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30 September, 2009 - You think He Is A Bit Overloaded?
You'd think that this guy has slightly overloaded his motorcycle-thingy...

Would you??


30 September, 2009 - France: Motorcycle Study - Then and Now
France Article
Statistics Article
A study report has been published about the motorcycle world in France. Compared to a similar study made in 2004, you can see some evolution.

Here are the salient facts of this year's research on the motorcycle world in France.


30 September, 2009 - Motorcyclist Hit By A Kangaroo
Weird. We usually hit animals on the road in this part of the world, but Down Under, it's the opposite...

Animals hit you. In this case, a motorcycle rider got hit by a kangaroo. The kangaroo escape without leaving details....


29 September, 2009 - The Heaviest Motorcycle Wins The Race?
Is this a race of heavy loaded motorcycles?

If so, the heaviest one (6 people on board) is winning!


29 September, 2009 - Video: UK Motorcycle Safety Campaign Optical Illusion
Video clip
Interesting UK safety TV ad geared towards car drivers, to make them aware of motorcycles.

In sharp contrast with current safety ads, this one does not use shock techniques (just a little), but uses a good explanation why you should "give a motorcyclist a second thought".

Very well done ad from Transport for London.


29 September, 2009 - Motorcycle Honeymoon - Going The Distance
An English couple got hitched, and instead of going to Hawaii for their honeymoon, they got an Ural motorcycle sidecar, and are riding from Alaska to the South most point of South America.

Mike and Alanna Clear are also making a documentary on relationships, called "Going The Distance", which IMHO is very appropriate.

They have a blog, with loads of videos and photos of the people they are meeting along the way.



28 September, 2009 - Bringing Food With You On A Motorcycle
This is THE solution for bringing food with you on those long motorcycle trips...

Why didn't I think of it....


28 September, 2009 - Motorcycle Helmet Lock
A simple, but effective helmet lock.

Designed for bicycles, I think this should work for motorcycles.


28 September, 2009 - Mickey Mouse Motorcycle
Pretty neat. A child's toy (tough no longer for children), dating back to 1930, representing Mickey and Minnie Mouse on a motorcycle, is being auctioned off.

They estimated they'll get between $40,000 and $60,000 for the toy. So who ever buys it, will never give it to a child... will hey?


25 September, 2009 - Update: Moto Morini Financial Woes
Moto Morini logo
Moto Morini have issued a press release stating that things aren't as bad as it would seem.

Yes, they are having problems, but no, they are still paying their employees. They have filed, voluntarily, for bankruptcy protection.

So if you're a supplier, you're the one with the problem.


25 September, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 25 September 2009
Web Article
Here are some motorcycle related articles of interest:

- Motorcycle Maintenance Reminder
- How Good Is Your Motorcycle Oil
- Hi, I Am Doug And I Am A Bike-aholic
- New Firstgear D3O TPG Armor Testing
- Motorcycle Tires A Brief Intro


25 September, 2009 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Latino Motorcycle Riders - Harlistas
Harley-Davidson logo
Three interesting print ads from Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The ads depict Latino Harley riders, called Harlistas, each with their life story and motto.


25 September, 2009 - Major Moto Guzzi Ride Out Through Europe To EICMA
Guzzi-Eagles-fly-2009 map
Moto Guzzi logo
Moto Guzzi have organized a major motorcycle ride-out in Europe.

Starting from 6 different locations in Europe, the 6 motorcycle caravans arrive at the same time in Milan, Italy to visit the EICMA motorcycle exhibition.

The package includes everything, hotels, ferries, restaurants... just show up with your Guzzi.


24 September, 2009 - General Motorcycle Knowledge Quiz #02
This Site Article
The 2nd general motorcycle knowledge quiz.

Last week's was tough, but don't expect an easy one. Asking simple questions is of no use.....

Have fun doing it....


24 September, 2009 - Moto Morini Files For Bankruptcy
Moto Morini logo
One of the "other" Italian motorcycle manufacturers, Moto Morini, has filed for bankruptcy protection.

They have not been able to pay the September salaries...

