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30 September, 2013 - Motorcycles and Cakes: Ducati - Part 3
Cake Ducati
Cake Ducati
The 3rd and final part of Ducati cakes and pastry. A collection of 30 wonderfully tasty, visually entertaining and beautiful cakes made to look like Ducati motorcycles or logos.

A total of 90 photos of these Ducati cakes are now on-line for your enjoyment.


30 September, 2013 - Italy: Misano Classic Weekend - It is About The Bike, Not The Racer
Misano Circuit Classic 2013
Misano logo
#Misano #Vintage #Classic - Almost all motorcycle races are about the person on the motorcycle; the racer. Just look at fans of MotoGP, WSB, AMA, BSB, etc. They cheer their favorite racer; Rossi, Marquez, etc. Even when the rider switches team and motorcycle manufacturer, they stay as a fan.

The Misano Classic Weekend is not about the racers, it is about the motorcycle. In this case, it is about classic, vintage, motorcycles. During the weekend of 18, 19 and 20 October at the Misano Race Circuit, you are going to find 'old' motorcycle racing. It is a race for passionate people who love these vintage bikes and want to race them on a real race circuit...........

Note: article includes a vintage Ducati GP bike firing up..

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30 September, 2013 - Motorcycle Oooops Moment #90386
Ooops Moment 90386
India flag
#India #Floods #DroppedTheMotorcycle - There are moment on your motorcycle that it would have been better to have stayed in bed. This is one of those moments in life.


27 September, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 27 September 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
#Web #Overview #Motorcycles - End September and instead of it getting colder, it is becoming hotter. But I am not complaining. But enough about me, here are some interesting motorcycle related articles that have appeared since last week that you may have missed.

- Do Women Really Need Special Helmets (Schuberth Blog)
- Book Review: Motorcycle Journeys Through New England (Canada Motoguide)
- How To Measure Motorcycle Cables (Vroom! The Dennis Kirk Blog)
- Motorcycle Camping Do’s & Don’ts (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)


27 September, 2013 - The Netherlands - France: No More Escaping Speeding Tickets
Europe Fines Flag
Europe flag
#France #TheNetherlands #Fines - Almost all European countries are doing it now. Exchanging car/motorcycle owner data when you get caught doing something naughty in another country. What this means, if you are riding your motorcycle in another European country and you get caught speeding, DUI, drugged out of your mind, ignoring a red light, not having a proper helmet, riding on emergency lanes or/and using the phone, chances are you will now receive a fine at home. That is because European countries have bilateral agreements for the exchange of vehicle data.

The latest starting this week is between France and The Netherlands. So all the Dutch motorcycle riders who love to ride fast in France now will get a fine at home. The same applies for the French riders being naughty in The Netherlands...........

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27 September, 2013 - France: Speeding At The Le Mans 24 Hours, Not Only On The Circuit
Aircraft Enforced
France flag
#France #Police #LeMans - That motorcycles go fast, very fast, at the Bugatti race circuit during the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans is not only a given, but expected. That is why they are there. But also a given is speeding vehicles outside the race circuit.

Every year it is the same story; at a motorcycle race, spectators are swept up in the race atmosphere so they start riding fast and if you have been watching 24 hours non-stop racing, you probably thing you can ride fast on the public roads yourself. And every year, the police knowing this is going to happen, send out their troops to catch people speeding...........

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26 September, 2013 - KickCard - Another Kickstarter Project Doomed To Fail
#Kickstarter #StandCard #Idea - You see plenty of projects on crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter. Some excellent, some good and a few that just do not get it. I recently showed you one project which is excellent, and now here is one that just does not cut it. The project is called KickCard, and it is a metal card you put under your side/kick stand so that it does not dig into soft ground (like grass or gravel), toppling over your motorcycle. It is something that happens quite often, but the idea to prevent it is not novel...........

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26 September, 2013 - Europe: During 1 Week, 720,000 Drivers Were Caught Speeding
Europe flag
#Europe #Speeding #Statistics - During the week of 19 to 25 August, 28 countries in Europe made a coordinated effort to catch speeding cars and motorcycles. The effort was spearheaded by the European Traffic Police Network, TISPOL. During that week, a total of 728,268 vehicles were caught speeding; 274,355 directly by the police involved and 453,913 by radars. Although fatal crashes have been reduced dramatically, from 54,000 in 2000 to 28,157 in 2012, according to TISPOL, speed is still one of the top three reasons many people die on the European roads...........

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26 September, 2013 - USA: Utah Gets It - One Down, How Many More To Go?
Utah Speed Limit 80 MPH
USA flag
#Utah #Speedlimits - Here is one state in the USA who actually gets it. One state that uses reasoning, not faulty logic, politics or knee-jerking to come to the right conclusion. The state? Utah. The conclusion? Lowering speeds on motorways and highways causes more accidents.

Therefore, Utah have raised the speed limits on various roads to 80 mph! A real study conducted by real scientists has concluded that 80 mph is the optimal speed for cars and motorcycles, allowing them to remain alert and focussed while minimizing accidents...........

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25 September, 2013 - France: Ad For Attitude Change Towards Bikers And A Surprise
Change view of bikers
France flag
#France #Biker #Advertisement - In France several national organizations have come together to start a campaign to change the 'negative' view of the general public towards motorcycle riders. In fact, IMHO, it is not half as bad as I have seen in other countries, but anything that promotes motorcycle riders is okay in my book.

The organization, which freely translated from French means 'Let us change the view of bikers', have a first advertisement/poster, and it looks like this. But there is a twist in the photo used which I found...........

