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30 August, 2013 - Entrosys Finally Available: Personal Airco For Motorcycles
Entrosys Ready
#Entrosys #Air-conditioning #Motorcycles - We have talked about these folks a few years ago, the Entrosys personal air-conditioning unit for motorcycles. The Entrosys is a unit that gets installed on your pillion seat or where your top case is and wired to your motorcycle for electricity. A tube pushes cold air through your motorcycle jacket, cooling you down.

It is obviously a unit that could appeal to motorcycle riders who live in the desert or extreme warm countries. If you have to brave hot weather for 3 to 4 weeks in the year, you might as well skip this article...........

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30 August, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 30 August 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
August is over, and we are ready for fall. I am working like crazy since I will be on a long trip end next week. More news later next week. In the mean time, here are some interesting motorcycle related articles that have appeared last week for your reading pleasure.

- 25 Motorcycles You Wish You Were Riding (List 25)
- Sports That Can Be Combined With Motorcycle Racing (Lot Of Laughters)
- Dead Batteries In China (Beijing Electric Bike Tours)
- Midlands BT Next Multi Rider Intercom : Review (Zig Wheels)
- How To Avoid Motorcycles Potatos Or Anything Harley This Weekend (JS Online)


30 August, 2013 - Kiwis Go On Final Frontier Motorcycle ADV Ride - Last Uncharted Country
New Zealand ADV Ride North Korea
North Korea flag
#NewZealand #NorthKorea #ADV - There are no countries left for adventurous motorcycle riders to discover. We have been everywhere. Everywhere? Well one country remains un-charted, un-explored and un-ridden; North Korea.

Well five brave and courageous New Zealand motorcycle riders have done it and have returned unscathed, but probably badly nourished. It looks like in these photos that they are being deloused.....


29 August, 2013 - dBike Shelter: Garage Your Motorcycle Without A Garage
dBike Shelter
#Shelter #garage #Motorcycle - Granted, not everyone has sufficient space in their garden, many do not even have a garden, to place a full fledged garage for your toys. But if you have a bit of land, or even a lot of it but do not want to build a garage, here is a nice solution for your motorcycle.

It is not a new idea, but a practical one. It is called dBike Shelter, and it is a collapsable shelter that you ride your motorcycle into, close the shelter around your bike, and go away...........

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29 August, 2013 - Belgium: Brussels Radars Hidden In Trash Bags
Brussels Trash Bag Radar
Belgium flag
#Brussels #Radar #Hiding - Ahh, the tricks the police play in order to get as many speeding tickets as they can. Hiding speed radars in places you would not think, seems to be the lucrative option. Hiding behind billboards, garbage cans, unmarked cars, even unmarked motorcycles .. anything goes.

But this one is dirty. The cops in Brussels are hiding their speed radars inside garbage bags placed alongside the road. Just another garbage bag waiting to be picked up by the trucks. So innocent, but yet so lethal...........

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29 August, 2013 - Funny: Must Sell Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, Mistress Pregnant
Selling Harley Mistress Pregnant
USA flag
#Funny #Harley -ForSaleSigns - It's so funny this "for sale" ad that you almost would think it is true. So this guy has got a wife, a mistress and a Harley motorcycle.... but not for long.


28 August, 2013 - Taiwanese 80 Year Olds Go For A Californian Motorcycle Ride
Go Grandriders California Tour
#Taiwan #SeniorCitizens - The bunch of senior citizens from Taiwan, average age of 81, who we reported on last year doing a round-the-island motorcycle tour, have gone on an international ride-out. Their Taiwan ride attracted worldwide attention and became an excellent TV commercial for a local bank.

Ten of the original 17 went for a ride in California. The group, aged between 70 and 90, rode with their American counterparts, the American Grand Riders. On their ride they visited old folk's homes, hoping to entice other senior citizens to become more active. Their life motto should inspire them:

I did not stop riding because I got old, I got old because I stopped riding...........

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28 August, 2013 - Faster Photochromic Motorcycle Visors Now Possible - InVision Inserts
Hyper Optics Shield
#Photochromic #Visors #Tinted - Riding your motorcycle in "unstable" weather, weather were you get alternating sunshine and clouds, or riding in places where there are a lot of shadows (cities, forests), means that your eyes will need to get used to sudden sunshine or sudden darker vision. Of course this is not a problem when you ride with sunglasses since it is always dark. But that is not a good thing either, since if your vision is darkened by sunglasses you might just miss seeing that pothole or animal in front of you. The same applies to using sun-visors built-in your helmet. Although built-in sun-visors are the next best thing since you can lower or raise them whenever you need to, you need to let go of your handlebar to do it, and that is not always welcome either.

One accessory that helps you achieve a more relaxing motorcycle ride, not requiring you to do anything to cut the sun glare or be able to see more of the road, are photochromic visors. These are visors that are placed onto (from the inside of your helmet) your normal visor, and when the sun hits these inserts, they turn darker. When the sun goes away, they go clear. You can buy prescription glasses that do that for the last few decades, so it is not new technology.