Bad news...


24 September, 2009 - Where To Go In The USA When Riding A Motorcycle
Here's a web site that provides interesting information about motorcycle rides in most states in the USA.

You can follow specific itineraries, or just find out what places are of interest to visit.


24 September, 2009 - UK: Crash Your Motorcycle? Pay For Road Damages!
News Article
A biker crashed his motorcycle in Scotland because of a stray sheep. Not his fault? Right ?

Wrong! According to the local authorities, he must pay £200 for the damage his motorcycle did when it burst out in flames.


23 September, 2009 - Not So Strong Harley Motorcycle
English artist, Chris Gilmour, makes objects out of paper and cardboard.

Here's a Harley motorcycle he's made, which looks very, very, good. Excellent workmanship.


23 September, 2009 - Mammary Glands On Bikes 2009 Edition
The 2009 edition of Boobs on Bikes was held again in New Zealand, and despite a few protests, it was a hit.

The adult entertainment industry meets the motorcycle industry - a shock!


23 September, 2009 - This Will Wake You Up On The Motorway In A Hurry!
This will scare the beejeezus out of you. It's a truck trailer, with a photo of the truck front, stuck on the rear. So it looks like it's coming towards you...

That'll stop tailgating...


22 September, 2009 - Video: Bajaj Peru - Dirty
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Here's a good and nice TV ad from good old Bajaj. But this time not from India, but from Peru.

Nobody beats Bajaj TV ads...


22 September, 2009 - USA: Renting A Suzuki Hayabusa Motorcycle
Not exactly a motorcycle you'd find easily available for rent, specially in the USA, but there you go, it's possible. in California rent out Hayabusas... but... you need to have 15 years riding experience, and part with US$199 per day for the pleasure. But it's extreme pleasure...


22 September, 2009 - Official Ducati Motorcycle Art
Ducati have an official Ducati motorcycle art web site, DucatiArt.

The web site shows some real Ducati motorcycle art, either Bike Art, Racing Art or Vintage Art. These are works of art produced by real artists, and they can all be bought.

Get some culture, and head over to an on-line art exhibition....


21 September, 2009 - Product Review: KTM Epic
KTM logo
A detailed review of the KTM EPIC backpack for motorcycle riders.

In one word: FANTASTIC!


21 September, 2009 - Video: Suzuki GSX-R Team Hammer
Video clip
Suzuki logo
Older TV ad for Suzuki GSX-R using the successful racing team Hammer.


21 September, 2009 - Motorcycle Trial In Shit-Kickers Country
A day in the back country of Normandy, France looking at a motorcycle trial competition.

It's a difficult motorcycle sport, very technical. Here's a photographic impression of the day..


21 September, 2009 - Watch The Ducati Xerox SuperBike Action This Weekend From The Pits
Ducati logo
Ducati are going to offer, free, live webcam streaming from Haga's pit lane garage during this weekend's World Superbike race.

You'll be able to see the live action while mechanics prepare Haga's Xerox motorcycle at Imola, Italy. Cool!


18 September, 2009 - Belgium: Fake Radars Coming
Guy makes a fake speed radar and installs it in his street. Fake radar is a success, now he is flooded with 100's of requests.

Guy goes in business selling fake radars.



18 September, 2009 - Erzberg Rodeo 2010 - Already
The 2010 dates for the next Erzberh extreme hard motorcycle enduro have been announced.

Write it down... June 3rd to 6th in Austria. Registrations will open shortly on their web site. Remember, there are limited number of places for kamikaze riders...


18 September, 2009 - Schuberth Motorcycle Helmets And Cardo Systems Ink Deal
Schuberth logo
Cardo logo
German motorcycle helmet manufacturer Schuberth, and American motorcycle wireless communication device maker, Cardo Systems, have signed a partnership deal.

Cardo will be making a new communication device purpose built for Schuberth C3, C2 and other helmets.

They hope to show the new device during the upcoming EICMA motorcycle exhibition.


17 September, 2009 - Motorcycle Quiz - Test Your Motorcycle Knowledge
This Site Article
I've started a new thing on this site; a general motorcycle knowledge quiz.

