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Radar Web Site for France

  Posted at 09:20:43 AM
  File under  Travel Web France
  Author: Mike Werner
  Location: Normandy, France

The fully automatic digital radars in France have become a daily problem for us motorcyclists. There are more and more being added every day, and keeping track of where they are has become a major headache.

That's why this website has become a welcome addition to my route planning for motorcycle rides in France. The site, is excellent, BUT, it's in French.

So for you that plan to ride your motorcycle in France, and want to find the latest information on radar locations, I'll do a quick translation of the important screens. website

When you click on the link, it'll bring you directly to the selection part. A map of France is shown. You can simply click on the department (= region/province) you are interested in, and the radars active in that region are displayed. (the bit that says "Region Parisienne" means the great Paris area, including its suburbs).

Or you can select a specific road in the box that states "Choiser une route". A drop-down list of all popular roads is presented and you can select the road you are interested in. A list of all radars on that road will be displayed. A roads are Autoroutes, N roads are large national roads while D roads are smaller provincial roads.

Alternatively, you can select the department by clicking on the drop-down list on the right of the screen labelled "Choiser un departement". But, you'll need to know the department number (e.g. Paris is 75, Pas de Calais is 62, etc).

Once you've selected where you want to see the radars, a list appears with all the radars. The following information appears: website

1.        The first line states where the radars are, i.e. on which road. In the example above it states that the radar is on the Autoroute A31 La Maxe.
2.        To the right it shows the status of the radar. "En Service" means the radar is operational (it could still be planned otherwise).
3.        Below you'll see the direction the radar is active in. "Sens" means direction, so in the example above, the radar is located in the direction Thionville - Metz.
4.        Below that is the exact location of the radar. It's descriptive, so I can't really translate all, since it describes the area. In the example above, the radar is located at the exit number 34 towards La Maxe.
5.        The following line shows the maximum speed authorized ("Vitesse:"). In the example it's 110 kph.
6.        Next to it is very important information ! It states whether the radar is facing you or behind you. "Flash: Avant "means that the radar takes the photo from the front, i.e., no problem for motorcycles. BUT, is it states "Derrier", then it will take a photo of a motorcycle's license plate !!
7.        The last information on that line is "Locatisation". This means where is it located on the grounds ("Gauche" is to the left, "Droite" is to the right, "TPC" means in the middle of the autoroute).
8.        If the line below states "Voir les photo disponibles", it means that if you click on that line, photos of that radar are shown !! This way you can see what it looks like.

The icons on the right allow you to enter comments, specific information and you can upload your own photos of that radar.
Finally, there can be general remarks on that specific radar on the last line.

You can also click on the line above that says "Mobiles". That will give you all mobile radars operating in the sector. It'll show you the type of car used (with license plate if available) and some general remarks (in French). website
Apart from a lot of information available on this site (planned radars, examples of fines, how to get out of paying a fine, etc), the website also has several very funny photos of radar pictures.

They are listed on the top right hand corner of the screen, under the "Humour" section. Click on "Les Photos".

Here's one that listed. Notice how the motorcyclist is hiding his licence plate !!!

To access the site, click here.

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