So very simple and easy, right? Not really, since one of their biggest defaults until now was that these visors require time to change tint. A few years ago, it could take up to 60 seconds for them to change, and when riding a motorcycle, 60 seconds can be a lifetime.

Maric Performance, a company that has been supplying anti-fog inserts for ages now, have a new product called Hyper Optiks. Hyper Optiks are photochromic inserts that change state within 4 seconds!..........

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28 August, 2013 - Chad: No Motorcycle Taxis Allowed
Chad Clandos
Chad flag
#Chad #Terrorists #Taxis - In the capital of Chad, N’Djamena, motorcycle taxis have been forbidden since the 14th of August this year. The reason for this extreme measure by the government? Security!

Motorcycle taxis are very popular in Africa, and Chad sees many of these two wheeled death traps riding around picking up often more than 1 passenger, no helmets, no training, no good roads and no insurance. But the mortality rate amongst these "Clandos" (the name given to local motorcycle taxis in Chad) is not the reason to stop them; it is because of terrorist activities...........

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27 August, 2013 - Video: Honda XRE 300 Motorcycle On Mars?
Honda XRE 300 mars Explorer
Honda logo
#Honda #Commercial #Off-road - Funny. Here is a TV commercial from Argentina for the Honda XRE 300 off-road motorcycle. it is nicely done, with the opening sequence showing a Mars-like explorer vehicle (Rover) going over a tough terrain like what you would find on Mars or the moon (like I would know....).

And then comes the XRE 300, and eventually they come eye-to-eye. So was it taken on Mars or just on Earth?

It is a nice creativity from the ad agency, WTF Agency (honest, that is their name).


27 August, 2013 - European Motorcyclists Go Very Far On Their Summer Holidays
Delticom European Vaction Stat
Adventure Scooter
#Holiday #Europe #Statistics - Delticom, Europe's biggest internet provider of tires, has performed an interesting survey of the summer holiday habits of European motorcycle riders. A total of 1,234 bikers in seven countries were surveyed on where they were going on their holidays.

The total number of kilometers to be ridden is astonishing; 3.4 million kilometers, that's 85 times around the world. And that by only 1,234 bikers. On average, each motorcycle will be riding 2,729 kilometers for their holiday.

Who Goes The Furthest?..........

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27 August, 2013 - Sounds Like A Joke: A General, A Biker And A President Are Sitting In .....
Putin Biker General
Russia flag
This photo looks like the beginning of a good joke; a general, a biker and a president are sitting in a bar, when .... fill in the blanks (anyone got a good joke to go with this photo? Just put it in the comments and share).

Putin sure is getting chummy with the motorcycle gang. I guess his image is important, but somehow I can not see other world leaders getting to be good friends with a 1%-er motorcycle gang. Is this good or bad?


26 August, 2013 - 30 Scary Biker Face Masks
Scary Biker Face Mask
Scary Biker Face Mask
#Facemasks #Masks #Scary #Biker - Riding a motorcycle is already scary for many other road users. As a group, bikers have a bad rep; we are seen as nasty creatures. And things get even worse when we don on face masks to keep the dirt & grim out of our face, and more importantly, the cold weather.

Of course you can put on a simple face mask, or even a scarve, but that spoils the image, right? Why not put on something that will really scare old ladies driving their car to church? Let's face it, if you can look like this, would anyone bother you on the road:

So here are 29 other biker face masks that will scare even Arnold Schwarzenegger if he would come across you.


26 August, 2013 - Idea: Now This Is A Good Side Loading Ratchet
Side Loading Ratchet
#Kickstarter #Ratchet #Trailer - If you have got to trailer your motorcycle, you know that ratchets are the way to tie-down your motorcycle in your trailer or truck. It is quite easy and you can be sure that the bike is held strongly and securely.

But I have always had (minor) issues with ratchets; threading the straps, getting it just right and then the last feet or so you find out that you have got too much strap and you got to unravel it all. Never nice when you are in a hurry.

Currently on Kickstarter is a project looking for crowd-funding. It is a side loading ratchet, meaning it is easier to load, easier to tighten and easier to unload...........

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26 August, 2013 - Video: Major But Very Funny Motorcycle Bikini Wash FAIL
Bikini Wash Fail Video
#Video #Funny #BikiniWashFail - I guess when you hire exotic pole dancers to do a "motorcycle bikini wash", you are asking for trouble. Motorcycles are not poles as the young lady discovers in the video.

Have a look at this funny video. I just couldn't stop laughing.


23 August, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 23 August 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Summer had problems coming, but now it is compensating by having problems going; Good. More motorcycle riding time. But I have also found a couple of interesting articles over the last week for your enjoyment that you may have missed

- Top 10 Reasons Why Motorcycles are better than Cars (Techprone)
- Jds Biker Movie Reviews The Wild Angels (Bikers Report)
- Long Distance Motorcycle Riding Tips Staying Awake (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Toby Moody Crutchlow Is What Ducati Needs (Autosport)


23 August, 2013 - Video Camera Goggles - Cyclops Gear
Cyclops Gear CGLIFE 1080p Video Sunglasses
Cyclops Gear Moto Goggles
#Video #CyclopsGear #Camera - Cyclops Gear, a maker of video cameras embedded in sunglasses and goggles is looking to expand their product line by using crowd-funding at Fundable.