It's 10 multiple choice questions, on-line and immediate validation, and you don't need to register or input any info.

If you like it (or not), let me know, so I know if I should continue doing this quiz.

Have fun.


17 September, 2009 - Cafe Racers By The Wrenchmonkees
Here's an outfit in Denmark, called Wrenchmonkees, that transform some "bland" motorcycles into works of art, but practical works of art (ie you can ride them everyday).

Cafe racers from Hondas, Kawasakis, Harleys, etc.


17 September, 2009 - Hot Articles: Top 10 TV Motorcycle Mad Men & Women
Links Article
A link to a web site that has a list of the Top 10 TV shows that feature motorcycles, with a look a the character and motorcycle in question.


16 September, 2009 - Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Motorcycle Saddle
Motorcycle saddles are soooo 2009!

This is a much better way of riding your motorcycle.


16 September, 2009 - France: Massive Communication Campaign On Road Safety
The French government have started a massive TV campaign to prevent further road deaths.

20 TV ads, each with a specific topic, will be shown over the next few weeks.

The slogan? "Accidents Never Happen By Accident".


16 September, 2009 - Australia: Electronic Tagging Of Motorcycles Coming?
The Australians in Queensland have abandoned their idea of placing front license plates on motorcycles (after spending US$320,000 studying it), and have decided now to turn their attention to electronic tagging (RFID style) for motorcycles.

Obviously they'll be able to spend much more money studying electronic tagging before they throw away that "solution".


15 September, 2009 - What Has 4 Wheels But Is Not A Car?
Suzuki motorcycle hit from behind by a car
Holy crap! Hope the rider is OK....

A Suzuki GSX-R motorcycle hit from behind, either that or they were trying to mate...


15 September, 2009 - Fugly - Ducati Motorcycle Trailer
Ducati motorcycle with trailer
That would not be something I'd do with my Ducati motorcycle, no matter how bad the need to transport things.... putting a trailer on the motorcycle.



15 September, 2009 - Change In Commenting and Rating Function
Web Article
I've been playing with the comments & rating function thanks to being hit by spammers.

I've now re-opened the comments to all, registered or not, but now the comment need to be approved by me before they appear. That will keep spam from the site, but will slow down your comments.

This will need to be the way until Google invent the Captcha approval system... sorry.


15 September, 2009 - Motorcycles Clamped?
Slovenie motorcycle Clamp
And you thought that your motorcycle can't get clamped?

If you live in Slovenia you'd be wrong, very wrong!


14 September, 2009 - Interesting New Motorcycle Blogger
I found this interesting and totally different motorcycle blog web site out there that I had to share.

It's not about motorcycles, but about business and motorcycles, a world that new. The author, Dwain Deville, is a business coach to CEOs, and has written a book about Entrepreneurs and motorcycles. The web site deals with the same topic...

It makes interesting reading.


14 September, 2009 - Cambodia’s Prime Minister Braves The Rain On A Motorcycle
Not bad for a politician. Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia, rides a motorcycle during a storm to see a storm struck area...

Not bad..


14 September, 2009 - A Comfortable Harley-Davidson
Don't know why anyone would want to make a TV chair based on a motorcycle, but there you go... a Harley-Davidson TV armchair from the folks who make private theaters for the stars.

The chair even goes vroooom when pushing out the footrest. Comes with head- and taillight and even has mirrors...


13 September, 2009 - Bol D’Or 2009 Over: Nice Photo
The famous 24 hour motorcycle endurance race, the Bol D'Or, is over for another year.

The winner was SERT -Suzuki Endurance Racing Team. Congrats!

Isn't this a beautiful photo?


11 September, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 11 September 2009
Web Article
Maybe I was gone, but I was still able to gather interesting motorcycle stories for you. Here's what I found:

- Motorcycle 101: Lane Positioning
- Using Protection: Buell & Touratech
- Save Money Commuting By Motorcycle? Not So Fast
- Pillion Romance Riding


11 September, 2009 - Video: SKM Kawasaki GTO - Holy Crap!
Video clip
A TV ad for SKM Kawasaki for their GTO motorcycles in Pakistan.