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25 September, 2013 - Want To Get Married? Go To The Dutch Motorcycle Exhibition!
Biker wedding cake Ducati
Motorbeurs Utrecht logo
#Wedding #Motorbeurs #Biker - When I read this, the first thing that came into my empty mind was, 'what will they think of next?' Motorcycle exhibitions are having tough times filling up their buildings, so they need to come up with 'gimmicks'. One rather unique 'gimmick' comes from the Dutch motorcycle exhibition, the 'Motorbeurs Utrecht'.

The expo is held from Thursday 20 February 2014 to the 23rd of February in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands. And the gimmick? The organizers are giving one lucky couple the chance of getting married in the exhibition hall. For that to happen, the biker couple (I have to presume they are both going to be bikers, if not there will be a divorce before a marriage) will need to register before the 29th of September 2013. After that the public gets to vote on which of the candidates will be the lucky couple to get married. Then the couple will get married on the 20th of February amidst all the motorcycles, chrome and demo dollies. They will not only get the marriage given to them, but several motorcycle-related gifts...........

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25 September, 2013 - Philippines: With The Help Of Some Friends
With Help of Friends Pushing In Water
Philippines flag
#Philippes #Monsoon #Water - Getting stuck with your motorcycle/scooter in deep water is not fun, but if you have some friends, or some nice bystanders, all sorts itself out. But that is a lot of water...


24 September, 2013 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Kids Clothing - No More Bullying
Harley Davidson Kids Clothing No Bullying
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson - So if I understand these print advertisements correctly, if kids wear Harley-Davidson clothing they will not be bullied at school. Right?

WTF? Putting on these t-shirts either makes them the main target for bullies, or it makes them the bully. The ads were made by Publicis in Colombia, and I'd say they need to go back to school. And then the slogans printed on the t-shirts; "Play Hard or Go Home" and "No Pain, No Game".... Ripe for bullies...

Sorry Mr. Harley and Mr. Davidson, not very good these ads...........

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24 September, 2013 - Indonesia: Must Be Creepy - Riding Motorcycle On Volcanic Ash
Riding Volcano Ash Indonesia
Indonesia flag
#Indoenisa #Volcano - I've never done it, so can not really comment, but I would say it is a bit creepy riding on volcanic ash. Remember that volcanic ash can shut down an airplane engine, so what does it do to a motorcycle?


24 September, 2013 - A Worthwhile Book - Motorcycles, Adventurers & Food Lovers
Forks Book
Worldrider Route
#Kickstarter #Book #Adventure - There are many books out there that deal with motorcycle riding, adventure riding, discovering new countries and there are many cook books out there. But to my knowledge there are no books that deal with all these aspects, all in one book. Until now.

Forks is a crowd-funding (Kickstarter) project that Allan Karl, aka Worldrider, is trying to put together. A Round The World (RTW) motorcycle rider, Allan has not only interesting and compelling stories to tell, but also many food recipes from around the world. Here is one book you will want to get, for yourself, or as a Christmas present...........

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23 September, 2013 - Motorcycles and Cakes: Ducati - Part 2
Cake Ducati
Cake Ducati
#Ducati #Cake #Pastry - The motorcycle and cakes series, with Aprilia and BMW cakes, and Buell and Cagiva cakes, are proving to be quite a mouthful.

But the Ducati pasteries take the cake (sorry, couldn't avoid that pun). Ducati is not only a very popular motorcycle brand, but also a popular cake design example. There are so many wonderful examples of Ducati cake that I had to split it up into 3. I was getting diabetics just from watching all those luscious cakes. Here is part 2.


23 September, 2013 - Video: Watch This Nicely Done Animated Motorcycle Safety Film
Twist and Ride Animated PSA
UK flag
#Advertising #Safety #UK - The TWIST organization, brought to you by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership (CPRSP) are trying to educate motorcycle riders in the UK about safety.

Safety is a hot topic, and most organizations release instructive or high-impact videos serving as PSA to be shown on TV or at events. But the Twist and Ride one is different. They have produced a very nice animated safety advert showing you in a rather comical way what not to do when riding your motorcycle...........

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23 September, 2013 - Turkey: A Red Hot Pepper Motorcycle Ride
Hot Pepper Motorcycle Ride
Turkey flag
#Turkey #Peppers - Now that is what I call red hot peppers. What a hot motorcycle ride is that....


21 September, 2013 - MotoGP: And Finally, The Umbrella Girls Of The San Marino GP
San Marino MotoGP 2013 Umbrella Girl
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #SanMarino #UmbrellaGirls - What would a MotoGP race be without the glamour of the umbrella girls? No girls, no glamour. It is like motorcycle exhibitions with their demo dollies, the motorcycles races need their brollie girls.

The San Marino MotoGP race in Misano was no exception. The girls where to be found everywhere, not just on the track keeping the racer in the shade. Their role is to promote the brand of the sponsors, and the teams themselves, so they parade along the paddocks, and will pose for photos for anyone.

Here are 24 photos of the San Marino MotoGP umbrella girls, plus the last one is of Elena who I interviewed...........

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21 September, 2013 - MotoGP: What Goes On After The Motorcycle Race
San Marino MotoGP 2013 End Of Race
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #ValentinoRossi #Misano - We all know that the motorcycle racing fans in Italy (and Spain) are really passionate, to the point of fanatic. Their passion knows no boundaries, and this goes double for the Valentino Rossi fans. The MotoGP race in Misano has even more Rossi fans; no wonder since he grew up only a few miles away. At the end of the San Marino race, a couple of Rossi fans managed to get through the barriers and head on over to the pit lane. Then a few more followed, and before you could say "Mamma Mia", it looked like all of the public was streaming through holes made in the barriers. Security was totally overrun. Mind you, these fans were not malicious. They were well behaved and stopped at the last fence between the track and the pit lane. The only thing being taken was grass (I guess it is a kind of a souvenir).