Currently they have several nice products that can make any motorcycle rider into a video camera operator. Don on their Cyclops Gear CGLIFE 1080p Video Sunglasses and not only will you shade your eyes from the glaring sun and look cool at the same time, but you can also record your ride.

The sunglasses have a 15 megapixel camera capable of recording 1080p High Def video. In the full HD mode you can record at a frame rate of 30 fps, but if you dial back the definition to 720P, you can record at 50 fps...........

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23 August, 2013 - Philippines: Holy Cow! Imagine Riding Your Motorcycle In That?
Philippines Flooding Scooter
Philippines flag
#Philippines #Floods - Imagine riding your motorcycle or scooter in that. There is no way it could work, unless you have a snorkel for your engine. Unless of course there are some fish pulling the poor bloke's scoot.


22 August, 2013 - Video: Squid Darwin Award Nominee - Running From The Cops
Kingston Squid chase
USA flag
#Video #Squid #Chase - You see them plenty in the USA, when someone idiot decides that he (or maybe even a she) can outrun the police. Let's face it, outrunning the cops is a very low percentage game. These folks have powerful cars and motorcycles, they have communication and they can summon up their posse to block you off. So the chance that you can outrun them is pretty low, and when they catch you, they are going to be really pissed off.

Here is a case-in-point. A squid on a motorcycle (he rides pretty bad, rides a sports motorcycle and only has a helmet as protection) decides that he can ride faster than the police. He tries the sidewalk, almost runs down someone, almost looses it in a curve (the thing you see flying is the motorcycle seat), takes curves pretty badly and then decides to turn around just when the police car arrives...........

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22 August, 2013 - Canada: Motorcyclists Sue Quebec Insurance Board: $100 Million
Quebec SAAQ protest 2013
Canada flag
#Insurance #Lawsuit #Canada #SAAQ - That is the way to go! The Motorcyclist Movement of Quebec is taking the Quebec's Automobile Insurance Board, SAAQ, to court, and is looking for a cool $100 million in damages.

According to the motorcycle group, representing some 8,000 bikers, the insurance premiums are unfair and discriminate against motorcycle owners. Since 2008, license plate registration fees have increased by 400%.

As is the way with the rest of the world, the vast majority of accident involving a motorcycle will see the car at fault. So why do bikers need to pay extra high premiums, if the car owners are the ones causing the accidents?..........

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22 August, 2013 - USA: Topless Women On Motorcycle Crashes And Is Arrested
Topless Strange Woman
USA flag
#Topless #Womean #Crash - Sometimes you got to wonder what is this world getting to? Okay, the women in this story was under the influence of prescription drugs, but one wonders what they were; marijuana?

In the video below you see a police camera filming the scene out of the cop car. A woman can be seen with her shirt on, but apparently it is not buttoned up and she is riding bare breasted (although you can not see that on the video, so I guess it is safe for work).

The woman is riding without her hands on the handlebar, and she is zigzagging. She is obviously on something since she is riding strangely; slowing down to 10 mph on a 65 mph road, speeding up, slowing down. And then the thing happens what you have been waiting for; she crashes in the middle of the highway.

Lucky for her the cops were behind her and managed to stop traffic, since she is down and remains in a hallucinogenic state. She only got a cut in her chin, so everything ends happily, apart from the women who gets fined.


21 August, 2013 - World’s Most Awful and Toughest Road
Worlds Toughest Road Russia
Russia flag
#Russia #Roads #Video - Often when I go riding my motorcycle I may hit some place where the roads are badly done up. Potholes, cracks, metal plates, etc; Enough to send out a litany of expletives about the state of the road. Is that why I am paying taxes?

But after seeing this video (and photo), I think any other road is going to be holy; - a walk in the park compared to this Russian road. Just look at this photo..........

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21 August, 2013 - Time To Look For 2014 Calendars - The Superb Bike EXIF Motorcycle Photos
Bikeexif 2014 Calendar
Bikeexif 2014 Calendar
#Calendar #Customs #Motorcycles - It may sound crazy, mentioning calendars in the month of August, but every year people scramble to find great motorcycle-themed calendars and then find out that the great ones have been sold out. There are many motorcycle calendars out there, but only a few that are truly great.

Bike EXIF are known for publishing some of the best, high quality, photos of motorcycles. After all, the site's name has the word EXIF in it, and that is a photographer's term. So you expect nothing but the best photos from this very popular site.

And the 2014 calendar is not going to disappoint...........

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21 August, 2013 - France: Airplanes Used For Speeding Tickets
Aircraft Enforced
France flag
#France #Police #Aircraft - France has been planting speed radars at a very high rate. It almost looks like the speed radars are copulating; they are spreading like bunny rabbits. But now the French government is going all Apocalypse Now on its citizens.

