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31 August, 2012 - Video: Harley-Davidson - Stereo Typical
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Some 6 months ago, Harley-Davidson released a YouTube commercial for their lifestyle. They called it #StereoTypicalHarley, and the video clip entails several Harley riders, male and female, on their motorcycle with their social address shown (in this case Twitter). This is then followed by the person's occupation or main point.

It's an interesting concept, since they show all different kinds of people and their jobs, from students to police officers, all tied together with some music which goes faster and faster.


31 August, 2012 - Belgium: You Will Need To Pay To Use The Motorways
Belgium Bad Motorways
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Toll - I preferred Belgium when they didn't have a working government...The Belgium government is going to charge for the usage of their motorways. Until now, their autoroutes were free, and you could riding through Belgium without spending a dime. But on the downside, the roads are in pretty bad shape. To repair the roads, you need a lot of money, and that today is not something most governments have.

Starting in 2016, if the world hasn't ended, people who live in Belgium will need to pay road tax. It's something that most countries in Europe do, so not that much different.

But.... foreigners will need to pay as well.


31 August, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 31 August 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Last day of August, and it looks like the last day of summer and good motorcycle riding weather. So here's the latest crop of motorcycle related articles that I have been reading this week.

- The Lightning Motorcycle Will Hit The Street (Examiner)
- Ktm 640 Adventure (Bikeexif)
- In This Electric Motorcycle Lies The Future Of Hoonage (Jalopnik)


30 August, 2012 - The Fun Is In The Caption
Motorcycle Goat Transport
China flag
It's all about the caption. Photos can say 1,000 words, but a one -liner in a caption can ignore 10,000.

I just gulped my coffee when I saw the caption under this photo.... "goat ... to entertain their relatives and friends?".


30 August, 2012 - The Netherlands: Motorway Speeds Now 130 KPH
Sign 120 to 130kmh
The Netherlands flag
Starting on the 1st of September, most motorways in The Netherlands will raise their speed limits to 130 kph (previously they were 120 kph). Not all roads are at this speed though, some may still be at 100 or 120 kph, depending on traffic and environment.

Some motorways will only have the maximum speed allowed during evening or night riding. The speed limits will be clearly marked, but if there's no speed limit posted, then the limit will be 130 kph.


30 August, 2012 - Video: A Beer Can And Some Impressive Motorcycle Sounds
Video clip
It's amazing what some people can do with almost nothing. Here is a, I presume Russian, guy, who with the help of an empty beer can is doing some very impressive motorcycle sounds.

He goes through the gears, wheelies, takes a few curves. If you close your eyes, you'd swear it's a motorcycle.


29 August, 2012 - Govecs: The Right Way Of Doing Electric Scooter Batteries
Govecs GO S1 4 Battery
Govecs logo
#electric #e-bikes - There are many reasons why people decided not to buy an electric scooter or motorcycle. Although many of the traditional reasons, like performance, range and even price, are becoming less of a factor, one reason not to buy an e-Bike is the battery charging method.

Simply put, you need to have a power outlet where you park your motorcycle. If you live in a house, it will not be a great problem, even if you don't have a power outlet outside. You can make do.... but houses are usually found outside the big cities, in the suburbs. If you live in the city, and have an apartment, you could be out of luck. Even if you're lucky enough to have an underground parking space, chances are that there's no power outlet. If you don't have a parking space, you're not going to hang a power cord down your window 15 floors down to charge your scooter or motorcycle, are you?

So the only sensible thing is to take the battery with you. But 99% of the electric motorcycles and scooters don't allow you to do this. Their batteries are embedded deeply inside the vehicle, and are often very heavy. The e-Solex was one of the first to allow their customer to remove the battery and take it home to charge. But the battery is relatively small and light.

Now there's Govecs...........

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29 August, 2012 - Do Not Trust Your Motorcycle Fuel Level? Try This!
Glass Fuel Tank
Ahem... if you don't trust your motorcycle's fuel level, then this could be your solution... a transparent fuel tank. Very cool.

I wonder why motorcycle manufacturers aren't doing this? Not all bikes would look good, but most custom motorcycle would.