20 September, 2013 - MotoGP: A Walk Through The San Marino GP Paddock
San Marino MotoGP 2013 Paddocks
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #SanMarino #Paddocks - I realize not many people get the chance of seeing a MotoGP motorcycle race up close and personal. Even if you are lucky enough to attend one on the stands, or just sitting on the grass, not many see what goes on in the paddocks. Since I was being hosted by Dorna (the MotoGP organizers) and Visit San Marino, I took the opportunity to make a few photos of what goes on in the paddocks.

The paddocks is where the action is. Well, after the race of course, but there is 24 by 24 hours action going on. The paddock never sleeps, and you not only hear the noise of MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 motorcycles revving up while mechanics feverishly work on the motorcycles, but you also hear thousands of small displacement scooters riding around bringing riders, mechanics, photographers and organizers around the immense paddocks area.

There are thousands of people walking around; many VIPs invited by the teams, or just folks who spent the extra money so that they could be close to their heroes. The smell of oil and gasoline is mixed with the smell of garlic and onions from the food being prepared in the many hospitality tents. It's a wonderful world, and if you get the chance to be in the paddock, grab it with both hands.

So here is a long (27 photos) impression of the paddocks..........

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20 September, 2013 - Would You Ride Your Motorcycle There? I Wouldn’t!
Waterfall Motorcycle Ride China
China flag
#China #Dangerous #Motorcycle - Not only is he riding his motorcycle in deep water very close to a waterfall, but he has got his three children on the bike.

Would you ride there?


20 September, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 20 September 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
After a fast moving week in San Marino and the Misano MotoGP, and a few problems getting home, I've managed to wrestle through my in-box and catch up with my reading. Here are some interesting motorcycle relayed articles that you may have missed.

- Beware Motorcycle Hard Bags for they Carry the Seven Deadly Sins (European Motorcycle Diaries)
- The Brotherhood of the Boardroom (US Rider News)
- Used and abused: Vertix Raptor-i wireless helmet communicator (Visor Down)
- French Study Investigates Danger Of Speed Limit Fixation (The Newspaper)


19 September, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson Project Rushmore Ad
Harley Davidson Rushmore
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson #Rushmore - This is an unusual and low key TV commercial for Harley-Davidson. Usually Harley has strong, in your face TV ads, but this one is more focused on new technology than rider culture.

The ad focusses on 'newer' technology, like GPS and lights. Using an oldie but goody music track ('Come Together', a rather well chosen sound track), the advertisement shows a different Harley.


19 September, 2013 - MotoGP: Anatomy Of A Moto3 Race
MotoGP Moto3 Race San Marino 2013
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #SanMarino #Moto3 - I know most people watch the MotoGP races on TV, and even those that go to the circuits don't always see what happens before one of the motorcycle races. I was nicely located in the Visit San Marino VIP stands, overlooking the pits and the start/finish line of the Misano Circuit.

So here is what happens before and after a race, in this case the Moto3 race. There are 26 photos, and they are heavy, especially one that was of the first crash. ..........

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19 September, 2013 - Wishful Thinking
Wishful Thinking KTM
#Kids #Children #Motorcycles - I just love this photo. You can already imagine what the kid is thinking.


18 September, 2013 - Patent: Italian Motorcycle Parking Bay
Motorcycle Parking Patent Italy
#Patent #Parking #Motorcycle - Securely parking your motorcycle, whether you just went round the world or just went shopping, means you are going to spend time being anxious. Anyone can steal your motorcycle, and the other 'issue' is storing your helmet and other riding gear in a safe place.

Two Italians recently filed a patent for a parking bay. We've seen parking bays before, many of them pretty good but cumbersome since they store the whole bike. This patent only calls for a small storage space for your gear, the bike is immobilized by clamping the front wheel...........

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18 September, 2013 - MotoGP: The Ducati MotoX2 Experience - Death By 100 Curves
MotoGP Ducati MotoX2
Ducati logo
#MotoGP #SanMarin #Ducati #MotoX2 - While visiting the San Marino MotoGP at the Misano circuit, I saw the incredible Ducati MotoX2 event. For those of you who don't know what the Ducati MotoX2 is, it's a pillion ride on a motorcycle. That's it, just a ride as a pillion on a motorcycle. However .... the motorcycle in question is a MotoGP bike, fitted with an extra saddle for a pillion, and the rider is either former professional MotoGP racers Randy Mamola or Franco Battaini. So maybe not that simple of a ride.

The event is for VIPs or for people willing to pay the money to allow them to walk around with a brown streak in their underpants. In other words, the pillion is not going for a leisurely tour on one of several leading race circuits in the world. The pillion will know what it feels like going around a race circuit at very high speeds...........

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18 September, 2013 - Spain: Following Other Countries - Commission Paid On Radar Photos
Greed Camera
Spain flag
#Radar #Contractors #Spain - It is not a new thing for many countries, but it is new for Spain. Using private contractors for the purchase, installation, operation and administration of radars, speed and red light, is common in countries like USA and UK. But for the first time in Spain, it is being done as well, and as usual, there are a few eyeball raising differences.

The Spanish towns of Montgat and Mollet have hired Bibomatica to install and maintain several speed and red light cameras in their cities. Bibomatica will get as payment 30% of the proceeds of all fines issued by those cameras, in other words, they will be paid a commission...........

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17 September, 2013 - Romania: Good News - Radar Car Catches Spontaneous Fire
Speed Radar Caight Fire Romania
Romania flag
Maybe this is a sign from above, some Device intervention. A car with a hidden speed radar in Romania, was happily making photos of cars and motorcycles going too fast when suddenly... the car caught fire.

The police officer immediately called for help and tried to extinguish the fire, and when the firemen arrived, they too tried but to no avail. The fire totally destroyed the Dacia Logan car and the radar equipment...........

