, is a real Man. He flies jet fighters, bombs rebels, and doesn't kiss babies....

... and he rides motorcycles without helmets. Why should he? Here he is on the campaign trail, riding a Harley with his buddies. There's even a video of him riding.


29 August, 2011 - 47 Motorcycles Carrying Anything, Even The Sink - Part 4
Motorcycle Carrying Cargo
Part 4 of our series of "slightly" overloaded motorcycles and scooters found in Asia, Africa and South America.

It is amazing to see how much stuff some of these bikers can carry, and how to they maintain control of their motorcycle.

Here are 47 photos of motorcycles carrying anything, even the kitchen sink..


29 August, 2011 - Proper Motorcycle Storage
Motorcycle Self Storage Drawing
Guest article by Larry Kotta about how to properly store your motorcycle.

It might be because of the winter, or because you are moving, or for whatever reason, if you need to store your motorcycle for more than a month or two, here's what you need to know, and do.


29 August, 2011 - The Fastest Motorcycle Wheelie In The World
Video clip
German Egbert Van Popta living in The Netherlands, has broken the world record of the fastest wheelie on a motorcycle.

He didn't do it with a Hayabusa or MT Y2K motorcycle, but with an "old", 1989 Suzuki GSX-R1100 fitted with a homemade turbo.

The record? 169.4 mph (272.6 kph)! Have a look at the video of the ride.


26 August, 2011 - Hey! Where Did I Leave My Motorcycle?
Busy Motorcycle Parking Asia
Imagine parking your motorcycle/scooter here, and then trying to find it a few hours later.

Must not be easy...


26 August, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 26 August 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are some of the motorcycle stories I've found interesting that may be of interest to you. Found over the last 7 days.

- MV Agusta Brutale 920 Review (The Telegraph)
- Motorcycle Sounds - Real Engineering, Not Chance (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- The Amazing History Of The Cafe Racer Bikes (ReDiff)


26 August, 2011 - France: For The Lazy Ones, Have Your Motorcycle Cleaned
Clean Bike
One of France's first full motorcycle and scooter cleaning services. Called Clean-Bike, they offer a wide range of cleaning services, ranging from basic to a full restoration service.

They are, of course, located in the posh district of Paris, the 16th.


25 August, 2011 - Video: Hero Honda CBZ X-Treme - James Bond Move Over
Video clip
Hero Honda logo
The advertisement agencies in India sure know how to make interesting TV commercials....

Heres one for the Hero Honda (now Hero Motocorp) CBZ X-Treme motorcycle. The TV commercial is full of stunts and special effects, all done with a James Bond-like theme... nice (but the picture quality is lousy).


25 August, 2011 - Idea For Next Summer: Air-Conditioned Shirt
Kuchofuku Air Conditioned Cooling Work Shirt
Just when you thought it was safe to ride full ATGATT again and not be bothered by the summer heat, here's something that you might consider for next summer (unless you live in the bottom side of the globe):

It's a Japanese short sleeve shirt that has an incorporated air-conditioner. Using two built-in fans, air is circulated through the shirt, cooling down you body. It's not going to work if you're ATGATT, but if the temperature reaches that of hell, who cares?


25 August, 2011 - Next Target: Hells Angels Sue Amazon
My boyfriend is a Hells Angel t shirt
The Hells Angels are on the war path, again. Nope, it's not some criminal activity, or speeding, or whatever sees them on the evening news, but they are again fighting for their trademarked name and logo. And this time, after going after several high profile companies, they have targeted Amazon for one stupid (and very FUGLY) t-shirt.


24 August, 2011 - Think You Know All About Motorcycles? Honor Yourself!
Motorcycle Doctorate Diploma
If you think you know it all about motorcycles, why not honor yourself with a degree?

Since no one will give you a degree in Motorcycles, even if you are an expert, you might as well get one yourself.

It'll look great on your garage wall...