It used to be that the police would very occasionally use helicopters to spot speeders, often motorcycles, but at a cost of €2,000 per hour, you need to catch a lot of speeders to make it worth their while, and that just is not the case.

But what is interesting, at least for the government, is using light aircraft. The 10 police units operating in France will be equipped with a light aircraft costing €200 per hour...........

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21 August, 2013 - UK: London Forbids Motorcycles From Riding Past Hospital
UK Not Allowed For Motorcycles
UK flag
#London #Hospital #Noise - Strange reaction from the local authorities. The hospital located in Brent, London has apparently been the scene of a few misguided bikers racing their motorcycles alongside the hospital. As we all know, you are expected not to make noise when riding, or driving, alongside a hospital. So no loud pipes, no honking, no revving up, etc.

So what do the local authorities do? See the photo..........

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20 August, 2013 - Ad: Easier To Find Motorcycle - Trade Motorcycles
Ad Trade Motorcycles
Australia flag
#Advertisement #Motorcycle #Australia - When I first saw this print advertisement and the copy text "The bike you want is now easier to find" I thought it was an anti-theft ad. A bit like "do not make your motorcycle visible".

But in fact the ad is for a motorcycle trade/sales web site, I don't know, it just does not ring a bell for me. I think it would have been better as a PSA for anti-theft.


20 August, 2013 - France: Speed Radar Goes Skynet- Takes Over Planet
Radar jackpot
France flag
#France #Radar #Crazy - Like Skynet in the Terminator movie series, the computer in a speed radar in Montpellier, France took control. The radar probably realized that it was not issuing enough speeding tickets, so it changed the rules of the game.

On a road limited to 110 kph, it started making photos of cars and motorcycles that were travelling faster than 90 kph. In other words, it had gone mad, but it was a bonanza for the government. Maybe the radar could start fining vehicles over 10 kph?..........

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20 August, 2013 - Garmin Release 2 Video Cameras - Goes After GoPro Market
Garmin VIRB Cameras
Garmin logo
#Garmin #Video #VIRB - In a busy and thriving action video camera market, GPS manufacturer Garmin has released two high-end portable video cameras that can be used for a variety of sports, amongst others motorcycle riding.

The VIRB and VIRB Elite are camcorders that "tape" 1080P resolution (in other words High-Def) video and 30 frames per second (FPS), and it can take 16 megapixel still photographs while recording video.

The battery will give you 3 hours of video taping. Apart from a bigger size, what sets is apart from its biggest competitor GoPro is a built-in 1.4" LCD screen, allowing you to setup the recorder and to preview your video. Currently on GoPro you need a smartphone or a dedicated accessory to be able to do this...........

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20 August, 2013 - Russia: How To Create Accidents While Trying To Prevent Them (NSFW)
Fun Article
Russia flag
#Russia #Topless #Education - NOTE: Due to the NSFW nature of the video, I have put it in the "click here to read more..." below; that will load the whole article including the video. The picture in the video itself is NSFW.

They probably meant well. In Russia last year there were 27,991 fatal accidents, many of them because of excessive speeds. The NGO Autodvijenie decided to educate drivers to lift their right foot of the pedal.

The way they did it was particular, but not unique. By putting two pretty ladies, topless, brandishing speed limit signs they hoped to catch the attention of car, truck and motorcycles...........

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19 August, 2013 - Different Ways Of Avoiding A Speed Radar Ticket On Your Motorcycle
Radar Foiling
Radar Foiling
#Speeding #Radar #Funny - Getting caught speeding by one of those automatic digital speed radars is no fun, especially when you were out enjoying your motorcycle ride. A few days after the "event" you get a nice photo sent to your home, showing you how fast you were going, and asking you to pay some money to cover the cost of the photo. And since these cameras cost a lot of money, you can expect to pay a hefty amount of money. But at least you can frame the photo and hang it up the wall.

So not exactly fun. One way of avoiding to pay of expensive photos of you on your motorcycle is not to ride fast. Logical and obvious, but let us face it; it is not exactly fun, and at times you just can't help yourself. So here are a few ways how you can escape getting fined. Mind you, none of these methods are legal, so if you get caught, it is a double whammy.............

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19 August, 2013 - Send And Receive E-mail Everywhere, Even The Sahara Desert
Text Anywhere
Text Anywhere
#Texting #SMS #Adventure - Adventure riding your motorcycle into remote areas of the world, like the Sahara desert, the South American Amazon forest or in downtown New York is fun. Many RTW riders head for areas unknown, exploring vast areas that you only see on the National Geographic TV channel.

Nowadays everyone is equipped with mobile phones, usually smartphones, to keep in touch with the folks back home, or to add their story on their web site. But only 8% of world's surface is covered by GSM mobile networks, so when adventure riding, chances are you will end up somewhere with no phone reception to send your email, text message or to receive them.

Satellite phones are the alternative, but very expensive. Satphones cost a lot of money, and their monthly subscription fees will cost you more than your trip. So how do you stay in touch?

