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30 September, 2010 - Movie Review: Voluptuous Biker Babes
Voluptuous Biker Babes Cover
Voluptuous Biker Babes scene
A review of the movie "Voluptuous Biker Babes". Don't let the title fool you, there are only two small scenes with a motorcycle in them, and you can't really call it a movie either.

Strange and weird "movie", not hard core Adult entertainment, but close. I got it sent, so I took the time to review it. Here's what I thought.


30 September, 2010 - Top Ten Tips For Riding Your Motorcycle In The Dark
Deer In Headlights
Ten tips for riding your motorcycle at night by our guest blogger from Bikesure in the UK, David Wilson.

Riding motorcycle at night is more dangerous than during daytime, so it always helps to remind yourself of those little things that can save your life.


30 September, 2010 - Intermot 2010: Ducati V-8 Engine To Be Unveiled
Ducati V8 Engine
At next week's motorcycle exhibition, Intermot, a Ducati V-8 engine will be unveiled.

Holy crap... a V-8! Honest. Would I lie to you. Read on.


30 September, 2010 - UK: Grandmother Sells House, Buys Harley, Rides The World
Sue O'Grady on her Harley
Sue is a 62 year old grandmother who is selling her house in order to pay for an epic trip around the world on her Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Sue only started riding at the age of 50, owned her first bike at 55, and has clocked over 100,000 miles on her current Harley.

She's planning to travel the world until the money runs out.


29 September, 2010 - Switzerland: A Mine Field For Motorcyclists
Switzerland Mine Field
Nice safety ad from Switzerland, made by the motorcycle association IG Motorrad.

It shows a mountain road, wet, and full of metal drain covers, making the road a real mine field for motorcyclists.


29 September, 2010 - Follow That Rainbow!
Follow Rainbow
Follow the rainbow, the truck got to stop at some point.


29 September, 2010 - Video: Peugeot Scooter vs Lamborghini Gallardo Drag Race
Video clip
Incredible as it may sound, here's a video of a drag race between a Lamborghini Gallardo supercar and a Peugeot 50cc scooter.

Can you guess who won? Ohhh ... the moped has a jet turbine engine onboard.

Want to take another guess?


28 September, 2010 - France: Motorcycle Caught With Bond Style License Plate
French License Plate Bond Style
Guy got caught in France with a James Bond style license plate.

A small button close to the clutch turned an "E" into an "I" on his plate. He was stupid enough to have the wrong letters in the plate on, when stopped for a routine paper check by the cops.


28 September, 2010 - Ad: Italy - Motorcycle Safety
Ducati Safety Ad
ANCMA Motorcycle Safety Ad Italy
Three print ads from Italy for the same organization promoting motorcycle safety, all done by the same PR agency. One is "sponsored" by Ducati.

Strange print ad from Ducati motorcycles. Another one that escape me...

In a crowded drawing of a city, there's a lone Ducati motorcycle riding. The text says "You have less than a second to see the biker". The other two are more "easier to understand".


28 September, 2010 - China: Motorcycle Riding SWAT Team
China Motorcycle SWAT
Here's a police SWAT team from China "training" on their motorcycles....

What??? Are X-Gamers terrorists now, and they need to be chased??


27 September, 2010 - 52 Photos Of Valentino Rossi’s Helmets
Valentino Rossi Helmet
Valentino Rossi probably has more helmets for his motorcycle then most of us have underwear. And since he has come into the limelight, he has been customizing his helmet, and often he has done this very funny.

It's part of his talent as a showman which makes them interesting. Here are 52 photos of his helmets.


27 September, 2010 - Intermot and EICMA 2010
EICMA logo
Intermot logo
Two major motorcycle exhibitions within the space of one month of each other.

German Intermot starts next week, and in the first week of November, we'll see the Italian Eicma. Here's what we can expect.

PS. Due to a blunder at Intermot, I'll not be attending that show.


27 September, 2010 - Ludivine Puy 1st Ever Female World Champion Motorcycle Enduro
Valentino Rossi HelmetLudivine Puy Push up gasgas
Ludivine Puy Airborn
French woman, Ludivine Puy was crowned the first ever FIM Female Enduro Motorcycle Champion last weekend.

Already French and European Champion, after many other titles, this is the first ever title award by FIM in the new category, and Ludivine got it.

Congratulations to Ludivine Puy (and the other champions that day).


24 September, 2010 - Ducati Monster 900 - - Wheelchair
Ducati Monster 900 Wheelchair
Video clip
Wheelchair bound bikers who continue riding their motorcycle deserve our utmost respect (and I don't just mean Rossi). Here's an English biker who transformed a Ducati Monster into a motorized wheelchair!