24 August, 2011 - Find Out What A Motorcycle’s Real Fuel Consumption Is
Total Motorcycle MPG Guide
Want to find out what that motorcycle you lust after really consume in fuel? You can't really trust what the manufacturers say, so find out what other bikers who have got the model use in fuel.

Total Motorcycle list 5500 motorcycles over the years and their MPG (and liters per kilometer).


24 August, 2011 - Movie: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Trailer
Video clip
The first official movie trailers of the sequel to Ghost Rider, called Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, has hit the net.

Here it is in full glory, starring Nicolas Cage and a flaming Yamaha V-max...


23 August, 2011 - Ad: Romanian Motorcycle Safety
Ad Romanian Traffic Police Headlight
Motorcycle safety advertisements can be found almost anywhere, and Romania is no exception. Here's a print ad from the Romanian Traffic Police, urging motorcycle riders to keep their headlights on during the day so that they remain visible in traffic.

Not exactly an imposing commercial, but it does the trick.


23 August, 2011 - France: McDonalds and Motorcycles
McDonalds France TinTin Billboard
This billboard caught my attention yesterday. It's the popular Belgian cartoon character TinTin, with an upcoming movie, and McDonalds.

You can see TinTin on a motorcycle at the McD. drive-in.... how many of you have successfully done a drive-in on a motorcycle?

Not me...


23 August, 2011 - Kawasaki Motorcycles To Enter Formula One Racing?
F1 Car Made From Kawasaki Motorcycle
No, Kawasaki motorcycles is not entering F1, but someone came up with the idea to make a F1 replica using a Kawasaki engine.

It's street legal, and is capable of doing 170 mph, and 0-60 mph in 3 seconds.

There's even space for a pillion and groceries. Maybe Kawasaki should consider this for real...


22 August, 2011 - Photos of the 2011 America’s Motorcycle Ride
America Motorcycle Ride 2011
America Motorcycle Ride 2011
The "America's Motorcycle Ride", a ride marking the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, was held last week.

Here are some photos of the event.


22 August, 2011 - Tired Of That Slow Lawn Mower?
V Twin Lawn Mower
Are you tired of that slow moving, and under-powered lawn mower? Here's the solution for you.

Chop through any length of grass with the power the motorcycle v-twin will give you....


22 August, 2011 - Sexy: It Is Fluorescent And Inflated
Scorpion Fluorecent Inflated ad
Scorpion Press ad
Two sexy print advertisements for Scorpion helmets to be found in the French motorcycle magazines.

I think you can get away with these kind of ads in France...

Read the translations...


19 August, 2011 - Lightweight Camping Tent For Your Motorcycle
Sea to Summit Specialist tent
The Sea to Summit Specialist tents are so incredibly lightweight and compact, you can carry it easily with you on your motorcycle the next time you go camping.

Why is it important? First you are less heavy, secondly you'll burn up less fuel and third, and this is the most important, you'll be able to carry more beer.


19 August, 2011 - Video: Vespa - Thrill of Living
Video clip
Vespa logo
A Spanish language TV commercial for Vespa scooter, made quite some time ago if you listen to the quality, and look at the way the people are dressed. It's a bit in the Coca-Cola style, with loads of people happy and dancing.

Throw in a few pretty girls, and you've got a commercial...


19 August, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 19 August 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
I can't believe the summer is almost already over, and it hasn't even started yet over here. Anyway, here are some motorcycle articles that may be of interest to you that have appeared over the last week.

- Manila By Motorcycle (Travel Up)
- Problems With Motorcycle Starter Motor (Motorcycle Thailand)
- Riding Safety: Motorcycle Riding In The Heat Means Staying Hydrated (Good Hands Community)
- How To Save Gas On A Motorcycle (About Motorcycles)
- Quick to boot up - TCX S-Race Air review (Momentum Blog)
- 10 Motorcycles For Our Fantasy Garage (Wired Autopia)


18 August, 2011 - The Lightest Race Motorcycle Ever?
Light Weight Race Motorcycle
Have the engineers finally been able to reduce the motorcycle components to an absolute minimum, resulting only in tires and a bit of fairing. That would make motorcycle so light, that even a 10 bhp engine will make it race very fast.