Text Anywhere is a small device that either uses a built-in battery or a 12V feed from your bike. You connect the unit to your smartphone (Android, iPhone or Blackberry) via WiFi, and using the smartphone's browser you can send text emails and text messages via the device...........

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19 August, 2013 - Vietnam: Sad, But It Does Look Like Fun
Vietnam Scooter jetski
Vietnam flag
#Vietnam #Scooters #Jetski - From above, this photo looks like it a fun new sport; scooter jetski. Of course it isn't, and the folks there probably are not having any fun.


16 August, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 16 August 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Summer is starting to disappear, so get whatever motorcycle rides you can get. But despite the nice riding weather, I still managed to find a few interesting articles for your reading pleasure that have appeared over the last seven days.

- Getting Caught In Rain On Motorcycle (Lost Motorcyclist)
- Uk One Five Admits Drug Driving (TISPOL)
- A Leap In The Dark? Why Cal Crutchlow's Move To Ducati May Be Smarter Than It Looks (Motomatters)
- The Most Detailed Motorcycle Tour Book You'll Ever Need (Passes And Canyons Blog)
- The Top 10 motorcycling myths (Visor Down)
- After The Apocalypse You Can Still Run Your Motorcycle On Wood Gas (The Kneeslider)


16 August, 2013 - Help Prevent World’s Best Motorcycle Road From Becoming A Toll Road - Stelvio Pass
Twisties Stelvio Pass Italy
Italy flag
#Stelvio #Petition #Tolls - World's best motorcycle road (don't take my word for it, Top Gear said it as well), the famous Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps mountains is a Mecca for motorcycle riders from all over the world. Literally they come from anywhere, but mostly from within Europe, to ride the 48 consecutive hairpin curves on Europe's second highest mountain pass. Moto Guzzi even named one of their motorcycles after the famous mountain pass.

In the summer time you can see daily thousands of motorcycles riding up and down this incredible mountain, and not only enjoying the enormous amount of twisties, but also taking in breathtaking views.

Now the local authorities want to raise tolls for going up or down the mountain. What makes this even more worrisome is that they plan to ask the same amount of money for cars and motorcycles, but motorcycles do not gain anything particular for that amount. So not only very unfair, but something that could very well kill the local economy (restaurants, hotels, camping and bars). I imagine many less bikers heading for Stelvio if they also need to pay money for tolls.

So we need to help the Italian biker association (CIM) to try to kill this toll road implementation. There is a petition going (in Italian, but Google Translate is your friend), so head on over and sign the form. Let us try to keep Stelvio open and free to all motorcycles.


16 August, 2013 - New Zealand: Police Motorcycle Burst Spontaneously Into Flames
Christchurch Police Motorcycle Fire
New Zealand flag
#Police #Fire #BMW - That is got to be a major shock for all parties involved. At a routine traffic stop, a motorcycle police officer in Christchurch, New Zealand had just arrested a car driver for drugs and gun possession when he called in a patrol car to come and collect the arrested driver.

While the patrol car was getting ready to leave with the arrested man, the motorcycle cop got on his BMW R1200RT-P motorcycle and while riding away noticed smoke coming from under his saddle. He quickly pulled over when his bike caught flames and started burning.

A local car salesman, Paul Mills, had just arrived on the scene when he noticed the flames and took these photos...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


15 August, 2013 - Darwin Award Nominee #83645: Spanish Motorcycle Dealer
Top Gun Motorcycle Speeding
Spain flag
#Darwin #Award #Speeding - A motorcycle dealer in Spain's capital Madrid, got arrested for riding his motorcycle "slightly" over the speed limit. On a busy road limited to 90 kph, he was riding his bike at 247 kph!

When he was arrested, the 45 year old biker explained he worked for the local motorcycle dealer and was field testing the motorcycle before it went to the customers. Nice job, right?

He now stands the chance of spending 3 to 6 months in jail or 6 to 12 months community service. He will also need to look for another job since he will forfeit his driving license for 1 to 4 years.


15 August, 2013 - Review: Ferry Crossing With Motorcycle - Condor
Ferry Crossing on a motorcycle (Condor Ferry)
Ferry Crossing on a motorcycle (Condor Ferry)
#Ferry #Condor #Motorcycle #Travel - I realize that not many people actually use a ferry to cross water while on their motorcycle. Of course there are plenty of bikers who use them, maybe even daily, but I would say that the majority have not, or have never used a ferry. So here is a review of what it is like to use a ferry while you are on a motorcycle.

The ferry in question belongs to Condor Ferries, and the trip, St.Malo in France to Jersey Island in the UK, takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. The ferry is a fast catamaran which is not only very fast, but quite stable. Here is what it looks like when you arrive on a motorcycle...........

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15 August, 2013 - How To Clean Your Motorcycle Boots The Easy Way
Motorcycle Boots Cleaning
#Boots #Cleaning - Off road motorcycle boots can get very dirty, but also street bike boots get oily and muddy. Here is the easy way of cleaning them, just make sure your boots are water-proof.

I actually use this method the clean my hat (a Tilley hat). Cleans them perfectly.


