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Morocco Trip - Tangers

  Posted at 02:00:00 PM
  File under  Personal Travel
  Author: Mike Werner
  Location: Normandy, France

We arrived in the dark in Tangers. The hassle at customs took about 2-3 hours. So we went looking for a hotel in the dark, and finally decided to take the old InterContinental hotel. This hotel has seen better days, but they did have guarded parking facilities...
Hotel Parking The hotel parking was across the street, but it was guarded. So we didn't have to unpack everything and lug it into the hotel.

Outside the hotel were to "standard issue" touts, trying to sell us watches and souvenirs.
Cafe de Paris This square is one of the main squares in Tangers. It is were the famous "Cafe de Paris" is located, just opposite of the French Consulate.

Time for some coffee....
Harbor view To the right of the Cafe de Paris is a view of the harbor. Every 30 minutes or so, a ship (usually a ferry) arrives.
Old Buildings The buildings in Tangers are mostly old. There used to be a lot of old mansions, but they are now disappearing for modern and tall buildings.
Medina From most parts of Tangers you can see the old markets (Kasbah/Medina).

The kasbah is located in the center of the city. It has walls around it, and gates to get in.

The roof tops have a life of their own (not a place to venture).
Roadside commerce A lot of the commercial activities in Tangers are done on the road. If you can't afford a shop, just sell your stuff on the road.
Gates These are the gates (one of them) that give you access to the Medina. behind them are the famous, or notorious kasbah.
Shops Inside the medina, you can buy almost anything you want. Stalls are located everywhere, and utilize every portion of their shop.
Medina streets The medina streets are very narrow, and often steep. These roads can continue for miles circling around the area.

It's quite easy to get lost.
Narrow street You'd be following the street for a while, and suddenly it would end in really small and low passageways.

They're not recommended to take as a tourist....
Street Sales Usually the Berbers will come down to the market and sell whatever produce they have grown.

Since they don't have shops or stalls, they just sit on the ground, and sell their wares on the spot.
Feet Interested in buying some feet ?? Plenty of those to go around.

I don't know what kind of animal this is (I guess goat), and I don't even want to think what they're going to use it for .....
Chicken Chicken anyone ?? All meat is hung out for all to see and touch.

You're not planning to buy any meat if you can't touch it first, will you ??
more street sales More street sales....though I got to say, they vegetables did look very good and healthy...
Veggie & fruit stand This is a "normal" vegetable and fruit shop.

They do look good....
Olives are a big thing in Morocco (as is the case anywhere else in the Med area).

There were a lot of stalls selling all sorts of olives.
Public Douche Public douches.... yeah.. right !!
Streets of Tangers The streets of Tangers aren't exactly pretty, but they do offer a great view, specially when the sun is setting.

The colors are special... too bad there's so much pollution !
Beach Promenade The beach promenade is the tourist area.

There are a lot of hotels here and there are many restaurants alongside the beach.
Beach The beach it self is quite wide, and the sand is really white.

It can get real hot here in the summer...
Safety ? Workers don't really qualify for special rigs when working these big buildings.

This guy is placing a window, without a safety harness or wire. he's just dangling from the window....

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