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30 September, 2008 - Sneaky French Police Radar
Sneaky radar
The French Police have set up a really sneaky speed trap. It's a radar camouflaged as a warning pillar, the kind you find at work-in-progress sites.



30 September, 2008 - Taipei: Police Looking For Nude Motorcycle Rider
Fun Article
A 30-40 year old man was spotted riding his motorcycle for one hour in Taipei, wearing only his helmet. This during the aftermath of the typhoon.

I guess he had a helmet, since he did not want to be exposed....


30 September, 2008 - Fill Up My Motorcycle With Vodka, Please
Motorcycle filling up with vodka bottles
Is this the latest ecology thing? Instead of using gasoline, you fill up your motorcycle with Vodka.

At least you can take a drink from your fuel tank...


29 September, 2008 - Book Review: Wind In My Face
Book cover Wind In My Face
A review of the book entitled "Wind In My Face" by Canadian author Dorothy Bush.

The book can be of interest to women who are thinking about starting to ride motorcycles in Canada.


29 September, 2008 - Fretigne Wins AMV Shamrock of Maroc Motorcycle Rally
AMV Shamrock rally
Frenchman, David Fretigne, wins the AMV Shamrock rally of Morocco on his Yamaha motorcycles.

This is one race that KTM has not won, since 2nd and 3rd place are for Honda motorcycles.


29 September, 2008 - Bali: Motorcycle Exodus
Motorcycle Exodus on Bali
Motorcycle Exodus on Bali
A mass exodus of motorcycle on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Not because of a plague, but because of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr.


26 September, 2008 - Top Internet Stories 26-Sep-2008
Web Article
The week's, rather slim, pickings of motorcycle stories found on the internet.


26 September, 2008 - Lots Of Recovered Stolen Motorcycles
Recovered stolen motorcycles
That's quite a lot of stolen motorcycles that have been recovered in Indonesia.

But it does show you how many get stolen everyday, since only a very small percentage gets recovered.


26 September, 2008 - Chrome Cowgirl: Sasha’s New Motorcycle Book Out
Book Article
Sasha Mullins, a fellow motorcycle blogger and journalist, has released her latest book. Called "The Chrome Cowgirl", it's a motorcycle guidebook for women (though guys can learn a thing or two).

Her website has the first chapter on-line, so head over and see if you like it..


25 September, 2008 - One Caterpillar And A Couple Of Motorcycles
Motorcycles crushed by a Caterpillar
This is the results when you mix a Caterpillar and a couple of confiscated motorcycles, and fake spare parts.

Big party, lots of VIPs, cocktails, finger-food .... bring in the lions...


25 September, 2008 - Motocross Of Nations Widget
Web Article
Racing Article
MediaZone Moto, the transmission rights owners of the Motocross of Nations event in North America, has released a nice widget that can be used on your desktop, social network or blog.

It shows you the count down to this weekend grand event, and also shows you video clips of the last 2 years.

35 countries are participating at the Donington Park Circuit. In North America, you'll be able to watch the event live on your PC.


25 September, 2008 - Europe 2011: All New Vehicles To Have DRL
European logo
The European Commission (with agreement of the European Motorcycle association FEMA) have announced that as off 2011, all cars must have Daytime Running Lights (DRL).

It's a blow for motorcycle safety, since until now, in most European countries, it was the fact that motorcycles had their lights on during the day that enabled us to be seen by cars. Now, despite the fact that the lights are "special", our safety margin has diminished.


24 September, 2008 - Video: Yamaha MT-03 Motorcycle And Jetski
Click to see the Video clip
Yamaha logo
Nice promo video clip from Yamaha. It not only features their MT-03 motorcycle, but also one of their jetskis.

Throw in some cool music and a pretty girl...


24 September, 2008 - Cool Motorcycle Saddle
Cool Ass Motorcycle Saddle cover
Cool Ass Motorcycle Saddle cover
Riding a motorcycle or scooter in hot temperatures is fun, but what's not fun, is getting on your saddle after your motorcycle has been left out in the sun to bake for a few hours.