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17 September, 2013 - If You Are Reading This, I Am Stuck Somewhere In The Road
Stuck in the road
Despite all efforts, I have obviously not made it back in time to my office. Blame it on the airlines, railways and the roads.

Maybe I got stuck in the road.... Let's hope the next message is not shown, since it'll be a lot worse. Don't you love international travel..


17 September, 2013 - France: Next Year No More Appealing Traffic Tickets
Blind justice
France flag
#France #Law #Legal - It is becoming increasing more and more like a dictatorship over here. I can understand it from the far right, or the far left, but from a Socialist political party, this amounts to a complete and utter contempt for the tax paying public.

The current Socialist government slipped in a change in the law during the summer vacation. The new law will make it impossible to appeal a ticket/judgement. If a judge removes points of your license, and you are in disagreement, tough...........

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16 September, 2013 - Motorcycles and Cakes: Ducati - Part 1
Cake Ducati
Cake Ducati
#Cakes #Food #Ducati - When I started this series with Aprilia & BMW cakes, and Buell & Cagiva cakes, the number of cakes modelled after our favorite motorcycles was manageable. That was until I reached Ducati.

It would seem that Ducati is not only a very popular motorcycle brand, but also a popular cake design example. There are so many wonderful examples of Ducati cake that I had to split it up into 3. I was getting diabetics just from watching all those luscious cakes.


16 September, 2013 - I Am Currently Somewhere In The Air
Somewhere In The Air
#Cat #Freestyle #Funny - While you are reading this, I am somewhere in the air, on the way back home. It's a long journey: car, airplane, train, motorcycle and then a walk (garage to house). So it's still going to take me a while before I am home, but don't worry, there is already an article programmed for tonight.


16 September, 2013 - On My Way From World’s Toughest Biker Cafe To Home
Tough Biker Cafe
#Travel #ToughBikerCafe - If you are reading this I am in an airplane heading back home. I'm going from this very tough biker cafe, where the atmosphere is so thick you need to slit it with a knife, back home.

It's a long trip, and I should be back on station by tomorrow morning.


15 September, 2013 - Interview: Andrew Wheeler - MotoGP Photographer
Interview Andrew Wheeler
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #Photographer #Misano - Most of us watch a MotoGP race on TV, and then can't wait to read about it in our favorite motorcycle magazines, or better yet, our favorite web site. But often it's not the story that interests us since we've seen the race on TV, but it's the photos.

Looking at beautiful photos of the racers and their fast motorcycles not only allows us to relive the race, but to actually see the motorcycle and racers up close. Often real close. Some MotoGP photographers take interesting photos of the race, while others not only make interesting photos, but creative ones too

. One of those photographers who excels in making not only some of the best action photos of MotoGP races, but also very creative and often very inspiring photos, is Andrew Wheeler from AutoMotoPhoto. I caught up with Andrew in the Media/Press Center of the Misano race circuit during the 2013 San Marino GP...........

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14 September, 2013 - Interview: Norma Companys - Dorna Event Manager
Interview Norma Companys
Dorna logo
#MotoGP #Dorna - Running MotoGP races are a team work of many companies. It is not one company that does it all, but the two most important ones are the circuit companies themselves, in this case Misano Circuit, and the other company is Dorna, who organize and promote the MotoGP races.

There are some 200 people who work at Dorna in Spain (Barcelona and Madrid) to make sure that we can enjoy ourselves watching the MotoGP races (and Moto2 and Moto3). It is Dorna who run the TV programs, so when you watch the race at home in whatever country, you can see the race courtesy Dorna.

One job that you never hear of is the job that allows Dorna, the circuit and all other partners to communicate with each other. The job is called Event Manager, and Norma Companys is the head of that department...........

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14 September, 2013 - MotoGP: San Marino 2013 - The Elbow Down Boys
MotoGP San Marino 2013 Elbow Down
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #SanMarino #ElbowDown - Today at the qualifiers of the San Marino MotoGP 2013 I was standing at the hospitality suite of the Visit San Marino crowd (yes I know, life is tough but someone has got to do it) when I noticed I had a nice overview of one of the curves. I also noticed that the 'elbow down' method is fast becoming the accepted practise for motorcycle racers to take their curves even faster.

Although I did not bring the right lens with me for this kind of photo work, I quickly did a stab at it for your amusement and pleasure. Here are 9 photos of riders who have no problem putting their elbow down.


14 September, 2013 - Interview: Elena ’Y-Elena’ Iankovskaia - Umbrella Girl
Interview Elena Iankovskaia
LCR Honda logo
#MotoGP #LCR #UmbrellaGirls - MotoGP, as we all know, is a glamour sport, like Formula One. But what makes it a glamour sport? Not the racers, not the loud motorcycles, not the sweaty mechanics nor the officials. What makes the glamour in top motorcycle racing, in my humble opinion, are the umbrella girls.

Having very pretty, tall and even sexy girls standing over the motorcycle racer with an umbrella, or walking the walk in the paddocks, standing guard in front of the hospitality tents is what makes it a glamour sport. It's not easy, standing in the glaring sun without trying to sweat, or every man, and a lot of women, staring at you.

But everyone loves having them around. Many people make a beeline for the girls when they see them walking through the paddocks. Many, often men, want to pose with them, and the girls do not mind. It's good publicity for the company who have hired them.

I was able to interview one of these umbrella girls, Elena Iankovskaia aka Y-Elena, from the LCR Honda team at the San Marino GP in Misano. Elena is Russian, and as you can imagine she is very pretty and tall, but under the beautifulness exterior there is an even prettier interior and a sharp mind. We met up in the VIP section of the LCR hospitality tent where I asked her some questions...........

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13 September, 2013 - Changing Your Motorcycle Tire - The Easy Way
Easy Changing Motorcycle Tire
#TireChanging #Funny #Motorcycle - Changing your tires on your motorcycle is a pain. It requires your bike to be on a stand, maybe just a center stand, removing it, replacing it... yuk. Here are some folks who have found out how to do it 'easier'. Of course this only works for your front wheel. But wouldn't it be nice to see this happening for a rear wheel? Any takers?


