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Your Chance For An Incredible Trip

  Posted at 11:02:36 AM
  File under  Events Travel
  Author: Mike Werner
  Location: Normandy, France

I know that many of you want to take one of those incredible, daring, motorcycle adventure trips, visiting countries unknown, meeting interesting people along the way, and end up with sufficient stories to tell your grandchildren for years. Well, here's your chance, AND you'll be able to help a deserving charity at the same time.

Honda C90 Scooter
At the website, Bill (also known as Fanum) is organizing a charity run through the deserts of Africa, on Honda C90 Scooters !! Yes, you read it right... not motorcrossers, or BMW GSs, KTMs, Yamahas, but on Honda C90 Scooters !!

The idea is to put together a group of 12-14 riders, each equipped with a Honda C90 scooter (and an orange uniform), with support vehicles and then head for Africa.

The proposed itinerary is Morocco, Mauritania, through the Sahara desert up to Senegal and the onto Gambia, the final destination !

Last year, they organized similar, but using cars. They donated medical supplies and vehicles to the local hospitals. The aim this year is to raise UK£ 40,000 for charity. The trip should take about 22 days, and at the end, you leave the motorcycles scooters in Gambia and fly back.

Bill has the following requests:
1.        He wants more people who would like to do this trip. A full 14 person list plus spares in case of drop-outs.
2.        And high on the list of priorities……Media coverage - Imagine the scene, 12 riders on c90’s, clad in orange jump-suits. That’s surely get the potential to attract a film crew or TV program ??....Anyone have any contacts in the TV world??
3.        More C90’s……He has 6, there’s the potential of 8, but he wants 14……and loads of spares…… you have one? Do you know any companies or organizations who might be getting rid of any????
4.        Tyres…..We’re going to fit knobblies from Kids MX bikes on the scooters… we need 30 front and 30 rear MX tyres in the right sizes…..anyone know someone from a tyre firm/importer that can help ???
5.        Kit…….Bill has this image of all riding across the desert in similar lids, wearing Orange overalls…….purely for the image and its marketability (thus fund-raising potential)……so he needs 14 sets of kit- either armored suits or body armor and tough overalls that could be worn over the top……
6.        Fuel….obviously, they’ll need a lot of fuel….does anyone have any contacts in any fuel companies that might be able to sort them out in some way?? International fuel cards, donations etc???
7.        Pizza boxes…….It strikes me that a large pizza company might well pay a lot of money IF they get on TV if they have their Pizza delivery boxes on the backs of the scooters……..that sort of exposure has got to be worth a lot of money…anyone know anyone high up in a Pizza chain?? (Come on Pizza Hut, Domino Pizza's !)
8.        A second support vehicle……..They've got one good lead which they're following up, but he really needs a second support vehicle…..LHD if possible, preferably a Landy, Mercedes van, Unimog or similar…..
9.        They need the Mercedes van converting to LHD…..anyone know of a Mercedes dealership, workshop, tech college or anyone who might be able to do this?? For Free???? (well, obviously they’ll get full coverage and sponsors logos etc)
10.        If they get a Landy, that’ll need converting too…..anyone friendly with a Land Rover dealership??
11.        Food and medical supplies……They were spoilt this year, with companies that very kindly supplied them with self heating scram and a bunch of medical supplies…..14 people is a different ball game though- so they’ll need loads and loads of food and some pretty hefty and serious first aid kits…..anyone in wholesale, know anyone in the food industry or medical supplies???

So here's your chance to participate, or at least help. Do you have any contact with the TV/Written Press ?? Can you help with the sponsors ?? Don't worry if you can do any of the above, I'll be hitting you further on for contributions ;-)

Click here to see the developing discussion thread on

Click here to see this year's charity run Plymouth-Dakar Challenge.

You can contact Bill at: bill"."oates"@" (remove the " to get the email address, this is to stop SPAMmers).

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