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Belgium: Very Detailed Study Of Motorcycle Accidents

  Posted at 02:00:00 PM
  File under  Statistics Safety
  Author: Mike Werner
  Location: Travelling
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For the first time ever, the authorities in Belgium have spent a lot of time analyzing serious motorcycle accidents. They went and looked at 200 motorcycle accidents that resulted in deaths or badly hurt ones. The study, named MOTAC (Motorcycle Accident Causation), concentrated on accidents in 2009 (16% of the accidents) and 2010 (84% of the accidents).

50% of the 200 accidents studied had deadly victims, the other 50% had very badly hurt victims.

Something different from other accident studies (see related article below); 56% of the accidents were initiated by the motorcycle rider, 41% by a third party. But as the report mentions, just because an accident is initiated by one vehicle, legally it does not mean that the biker is responsible. 3% of the accidents were caused by external problems, like bad road infrastructure (which IMHO seems low for Belgium who have a notoriously bad road network).

Single Vehicle Accidents
35% of all the 200 accident involved only the motorcycle, meaning no other vehicles were involved. 90% of these single vehicle accidents were caused by the biker. This is usually because of a loss of control, sliding while braking (80%), while 58% of these single vehicle accidents happened in a curve.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents
In 65% of the 200 accidents surveyed did the motorcycle crash into another vehicle. 42% of these multi-vehicle accidents where at an intersection and 17% while leaving premises (like leaving a home our company parking).

In 54% of all these accidents, the other vehicle did not see, or too late, the motorcycle. In 10% of these cases did the other vehicle underestimated the motorcycle's speed.

Accident Situations
In 86% of all the accident did the researchers see a recurring theme/profile:
  • Profile 1 - 32% of these cases: The biker lost control. These are biker initiated accidents, usually taking a curve too fast but also speeding, DUIDriving Under Influence. Drinking and driving. and lack of experience.
  • Profile 2 - 30% of cases: The other vehicle didn't see the motorcycle, usually when turning left, or when merging into a road. The other vehicle is the initiator, usually because the other vehicle driver was distracted (phone?), but also the speed of the biker was a factor.
  • Profile 3 - 13% of cases: The motorcycle is not sufficiently visible when overtaking. Usually the case is when the biker is overtaking on the left and the car driver didn't see the biker while trying to overtake themselves.
  • Profile 4 - 6% of cases: Biker is overtaking the wrong way.
  • Profile 5 - 7% of cases: The other vehicle went into the motorcycle's "space", usually because of inattention, or because they wanted to overtake and did not see the biker.

Time & Place
Apart from the accidents in Brussels (the capital of Belgium), the vast majority of accidents happened in the biker's own area. 65% of all accidents happened in the city, 70% on a road without intersection.

64% of the accidents happened during the week, while 78% of the accidents were during daytime. 44% of them were between 14:00 and 19:00 (2 PM and 7 PM).

But of the single vehicle accidents, 63% of them were between 19:00 and 06:00 (7 PM and 6 AM).

62% of all the accidents happened between the months of April and July.

Biker Profiles
98% of the bikers involved in accidents were men, with an average age of 40. Bikers in the age group 25 to 34 years have a higher chance of being involved in a deadly accident, but they are not a majority of the accidents.

44% of the bikers have had their motorcycle license before 1989, the year in which the Belgium government made mandatory motorcycle tests a law. Which means that biker who have had their license before that year did not need to test of motorcycle riding skills. But this group does not form an exception to the statistics.

Motorcycle Types
One out of three motorcycles involved in the accidents were sports motorcycles. Sportsbikes can be found in every age group, but for young riders, 3 out of 5 had a serious accident, while in the ages 45 or over, it was 1 out of 5 sportsbike riders.

It's a very interesting statistics compilation. Contrary to several other reports, here the biker is more at fault.

But always remember that there are "lies, damn lies, and statistics Open En.Wikipedia link in a new window".

Click here to read the whole detailed report Open Bivv link in a new window (French/Dutch)

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Via: Nieuwsmotor

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