Is this the way electric motorcycles are going to go?


18 August, 2011 - Video: Budweiser Beer - Motorcycle Gang
Video clip
Budweiser logo
Nice TV commercial for Budweiser beer, dating back to 1993.

The TV ad shows two motorcycle gangs, and the message is we can all get along as long as we have Budweiser beer (or something like that).


18 August, 2011 - Adventure Motorcycle Magazine Facebook Edition
Adventure Motorcycle Magazine Facebook Page
The two main resources for adventure motorcycle riders just to increased. There's the Advrider forum, the Adventure Motorcycle Magazine print edition (and electronic version), and now the magazine has a very interesting Facebook page full of interesting information for experienced, or budding, adventure motorcycle rider.


17 August, 2011 - New Concept For Riding Naked Motorcycle
Naked Motorcycle Rider With Borat Mankini
Video clip
It takes all sorts of people to make this world a wonderful place to live in. Here's a guy in the USA who rides his motorcycle wearing nothing but a Borat-style Mankini....

Imagine to amount of sun-block cream he needs, and the number of bugs he needs to peel off his body after the ride.

Check the video of him riding...


17 August, 2011 - God, Decibels and Motorcycles
Madone des Motards 2011 Blessing
Once a year, in a small and sleepy village in Brittany, France, population 635, some 20,000 motorcycles and 10,000 spectators come on a pilgrimage to the Madonna of Bikers statue, and to receive a blessing by one of the (bike riding) priests.

A special prayer is held for all bikers that have died in the last year, and for the rest, it's party time.


17 August, 2011 - CEO of MV Agusta, Claudio Castiglioni Passes Away
Claudio Castiglioni
The current CEO of MV Agusta, and man credited for re-launching Cagiva and Ducati, Claudio Castiglioni, has died this morning in a clinic in Italy.

A special man in a special industry. He will be missed.


17 August, 2011 - Thailand: The Sweet Battalion - Honest
Thailand Sweet Battalion
Thailand Sweet Battalion
You just can't make this kind of stuff up, unless you are a movie script writer in Hollywood....

Thailand has a female-only police force, called the "Sweet Battalion", with some 40 motorcycle riding cops. Gaddafi move over!


16 August, 2011 - Ad: Sunless Tanning - Now In Your Motorcycle Garage
Sunless Tanning
Print ad for Australian Gold Sunless Tanning cream.... a cream you get a tan without the sun..

.. so as per this print advertisement, you can work on your motorcycle in the garage, and still get a tan.


16 August, 2011 - Latvia: The First Motorcycle Taxi Company Arrives
Riga City Scooters
Latvia now has their first motorcycle taxi company. Called City Scooter, they use scooters with removable roofs.

However, their laws are a bit unclear whether they are allowed to carry passengers.


16 August, 2011 - Video: New Hero MotoCorp TV Commercial
Video clip
Hero MotoCorp logo
Just launched last week, and already the new Hero Motocorp, a big Indian motorcycle manufacturer, have gotten themselves a nice and glossy corporate TV commercial.

Nicely done, and obviously expensive...


15 August, 2011 - Be *REALLY* Seen At Night On Your Motorcycle
Naked Famous Glow In Dark Jeans
Being seen on your motorcycle, especially at night, can be life saving. But is it worth it to wear one of these.....

.... Glow-In-The-Dark jeans! Yep, been seen at all times with this jeans.

Only $240..


15 August, 2011 - Ducati To Offer IPO Next Year?
Ducati logo
According to the Wall Street Journal, Ducati is looking at floating their shares on the Hong Kong stock exchange early next year...