They have a lot to learn from their next door neighbor, Bajaj in India.. at least for making TV ads...

This is a very recent TV ad, but looks like it was made in the 70's...


11 September, 2009 - Heading Back To La Douce France and My Office
Toilet office
I'm heading back to my adopted country, and to my wonderful office.

I hope I kept you sufficiently amused while I was on the road....


11 September, 2009 - Schumacher Back In The Motorcycle Saddle
Racing Article
German multiple world champion Formula One rider, Michael Schumacher, has been spotted training again on a Honda motorcycle in France.

Undeterred by a nasty accident recently, he's back in the saddle!


10 September, 2009 - Caravans And Motorcycles: Dethleffs’ Solution
Though this is "common" in North America, in Europe you don't see many caravans that are equipped to store a motorcycle.

German caravan manufacturer, Dethleffs, has introduced one recently. Nice...


10 September, 2009 - The Netherlands: No Fear For Police Chases
The Dutch cops have got a big problem on their hands. One of their main cars, the Volvo V50, has been declared unsafe at high speeds, and now cops are allowed to drive it up to a maximum speed of 140 kph.

The brakes of the car catch fire when used at high speeds. So not more motorcycle chases...


10 September, 2009 - A Motorcycle Built For .. Many
Interesting motorcycle... it's built for many pillions, but doesn't look that weird.

Just three wheels. Should be able to fit 4..


9 September, 2009 - Three Wise Motorcycle Riders
For me, this is the way the "three wise men" should have been portrayed... looks much better doesn't it?


9 September, 2009 - Philippines: Jetski With Your Motorcycle
This might just become the next great recreation motorcycle sport... motorcycle jetskiing..


9 September, 2009 - Netherlands: Bad 1st 6 Months Of Motorcycle Sales
The first six months of vehicles sales statistics on The Netherlands have been published, and it doesn't look good (either).

Though motorcycles have fared better than cars, 15 vs 28% down, it's still looking bleak...


8 September, 2009 - France: Scorpa Then Voxan Motorcycles Go Chapter 11
Voxan logo
Scorpa  logo
Two out of three French motorcycle manufacturers have hit it bad in these economic downturns. Scorpa went first, filing for bankruptcy protection, and then taken-over by the third manufacturer Sherco.

Now it's the turn of the main French manufacturer, Voxan. They have just filed for bankruptcy protection...


8 September, 2009 - Gone To The Hague, Back In A Few Days
Police limo
I've had to head over to Holland to look into my sick father. Back on Friday afternoon.

The Hague, The Netherlands is where all the big shot ambassadors live, where you get picked up by the cops in a limo... ;-)


8 September, 2009 - Real Motorcycle Applications On Apple’s iPhone
Biker Beacon iPhone application
Finally! We now have a third real, motorcycle specific, application on Apple's iPhone!!!

Called Biker Beacon, the application can be seen as a social networking for bikers, allowed you to see like-minded bikers in your area, post motorcycle club events, or just a bunch of biker friends calling for happy hour at the local watering hole.

Nice. The developers are waiting for Apple to approve the app...

We also list some of the other iPhone motorcycle applications..


7 September, 2009 - Toshiba and Ducati Team Up: PC and VideoCam
Ducati have teamed up with Toshiba to release a new portable, and powerful, PC, and a video camera that looks small and easy to use.

No prices or availability are known (yet)...


7 September, 2009 - Benelli 2009 Motorcycle Gathering
Benelli logo
Benelli are holding their annual gathering at Misano on Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 September of this year.

You don't need to have a Benelli motorcycle, but having passion for them is a plus. The event is free, and there's a lot of riding on the program.


7 September, 2009 - Test Your Motorcycle Road Signs Knowledge
aplus have a do-it-yourself quiz on the web to test your knowledge of road signs.

Obviously they are not showing you the common road signs, but some more or less obscure one. Take the test. 20 questions, so it shouldn't take too long. I got an A+, 20/20!


