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29 September, 2006 - Scary Motorcycle Exhaust
Scary Motorcycle Exhaust
Now here's a very scary motorcycle exhaust.

Right out of a Mad Max movie !


29 September, 2006 - Video: Riding Down The Paris Peripherique - Bad Way
Video clip inside
Yesterday's video of a "normal" motorcycle riding in the busy Paris Peripherique is tame compared to this one. It's the famous Black Prince who took the Paris Ring road in 11 seconds, riding his motorcycle at 250 kph.


28 September, 2006 - Video: Riding Down The Paris Peripherique
Video clip inside
A good video clip of someone riding their motorcycle during rush hour on the Parisian Peripherique (ring road). Not excessive fast or slow, this shows you the way many Frenchmen commute to work.


27 September, 2006 - Video: Awareness - Loud Motorcycles
Video clip inside
Not all motorcycle ads are pro-motorcycles. Here's an awareness TV ad against loud motorcycles.


27 September, 2006 - That’s a Lot of Police Motorcycles
Chinese Police Motorcycles
A photo of a Police Officer walking between 1,200 Police motorcycles.

Where else but China ??


26 September, 2006 - BNW Motorcycles Testing Airbag - Spy Photo
Oliepeil Airbag
Are they testing their own version of the airbag for motorcycles ? Find out yourself !

Photo courtesy


25 September, 2006 - Electricross - Electric Motocrosser
Electricross Drifter
A 3rd serious electrical motorcycles; the Electricross. Power, speed, range and reasonably cheap.

Are we moving towards more and more electric motorcycles.

Has the time come ?


22 September, 2006 - Woow - Whizzer Bikes
Whizzer Motorbike
Never heard of them, but I'm sure that many people in the USA have.

Whizzer motorbikes (read motorized bicycles) produce some really cool looking gear.

Good idea for me for when I loose my driving license.


21 September, 2006 - Ducati Bicycles
Ducati logo
Ducati are producing three bicycles together with Bianchi. Very snazzy looking bicycles.

For those of you who have always wanted a Ducati, but couldn't afford one ...


21 September, 2006 - Video: TV Ads for TomTom, SuperStore & King Mints
Video clip inside
A look at three TV ads; TomTom, King Mints and Superstore. Using fun in ads, sells !!


21 September, 2006 - Richard Hammond in Critical Condition
Richard Hammond
Celeb TV presenter (Top Gear, Brainiac) and MCN reporter, crashed his jet car at 300 mph, and is in serious condition in the hospital.


20 September, 2006 - Video: Harley - Is This For Real ?
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
A "strange" ad for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Is this a real one, or a spoof ??? You tell me...


20 September, 2006 - Costa Rica Motorcycle Tours
Moto Tours Costa Rica
Moto Tours Costa Rica offer a full road or off-road motorcycle tour of Costa Rica on KTM motorcycles.

You can even rent their motorcycles to discover this beautiful Central American country by yourself.


19 September, 2006 - Video: Harley and the State Lottery Ads
Video clip inside
A series of TV Ads for a lottery in the USA, using Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Quite funny.


19 September, 2006 - Speed Radars and the Next Generation
Sagem Mesta 2000
The latest technology has been introduced to the new generation speeding radars.

Smaller, faster, more accurate, when will this end ??


18 September, 2006 - Electric Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
Electrical Harley-Davidson motorcycle
Carl Vogel, an expert in bio-diesel, produced the first electrical powered Harley-Davidson, including a small, bio-diesel, generator to charge the 10 batteries.

Decent speeds and mileage. Will the Milwaukee firm ever mass produce one ??


18 September, 2006 - Cannonball Bike Run Report and VisorDown
Mick Doohan's Visordown Sponsored Suzuki
Visor down's newly redesigned website has an interesting report by one of their riders on his race in the latest Cannonball Bike Run.

70+ motorcycles in a highly illegal motorcycle race through Europe. Smoky and the Bandits move over.