There's even a video of the motorcycle in motion.


24 September, 2010 - Video: KTM’s 450 Rally Motorcycle and Cyril Despres
Video clip
KTM logo
Here's an incredibly well done sneak preview of KTM's new 450 Rally motorcycle that will be used in the upcoming Dakar race.

It's none other than Cyril Despres behind the handlebars, shaking down the motorcycle. Very well filmed, from all angles, but you never get to see the whole bike... it's a teaser.

That new 450 sure goes fast, and if you crank up the volume, you can enjoy the roar of the engine. Amazing!


24 September, 2010 - Video: RevZilla Ad - The Commute
Video clip
RevZilla have produced a short movie, it could also be called an infomercial, or a long commercial, but whatever you call it, it's really nice, and well made.

It's the ideal commute on your motorcycle. The way it is intended!

Have a look and enjoy.


24 September, 2010 - Lebanon: Harley-Davidson Opens First Showroom
Harley Davidson Lebanon Showroom
Harley-Davidson motorcycles is back in Lebanon, after a long absence.

They just opened their first motorcycle showroom in Beirut.


23 September, 2010 - Movie Review: Exit Speed
Exit Speed Cover
Video clip
A review of a decent movie, Exit Speed.

It's a movie where the motorcycle riders are the really bad guys (and gals), riding around on their crotch rockets high on meth.

Good plot, good acting and great motorcycle stunts.


23 September, 2010 - France: Motorcycle Taxis Not Allowed To Stop At Airport
Roissy CDG drop off
First it was good news for French motorcycle taxis, now it's really bad.

The local authorities at France's main airport, CDG/Roissy, have declared that motorcycle taxis are not allowed to drop off their clients in the drop off lane, but instead need to go to their reserved waiting area, away from the terminal buildings, to drop off their fare.

It's scandalous, and it reeks of bribery by the authorities.


23 September, 2010 - Details Of The BMW/MINI Electric Scooter
Mini Electric Scooter
Mini Electric Scooter
Some of the official blurb from BMW/Mini about their new concept electric scooter.

Looks good... too bad I don't ride mopeds anymore, but if I were to loose my license, I'd go for this...


22 September, 2010 - Ahhh, Life Is Tough!
Fishing on Motorcycle inTurkey
Isn't life tough?

What more could you ask for....?


22 September, 2010 - Video: SAP Likes Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Video clip
A TV ad from SAP (software) showing the world that Harley-Davidson is their customer.



22 September, 2010 - Bajaj, Kawasaki and KTM: A (Un)Holy Threesome?
KTM Bajaj Kawasaki Love
Volkswagen Bajaj Logo Love
Bajaj, KTM and Kawasaki are in an ideal position to join forces to conquer the motorcycle world. They are all already tied up in some shape or another, and could complement each other in the global market place, making it a force to be reckoned with.

Add to that the fact that Volkswagen is on the motorcycle manufacturer trail, look at the Bajaj logo and the Volkswagen logo, and we might just end up with world's largest motorcycle manufacturer: VolksKawaBajKTM (or whatever the name).

Here's a short analysis.


21 September, 2010 - France: Motorcycle Taxis Now Bookable By Travel Agents
CityBird Electri City Vectrix scooter
French motorcycle taxi CityBird have been contracted by world's biggest business travel agency, Carlson WagonLit, to provide taxi services in France for the travel chain's business travellers.

This in addition to the contracts they already had with the French railroads and British Airways.

Things are getting more solid for motorcycle taxis.


21 September, 2010 - How To Survive A Motorcycle Crash
Crashed helmet
A guest post by Jordan Roberson on how to survive a motorcycle crash.

It's not what many people think about, but proper safety gear is a must when riding a motorcycle. Like it or not.


21 September, 2010 - Video: 2 x Hero Honda TV ads From Way Back
Video clip
Hero Honda logo
Two "old" TV ads from world's biggest motorcycle manufacturer, Hero Honda.

They're corny, but in those days, that's what people did for advertisement. But it's effective.


20 September, 2010 - 55 Weird And Wonderful Custom Motorcycle Helmets
Custom Helmets
Custom Helmets
Here are 55 motorcycle helmets (more or less for motorcycles) that are out of the ordinary.

They are motorcycle helmets that have been customized. Many are well done, some are weird, and some are outright awful.


20 September, 2010 - iPhone: KTM Motorcycles Wallpaper
KTM iPhone Wallpaper
KTM logo
KTM have produced a series of high quality wallpaper for the Apple iPhone.

