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Great Motorcycle Books

  Posted at 01:57:22 PM
  File under  Books
  Author: Mike Werner
  Location: Normandy, France

Below, when you see the words "[Hover] Click here to buy it at Amazon US", if you hover your mouse over those words, the latest price will be shown. You can click on most book titles and read the complete review.

Book-Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Open link in a new window

Neil Peart is the former drummer of the band called "Rush". He suffered several personal tragedies, which pushed him to take his motorcycle and travel through North and South America, going from one place to another without any real itinerary. He calls it the "Travels on the Healing Road". At the end, he has traveled over 55,000 miles on his bike.

The book is very well written (Neil used to write the lyrics for Rush, so he knows how to put a sentence together), the story is compelling and his ideas of stringing his travel together are very creative (since he travels alone, he sits in restaurants and writing letters to his friends, pretending that the friend is sitting at his table).

I highly recommend this book !!

[Hover] Click here to buy it on Amazon US

Book-Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

"The" Motorcycle book, and probably one of the best known motorcycle books. Although not really a motorcycle book, it is more a philosophy book, the author Robert Pirsig uses a motorcycle ride to illustrate philosophy points.

It is very well written, and for me, he's the only guy who has been able to capture the reason bikers are so passionate about motorcycles.

It's an easy read, and you pick up some interesting points.

I'm not someone who knows how to maintain motorcycles, but that doesn't bother at all when reading the book.

[Hover] Click here to buy it on Amazon US

Book-Proficient Motorcycling
Proficient Motorcycling

This is a very good book explaining all the ins & outs of motorcycle riding. It suits both novice and veteran riders, since you can't always know everything.

It obviously explains the basics, but also explains the mechanics of riding a motorcycle, how to take curves, braking all other items that you should know, but somehow escaped your attention.

The book is full of drawings and photos, so it's easy to understand.

Even after some 30 years of biking, I've picked up several things.

[Hover] Click here to buy it on Amazon US

Book-Adventure Motorcycling Handbook
Adventure Motorcycling Handbook

I have been planning a trip that would take me from Paris to Johannesburg, South Africa with my motorcycle starting in December 2004. Two books, both written by Chris Scott serve as "the bible" for all planning.

This first one is a very well written and researched book. It has plenty of checklists, things to do and not to do, routes, etc.

It is a complete bible for anyone. Routes in Asia, Africa and the Americas are well documented.

It is a must for anyone planning to do long distance motorcycling!

[Hover] Click here to buy it on Amazon US

Books-Sahara Overland
Sahara Overland

This is the 2nd reference book from Chris Scott that I have read. This is most useful for anyone planning to travel by motorcycle (or car) through the Sahara and other parts of Northern Africa.

It is a very well researched book, with many great photos. Even if you're not planning to travel there, it's still a great read.

Armchair adventure riders, and real adventure riders, it's the book for you!

[Hover] Click here to buy it on Amazon US

Book-Mi Moto Fidel
Mi Moto Fidel Open link in a new window

Interesting travel book, written by Christopher Baker. He spent three months touring Cuba on his own motorcycle (a BMW Paris-Dakar GS), and tells his story in a funny and upbeat fashion.

He spent the time crossing Cuba, meeting locals, seeing the sights, and having "fun" with the local administration.

He also seems to have spent a lot of time with the Senoritas.. ;-)

[Hover] Click here to buy it on Amazon US

Book-Against the wind
Against the Wind Open link in a new window

Surprisingly interesting book about one contestant's (Ron Ayres) entry in to the 1995 Iron Butt rally. A very good and entertaining read, full of photos and illustrations.

Ron writes about the trials and tribulations of riding in a long distance event such as the Iron Butt Rally, the inner and outer demons you need to fight, the participating characters and the organization.

Even if long distance riding is not your cup of tea, this book is worth a read !

[Hover] Click here to buy it at Amazon US

Book-Against the clock
Against The Clock Open link in a new window

Another one long distance riding book by Ron Ayres. Not as good as his previous one (Against the Wind), but a worthwhile read.

Ron describes his record breaking motorcycle ride, crossing 49 states in the USA in 7 days, shattering all previous records (including the Guinness record).

The most important item you learn from this book, is the value of a good support network, and the use of the Internet in setting record-breaking attempts.

If you're not into long distance riding, this book is not your cup of tea!

[Hover] Click here to buy it at Amazon US

Book-Long way round
Long Way Round Open link in a new window

The story of actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman who decided to ride their motorcycles from London to New York to long way.

To book is well written, and there are a lot of photos. Their ride was also filmed, and can be seen on TV (if not you can buy the DVD).

It's one of those books you can read fast, since the writing is easy to follow.

See what it is like, being celebs, and riding your motorcycles through outer Mongolia and other exotic countries.

[Hover] Click here to buy it at Amazon US

Book-What if I never tried
What If I Never Had Never Tried It Open link in a new window

MotoGP supremo Valentino Rossi's autobiography. Amazing story for a 23 year old "kid".

In his book, he does not dwell on his childhood, but more on the move away from Honda to Yamaha, all his thoughts and philosophy.

He spends some time on the running feud with Max Biaggi.

The book is easy to read, and has quite some photos. It's an amazing story, considering that he's still so very young and has so much to tell.

It's very much a private view of what goes on behind the scenes of the MotoGP.

[Hover] Click here to buy it at Amazon US

Book-Dreaming of Jupiter
Dreaming of Jupiter Open link in a new window

Ted Simon
went Round The World on his Triumph motorcycle in the 1970's. It took him 4 years, and he came back with 2 books full of stories about the people he met, and the adventures he took.

Now, at the ripe age of 70, he decided to revisit the same route he took 30 years prior. Things have changed during that time, and in this compelling book he details his 3 year adventure.

This time he took a BMW GS, and after the trip, wrote a very good and entertaining book.

It's definitely a great book, and like the first one, a classic.

[Hover] Click here to buy it at Amazon US

Book-American Borders
American Borders Open link in a new window

Carla King
is an American travel journalist who has travelled all over the world on her motorcycle. But this book is not about reaching far away places on the globe.

The book is about riding through the USA on an Ural motorcycle with sidecar. The book is very entertaining, and well written.

It gives a funny insight on the wonders of travelling alone as a female on the dark roads on the USA, on a Russian motorcycle.

Yet another classic motorcycle book; a great read!

[Hover] Click here to buy it at Amazon US

Book Motorcycle Dream Garages
Motorcycle Dream Garages

A 192 page coffee table book that is full of beautiful photos of incredible motorcycle garages (including Jay Leno's) and the motorcycle stored in them.

You don't build a multi-million dollar garage to shelter a cheap motorcycle, so expect to find some rare bikes. Some garages are real sanctuaries for their owners, fitted with bathrooms, bars, tables and beds.

Life as it was meant to be...

A must have book for your living room table.

[Hover] Click here to buy it at Amazon US

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