13 September, 2013 - Interview: Marco di Bassi - Hospitality Events Structures
Interview Marco di Bassi
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP @VisitSanMarino - At MotoGP races like the San Marino MotoGP race at Misano, you will see many hospitality tents & trucks belonging to the motorcycle racing teams. They go from race to race, and usually the staff belong to the team. But there are also always a lot of other hospitality tents, and these are used for companies or organizations to promote their stuff at special, or one-off events. It makes no sense for them to have their own truck and tent like in this photo: Marco di Bassi runs a small company, Noleggio Truck Motor Home Hospitality, with two trucks that are hired by companies or organizations to host a hospitality tent for their guests at events. For example, in these photos, the truck and tent are used by the Visit San Marino crowd to inform visitors not only about the MotoGP, but also of their country. In this case, the truck was placed inside the San Marino city, not at the circuit...........

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13 September, 2013 - Interview: Dr. Berardi Eraldo - Chief Medical Center Misano Circuit
Misano Circuit Medical Center
Misano logo
#MotoGP #Misano #MedicalCenter - In the series 'interviews with people who makes MotoGPs happen', I spoke with someone who we all hope none of the riders will ever see, despite the fact that he is a really nice man. The man is Doctor Berardi Eraldo and he runs the medical center of the Misano circuit. In other words, when one of the riders hurts himself, this is where he is taken to be 'repaired'. And by the way, it is not only racers who can find themselves in the capable hands of Dr. Eraldo and his staff: the public present on the race track also end up here if they have a problem. But... not in the same area where the racers are.

The Misano race circuit medical center is quite big and very well equipped. The latest technology can be found here; so many that a smaller hospital would be jealous. And as far as staff go, they have a lot, and very professional. You will see several photos after the interview of the medical center. Obviously I am not an expert, far from it, so I can not describe what all the machines do. Use your imagination...........

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13 September, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 13 September 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
While I have been having fun, but working very hard, in San Marino this week, I have been following what has been happening with regards to motorcycles articles. Here are some that may be of interest to you, and might have missed.

- Bose Quiet Comfort 20 Review (WebBikeWorld)
- 2014 Ducati 899 Panigale is a Splendid “Supermid” [w/ Video] (Sub 5 Zero)
- How To Clean Your Motorbike And Biker Gear: Tips You Need To Know (You Motorcycle)
- Guide To Motorcycle Categories (Ride Apart)


12 September, 2013 - France: Paris Mayor Wannabe - Reduce Speeds To Crawl Speed
Boulevard Peripherique
France flag
#Paris #Elections #Speeds - The elections for next year's Mayor of Paris is heating up, and both side, left and right of the political spectrum, are having their sound bites , saying stuff that will hopefully catch some moments of PR glory.

The main candidate of the Socialist party (the current party for both Paris and the country), Anne Hidalgo, has already expressed her dislike of motorized vehicles, especially motorcycles, and she has been campaigning to reduce lanes and reduce speeds in the country's capital...........

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12 September, 2013 - USA: First Ever Motorcycle Film Festival - New York
Motorcycle Film Festival 2013 NYC
USA flag
#FilmFestival #Motorcycles - It's about bloody time! There are film festivals for almost anything under the sun, from horror to action to sci-fi to romance. But there are just no film festivals that honor the motorcycle. Until now that is. In Brooklyn, New York between 26 and 28 September the very first motorcycle film festival will be held.

The festival is a real one, done very much like all other big events; screenings, parties, after parties, judges, press .. etc. During the 3 days, several submitted movies and documentaries will be screened and knowledgeable judges will deem which ones were the best...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 September, 2013 - Interview: Maurizio Damerini, M.D. of Misano Circuit
Maurizio Damerini
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #Misano #SanMarino - When we watch the MotoGP races anywhere in the world, you probably do not realize how much work goes into these events. There are enormous organizations and companies working to make sure that a MotoGP race is held in perfect conditions. Over the next few days, I will be interviewing several people who play behind-the-scene-roles; They may be behind the scene, and they will not get the glamor or attention, but without them, there will be no race.

One of those people is Maurizio Damerini, the Managing Director of the Misano race circuit. Misano is where the San Marino MotoGP race is held, and it lies next to the city of Rimini. Maurizio oversees a big company that ensures that the race track is in perfect condition, and that races can be held safely...........

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12 September, 2013 - Interview: MotoGP Moto2 Racer Alex de Angelis
Alex de Angelis At Misano 2013
MotoGP logo
#MotoGP #AlexDeAngelis - As you know, I stay away from MotoGP serious stuff like racers and motorcycles. I leave that to specialists like MotoMatters. But since I was hosted by the San Marino people, and this very special MotoGP Moto2 racer comes from San Marino, the occasion to do an interview with a professional and all-round nice guy was too good to pass.

Of course I am talking about San Marino's 28 year old native son, Alex de Angelis. I sat down with Alex in the San Marino MotoGP and asked him a few personal questions. Alex's English is near perfect, and his smiling personality makes him an easy interview. He is not shy, and is easy to talk to...........

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11 September, 2013 - New Air-Bag Vest: AllShot AIRV1
Allshot AirV1
Allshot AirV1
#Airbag #Vests #Safety - Air-bag vests are quickly becoming more and more popular. With the safety proven during the many crashes you can see in MotoGP races, it is obvious that built-in air-bag systems can save lives, or at the very least, prevent serious injuries. French company AllShot have been a distributor of the Hit-Air air-bag vest system since the beginning, but now they have decided that the market has become big enough for them to make their own product. They have just launched the AIRV1 air-bag vest...........