You can download them for free, and install them on your iPhone. Beats the Apple wallpaper.


20 September, 2010 - India: Hero Honda To Become Just Hero?
Hero Without Honda logo
Hero Honda logo
Despite record revenue and profits, one of world's biggest motorcycle and scooter manufacturers, India based Hero Honda, are in disagreement about royalty payments. Honda might shed its 26% share in the Indian company.


17 September, 2010 - BMW Ad. I’m Lost - Someone Explain
BMW Suit Boomerang Italy
BMW logo
Here's a BMW Motorcycle clothing print ad that is totally lost on me.

I just don't get it. Someone please put me out of my misery and explain... in plain English.


17 September, 2010 - Now That Is The Way To Carry A Lot Of People
Sidecar Lots of people
Need more than 7 or 8 people on your motorcycle? This guy can help. He's got it figured out.

A sidecar on his motorcycle is not enough.... a roof can also carry passengers.


17 September, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 17 September 2010
Web Article
Here are some motorcycle stories that appeared over the last week that may interest you.

- Chasing The Dakar Rally: A Beginners Guide
- How To Decrease Your Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Prices
- Fly And Ride: Renting Motorcycles Away From Home
- Yamaha VMAX Concept Render by Vacuita


16 September, 2010 - Movie Review: Rumble Fish
Rumble Fish Scene
Rumble Fish Cover
A review of the classic Francis Ford Coppola movie "Rumble Fish", starring Matt Dillon, Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane, Dennis Hopper, Nicolas Cage and Laurence Fishburne (when they were very young and just starting).

A very dark drama movie, filmed in black & white (2 scenes have some color), not your typical biker movie, though it's about a motorcycle rider's life (Mickey Rourke). Very well done, but a bit artsy.


16 September, 2010 - EICMA 2010: New Custom Motorcycle Exhibit
EICMA 2010 Floor plan
EICMA logo
EICMA, world's biggest motorcycle exhibition, is planing to host a Custom motorcycle sub-exhibition, called "Custom City".

Choppers et al will have their own dedicated area in the show, starting coming 4-7 November.


16 September, 2010 - Finally! Brammo Electric Motorcycles Goes Global
Brammo Empulse
Brammo logo
Great news. Brammo, the manufacturer of the sexy electric motorcycle, Empulse, are going global. No longer just the USA.

They are partnering with the $24 Billion electronic & automotive giant Flextronics to bring you their electric motorcycles to you country, worldwide.

Gotta start saving my money.... next on my shopping list, Brammo Empulse motorcycle.


15 September, 2010 - Thailand: Did Not Know Motorcycles Could Swim
Bangkok Motorcycle in the Water
Jeez.... Asian built motorcycles can take enormous amounts of people, and they can swim.

Take that BMW...


15 September, 2010 - The Pope Gets A Ducati Motorcycle
Pope Ducati
Ducati logo
Miracle! The Pope took delivery of two Ducati Multistrada 1200 motorcycles, painted in the Vatican colors.

Amazing. Unfortunately, he's not going to ride them, not even as a pillion. They're for the Vatican police.


15 September, 2010 - India: Get Paid To Ride A Motorcycle
Video clip
Mahindra logo
Indian manufacturing conglomerate Mahindra are launching a motorcycle line. 2 years after having bought an Italian motorcycle engineering firm (designers for Ducati, MV Agusta and Benelli to name a few), they are rolling out a series of motorcycles shortly.

To promote their new motorcycle, they are looking for 20 riders to ride their new motorcycle for 6-8 weeks, all expenses paid, and a salary. The lucky winners get to keep their new bike.


14 September, 2010 - Ad: Canon’s Anti Motorcycle Ad
Canon Anti Motorcycle Surveillance
Several print ads from Canon for their surveillance cameras has one ad showing motorcycle in a bad light....

They show a purse snatching motorcycle rider caught thanks to their cameras.....

I don't think we need the bad press...


14 September, 2010 - France: Motorcycle Caught At 300 Kph On The Internet
Speeding Motorcycle
A French motorcycle rider went out of a ride, clocking speeds up to 300 kph. Stupid idiot filmed himself doing it, and the cops traced his IP address and caught him.

He might get 5 years prison, and €45,000 fine. Was it worth it?


14 September, 2010 - Video: 3 Sexy Girls +1 Motorcycle = Bennetts Insurance Ad
Video clip
English motorcycle insurance company, Bennetts, has a TV ad.

Not unusual, but this one features three sexy girls, one motorcycle, and lots of soap, water and sponges. Fun ?

