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Dakar 2005 - 30th December

  Posted at 06:19:19 PM
  File under  Racing Dakar Race
  Author: Mike Werner
  Location: Barcelona, Spain

After a reasonable night sleep, Bob J. (a fellow motorcyclist who lives in Barcelona, and who has kindly enough been looking after us here), Jacques and myself set out for the main Dakar point:- the technical scrutinizing area.

The technical area was set up in the mountain/hill central of Barcelona. It's the former Olympics area, and houses a massive stadium.
First Truck
Outside the stadium were not only a lot of camper cars (for those not using hotels), but also a lot of the trucks, cars and motorcycles participating in this Dakar edition.

The vehicles were inspected already at the outside, ensuring that only authorized ones drove in.

You could see all the vehicles parked in the waiting area, waiting to be allowed in for the technical inspection.
Flock of KTMs
On the left we saw a flock of KTM motorcycles.

No matter were you looked, you always ended up seeing a KTM....
KTM Motorcycle
In the mean time the motorcycles (and others) kept on coming.

Again, a KTM.
Ludivine Puy
And then the Euromaster team arrived.

And when we looked, we saw this angel appear out of no-where.

Yes, she is a competitor, and many men would wish to have only half of her riding talents.
Ludivine Puy
It's Ludivine Puy, running number 35.

She's the youngest rider this race (you're not supposed to ask, but she's 21) and she's a police officer !
MD Sport team

The well prepared and professional looking MD Sport team.
Camper Van with motorcycle
While walking towards the central area, we saw this unusual camper van. You don't see that many in Europe.

Notice the KTM motorcycle garage in the rear of the van. Very nice !!!!
Scrutineering area
And this is the central technical scrutinizing area. At the far end are the trucks, then the cars and then the motorcycles.

Vehicles keep on coming. Every few minutes, a new one appears. It takes about an hour to check each one.
Motorcycle Museum
The Dakar organization even had setup a motorcycle museum, displaying a lot of the motorcycles that had played an important part in the history of the Dakar.
Motorcycle Museum
This is one old BMW Motorcycle. In the main hall, they were showing on the central screen images of former races, and you could see this Beemer !!
Motorcycle Museum - Moto Guzzi
Or how about this old Moto Guzzi ???
Dorsal hammering
Did you always wonder how those dorsal numbers stay on during these heavy duty races???

And never come off, even after a crash.

Well, here's the answer.

The dorsal numbers are hammered into the jacket !!!
MD Sport team

All media attention was on the Mitsu team, specially Nani Roma (a motorcycle rider who turned to the dark side of the force)..
Kevin Heath
And that in stark contrast with Kevin Heath, a private KTM entry from the USA.

Here he was, and he seemed to have a scrutinizing issue, that he had to resolve on his own. That, in my eyes deserves more media attention that any professional!!

I already wrote about him last week {link}
Dropped Motorcycle
And then someone dropped Denis Comte's motorcycle with a loud bang !

Lucky for him, nothing was damaged, but if I were in his shoes, I'd start doubting myself....
Nani Roma
And here's Nani Roma himself, swapping his fantastic motorcycle for a lowly 4WD car...... how could he go to the dark side of the force???
Not so Tall
Who said you have to be tall ?? Who said your feet need to reach the ground in order for you to race the Dakar.

Not Francois Vulliet.....
Way Back
Then we headed back, Bob J. (aka Spanish Bob), Jacques & myself, riding through Barcelona traffic...
Nani Roma
While we were walking towards a great restaurant (if you're ever in Barcelona, go to Restaurant L'Olivé), we heard a God-almighty roar and saw Nani Roma passing us in the street.....
We saw these signs, getting ready for tomorrows event..... several roads will be closed.

Hope to be there and show you photo....

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