Would you buy shares in Ducati? I know I will...


15 August, 2011 - Want To Buy A Military Motorcycle?
Witham Military Motorcycle Sales
If you're in the market for military vehicles, including several motorcycles, there's a web site in the UK that specializes in selling/auctioning military vehicles as they come out of the British MOD.

Here's a Harley-Davidson MT350 going for UK£675.

Sorry, no tanks (but I did see a half-track)...


12 August, 2011 - Video: Yamaha Motorcycle - Track Ready, Street Smart
Video clip
Nice TV commercial for Yamaha motorcycles, building on their racing championships, making a statement that their motorcycles are ready for the track, and are street smart.

Too bad the biker on the Yamaha isn't street smart (wearing sneakers.....).


12 August, 2011 - Now THAT Is A Shit Load Of Motorcycles
Indonesia Motorcycle Parking Tanjung
That is a big motorcycle parking. Just imagine the logistics of knowing which motorcycle goes where.

It's almost like some clever engineer is making a modern art painting with motorcycles....


12 August, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 12 August 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are a couple of motorcycle related stories I've been reading over the last week that may be of interest to you; Maybe you missed them...

- Videos Of Traffic Jams From Around The World (Motorcycle Photo of the Day)
- From Alpinestars A Motorcycle Suit That Inflates To Protect The Rider (New York Times)
- Is There Room For The Unglamorous Motorcycle Chick In The World (Fuzzy Galore)
- Is Sturgis Going Stale? (Northwest Harley Blog)


11 August, 2011 - Fernando Alonso’s Special Ducati/Schuberth Helmet
Schuberth Alsonso Ducati SR1 Helmet
Being a F1 double world champion brings some privileges, and it's not only the pretty girls. Fernando Alonso first got a Ducati superbike, and now Schuberth has made a customized SR1 helmet, including the Ducati logo to go along his motorcycle.

Is he using the bike, or is it gathering dust?


11 August, 2011 - Give Your Friends A Harley-Davidson Toilet
Embroidered Harley Eagle Toilet Seat
A Harley-Davidson crapper... What will they think off next?

If you're a lover of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, would you use such a toilet? It would seem like a desecration to me.


11 August, 2011 - Video: Pyramid Computer Services
Video clip
What do you do if you want to advertize your services, and you can't really show the service itself.? You use a motorcycle, and make it "funny". That's what Anchorage based Pyramid Computer Services did, using a motorcycle and a trailer full of computers.


10 August, 2011 - Ad: Driving And Social Media Just Do Not Mix - Funny
Texting Driving Thames
An excellent safety advertisement that appeared in TopGear Magazine. It's all about texting and more importantly, social media (like FaceBook and FourSquare) while driving a car. ... something us motorcycle riders know all about.


10 August, 2011 - No Wonder There Are So Many Accidents
Texting and Talking Texas
No wonder so many text and talk on mobile phones while driving. If the government officials do it, specially those that should know better, then why wouldn't the general population?

On a motorcycle you can always spot the idiots on the phone in a car. Just see a car swerving, and you'll know they are either talking or texting.


10 August, 2011 - Moto-Grip: Motorcycle Pillions Can Now Travel In Safety
Moto Grip jr
Carrying a young child (or even adult) on your motorcycle can be scary, for them or for you. Myself, I nearly lost my SWMBO on a long motorcycle ride when she fell asleep and nearly keeled over.

Moto-Grip is one of several options to ensure that your pillion stays on the motorcycle.


9 August, 2011 - The Problem With Being Popular - Lambretta Case
Lambretta logo
Lambretta, the iconic Italian scooter manufacturer, has taken the fight against their former dealers and fake sites to the web.

Just head for the web site, and see their lawyers at work.

But is this the way?


9 August, 2011 - France: The FFMC Calls B.S.
FFMC logo
The French Association of Angry Bikers (FFMC) have called on the government's B.S.