CoolAss hopes to remedy this problem. It's a heat shield, i.e., it reflects the heat, keeping your saddle cool (and dry in case of rain). Remove the cover, and hope on your motorcycle and ride away into the sunset.


24 September, 2008 - Riding The River On Your Motorcycle
Scooter on water
Talk about flooded streets. This motorcycle looks like its riding on a river.

Nice photo...


23 September, 2008 - France: No Motorcycle License For MP3 250 and 400
Piaggio MP3 400 Scooter
In France you are allowed to ride a 125cc motorcycle or scooter if you have a car license for at least 2 years. Anything above 125cc takes ages and hard effort to get a license for.

But as off next month, people without a motorcycle license are allowed to ride the Piaggio MP3 250 and 400 cc scooters.


23 September, 2008 - Another Ferrari Bike
Ferrari bicycle
Yep, another Ferrari bike, but this time it's a real bike, i.e., a bicycle.

Nothing to do with last week's Ferrari inspired motorcycle, but now a kiddie bike, including training wheels.

Since it has the Ferrari name on it, you'll be paying a lot more money for that... US$480.


23 September, 2008 - OCC Endorse McCain, Build Him A Motorcycle
Paul Teutul and John McCain
Paul Teutul from OCC made a surprise visit to John McCain.

OCC produced a special motorcycle for John McCain and presented it to him. The motorcycle came with free riding lessons... ;-))


22 September, 2008 - Demos - Motorcycle Watches
Demos motorcycle watch
Demos motorcycle watch
Demos wristwatches are watches made for motorcycle riders.

The watch bands either look like a motorcycle chain, or a motorcycle tire thread.

You can get them starting at US$155, so not too expensive to have something unusual.


22 September, 2008 - Despite Clampdowns, 100K Speeders Per Day In Europe
Statistics Article
TisPol logo
The second time that the combined Police forces in Europe went after motorcycle and car speeders during one whole week. The 1st time was in April, and not much has changed.

800,000 speeders were caught during the week, representing over 100,000 speeders per day !

And guess what... half of them where in France!


22 September, 2008 - KTM Motorcycle - In The "Start Them Young" Department
KTM Bicycle for kids
KTM logo
Any younger, and KTM will need to produce motorcycles for your kids for inside the womb...

Here's a KTM, with adjustable seat, for children aged 2-5 years.

For the next Cyril Despres or Marc Coma?


19 September, 2008 - Top Internet Stories 19-Sep-2008
Web Article
Here's what you may have missed on the internet motorcycle stories last 7 days.

Isn't it wonderful, the internet?


19 September, 2008 - Stopping Real Hard On Your Motorcycle
Motorcycle with parachute
When normal braking is not enough on your motorcycle, here's the ultimate stopping power...

Hard braking, and no wheelie...


19 September, 2008 - Video: Geico Motorcycle Insurance For Cavemen
Video clip
Geico logo
Geico insurance company has a really strange motorcycle insurance TV ad.

I don't get it.... am I too old?


18 September, 2008 - If Ferrari Were To Make Motorcycles, This Would be It
Ferrari Motorcycle
Amir Glinik is a very talented designer. He has designed a motorcycle that looks like it really was designed by Ferrari.

Using a modified "V4" of an Ferrari Enzo car, he designed, this sleek and aerodynamic motorcycle, included the latest technology gadgets, such as ride-by-wire.

If only, if only... dream on..


18 September, 2008 - This Site Now Accessible Via Mobile Phone
Mobile Version
This site is now available to be accessed via mobile phone browsers.

So if you have a mobile phone (like the iPhone), you can access a special version of this site. The full article is not yet ready for a real mobile phone version, but it's readable.

Click here--> to access it on your phone.


18 September, 2008 - UK: Kill Your Motorcycle Engine On Idle, Or Else
Traffic Jam
In the UK they (the politicians) are testing a new possible law, that says if you're in a traffic jam you need to switch off your engine.

Sounds good heh? Well, the idiots do say after how much time running on idle you must switch off, but they do say that it'll cost you £20 if you don't. So any fine-happy cop with a ticket quote is going to fine you.