What do you think about this ad? Too much ?


13 September, 2010 - 29 Furry Motorcycles and Scooters
Furry Motorcycle
Furry Motorcycle
Lots of people ride with fur on their motorcycle or scooter saddle in order to make their ride more comfortable. But there are also people who go a few steps further.

Here are 29 motorcycles and scooters who have received the fur treatment.


13 September, 2010 - Keeping Yourself Humid - The Motorcycle Way
USB Helmet Humidifier
Breathing in dry air is not very good for you. Many offices are quite dry, as are maybe parts of your home.

Here's a gadget that's handy... the USB powered Motorcycle Helmet Humidifier. Plug it into your PC, and you get instant relive. It'll even light up a LED when it's working.



13 September, 2010 - New Harry Potter Movie Features Harry On Motorcycle
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows motorcycle
Video clip
In the next release of the popular Harry Potter movie, the penultimate edition, Harry Potter will be riding on a Royal Enfield motorcycle. Here are some photos and the movie trailer, where you can see the motorcycle.


13 September, 2010 - France: Bol D’Or 2010 Results
Bol Dor Start 2010
Yet another 24 hour motorcycle endurance race of the Bol d'Or is over, and despite the many accidents and safety cars, the SERT Suzuki team has yet won again.


10 September, 2010 - Royal Enfield Free Magazine
Royal Enfield The BEAT cover
Royal Enfield logo
One of world's oldest motorcycle manufacturers, Royal Enfield, has a free monthly magazine available that can be downloaded.

Called The BEAT, it's full of interesting information for people, like me, who are interested in the iconic motorcycles.


10 September, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 10 September 2010
Web Article
Here are some interesting motorcycle stories you may have missed over the last few days.

- What To Look For In A Motorcycle Safety Course
- Meet The Queen Stars, Japan's Elite Female Motorcycle Police Squad
- How To Detect And Jam Radar Guns


10 September, 2010 - BMW Motorcycles Now On Twitter @BMWMotorrad
BMW logo
You can see that Twitter has become mainstream on the net. Now even BMW Motorcycles has an official Twitter channel.

You can follow BMW via Twitter, they actually post regularly with interesting information. They are: @BMWMotorrad


9 September, 2010 - Video: Xerox With Ducati Motorcycle TV Ad
Video clip
Nice TV ad from Xerox, showing why Ducati motorcycles have chosen Xerox for their business needs.


9 September, 2010 - Movie Review: Samurai Vampire Bikers From Hell
Samurai Vampire Bikers From Hell scene
Samurai Vampire Bikers From Hell cover.jpg
By far, world's worst movie, ever! And don't let the movie titles fool you, there's virtually no motorcycles in the movie, apart from the opening credits and in one short scene.

Painful to watch.


9 September, 2010 - Females: Riding Motorcycles, While Remaining Beautiful
Motoress Gear
Vicky Gray, the female motorcycle racer and blogger at Motoress, has launched a comprehensive product range for females who ride motorcycle.

Called "Beauty Gear", girls (and guys ....) can buy the specially made-for-motorcycle-riding cosmetic at the Motoress website.

So if you're a girl who rides motorcycles, or a guy looking for a gift for your SWMBO, here's the site to go to.


8 September, 2010 - UK: New Police Vehicle Against Motorcycles
Police John Deere Tractor
It looks like the police in the UK have gotten themselves another vehicle to stop speeding motorcycles....


8 September, 2010 - France: The President of France Also Rides A Motorcycle
President Sarkozy on a Piaggio
The French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been spotted riding a Piaggio scooter during his summer holidays.

Despite the fact that he should be fined €135 and docked 3 points from his license, for not properly wearing his helmet, I think it's great news. Maybe he'll understand the joy we get from riding motorcycles, and leave us alone...


8 September, 2010 - The Netherlands: Motocrossers Will Require Certification
An animal (dog) on a motorcycle
Starting next year, in The Netherlands, if you want to ride on a motocross circuit, you will need to have a certificate allowing you to do so. The certificate will be issued after a basic instruction.

Many sports require you to be certified, so why not a dangerous one like motocross. With lots of motorcycles riding around in the dirt, it makes sense.


7 September, 2010 - Ad: KTM Turkey - Another Great Ad
Ad KTM Made Off Road Turkey
KTM logo
Another great ad from KTM's PR agency in Turkey. This is the second one that they have produced that is really good.

No accent on the motorcycle, just on the style. Love it!