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11 September, 2013 - France: Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Special Aerobatic Stunt Team For Sale
Patrouille de France Harley
Harley-Davidson logo
#Aerobatic #Stunt #HarleyDavidson - To celebrate the 110th birthday of Harley-Davidson, France's main aerobatic flying stunt team, the Patrouille de France, a v-Rod was customized in the colors of the stunt team; red, white and blue.

The special motorcycle was used in several key events for both Harley's birthday and the stunt team's flying exhibitions. Now the customized v-Rod is going to be auctioned off...........

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11 September, 2013 - Ducati Win San Marino 2013 GP, Bradley Smith On Podium! Honest
San Marino Bicycle Race 1st 2013
San Marino Bicycle Race 3rd 2013
#SanMarino #MotoGP #BlogVille - I know you will not believe me, although it could happen, but to show you I am serious, here is the winner of the San Marino 2013 GP, Alex De Angelis and the Ducati team..........

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11 September, 2013 - A Revisit Of The Ducati Museum
Bologna Ducati Museum
Ducati logo
#Blogville #Ducati #Museum @DucatiMotor - A couple of years ago I visited the Ducati Factory and Museum, but now I was part of the Visit San Marino and the Emilia Romagna Tourist Board event, bring people like myself to not only visit this fantastic area of Italy, but also motorcycle events like the MotoGP and a visit to Ducati. I was the only motorcycle blogger in the group, but visiting Ducati is never boring, even if you have been several times.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at the Ducati factory, apart from the obvious many Ducati motorcycles in the staff car park, but now most, almost 90%, of the staff cars are Audi. I wonder why?..........

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11 September, 2013 - The Sound Of A Ducati 899 Panigale Motorcycle
Ducati logo
#Ducati #Blogville #899Panigale - The Ducati 899 Panigale just got announced a few days ago, and of course it is already being produced in the factory in Bologna, Italy. Since I was doing the tourist tours of San Marino and the Italian Emilia Romagna region, part of the program was to visit the Ducati factory and museum (more on that later on). We were asked not to make any photos inside the factory, and I did not (for once in my life). But when we arrived at the testing station where they were testing the new 899 Panigales coming off the factory belt, I could not resist to record the sound of the engines...........

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10 September, 2013 - Video: Bikers and Milk - Protein Fight Club
Milk Fight Club Bikers
#Advertising #Milk #Funny - Hmmmm .. strange but at the same time funny TV commercial for milk. In this TV advertisement they show two motorcycle riders, one with milk, the other with what is probably eggs benedict.

It's a 'who can eat/drink their product while on riding' kind-of fight. It is so stupid that it is actually funny. Funny like watching two cars crashing...........

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10 September, 2013 - Idea: Cotter Pin - Adventure Motorcycle Gear
Cotter Pin Adventure Roll
Cotter Pin Direction Wallet
#Kickstarter #Adventure #Camping - Here is a deserving Kickstarter crowd-funding project that looks like it will not meet its minimum funding requirement to become an operational project. Pity. Called Cotter Pin, the project wants to create several adventure motorcycle gear items. Gear to be used when adventure riding, like camping.

Cotter Pin is the brainchild of two bikers and artists, Sean Gilligan and Justin C. Knapp, both from Brooklyn. Neither of them liked the visual aspect of the current crop of adventure gear, and they set out to make their own...........

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10 September, 2013 - Truffles, Truffles and Many More Truffles
Sant Agata Feltria Truffles
Italy flag
#BlogVille #Truffles #Italy - One of the more memorable visits was to the town of Sant'Agata Feltria, not to far from San Marino. Again on some fantastic motorcycles roads, you arrive at a very small village which is kind-of the capital of truffles, especially the speciality of the area, white truffles.

We were met by several people involved in the truffle trade, from proprietary, world specialist, truffle hunters, trade fair organizers and even an armed park ranger...........

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10 September, 2013 - San Leo: Medieval Town In Italy - Torture Gala
San Leo
Italy flag
#BlogVille #SanMarino #SanLeo - On my second day, we left San Marino early in the morning and drive some of the fantastic motorcycle roads up to a medieval town called San Leo. The roads were perfect for motorcycles, twisting left and right, sharp - often 340°. Too bad we were in a van.

San Leo is a very old town, with a church dating back before 810, built using pagan temple stones, and a cathedral dating back to around 1100. The castle on the hill is as good as impregnable, built on steep cliffs, with only one access road, anyone stupid enough to attack will be sorry for the short life they will live. Inside the castle is a small museum with all the fun & games the gentry played in those days, i.e., torture materials. Gory stuff, and no, I'm not going to show it...........

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10 September, 2013 - San Marino: Final Overview Of A Beautiful Place
San Marino
Visit San Marino logo
#SanMarino @VisitSanMarino @ERTourism @TheRidersLand - Between some walking on my own, and a guided tour with some other #Blogville bloggers, I have to say that San Marino has taken a special place for me in my heart. It is a very beautiful place, full of history and charm. Here are 16 photos of 100's I took between an afternoon solo walk and a late afternoon/early evening group walk. You will notice that when the sun sets over San Marino, colors become incredibly warm and bold. The Visit San Marino folks had given us a well informed guide, explaining us not only all the history of the place, but she was also very well versed in medicinal and culinary purposes of the plants we encountered...........

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9 September, 2013 - Motorcycles and Cakes: Buell and Cagiva
Cake Buell
Cake Cagiva
#Cakes #Buell #Cagiva - Last time we showed you Aprilia and BMW motorcycle cakes. That was yummy .. mouth-watering. What more can you wish for; motorcycles and cakes - all in one package.

Here are two motorcycle brands that do not exist anymore, but are still alive in cake form (of course the real motorcycles can still be found on the road); Buell and Cagiva (although I only found one Cagiva cake, but it's a beauty).