7 September, 2009 - Ferrari F1 Motorcycle Chopper
The words Ferrari and chopper don't really mix, but here's an exception. Canadian Exotic Custom Choppers have built two Formula One themed motorcycles choppers, and both can be found on eBay.

They are not your typical choppers; these are sleek, very little chrome, and they are FAST! Just like the F1 cars...


4 September, 2009 - Tough Life Being A Motorcycle Taxi Rider
What a stressful and demanding life... being a motorcycle taxi rider in Indonesia...


4 September, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 4 September 2009
Web Article
Here are some of the motorcycle stories I've found doing the rounds of the internet over the last few days:

- Motorcycle Luggage
- Loud Pipes
- Motorcycle Photography


4 September, 2009 - Tripy: A Growing GPS Provider For The Motorcycle World
Belgium motorcycle GPS manufacturer, Tripy, are getting more and more entrenched in the world of motorcycle rally sports. They have recently signed a single supplier contract for the Dakar rally, and are also the top provider of GPS for the Dark Dog Moto Tour.

Their new GPS, the Trip II, is a jewel for motorcycle rally people, or those that are used to using road books. The Trip II software even prints old fashion paper road books...


3 September, 2009 - Can Not Id This Motorcycle
This motorcycle caught my attention. I can't figure out what it is.

Front looks like a scooter, the rear looks like a motorcycle. And it looks like Yamaha blue..

NOTE: There was a small storm here this morning, and as usual in 3rd world countries, the electrical power went, and with no power, I can't communicate with the server.... so that's why there was no article this morning.


3 September, 2009 - UN Slams Australian Bikie Law
The UN Office on Drugs and Crime have stated that the Australian anti motorcycle gang (bikies) laws are extreme and naive.

They say nothing good is going to come out of them...


3 September, 2009 - My Vote For Best Car Product! Safety For Motorcycles
Video clip
Here's the perfect idea for cars. It's great for cagers, but even better and safer for us motorcycle riders....

The disappearing car door! Perfect. Check out the video...


2 September, 2009 - French Motorcycle Taxi Uses Royal Enfield Motorcycle
A motorcycle taxi operator in the South of France is using an unusual motorcycle as his vehicle of choice: a Royal Enfield Bullet 500.

Go to your meeting in style...


2 September, 2009 - 93,000 Motorcycles Seized In Cambodia In August
The cops in Cambodia seized 93,000 motorcycles during the month of August for the most amazingly stupid reasons.

And then they have the gall to say "look, it's working, road fatalities are down 15%". But if you take away all vehicles, fatalities will be 0...


2 September, 2009 - Russian Plumber Motorcycle
Here's a real plumber's motorcycle.

Built in Russia, it's made out of plumbing equipment.


1 September, 2009 - F1 Racing Means Cars, Not Motorcycles - You Dodo
Some F1 racers haven't understood that you need to stay in your car to race, not switch from your Ferrari to a BMW motorcycle.


1 September, 2009 - Catch The Sausage On Your Motorcycle
Catch-Sausage on motoryccle
Here's a strange "sport'... catch the sausage while riding your motorcycle.

I'll bet you it's not going to make it to the Olympics...


1 September, 2009 - USA: Philadelphia To Test Motorcycle Parking
The authorities in Philadelphia have created 60 motorcycle parking spots in their city.

Sounds good? Not really! You got to pay 50% of the car price, and they fit 4 motorcycle in the spot of one car. You do the math!


1 September, 2009 - KTM Hans Trunkenpolz Dies During Marathon
KTM logo
Hans Trunkenpolz, son of the KTM founder, and responsible for getting KTM recognized as the top rally motorcycle brand, has died at the age of 65 while running a marathon.

Hans had recently retired for a very successful career, achieving 8 wins in the Dakar motorcycle rally.


1 September, 2009 - USA: Texas Forbids Children Under Age 5 To Be On Motorcycle
Child on chair on scooter
Texas has passed a law, in effect today, that forbids children, aged under 5 years, from riding on a motorcycle as pillion. Fine: 100-200$.

Sidecars are allowed.



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