18 September, 2008 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2008: Final Results Day 4
Red Bull Romaniacs 2008
The last day of the Red Bull Romaniacs hard motorcycle enduro. Time to really put the kamikaze riders through their paces.

Visits to the hospital are scheduled.


17 September, 2008 - Barbie’s BMW R1200GS Motorcycle
Barbie BMW R1200GS motorcycle
What are the odds that this BMW R1200GS motorcycle belongs to a woman?

Anyone disagree?


17 September, 2008 - Ashes On High Speed Motorcycle Chase
News Article
A young man (19 years) in the UK, decided to respect his dead father's last wish, and take him for a last motorcycle ride. He loaded his father's ashes on his Dad's Triumph motorcycle, and went for a spin.

The Police gave him a chase that you see in Hollywood movies, and eventually he was captured (and the ashes).

The stinger? The young lad was going to become a cop...


17 September, 2008 - The Netherlands: More Taxes For Motorcycles
The Joker
The Dutch Government has had it with motorcycles. They are going to dramatically increase the road tax for motorcycles starting next year.

Each year, they are planning to pile on more taxes, year after year.

Will someone please pull their finger out of the dike...


17 September, 2008 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2008: D-Day
Red Bull Romaniacs 2008 Hard Motorcycle Enduro
Day 3 for the contestants of the Red Bull Romaniacs hard motorcycle enduro in Romania.

A few riders are still left standing in the mud. Are you having fun yet?


16 September, 2008 - Stupidity Of Spammers And Fraudsters - Motorcycles
Fun Article
Some spammer and fraudsters are so stupid, it has become funny.

They think that contacting people with email, will result in readers handing over money to them, and allow them to retire in all comfort in Nigeria.


16 September, 2008 - UK: Motorists Are Major Cash-Cows
Cash cow
The UK government is in trouble, and are looking at generating more money. Tag ... you're it!

They are looking at taxing you for taking out your motorcycle on a "pay-as-you-use-it" basis, with penalties for using it for short distances!

Bring back the guillotine!


16 September, 2008 - Official Harley-Davidson Motorcycle YouTube Channel
Harley-Davidson YouTube
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson motorcycles have launched their official Harley channel on YouTube.

You can now enjoy their videos and the rider's video, and chat with other like minded motorcycle riders.


16 September, 2008 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2008: Shadow Riding
Red Bull Romaniacs 2008
Day 2 of the very hard motorcycle enduro, the Red Bull Romaniacs 2008.

This is a race that should be labelled "riding on your motorcycle on this enduro can seriously damage your nerves".


15 September, 2008 - New Automatic Motorcycle Wash System
Motorcycle wash Moto Express
FINALLY! A motorcycle wash like the automatic car washes available all over the world.

5 minutes to properly clean your motorcycle instead of 2 hours! YEAH!


15 September, 2008 - Red Bull Romanics 2008: Off The Road And Up The Hills
Red Bull Romaniacs 2008 -
Video clip
First real day of the Red Bull Romaniacs hard motorcycle enduro.

Crazy race... see the photos and video clip.

Who's next??


15 September, 2008 - Finding A Motorcycle Parking Space In The UK
Parklet web site
Web Article
Here's a website that you can use to find a parking space for your motorcycle (or car) in the UK. Prices have gotten so out of hand in the UK, that you really need a monthly rental, or even a purchase.

Incredible. And some of the prices you pay.....


15 September, 2008 - Europe Mobility Week: Motorcycles Are A Problem, Not A Solution
FEMA logo
European logo
FEMA have rightfully pulled an alarm bell!

In the European Mobility Week (designed to promote better transportation in cities), motorcycles are seen as a problem, not a solution. This is dangerous, since eventually the politicians are going to outlaw motorcycles!!!!

Read the article, and at the bottom is an email form you can fill in and start asking questions!


12 September, 2008 - Top Internet Stories 12-Sep-2008
Web Article
Here's what you may have missed on the internet motorcycle stories last 7 days.

Eventually, we'll reach the end of the web...


12 September, 2008 - Preparing Your Baby To Ride Motorcycles
Motorcycle baby stroller
If you want your baby to like motorcycle at an early age, you're going to have to start getting them used to a motorcycle.