9 September, 2013 - First Motorcycle Ride Ever - At 100 Years
100 Year Old Riding Motorcycle
USA flag
#Respect #SeniorCitizens - You know those promises you make that you know you will never have to do? Promises like "When Hell Freezes Over", or "When I Win The Lotto", or in this case "When I Make It To My 100th Birthday".

Well, this old, but young lady made the promise, that if she ever made it to her 100th birthday, she would ride on a motorcycle. She had never been on one, but true to her word, when she turned 100, she went for a ride with her great grandson.


9 September, 2013 - San Marino: A Visit To A Very Special Museum - Ferrari
San Marino Ferrari and Abarth Museum
Visit San Marino logo
@VisitSanMarino #Ferrari #Museum - On my first day here in San Marino, the kind folks of Visit San Marino have taken me to a very special museum. Although the museum has nothing to do with motorcycles, even the hardest core biker will melt when he/she hears the word 'Ferrari'. The museum is dedicated not just to the Ferrari car, but to the life of its creator, Enzo Ferrari. The Ferraris on display have all been developed by Enzo, right up to the F40. Enzo even talked about the museum.

No matter how hard core you are as a motorcycle rider, and most of us don't really like cages, the words Ferrari mean something else than 'car'. It's a bit like the name Ducati in the motorcycle world; it has dream built around it. That was Enzo Ferrari's legacy, who until the age of 90 was still designing world's most impressive and mythical cars...........

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9 September, 2013 - San Marino: First Impression of San Marino
San Marino
Visit San Marino logo
#VisitSanMarino I've arrived, pretty tired yesterday after 36 hours on the go. This morning I had a few hours to myself before being picked up by my gracious host of San Marino so I did a few steps around my hotel. San Marino is world's oldest republic in its original form, and can be traced back to around the year 300 AD. So very old, and very well conserved. The country (because it is an independent country, not a part of Italy) is in fact an enormous mountain, spreading around some 60 square kilometers.


6 September, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 6 September 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
I am already on my way to San Marino and should be arriving there late Sunday night (I need to make a few stops along the way). Here are some interesting motorcycle related articles that have appeared during last week.

- Travelogue: Across Bangadesh in 24 HOURS on Yamaha Fazer, a 1000kms Story (Bike Advice)
- 2014 Honda Grom Review: Small Bike, Big Thrills (About Motorcycles)
- The Safest And Most Dangerous Cities For Motorcycle Riding (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Top 5 Bikes for Actual Badasses – Experienced Riders Only (Ride Apart)


6 September, 2013 - I Am Gone To The San Marino MotoGP Race - Special Event
Dorna logo
Visit San Marino logo
#MotoGP #SanMarino #Dorna - As you may know, I rarely write up anything about motorcycle racing like MotoGP. I prefer to leave that to well informed and excellent web sites like MotoMatters. Everyone has their speciality, and although I love MotoGP with a passion, I am not knowledgeable. But I am going to the Misano race circuit for the San Marino GP. Why you may ask?

I am going on an invitation by Dorna (the folks who organize the MotoGP races) and the San Marino government (San Marino is actually a sovereign state, much like Monaco). That's right, I am going on an invite to write about not only the MotoGP event, but also San Marino...........

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6 September, 2013 - France: Monday 9 September - Free Parking Country Wide
Ticketing clamped motorcycle
France flag
#France #Police #Strike - The French love strikes. It is part of their DNA, they will drop everything at the drop of a hat, and head for a strike march. Often strikes get met with a grumble, but an understanding, even if the strike affects your daily life. Railroads are more often on strike than functioning, but deep in their hearts, the average French person supports the strikers. It is therefore that an announced strike that has gotten a wide acclaim here in France: the municipal police has called for a nationwide strike this coming Monday (9 September). What they are going to do that day, or more specifically NOT do that day, is ticket vehicles for bad parking and other minor offenses...........

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5 September, 2013 - Idea: NEOS - Cool Electric Motorcycle With Sidecar
#NEOS #Electric #Sidecar - A couple of years ago, Daniel Munnik designed a pretty cool motorcycle with a modular sidecar, called the NEOS. The combo looks straight out of a big budget sci-fi movie, and the specs mirror the high tech design.

Mind you, it's only a design, no prototype, but it would be pretty nice to see if this could be made into a real working bike. The motorcycle is enclosed, i.e., it's really a car with two (in fact three) wheels, and it has a nifty way of adding a sidecar, so it is modular. The dimensions are slightly wider than a real motorcycle, but narrower than a car.

The engine is electric, running on a 3-phase AC induction motor, and using lithium batteries. According to the designer, the bike can travel 260 kilometers on a 2 hour charge (gulp).............

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5 September, 2013 - Dutchman To Sell Major Motorcycle Collection At Auction
Botham Dutch Seller Auction
#Vintage #Auction #Motorcycles - Dutch motorcycle collectioner, Michael Buttinger, is selling his motorcycle collection of almost 100 vintage bikes at the upcoming Bonhams auction held in the UK on October 20th.

In the collection there are even 10 Honda Monkey bikes that have never been used, two prototypes, including one Honda CBX1000 and a special NR750.

The total value of the vintage motorcycle collection is estimated at €350,000. So if you are in the market for a new, old, bike, head on over to Bonhams and place a bid.


5 September, 2013 - Piaggio Electric Scooter - PAM
Piaggio PAM Electric scooter
Piaggio logo
#Piaggio #Electric #Scooter - Piaggio, an enormous motorcycle conglomerate which includes brands like Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Vespa, is known to be innovative. Just look at their MP3 three wheel scooter. Many manufacturers are now copying the innovative designs from the Italian company.