29 August, 2012 - France: Mandatory Breathalyzer Contested By Luxembourg
Breathalyzer Approved France
Luxembourg flag
The mandatory breathalyzer that every motorist, including motorcycle riders, must have with them at all times when on the road has been a hot iron in a part of the French government that doesn't shine. The previous government had made it a law that all vehicles on French soil must have an "in-working-condition" unit in the vehicle (meaning if you used one, you had to have another one unused). To make matters worse, the unit had to be approved for French soil, visible by the "NF" logo. So even as a foreigner riding your motorcycle in France, you need to buy a French approved unit.

Luxembourg has gone on the attack. They have written to the current president of France, telling him that this is nonsense. This is Europe after all, and politicians over the last few decades have been trying to normalize laws and products over its borders.

If France wants to continue a law that most experts deem inappropriate, then France should allow European breathalyzers, not just French ones.


28 August, 2012 - France: Using Radars For Directions
Direction Sign After Radar
France flag
There are so many radars now in France, that they have become part of the landscape. In fact, they've become landmarks.

Here's one smart restaurant, called the "Boucherie" (which means "Butcher" in French), that has put up an advertisement alongside the road, and below the restaurant name, it says "1st exit after the radar"..... smart......

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


28 August, 2012 - Ads (6x): Colorado Against Drinking and Driving Campaign
CDOT Campaign 2012
USA flag
The state of Colorado (CDOT) is quite active in accident prevention of cars and motorcycle, with many campaigns to get drivers to be more sensible. Their latest, and IMHO not their best, campaign focusses on motorcycle riders and DUI.

The Amelie Company, a PR company, produced a series of advertisements for billboards, print and even beer coasters that try to get the message across that riding a motorcycle after having been drinking is a bad idea.........

............Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


28 August, 2012 - South Korea: Violent Anti-Japan Protests - Nasty
South Korea Anti Japan Protest
South Korea flag
This is nasty, if not criminal. If you've got a problem with another country and want to burn their flag, that's fine with me.

It's only a piece of cloth after all. But burning motorcycles? What have they ever done to you?


27 August, 2012 - Patent: Sleep In Peace Now - Motorcycle Helmet Horn Coming
Patent Helmet Horns
Patent Helmet Horns
From all the patents that I see on the Google Patent search, this is the one that made me at peace with myself. Finally! Finally someone who invented and has patented the one thing missing in my motorcycle outfits....... helmet horns!

Yes that is right. "Inventor" Michael L. Henry, inventor of the hands-free trash barrel lid opener, the cable spool support frame, the method and system for producing engine sounds of a simulated vehicle and many others important inventions, has patented the motorcycle helmet horn.....

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


27 August, 2012 - 24 Hours of Le Mans Motorcycle race 2012 - Biker Rest Places
24 Hours Le Mans Motorcycle
FFMC logo
The 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle race is on in 2 weekends from now, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open. You will also find a list of the autoroutes (motorways) that are free during the weekend for motorcycles.


27 August, 2012 - Empire State Building Killer - Crazy but Gifted
Jeffrey T Johnson art
Jeffrey T. Johnson, the guy who killed his colleague and that subsequently got shot by the cops at the Empire State building in New York last week, might have been crazy, or just holding a grudge. But he was very gifted as an artist.

Johnson was an artist as a profession, and many of his drawings are on the web. Most of his very detailed drawings are centered around cars, but he does have a really nice set of drawings of a Kawasaki ZX12R motorcycle, which is the result of him running into a girl at a gas station who was riding the motorcycle......

.........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


24 August, 2012 - France: Record Revenue From Radars Expected
Radar jackpot
Radars, as we all know, are money generating machines; real jackpots for the government. Our fearless & greedy "leaders" will tell you that the radars are there to keep speeds down, to promote safety and to reduce the mortality figures, but in the end it's all about money. Show me the money....

This year in France, the radars are expected to bring in a record 700 million Euros! That's close to ONE BILLION US$. Thanks to many more automatic speed radars, red light radars and the introduction of segment radars, it looks like it's the French government's way of shoveling money into the deficit black hole. By the end of the year, we'll have 4,000 radars in France - another record.

So if you're planning on riding your motorcycle in France, better watch out of the money machines. Despite many election promises by the current socialist government, they are going to continue "taxing" vehicle son the road. It's in our own benefit... meaning they want and need the cash.


24 August, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 24 August 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are the last few stories that have appeared during the week. End of summer is coming, and more people are spending time behind the computer, and not the motorcycle.

