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3rd Party Bluetooth Gear for Motorcycle Helmets

  Posted at 01:52:12 PM
  File under  Bluetooth Helmets
  Author: Mike Werner
  Location: Normandy, France

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This is the companion report of Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturers with Bluetooth report {link}. In this report, we'll look at the non-helmet manufacturers who provide you with Bluetooth functionality for your helmet, no matter which helmet manufacturer.

For those of you who don't know what Bluetooth is, it's a wireless communication technology that allows different devices to "talk" to each other over a short distance (typically 10 meters). Click here for more information.

Use of Bluetooth on Motorcycles

Nowadays, many mobile telephones are equipped with Bluetooth, but you'll also find music players, GPS and other portable devices able to communicate with this popular and growing technology. The use of Bluetooth technology can be advantageous on motorcycles, since they don't involve being wired to the motorcycle. The best application of Bluetooth on a motorcycle is using it as an intercom, since you can talk to your pillion passenger without the need to be wired together.

The Bluetooth (BT) communications is crystal clear and in full duplex. Additionally, depending on the manufacturer, you will be able to receive other audio sources, such as GPS driving information, music (MP3, iPod, etc), bike-to-bike communications and even for the diehards, mobile telephone.

Remember, it is dangerous for you and others, to ride and talk on the telephone at the same time. Pull over to talk on your mobile phone!!

The Survey

The survey was carried out, as usual, via the internet. When there were questions, we contacted the manufacturers, but, as usual, many did not think it was worth their efforts or time to reply. So any gaps, or mistaken information, blame the manufacturers.


  • Often manufactures will say that you can listen to music using their Bluetooth headsets. This is true, but usually it means that you'll need a Bluetooth enabled mobile telephone that can play music. In most cases you can not hook up a Bluetooth iPod or other to their system. In these cases we'll have not marked the Music/MP3 as "available".
  • Not all Bluetooth enabled mobile telephones are compatible with the gear. Check the manufacturer's website for compatability.
  • As is the case with Bluetooth helmets, you can only use headsets belonging to one manufacturer. You can not mix & match headsets.
  • There are apparently only a few Bluetooth communicator manufacturers, so you'll find the same model offered by several "brands", all with their own logo stamped on the gear. It's not easy to find out who is the original manufacturer.

Survey Explanation

Clicking on the product name opens new information in a small window. You must have Javascript enabled to see the information. NOTE: You will find additional information in the window, such as Bluetooth class and compatibility with other devices.

The list is divided into three portions:

  • Headsets: the part that gets added to your helmet
  • Hubs: Those that have a hub system, ie a standalone box to which the headsets get connected via BT
  • Accessories: The extra bits

Explanations: BT = Bluetooth,

Price: Where we've listed prices, they are usually the price found on the web of the lowest possible price. A bit of Googling will get you there. Obviously prices differ from country to country, so they may be different in your country. Some products may also not be available in your country. If there is an Amazon US link, hover your house to see the latest price. Amazon UK link just click on it to see the latest price. Note: Make sure you look at the currency symbol used for the price!

Functions = All units support mobile phone/GSM, either directly or via an adapter. I/C= Intercom GPS= GPS device (either wired or BT) MP3= Music device like iPod or MP3 player B2B= Bike-to-Bike Other= Other devices not listed above.

Weight: The weight of the product when mounted on a helmet. If it's not mounted on a helmet, then it'll show n/a.

Battery: Opers= number of hours you can communicate, Stndby= Standby- number of hours you can use the unit while not talking, Charge = number of hours you need to charge the unit.

When clicking on a product name, inside the window that opens, you'll find the Bluetooth Class used, and the device compatibility (where known).

NOTE: This report does not work in Safari or Google Chrome since they do not adhere to the proper standards. Sorry.

Stand-Alone Headset Devices

Central Hub Devices

Add-on/Accessory Devices

Add to Flipboard Magazine.

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