15 September, 2006 - Bol D’Or, Aprilia and a webcam
Web Article
Aprilia logo
Aprilia have installed a webcam for the Bol d'Or, AND a camera on their factory RSV. See the action live on your PC.


15 September, 2006 - GNCC Podcast Interviews with Racers logo
A look at a website offering PODcast interviews with off road racers from the GNCC series in the USA.

Three celebrity interviewers asking the questions.


15 September, 2006 - Video: Police Chase Motorcycle - Biker’s View
Video clip inside
Not much into Police chase videos, this one is very interesting since it's from the motorcycle's perspective. This 5 minute video is filmed from two cameras, front and rear, on the motorcycle. It's obvious that they are taunting the Police, who are very outgunned in the Volvo.


14 September, 2006 - Video: Crossing the Millau Viaduct
Video clip inside
A look at the famous Millau Viaduct, world's tallest suspension bridge, and a video clip of a BMW K1200LT crossing the 2.5 kilometers long bridge.


14 September, 2006 - Cellphones, Motorcycles and Road Signs
Stop Using Cellphones Road Sign
If only we could see these kind of road signs for real.

Wouldn't that be great ?


13 September, 2006 - Hit-Air Motorcycle Gloves
Hit-Air Motorcycle Glove
Hit-Air are one of the main inflatable airbag jackets manufacturers in the world, but did you know they also produce motorcycle gloves ?


12 September, 2006 - Cell Phones and Driving
Law Article
Cells phones in cars are dangerous for us motorcycle riders. Sweden is about to ban all cell phones, including hands-free ones. Here's a list of countries with regulations against mobile phone usage.


12 September, 2006 - Revolutionary Motorcycle Rider Protection
Dow Corning Active Protection System for Motorcycle Jackets
Do Corning have released a miracle material for motorcycle clothing.

Light, comfortable, integrated, but with 40% more protection.

Called the Active Protection System, this looks like the way forward.


11 September, 2006 - Belgium and Motorcycle Greenlanes
Politics Article
The Belgium motorcycle riders have their share of problems with new laws forbidding them to ride off-road. A small protest of 500 bikers ended in the Minister's garden.


11 September, 2006 - So This Is What A Deer Crash Looks Like
Video clip inside
I've never seen a deer on the road (not many around here), so was quite surprised at the speed they throw themselves in front of your motorcycle. Here's the video clip (40 seconds).


8 September, 2006 - Video: Levis Ad
Video clip inside
Found an interesting and cool Levis ad from the 90's. Nice one !


7 September, 2006 - Electric Motorcycle/Car/Scooter/Whatever
Tango T600
A new electric car/motorcycle, with very high performance specifications, long range, funny looks, but a very high price tag.

Are we ever going to get to an economical, ecological, high performance vehicle ?


7 September, 2006 - No Crossword Puzzles On This Site
This Site Article
Since only 2 people stated they wanted the motorcycle crossword puzzle, it's not going to happen. Back to the drawing board...


6 September, 2006 - DVD Review: Choppertown - The Sinners
A review of the "Choppertown - The Sinners" DVD. Real life documentary, not only of some guys trying to build a real chopper (instead of one of those $100,000 static ones), but also a close insight of the Sinners motorcycle club.


5 September, 2006 - Interesting RTW Site - Simon and Lisa Thomas
Lisa Thomas
Simon Thomas
A look at a great RTW website, produced by Lisa and Simon Thomas about their current world travels on their motorcycles.

They've been on the road since 2003, and have been taking loads of great photos, and writing superb diaries. A must see for the budding or armchair traveller.


4 September, 2006 - Ultimate Heated Motorcycle Saddle
Motorcycle Saddle Heat
Would this photo qualify as the best and ultimate heated motorcycle saddle ?


1 September, 2006 - Motorcycle Wiki
Motorcycle Wiki website
A motorcycle Wiki was started by MBI member Wheelhound, and is steadily growing with loads of information.

You too can help by providing information to this on-line motorcycle encyclopedia.



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