- Top 5 Motorcycle Tours In Europe (Road Captain Usa)
- MotoGP: Casey Stoner is an inspiration, says Steve Parrish (BBC)
- Brammo Empulse: The Electric Motorcycle Has Finally Arrived (Hell For Leather Magazine)
- Top Ten Facts about motor oils (Zig Wheels)
- How to Ride a Motorcycle With Parts Missing (on you, not the bike) (One Handed Bikers)


24 August, 2012 - BMW Motorcycles and Bloomingdale’s - Shop For Your Bike
BMW And Bloomingdale
BMW logo
BMW Motorcycles has associated itself with the upmarket department store Bloomingdale. Throughout USA, in all Bloomingdale's stores, a BMW R1200R Classic will be featured in the store window, and in the store's fall catalog, you'll get to see the naked motorcycle in all its glory. But since they're featured in the men's department, you'll get to see guys on it... nice for the women for a change.

The men's catalog is featuring a new "On the Road" shop, targeted for guys on-the-go. It'll be the "motorcycle trend", with items like leather fingerless gloves, hoods, and other leather products.....

....Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


23 August, 2012 - A Honda Pan European Clone - Cheap - CF Moto
CF Moto 650TR
CF Moto 650TR vs Honda Pan European
Many Chinese motorcycle manufacturers will clone successful motorcycles without any hesitation, copying most details of the original bike. One of these manufacturers is CF Moto, who are known to have unbashfully copied the Kawasaki ER-6N. Now they are trying their hands on the very successful Honda STX1300 Pan-European......

.....Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


23 August, 2012 - Thailand: Honda Aims To Keep Its 70% Market Share. Wait, 70%!?
Statistics Article
Honda logo
These are incredible figures. Honda has a supremacy in the Thai motorcycle market, to the tune of 70% market share. And they are going to try to keep that market share.

Honda Thailand is projecting the sale of a record 2.1 million motorcycles this year, an increase of 4% over last year.......

......Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


23 August, 2012 - For The Ladies: KTM Heels
KTM Heels
If you're a woman, and you're a fan of KTM motorcycles, here's the ultimate fashion for you... KTM heels:

They were designed by KTM fan Nelly Matešić Marić, and so far, you'll not be able to buy them, but knowing KTM, I'd not be surprised if this shows up in the 2013 KTM Summer Catalog.


22 August, 2012 - How Not To Start A Kickstarter Motorcycle Project
Rockin Rebel Kickstarter
USA flag
Kickstarter and Fundable are great sites to help you create a motorcycle project with crowd-funding. Several good ideas have seen the light of day (including the reviewed Screaming Banshee horn) because of these websites that allow the general public to fund startups without taking equity. But people need get something in return for their money.

And that is where to problems lies with several of these ideas looking for money. You need to offer something valuable in return.

Take this project for example: Rockin' Rebel on Kickstarter is someone who makes beautiful wooden rocking chairs in the shape of a motorcycle. Really pretty... So you'd expect people to help this guy out by providing him with funds to get proper tools to make more of them. But at the time of writing this, he has gathered $200 of the $50,000 required, and only 8 days left.


......Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


22 August, 2012 - Philippines: Can Not Ride Your Motorcycle On Water? Carry It!
Philippines Carrying a motorcycle
Philippines flag
I guess if you can't ride your motorcycle in deep water, the only thing you can do is gather some friends and carry it...


22 August, 2012 - France: Finally Petrol Taxes To Be Lowered
Motorcycle Tanking Petrol
France flag
For years now, in fact since 1928, France has had a steep tax on petrol. Abbreviated to TIPP, the tax was a percentage of the gross petrol price at the pump. The higher the gas price, the more the government made. Apart from the TIPP tax, they also get 19.6% VAT (Value Added Tax, i.e. a sales tax). The petrol tax is rated differently per product; 60% for unleaded and 52% for diesel. This means that per liter, the government gets around 70%!

Despite the economic crisis, or more because of it, the French government never lowered the tax. Many people were not able to drive their car, or worse, ride their motorcycle, because of very high petrol prices. Many associations and lobby groups have been calling upon the government to lower the taxes when the petrol barrel price goes up. So far, nothing..... until today.......