Here's one way of doing it...


12 September, 2008 - No More Intra-Europe Speeding
European logo
The European Parliament is voting on a new law next month, that will make cross border traffic violations punishable in each other's countries.

What does it mean? You get caught speeding on your motorcycle in one country, you'll get fined in your own country.


11 September, 2008 - Imaginative Motorcycle Helmet Ads - BYE Helmets
Bye motorcycle helmet ad
Bye Helmets logo
Two imaginative print ads for Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer, BYE (owned by Yamaha).

Strange looking, but good concept...


11 September, 2008 - Motorcycle Rest Places For Bol D’Or 2008
Bol d'Or 2008
There are a large number of rest areas set aside for motorcycle riders attending the Bol d'Or motorcycle race this weekend.

Here's the list of places you can stop and rest, fill up with fuel, food, drinks, and generally relax amongst bikers.


11 September, 2008 - Le Touqet Enduropale 2009 Motorcycle Beach Enduro Announced
Le Touquet
The timetable for the 2009 Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle beach race have been released. World's biggest motorcycle race, with 3-500,000 spectators.

This year, every participant will get a DVD of the motorcycle race (see what you missed).


10 September, 2008 - Survey Results on Sons Of Anarchy
Statistics Article
Sons of Anarchy survey
The results are out of the mini survey we conducted on the motorcycle gang TV series "Sons of Anarchy".

This is what 7100+ people thought of the new series.


10 September, 2008 - New Colors For Ducati Multistrada and Hypermotard Motorcycles
Ducati Hypermotard White
Ducati logo
Ducati have announced that their prime new models, the Hypermotard and Multistrada motorcycles are now available in Pearl White color.

And here I was, thinking that you could have any color you wanted on your motorcycles, as long as it is red....


10 September, 2008 - Start Of The Notorious RedBull RoManiacs This Weekend
Red Bull RoManiacs 2008
Red Bull Romaniacs 2007 motorcycle enduro
This weekend sees the 5th edition of the extreme hard motorcycle enduro, the Red Bull Romaniacs.

Only riders with suicide tendencies need to apply.


9 September, 2008 - Video: Filming A Bicycle Race On A Motorcycle - Not!
Video clip
Following a bicycle race on your motorcycle with a cameraman as pillion is not as easy as you would think.

Here's a video proof, that it can be very difficult. And then to get things back on the road as quickly as possible, getting the motorcycle back on its wheels is not easy....


9 September, 2008 - Riding Motorcycle Into A Hurricane
Motorcycle into the hurricane
Riding your motorcycle into a hurricane takes guts (or stupidity).

But then, some people don't have a choice...


9 September, 2008 - Video: Yamaha R1 Motorcycle - 2009 Model
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Promo video clip of Yamaha's R1 motorcycle, 2009 model (2010 for the USA).

Nice bike....quite an evolution.


8 September, 2008 - Colin Edwards Smoking!
Colin Edwards on fire on his Aprilia motorcycle
Where was I when this went down. I missed it completely...

Texan Colin Edwards on fire in his first year of the MotoGP, riding his Aprilia motorcycle in the Sachsenring.

The year: 2003...


8 September, 2008 - Prince Harry Gets Motorcycle License
News Article
UK Prince Harry has finally gotten his motorcycle license, although he has been seen riding motorcycle previously.

He finally went and got his precious piece of paper, since he and his older brother, Prince William, are planning to ride motorcycles through Africa (for charity).


8 September, 2008 - Would She Get Your Vote Because She Sits On A Motorcycle?
Sarah Palin on a motorcycle
Would a VP-candidate sitting on a Harley motorcycle be an influence in your choice for President of the USA?

Or would it be against her?


5 September, 2008 - Top Internet Stories 5-Sep-2008
Web Article
Here's what you may have missed on the internet motorcycle stories last 7 days.


5 September, 2008 - So? What Did You Think Of Anarchy?
Statistics Article
After the first episode of Sons of Anarchy, I really would like to know what you though.

Here's a single question survey, so it will not take more than 5 seconds of your time.