14 August, 2013 - Patent: Increased Pillion Comfort On Motorcycles, I Think
Patent Pilion Grab bar
Patent Pilion Grab bar
#Pillion #Patent - I wonder if there is a special school people go to to write up patents? I was reading a patent, number EP 2610148 A1, which has as description:

"A motorcycle (1) includes a rider seat (52), a passenger seat (54), a grab bar (70) having left (74) and right side portions extending rearward from left and right sides of the passenger seat (54), and a coupling portion (90) coupling the left side portion (74) and the right side portion to each other at the rear of the passenger seat (54), and a hip guard (110) disposed between the passenger seat (54) and the coupling portion (90) with respect to a vehicle fore-and-aft direction and coupling the left side portion (74) and the right side portion to each other wherein an upper end (114) of the hip guard (110) is disposed at a position higher than the passenger seat (54) and the coupling portion (90) and an opening is formed between the hip guard (110) and the coupling portion (90) as viewed in plan"...........

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14 August, 2013 - France: Less Car But More Deadly Motorcycle Accidents
France July 2013 Motorcycle Accidents
France flag
#Statistics #Accidents - I am surprised that the French authorities are surprised.... The number of cars and trucks having fatal accidents have decreased last month by 5.7%, a record. But the number of deadly motorcycle accidents has increased between June and July 2013 by 19.3%

As the authorities state, the motorcycle fatal accidents had been decreasing months before that, and now they have started increasing again.

So let me get this straight.... in the winter there were less motorcycle accidents, and in the summer they increased.... hmmmmmmm .... I wonder why?

All these statistics actually mean nothing if you do not have something to compare with, like the number of motorcycles on the road at that time. If only 100 motorcycles are on the road during winter and 50 of them died, that is enormous, with a 50% casualty rate. But if 1,000,000 are on the road and 50 died, it's a small percentage.

But the government will never publish these kind of statistics since then they can not keep the repression going, making a lot of money in the process. So they just try to scare us with one-sided figures.


14 August, 2013 - Trying To Figure Out This Motorcycle Photo
Dominican Republic Moto taxi
Dominican Republic flag
#Taxi #Photo #Confusing - When I saw this photo I was about to bin it when I suddenly realized that the photo was confusing. According to the text, the photo is that of a motorcycle taxi rider and a passenger with her purchased goods. But look closely at the photo. A left arm is going about the passenger's head, while another left arm is holding a sack. Or is it that there is a third person on the motorcycle?


13 August, 2013 - Ad: Honda Motorcycles - Your Weekend Treat - Nice!
Honda Weekend Treat
Honda logo
#Advertisement #Honda #Motocross - A nice print advertisement from Israel for the Honda CRF250R motorcycle. It's a motocross bike, so you can imagine the jumps you can make with it.

The advertisement company, McCann Erickson, thought of a different way of visualizing the jumps and playing with words at the same time...........

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13 August, 2013 - Always Carry Your Tools With You - Easy and Compact
Man Ring
Man Ring
#Ring #Tools #Novelty - Who has not ever had to do some minor repairs, even on your motorcycle, and discover that you did not have your tools with you. I usually have some basic tools with me on my motorcycle (though I probably do not know how to use them), but often enough I forget to put them on my bike when I head for the open road.

So here is an interesting "man-tool" (obviously girls can get it as well, but it is kind-of big). It is a titanium ring, but apart from it being a ring, it is the Swiss-army knife of rings. Inside the ring are several tools that you can use to cut, saw and even open beer bottles...........

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13 August, 2013 - Dominican Republic: Most Lethal Country To Ride A Motorcycle In
Dominican Republic Pillion Crowded
Dominican Republic flag
#DominicanRepublic #Deadly #Accidents - So if you thought your daily motorcycle ride was dangerous, try riding in the Dominican Republic. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), 1,400 inhabitants are killed on their roads every year. For an 11 million people country, that represents 43 fatal accidents for every 100,000 people (in comparison, the USA sees 11 deaths per 100,000)...........

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12 August, 2013 - President of Russia, Putin, Prefers Riding Motorcycle Than Boring State Affairs
Vladimir Putin Biker
Russia flag
Recently the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, met with his biker buddy, the Night Wolves motorcycle club president, Aleksandr Zaldostanov, to award him a medal or two.

Putin had already been on a ride-out or two with the biker gang, although he did ride a three wheeler, he seemed to enjoy himself with this group of tough speaking, leather clad, bearded uber-macho men. It fit his image and style.

Zaldostanov invited him to come to another gathering held in Stalingrad, where they would have a motorcycle show planned for August 23rd. But Putin's time is accounted for by the second, and he spends too much time doing boring stuff, like throwing the Pussy Riots into jail, keeping Snowden out of Obama's hands and fishing big fish. But according to Putin "I want to be there with you, I would be glad to sit on a motorcycle and take off somewhere with you" and he added "I have boring matters to take care of."

Although he probably will not attend this biker party and ride-out, he might just surprise everyone and join in with his leather clad buddies.