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21 August, 2012 - Signal: More Safety Lights On Motorcycle Helmets
Signal Helmet Lights
Signal Helmet Lights
Suddenly several people got the idea that lights on a motorcycle helmet is a good idea, and it is. Riding a motorcycle in dense traffic can be dangerous, since our "surface" is small, and the lights on our rides are even smaller. Stop lights and indicators are really small, particularly on a sportsbike. So when you do hit the brake, or decide to turn, cars behind you may not have seen your lights.

Signal is one of the several new products that tries to address this issue. Instead of using standard LED lights, these guys use Lumigram, a new fiber-optic fabric.......

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


21 August, 2012 - Indonesia: Will That Take That Many Motorcycles?
Indonesia Ferry Boarding
Indonesia flag
Holy cow! That is a lot of motorcycles trying to board that ferry.

When I'm getting on one, and there are 5 motorcycles, I'm surprised by the high number. But this....


21 August, 2012 - Pssst! Want To Buy A Chrome Masei Helmet For Cheap?
Masei 310 eBay
Masei helmets have put up one of their chrome helmets, the Masei 310 on sale on eBay. They started the bidding at $0.01 including free shipping, so a deal of a lifetime.

So far, the bidding has reached $32 (at time of writing this), and it's got another 8 days to go. The helmet size is Large, so if it'll fit, here's your chance to get a unique motorcycle helmet.


21 August, 2012 - Ads: Preventing People From Texting While Driving - Weird
Do not text and drive ad
Do not text and drive ad
Sometimes PSA are weird, if not scary. The Blue Hive PR agency in the UK created the following advertisements for the Brake organization (a road safety charity organization) to condition people not to text/SMS while driving their cars.

Car drivers that read their SMS/text messages while driving are a menace to everyone, especially motorcycle riders, so it's a good thing people are trying to prevent it, but these ads are just plain weird.

If you are one of these that text while driving, would you stop doing it because of these ads? I don't thing so.


20 August, 2012 - 12 Motorcycles Made Out Of Sand
Motorcycle Sand Sculpture
Motorcycle Sand Sculpture
As kids we've all made sand castles, and some even ventured further by making more elaborate castles with decorated turrets, moats, etc. The kids turned into adults, but some remained kids at heart and continued making sand castles. Except now they're no longer sand castles but very detailed works of art.

Several artists, since that is what they are, make some of the most incredible and imaginative structures made out of sand. One of these elaborate structures they make are motorcycles. Making motorcycles out of sand can't be easy. For one reason, motorcycles have round forms; tires, mud guards, fuel tanks, etc, and making those of out sand can not be easy. But they still do it.

Here are 12 photos of motorcycles made out of sand.........

.........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


20 August, 2012 - Patents: Guy Invents Transformer Motorcycle - Cool Idea
Patent Transforming Cowl
Patent Transforming Cowl
I often make fun of patents, since they look like they were invented for the sake of inventing, not necessity. But here's one that makes sense.

Takefumi Okubo filed a patent for a moveable motorcycle cowl structure. When you read the lengthy patent, what he really wants to do is have the side panels adapt to the speed you are riding at. You can either manually open or close the cowls, or let your motorcycle do it.

This way, depending on your speed and if you have a pillion, you can regulate airflow. If it's hot outside, you can call up more air, and if it's cold, you can prevent the air from hitting you and your passenger.......

......Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


20 August, 2012 - Europe: Who Are The Worst Drivers - Survey
Monkey driver
Often when riding your motorcycle in Europe, you end up having the impression that some countries have worse drivers than other countries. I know I've had that feeling often enough. Travel web site Zoover thought so too, so they held a survey on their site, asking their readers which country has the worst drivers. Some 30,000 readers responded.

In the top 15 of the countries with the worst drivers, the number 1 slot (i.e. the worst drivers) is Italy, and the best drivers come from Finland.

Here's the complete list.......

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


17 August, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 17 August 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
After a forced hiatus of 2 weeks, here are some of the interesting motorcycle stories I've been reading while I was waiting for the server transfer.

- The Garmin GPS says this abandoned warehouse is a motel (Cecilie's Moto Journal)
- Latest Ethanol Mandate Raises Ire Of Motorcyclists (New York Times Wheels)
- Rossi: His Greatest Challenge Of All (Autosport)
- Airhawk Seats Overview And Buying Guide (Revzilla Blog)
- Rossi, Ducati And Yamaha: And The Winner Is... (Motomatters)
- Honda NC700X: The Swiss Army Knife Of Bikes (Hell For Leather Magazine)


17 August, 2012 - Belgium: Europe’s Worst And Most Ridiculous Road
Video clip
Belgium flag
The fact that most politicians suffer from chronic CRI is a given, but at times you got to wonder how bad their disease really is. In Belgium, a road that has been marked as a heritage road (it once was a Roman road, but nowadays there's no sign of the old road) has been "protected" by means that can only be described as ridiculous.