7 September, 2010 - Dakar: Another Motorcycle Racer Dead - 24 Years Afterwards
Jean Michel Baron
French motocross champion Jean-Michel Baron died last week, 24 years after crashing in the 1986 Dakar rally on his motorcycle.

For 24 years, he was in a coma, and last week passed away.

Sad. RIP.


7 September, 2010 - Dakar: 2011 Edition Motorcycles Entries Closed!
Dakar 2011 Map
Dakar logo
If you were planning to race your motorcycle in the 2011 edition of the Dakar rally, and have not registered for it, you can forget it.

The 200 competitor list is now full, and the waiting list is enormous. This year's 450cc max rule is making it more interesting to compete with the big boys, and manufacturers like BMW, Yamaha, Aprilia, Sherco and Honda are all putting in their money's worth.


6 September, 2010 - 22 Extraordinary Police Cars: Known Your Enemy
Police Caparo UK
Police do not necessarily drive standard police cars, fast enough to intercept a moped. To stop really fast motorcycles (and cars of course), several police departments around the world have gotten themselves supercars.

From Italian cars like Ferrari and Lambos, to Vipers and Corvettes plus the standard gaggle of Porsches, here are 22 police cars you do not want to mess around with.

The last police car should be, IMHO, the standard issue for all police forces.


6 September, 2010 - Red Bull Alpen Brevet 2010
Red Bull Alpen Brevet Map 2010
Red Bull Alpen Brevet Map 2010
Forget high speed motorcycle races, this is a race from a different era. The Red Bull Alpen Brevet is a race for some 600 mopeds, "racing" 138 kilometers over three Alpine passes.

Looks like a really fun race. One participants even had a riding BBQ moped, with sausages cooking while riding.


6 September, 2010 - Keira Knightley, Chanel and a Ducati Motorcycle
Keira Knightley Chanel ad
The beautiful and sexy English actress, Keira Knightley, is at this moment filming a new Chanel TV ad, riding a Ducati motorcycle, with matching leathers, helmet and boots (all designed by Chanel).

There's a TV ad I want to see...


3 September, 2010 - Video: SGSB (Sexy Girls Sell Better) - Chop Shop
Video clip
A TV ad with a sexy and busty young lady and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. You'd think it's for Harley, oil, mechanics, motorcycle cleaning service .. a bar maybe.

Nope, nothing to do with motorcycles. It's for a hairdresser, and it's from Down Under.


3 September, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 3 September 2010
Web Article
Here are some motorcycle articles that appeared over the last week that may amuse you.

- Rider Etiquette
- Motorcycle Travel Tips
- Official: Cycle News Stops Publishing
- Claiming Compensation After A Motorcycle Accident


3 September, 2010 - USA: The Safest Cities To Ride In
Driving Texting
Allstate Insurance company has compiled a report on which cities have the least accidents, and which have the most.

No surprises there, big cities have more per driver, small cities have less.


2 September, 2010 - Movie Review: Death Valley
Death Valley scene
Death Valley Cover
Review of the DVD movie called "Death Valley", base d on true events.

Again, the motorcycle riding gang are the bad guys, but this time the motorcycle gang don't ride choppers but dirt bikes.

Verdict: interesting movie, but a bit slow.


2 September, 2010 - Product Review: Raleri LCDrive Motorcycle Helmet Visor
Raleri LCDrive
Video clip
A detailed product review of Raleri's LCDrive, a LCD based motorcycle helmet visor that changes tint in nanoseconds when there is strong sunlight.

Verdict: Very impressive.


2 September, 2010 - Video: Harley-Davidson Cigarettes Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a special TV ad. It's from Harley-Davidson in Japan, and it's promoting Harley cigarettes, not motorcycles.

I didn't even know that Harley sold cigarettes.... but there you go. At least, they're "mild"...


1 September, 2010 - And They Wonder Why They Had So Many Accidents
Road Sign Cause Accidents
And still they scratch their collective heads why they are having to many accidents...


1 September, 2010 - Product Review: Raleri Photochromic Motorcycle Helmet Visor
Raleri PCShade
Video clip
A product review of the Raleri Chromatic motorcycle helmet visor, a visor that changes tint depending on the sun light.

A video of the visor working and a video showing you how to place the visor inside your helmet.

Summary: A remarkable visor that does exactly what it is supposed to do, and reasonably fast. Pretty good for its price.


1 September, 2010 - Are 3rd World Motorcycles Stronger Than Western Ones?
Kano 7 On Motorcycle
Looks to me that 3rd World-ridden motorcycles are stronger than their Western counterparts.

If I tried this at home, I'd a) get fined and b) break my motorcycle in half.



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