12 August, 2013 - Is Erik Buell’s New Motorcycle A Hybrid?
Erik Buell Hybrid Motorcycle
Erik Buell Racing logo
#EricBuell #Hybrid #Motorcycle - A lot has been written recently about Erik Buell's new sports motorcycle. Several teasers, hints here and there, but so far no details have been published.

But a quick look at recently filed patents will show that Erik Buell filed a patent for a hybrid motorcycle (and scooter). Maybe it's nothing, but the patent was filed January 2012.

You will see that the patent calls for an electric motor producing in excess of 200 horsepower, possibly even 400 hp! Engine displacement can be anything from 100 to 1000 cc...........

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12 August, 2013 - Gibraltar Way Of Cooling Down On A Scooter
Gibraltar Cooling Down Scooter
Gibraltar flag
#Cooling #Scooter #Funny - You think this works? Funny though...


9 August, 2013 - Video: Bajaj Caliber - Romantic TV Commercial
Bajaj Caliber Romantic Ad
Bajaj logo
#Bajaj #Commercial #India #Romantic - This TV commercial from Bajaj is old, but still very good (as are most of their advertisements). It is the story of a young man, riding around the country on his Bajaj Caliber motorcycle looking for his long lost sweetheart. All he has is an old photograph of her, and he is looking for her while bearing a gift.

And finally, after looking over the whole country, he does meet her, but it does not go as planned. So far, Bajaj have rarely disappointed me with their ads, they have been first class..........

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9 August, 2013 - Heading To My Office - Dog Is Manning The Desk
Office Dog
If everything has gone as planned, I should be on the road for the last part of my journey home.

I should be arriving in a few hours, and hopefully my dogs will not have messed up the office too much...


9 August, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 9 August 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
While in the road for a week, with little or no internet access at times, I did manage to read some interesting or funny motorcycle related articles which I want to share with you. Here is a week's worth of articles.

- Filming With Your Gopro? Here Are A Few Tips For e-Scooter Riders (Beijing Electric Bike Tours)
- How To Avoid Back Pains On Your Motorcycle Ride (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Uk One Five Admits Drug Driving (TISPOL)


8 August, 2013 - India: Triumph Motorcycles Finally Ready To Hit The Market
Triumph India Launch
Triumph logo
#Triumph #India - It has taken the English Triumph Motorcycles longer than expected to enter the lucrative market of India, one year delay. According to Triumph, they will begin operating in India in November this year.

After a false start, dumping the proposed assembly plant in Bengaluru, they now plan to assemble the British made motorcycles in Haryana. To run the Indian operation, Triumph have hired away the former General Manager Sales of Bajaj and made him Managing Director.


8 August, 2013 - Darwin Award Nominee #82763: Self Filming Speeding Motorcycle 271 kph
French Biker Caught Tape
France flag
#Darwin #Speeding #Motorcycles - Some people really do not deserve to be called "human", and some have a room temperature I.Q. A French biker was stopped by the local Gendarmes after he was spotted riding his motorcycle in excess of 250 kph. The cops were drawn to his bike because of the extreme high noise it was making, since it was riding in full revs.

The cops stopped him and while inspecting his Suzuki bike, discovered a camera mounted on his handlebar. After watching the homemade video, they discovered that this 22 year old biker, with 2 years experience riding motorcycles, filmed himself riding at 271 kph on a road limited to 110, and 227 kph on a road limited to 90 kph.

The young biker explained his actions by saying he was "testing the video camera". He is now without a motorcycle and camera, no license and a court date.


7 August, 2013 - Motorcycles and The Eiffel Tower - Chinese Version
Eiffel Tower China Version
China flag
#Eiffel #China - Here we see two photos of motorcycles riding past the Chinese Eiffel Tower. .... Wait.. What? Chinese Eiffel Tower???

So we got the original in Paris, a second big copy in Las Vegas, and now one in China....


7 August, 2013 - Europe: Cross-Border Fines - The Scoop
Peeing on a speed radar
Europe flag
#Fines #Europe #Data - We mentioned last week that Spain and France have signed a bilateral agreement to exchange vehicle data in case of speeding and other fines. What this means, if you get caught by an automatic radar speeding on your motorcycle in one country, you will get the fine sent to you in your home country, since now the authorities have your details in their computers. But the agreement is not only between Spain and France. In fact, the European Union have made it a law that will officially start on 7 November, and only Ireland, United Kingdom and Denmark have refused to sign the new law.

So all other European countries will exchange your vehicle's data; manufacturer, model, your address, etc. So now if you get caught speeding in any of the European countries (except the three "mavericks") you will receive the fine at home. The fines are not limited to speeding; red lights, DUI, telephoning while driving, not wearing a seat belt, etc. The only fines that escape the European law are parking fines, but these are dealt with in bilateral agreements...........

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6 August, 2013 - Video: Latvian Motorcycle PSA - Making Scooters Even Smaller
Latvia Scooter PSA
Latvia flag
#PSA #Safety #Scooters #Latvia - Here is a video of a group of people trying to get a message across that scooters are small and difficult to see, so please watch out for them. The way they do it, is by placing a toy scooter on the ground of a gas station, and placing some text around them.