Now Piaggio have released a prototype, more a design/concept of an electric scooters that looks like a winner. Called PAM (Personal Advanced Mobility), the electric scooter is partially enclosed (like the doomed BMW C1), photovoltaic solar panels, a Heads Up Display, a GPS and even airbags...........

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4 September, 2013 - Idea: Like Your Booze? Be A Biker And Get A Real Shot Glass
Booze Bolt
#Kickstarter #Booze #ShotGlasses - Many motorcycle riders like their booze, some like it regular, some like it really strong. If you like drinking your booze strong and in a shot glass, have I got some news for you.

On Kickstarter there is a crowd-funding project waiting for some money to start making real shot glasses: glasses that are made to look like bolts, called Booze Bolts...........

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4 September, 2013 - South Europe: Novotel Hotels Wants Motorcycle Business
Sleeping Biker
Novotel logo
#Novotel #Hotels - I am a bit late with this news, but at least you will know for the next time. The Novotel hotel chain is offering a special promotion for motorcycle riders in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

For any biker booking one of their hotels, they offer not only secure motorcycle parking, but they will also clean your visor and give you a free beer.

So far, these kind of "biker friendly" hotels are not really biker friendly, it's just a small marketing ploy to attract our business. If you have a parking garage, then it does not mean you are biker friendly. Giving a biker a free beer ... well, what can I say. As for visor cleaning, thank you, but I prefer to clean my own...........

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4 September, 2013 - Germany: Birds Not Happy With Police Speed Radar
Bird Attacks Speed Camera
Germany flag
#Radar #Germany #Funny - It looks like us humans (if you want to call motorcycle riders human) are not the only ones who are not happy with these police speed radars. In Leipzig, Germany, a raven bird landed on one of these money-making machines and started pecking away at it.

The radar survived, and the bird flew away before the cops could arrest it. The local police do not know why the bird attacked the radar, maybe it had been ticketing for flying to fast once too many.


3 September, 2013 - 3 Honda Motorcycle Ads From Brazil That Have Me Confused
Honda 5 Stars Ad
Honda logo
#Honda #Advertisement #Strange - I know that I often just do not 'get' some advertisements, but these three Honda ads coming to us from Brazil totally have me confused.

The ads have as tag line 'The journey is the destination.' which is nice, but the pictures don't really say anything. I am presuming that the ad agency, in this case Y&R, had in mind some exotic locations but instead put some hovels in the photos...........

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3 September, 2013 - Givi Introduces S955 - iPhone 5 Holder For Motorcycles
Givi S955
Givi logo
#Givi #Iphone #Holder - If you are in the proud possession of an iPhone 5 you know that most accessories available on the market didn't really follow Apple's new charging plugs. This goes even more for iPhone 5 holders for motorcycles. iPhones 4 or older have plenty of choice, but iPhone 5 has fewer, and the selections not that good (I'm on my 3rd, all others were useless).

Italian accessory manufacturer Givi have recently released a nice looking and practical iPhone 5 holder, the S955. It's not only rain proof (with the supplied rain cover), but has a sturdy and usable sunscreen, zippers to open and close, a transparent cover that can be used even with gloves on and Givi have their own mounting system, so not a RAM mount system...........

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3 September, 2013 - Dutch Biker Gang To Invade Denmark
Satudarah Patch
The Netherlands flag
#1%-ER #BikerGangs #Satudarah - It is not only countries that invade other countries. Companies "invade" countries by expanding their sales territories. So it is no surprise if a 1%-er motorcycle gang is trying to expand as well.

And this is the case of the Satudarah M/C. This 1%-er gang, loosely allied to the Bandidos is planning to create a new chapter in Denmark in the near future. Already they have chapters in Belgium, Spain, Germany, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Danish police are on alert and are following the activities of this biker gang with interest, but other, local, gangs are getting ready to stop the Dutch gang. Local group like the Hells Angels do not want to see foreign groups inside their patch of land.

So the local authorities are fearful that a gang war is going to explode.


2 September, 2013 - Motorcycles and Cakes: Aprilia and BMW
Cake Aprilia
Cake BMW
#Cakes #BMW #Aprilia - I have noticed that many motorcycle riders have a sweet tooth. We love eating sweet things, maybe it is because we try to stay awake as long as possible on our rides, or maybe it's just because we just love sweet things.

It is therefore no surprise to see many of us indulging in eating cakes, especially when the cakes have been made into our favorite vehicle. I have found quite a lot of cakes made into motorcycles, or the logo of the manufacturer, so many that they will not fit on one page. I will therefore be showing you brand-by-brand over time. Some cakes are works of art, some not, but I am quite sure they all taste wonderful.

Here is the first installment, Aprilia and BMW motorcycle. Just looking at the photos made my mouth water....


2 September, 2013 - Idea: Electroluminescent Motorcycle Helmet Kit
Electroluminescent Helmet Kit
Electroluminescent Helmet Kit
#Helmets #Safety #Kickstarter - Putting lights on your motorcycle helmet might be a good idea to increase your visibility at night, but somehow I don't think this will do the trick, and especially not at the price.

The Electroluminescent Helmet Kit project can be found on Kickstarter, and they are looking for funds. Not just any funds, but a wooping US$10,000. If they ever get the funding, which I doubt, you should be able to buy them for US$50 for a basic kit.

The thing I do no like in this setup is the enormous battery pack located at the back of your helmet...........

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2 September, 2013 - Harley-Davidson 110 Year Motorcycle Bash - The Photos
Harley Davidson 110 Year Bash
Harley-Davidson logo
#HarleyDavidson #Party #Celebrities - Unless you have been living in a cave in Afghanistan you will know that Harley-Davidson is 110 years old, and like any living being that age, she is throwing a mega party.

Motorcycle riders from all over the USA, but also many from abroad have come to help celebrate this amazing birthday, and even motorcycle riding celebrities like Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff have joined the party. Here are some photos of the event.



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