5 September, 2008 - Nice Vespa Print Ad
Vespa advertisement
Vespa logo
Here's a very good print advertisement for Vespa scooters (Australia).

However, this ad would be better if it was for general motorcycles, any motorcycle or scooter.... one photo says it all!


4 September, 2008 - Video: Bajaj 125 XCD DTS-Si (Peru) TV Ad
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Bajaj again, with their usually good motorcycle ads.

This one is from Peru.


4 September, 2008 - China Motorcycle Police Display
Chinese motorcycle Police in Beijing
The Chinese motorcycle Police are showing off their riding skills just before the Paralympics opens this week in Beijing, China.

Looking good!


4 September, 2008 - Put A Tiger In Your Ducati Motorcycle
Ducati Tiger motorcycle
Going one step further than Esso's slogan "Put a tiger in your tank", here's someone who transformed his Ducati Monster motorcycle into a Tiger...

Does that make it into a Ducati Monster Tiger motorcycle?


3 September, 2008 - 3 USA Representative Of BMW GS Motorcycle Trophy Selected
Team USA BMW GS Trophy
BMW logo
The first Team USA for the BMW International GS Trophy have been selected. 3 BMW motorcycle owners and 3 journalists get to ride BMW F800GS motorcycles in the deserts of Tunisia for a grueling 10 days.


3 September, 2008 - Review: ChatterBox XBi
ChatterBox XBi Bluetooth motorcycle communicator
ChatterBox logo
A complete and detailed review of the ChatterBox XBi Bluetooth communications device for motorcycles.

Bluetooth 2, Stereo, additional analog music input and intercom.


3 September, 2008 - 2 Seats Not Enough On A Motorcycle? Want 5? No Problem
5 Seat 4 engines Harley-Davidson motorcycle
Sometimes 2 or even 3 seats just isn't enough on a motorcycle. If you got a SWMBO and 3 kids, you've got a problem.

But not for this Harley-Davidson dealer in the USA. Using 4 engines, he made a single motorcycle with 5 seats.

Oh yeah, he also used a beer keg!


2 September, 2008 - New GPS For Motorcycles: Becker Traffic Assist Z 100 Crocodile
Becker Traffic Assist Z 100 Crocodile
German Becker have released details of their for-motorcycles GPS, the Crocodile.

Rubber coated, rugged, water resistant, real 3-D navigating, the unit has been optimized for motorcycles.

Available next month, it'll cost you €300.


2 September, 2008 - Review: Sons of Anarchy TV Series
Ron Perlman
A review of the new TV series that airs this September the 3rd in the USA called "Sons of Anarchy".

It's a very watchable TV series about a biker gang in the US. It's not meant for motorcycle diehards, it's for the general public. And in that, it's very good.

Drama and action.... centered around "criminals" that ride motorcycles. And no, don't compare it with the Sopranos, it's not that kind of series.


2 September, 2008 - Stuffed On A Motorcycle
5 men on a motorcycle
Five men on one single motorcycle. Not kids and wives, but 5 full grown men....

Impressive motorcycle to be able to handle that!


1 September, 2008 - Video: 2 Ethamax For Motorcycles Commercials
Video clip
Video clip
Two TV commercials for the fuel additive for motorcycles, Ethamax. On it's own, no need to see them, expect the first one...

Though a pretty and sexy girl, I've never seen a pillion sit on the motorcycle before the rider... unusual or normal????


1 September, 2008 - Blind Man Build His Own Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
News Article
Bud lost his sight some time ago, but that didn't end his passion for motorcycles.

So he built a special Harley-Davidson motorcycle himself, that allowed him to ride his motorcycle, with the help of his friends.



1 September, 2008 - Vintage Motorcycle Rally Of Therouldeville
Therouldeville vintage motorcycle race
Once a year, in a village 5 kilometers from my house there's a vintage motorcycle race. It's called the 4 hours of Valmont, and they have a large collection of old motorcycles running around the countryside amongst the cows.

Some motorcycle were so old that even Senator McCain would have a problem recognizing them...

Here are 20 photos taken of the event.



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