People who walk past and almost hit the toy will see the text and "learn the lesson". Folks who do not see the toy and crush it, do not see what has happened. So they will not learn. So people who pay attention and would normally see motorcycles on the road are being taught a lesson, while people who crash into us, will not.

In other words, an exercise that is a bit useless. But then again, anything to promote motorcycle & scooter safety is better than nothing. Have a look at the video


6 August, 2013 - How To Handle A Heat Wave As A Motorcycle Rider
Heat Wave For Bikers
#Funny #Heat #Water - When it gets hot, even riding your motorcycle will not cool you down.

So there is only one thing you can do, and that is hit the water.


5 August, 2013 - Idea: Cut Down CO2 Emissions On Your Motorcycle Without Going Electric
#Ecology #CO2ube #Pollution - I think most people will agree at this stage that global warming and pollution go hand in hand. There are more and more cars and motorcycles on the road, generating an increasingly and alarming level of CO2. Even if you do not believe that CO2 is causing global warming, or do not believe in global warming altogether, the fact remains that CO2 is bad. It is bad for your health - full stop.

One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to go green; get a hybrid or an electric vehicle. But apart from range issues, they are just very expensive (still). This will change over time, but today you need to have a healthy bank account to be able to afford one.

A Kickstarter project which is currently looking for crowd funds is called CO2ube. The project got started by Param Jaggi, someone who graced the covers of Forbes magazine as a under-30 eco-genius. His idea is to reduce CO2 at the source; your engine's exhaust...........

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5 August, 2013 - Gone On A Plum Assignment - Taking My Baby With Me
Gone Motorcycle Ride With Baby
#Funny #Parenting #Fail - I have received over the weekend a nice plum assignment from one of the magazines I work for. It is pretty last minute stuff, so I did not have the time to prepare many articles for your amusement, and the return date is a bit up-in-the-air as well.

I hope to be back by next weekend, so normal regular articles will appear by then. In the mean time, I have not forgotten you, and you will receive some amusing and/or informative motorcycle articles during the week. I am traveling with PC, so if anything comes up, and I have the time, I will let you know.

On this trip, I have taken my baby with me (although my SWMBO does not like being called "baby")...


2 August, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 2 August 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
We are now in the real last month of summer, and after that it is downhill. But great motorcycle related stories do not stop. Here are a few I have been reading over the last week.

- Motorcycle futurism: space age dreams come to life on two wheels (The Verge)
- Help How Do I Pack For Sturgis (Biker Chick News)
- What Exactly Is Horsepower, Anyway (Jalopnik)
- Camping On A Motorcycle And The Dangers Of Fires (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)


2 August, 2013 - UK: Government To Ban Google Glass From The Road?
Google Glass Motorcycle Helmet
UK flag
#Glass #Technology #Politics - So the big news for the Google Glass project is that the UK government is planning to ban its usage on the road, meaning car and motorcycle drivers will not be allowed to use it. First of all I find it incredible that the English politicians are already up in arms about this test project from Google since the beta testers of Google Glass are only in the USA. There are none in the UK! So all they can do is talk about something they have read about.

Secondly, on paper, Google Glass could be an enormous advantage for motorcycle riders. For those of you who ride a bike and use a GPS, being able to see where you need to go without taking your eyes of the road is a blessing...........

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2 August, 2013 - Cool Photo: Young Biker, Into The Wind
Young in the wind
#Children #Cool - Do we not all love to be riding our motorcycles, with our face into the wind, enjoying the sensations our bikes give us?

But it looks like young children love it as well....


1 August, 2013 - UK: Interactive Map Of Accident Statistics
MCE UK Motorcycle Accidents Statistics
UK flag
#UK #Statistics #Motorcycles - MCE Insurance of the UK have published on their web site an interesting interactive map of motorcycle accidents on the British island. With a quick glance you can see where most of the motorcycle accidents happen.

The initial graph/map is for general motorcycle accidents, but by selecting one of "drill-down" options on your left, you can see more details. Details like sex (meaning gender), road conditions, age, time of day, day of the week etc...........

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1 August, 2013 - Darwin Award Nominee #9273: Stoned And Speeding
Marijuana Smoking Helmet
Darwin Award Logo
#Darwin #Award #Squid - Here is another sure shot at the title, the nominee for a coveted Darwin Award (Darwin awards are for people who should not breed, and are the weakest link in our society). Although many people think Darwin awards should go to someone who has actually been killed doing something stupid, the award can also go to people who have acted in such a way they should have died, but got lucky.

In this case, a French 32 motorcycle rider got clocked by the cops on a 90 kph (56 mph) road doing 206 kph (128 mph). When he was finally stopped, they discovered he was not riding a motorcycle, but flying it since he was as high as a kite on dope..........

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1 August, 2013 - DIY Redneck Motorcycle Sidecar
DIY Red neck Sidecar
#Funny #Sidecar #DIY - Hmmmm creativity known no boundaries. Making your own motorcycle sidecar seems easy.



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