The government, using statistics from the beginning of the year (during one of the worst and coldest winters on record) correlated them for the rest of the year, and used that as an excuse to repress all and sunder.

The FFMC called B.S. and using one of the government's own agencies, showed that motorcycle mortality has dropped 20.7%!


9 August, 2011 - New Old Motorcycle Manufacturer, Or An Old New One?
Hero MotoCorp logo
A new company was launched after Honda pulled out of Hero Honda in India.

Now called Hero MotoCorp (not exactly a creative name, but it builds on name recognition), the company starts life as an elephant, with a projected sales of $10 BILLION in the next 5 years, and 12 million motorcycles to be manufactured per year.


8 August, 2011 - An Honest Government?
Greed Camera
Well, what do you know? One government is playing an honest "game". NSW in Australia is removing speed cameras that have not shown that they save lives, but instead generate revenue.

25% of the speed cameras are being removed.


8 August, 2011 - Happy Like A Pig In .....
Thailand Flooding Chiang Mai
When I first looked at this photo, despite the miserable weather conditions, it really looks like the guy (boy) is as happy as Larry....


8 August, 2011 - Emergency Motorcycle Ambulance
Motorcycle Ambulance R Aid
One of the worst nightmare, being stuck in a traffic jam inside an ambulance with precious minutes draining away your life, just got solved.

A designer has created a trailer for a motorcycle that is a fully functional ambulance. With space for emergency medial equipment, a medic and the patient, the motorcycle ambulance could get through traffic faster than an normal car ambulance.

Great idea...


5 August, 2011 - Heading Back To The Office - Hopefully
Waiting office
Hopefully, if everything went well, I should be heading back to the "news" office by now.

The weekend is for catching up, and then hopefully starting Monday we'll be back with the latest motorcycles news, motorcycle entertainment and motorcycle gossip.


5 August, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 5 August 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are some of the motorcycle stories I've been reading while traveling Northern Europe which you may find interesting.


- 10 Things You Should Do Before Taking A Long Distance Ride (Keep The Rubber Side Down)
- India's First Dual Purpose/On-Off Road Spied (The Bike Chronicles Of India)
- Motorcycle Helmets May Cause Loss Of Hearing (Two Wheels Blog)


5 August, 2011 - Tour De France Cyclists Prefer Motorcycles ?
TdF 2011 Frank Schleck Motorcycle
TdF 2011 Sebastian Lang Motorcycle
Back from my travels in Finland and Estonia, shifting through all the press releases and articles, I spotted several photos of Tour de France bicyclists sitting on motorcycles.

I assume they prefer to race the Tour on a motorcycle, specially when you see how steep those mountains are....


4 August, 2011 - Video: Lego Skull Motorcycle - How Cute
Video clip
Lego logo
Lego used to be very basic stuff. Building blocks for kids, a few colors, and all you could make was a rudimentary house or so.

No more.... this TV commercial shows you that you can even make a motorcycle... cool.


3 August, 2011 - Hatari Helmets - Poetry In Motion
Hatari Helmets
Hatari Helmets Turn Signal
Hatari helmets are motorcycle helmets with a twist, literally....

The back of the helmet is decorated with moving & twisting graphics, and apart from abstract art, can be something like a butterfly flying around your motorcycle.

The have released a helmet that shows your brake lights and indicators.


2 August, 2011 - Ads: Ellesse Italia - Classy Ads
Ellesse Italia Spring Portofino UK
Ellesse Italia Autumn Rome UK
Two very classy, and old fashion print advertisements for Ellesse Italia casual and sportswear.

One way of showing them in ads is the old fashion way. Nice artwork, young folks sitting on scooters. How more Italian can you get?



1 August, 2011 - Motorcycles And Explosions Do Not Mix
Mumbia motorcycle explosion 201107
It's a given: motorcycles and explosions do not mix. Gruesome!

Poor people, poor motorcycles.



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