On the 5 kilometer long stretch, the politicians have had installed 27 chicanes and 250 (that's right, two hundred and fifty) signposts. The posted speed limit is 50 kilometers per hour, and the road has become so narrow that no trucks can drive through. It's just wide enough for two motorcycles. And all this in the name of road safety....

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


17 August, 2012 - This Is Where A Burqa Comes In Handy!
Woman with scard on scooter
India flag
Forget about helmet and other safety gear, a Burqa or niqab comes in handy when riding your motorcycle in the rain... never thought of that.


16 August, 2012 - Video: StreetMade - Outlaw
Video clip
Nice TV commercial for Streetmade, a clothing brand. It involves an "outlaw" motorcycle rider, riding away from an attack helicopter who is firing guns and missiles at him.

Of course the helicopter misses, since the guy is using stunts to escape him (with no ATGATT, except the Streetmade shirt). Nice action sequence...


16 August, 2012 - We Had To Wait Until Olympics Closing To See Motorcycles
Olympics 2012 Mods and scooters
With all the mega money going around the Olympics, with 100's of different sports being held by top professionals, you have to ask yourself why we had to wait until the very end of the Games to see motorcycles. Or scooters in this case.

Wouldn't it be great if for the 2016 Rio Games they organized a Superbike event as part of the show...let's face it, motorcycle racers are top athletes in their own right.


16 August, 2012 - We Are Back And Upgraded For The Next Fight
Handlebar Fire buttons
Since you can read this, it means only one thing... we're back! The hosting company, DNS and database changes went smoothly, very smoothly. We're upgraded, and ready for the next fight....

Not much as happened since we went of the air... just Valentino Rossi went back to Yamaha, Hell or Leather first dumped their paywall and then announced that they were acquired (Wes Siler is probably enjoying the bathing beauties on Malibu Beach by now). So you didn't miss much..

Many thanks to my new hosts, Promenic for a fantastic job in the migration. It went super smooth and most of the work was done by them. I currently on a shared server, but shortly I'll be moving to my own once it's configured, but the disruption should be minimum.

Now the only thing left to do is find out by the DISQUS commenting system is not playing well with Internet Explorer. All others work fine, but IE screws up the page. That might take some time... so if you want to comment, go for Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.

Thanks for sticking with me and waiting patiently. Now, go and tell your friends, spouse and grandparents that we're back. I desperately need to ad revenue.


7 August, 2012 - Hosting Company Move - 1-2 Weeks Downtime Expected
I've been having some disastrous weeks with the hosting company I was using for this site. Due to total lack of "service" by the company, with many hours of downtime, I finally pulled the plug and signed up with a more professional outfit.

Normally, you can migrate to another hosting company with one or two days of downtime, but in this case it's going to take a bit longer. This means that this site will not be operating until the move has been done, and all the DNS have been updated. There are a lot of databases to move, and they take up a lot of space.

It will be of no use to update this site with news and articles, since I just don't know if the old so-called hosting company will be up, so I'm not going to bother until I'm back on-line with the new company.

You can follow the progress and status on:

Twitter: MikeWerner
Facebook: Bikes in the Fast Lane Page
Google +: Mike Werner


6 August, 2012 - Site Temporary Suspended While We Try To Figure What To Do
Which Direction Road Sign
After many hours of repeated downtime on this site, I'm working on a solution to get a stable environment. So I'm looking at options, and since I don't want to publish articles but then have the server go down so that no one can read them, I'm stopping all articles until such time I know what and where to go.

Hopefully I'll have more news in a day or two. So, please patience.... things are a bit awkward at this moment..... I'm lost


3 August, 2012 - Video: GasGas TXT-e Put Through Its Paces
Video clip
GasGas logo
Electric motorcycles are becoming more and more popular, with great e-bikes out there. But if there's one sport where the electric motorcycle should excel it's trial. You don't need a long range, you need a lot of torque and a light bike.

That's what GasGas thought, and since they are a leader in trial bikes, they made an electric version of their trial motorcycle; the TXT-e. They handed it over to Frenchman Thierry Raoul who put the bike through its pace.

Here's the video of him having fun with the GasGas. Notice how he can manage to move it sideways as if it weighs nothing. Climbing obstacles seems to be no problem for the electric bike. Quite impressive.

The bike weighs 67 kg, including the batteries and has a 14 kW electric engine.


3 August, 2012 - Taiwan: Typhoons Are Dangerous - For Motorcycles
Taipei Typhoon Damage 201208
Taiwan flag
Tip of the day: Don't leave your motorcycle outside when a typhoon (or for that matter, a hurricane or tornado) hits your part of the world.


3 August, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 3 August 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Summer is almost over, or maybe it is already, and finding interesting motorcycle articles is becoming more and more difficult. But here are three articles from the last two weeks that may interest you.

- Dmitri Krioukov, Physicist, Writes Four Page Paper To Avoid Paying Traffic Ticket (Huffington Post)
- Ural Sidecar Motorcycle: A Way To Share Your Midlife Crisis (Wall Street Journal (Blog))
- Racing Is Money Wasted (Ash On Bikes)


2 August, 2012 - Video: Honda Spacy - Uptown Girl
Video clip
Honda logo
In a rather upbeat Honda TV commercial for the Spacy scooter, the ad uses the popular, but very old, song "Uptown Girl" to show a pretty girl loading and unloading a lot of stuff from her 110cc scooter's cargo bay.

The advertisement was made and shown in Indonesia. The cargo area is called "Helm In", meaning you can store your helmet under the seat.


2 August, 2012 - Odds That Your Royal Enfield Motorcycle Will Start On 1st Kickstart
Royal Enflied Kick Start 1st Go
The Boys & Girls at the Royal Enfield Club have calculated the odds that the Royal Enfield motorcycle will start with the first kickstart....

here's the statistics graphed out:


2 August, 2012 - iPhone Connected Piaggio Scooters
Piaggio PMP/iPhone
Piaggio logo
Piaggio released an optional kit for their X10 series of scooters that allows you to hook up your iPhone (and shortly Android) smartphone to your scooter, which will then tell you, without wires, all your telemetric data, like speed, fuel consumption, battery, when to replace your tires, tire pressure and if you have a GPS/Navigation unit app installed, where to go to get fuel, since it knows when you are running out.

With a large number of extra functions, like your owner manual, downloadable telemetric data and others, you'll not need the old fashion onboard dashboard.

We might even find the Piaggio PMP (Piaggio Multimedia Platform) on Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Vespa models in the near future. How cool is that?

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


1 August, 2012 - Video: Attack On French Road Security PSA
Video clip
France flag
The French Minister of Transportation does a reasonable good job with its safety commercials for motorcycle riders here in France. Every few months they bring out a thought-provoking PSA. But not thought-provoking enough for Mehdiator.

Mehdiator is a fellow who has a bee up his bonnet about safety, and that the government is not doing enough. He makes his own PSAs, one which got a very wide audience about the crash barriers (link).

Now he is on the war path about the latest government ad -.........

...... Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


1 August, 2012 - Do You Think She Owns A BMW?
BMW Owner.Jpg
Do we care whether she has a BMW car or motorcycle?

Nope, not me....


1 August, 2012 - Ideas: Transformer Motorcycle Jacket - Great Idea
Alomar Jacket to Backpack
USA flag
Here's an idea that should be picked up by the big motorcycle clothing manufacturers. Some enterprising and smart guys dreamed up the Alomar. The Alomar is a motorcycle jacket that when not in use, transforms into a backpack!

The situations you need this are multi-fold. Many of us go out riding in the summer, wearing our helmets, gloves, bringing cameras, phones, etc. Once you've reached your destination, you'll either need to leave your helmet on your motorcycles (not a good idea), and unless you've got the storage space of a Honda Gold Wing, you'll need to chain it to your bike. Gloves do fit in smaller storage spaces, but you're still faced with walking around with bits & bobs.

The Alomar motorcycle jacket is a full-fledged jacket; lightweight (4 lbs), water resistant and padded with armor. So you can use it for what it is intended to be... riding your motorcycle. But once you stop riding because you've reached your destination, take off the jacket and turn it into a backpack.......

........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......



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