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France: 1 Biker Tries To Get Rid Of Crash Barrier Guillotines

  Posted at 08:00:00 AM
  File under  France Safety Video Feeds
  Author: Mike Werner
  Location: Travelling
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We've already told you about the problem we face here in France with most crash barriers on the national roads and motorways. Most of them act as a guillotine for any unlucky biker who falls of his motorcycle and slides into them. The bottom side of the crash barrier is open, and the steel rods used to place the barrier into the ground will cut your head (or limbs) off, just like the good old fashion guillotine.

All the government has to do is place an extra barrier at the bottom which will stop a sliding biker from being decapitated. That's all... but, that costs money, and the life of a motorcycle rider is not worth it for the government. They prefer to spend the money on other things, like themselves.

One biker here in France is standing up, and trying to do something about it. He has organized several protests, many of them filmed and photographed. The biker's name is Mehdiator Open link in a new window and he has made 14 videos, trying to get the general public to help us in our fight to get the French government to do something properly about this.

2 weeks ago, a 23 year old biker lost his head when his motorcycle went down, and he slid into a crash barrier. Mehdiator launched his 14th film for the occasion, using many bikers to illustrate the damage the barriers do. Using some powerful images and words, he's trying of the few who put action to words.

Click for bigger version of Crash Barrier Guillotine Abolition
Open image in a new window  © Mehdiator

In this photo, the text reads above "1981: death by decapitation got abolished". Below the photo, it reads "only for killers, pedophiles, terrorist, rapists, ....". In other words, not for bikers, who still face a death sentence.

The video below has a lot of French text, which I'll not even try to translate (it's got to do with the abolition of the death penalty), but just look at the images. It's nicely done.

Mehdiator and the French Crash Barriers (2 minutes 59 seconds)

Click to see the Video clip

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Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 - France: Motorcycle Cop Crashes Into Barrier And Dies! Debate Open

Republican Guard Bastille Day
A member of the elite French Republican Guard, on a motorcycle, while doing a recon mission in France, fell of his motorcycle and crashed into an unprotected crash barrier, killing him on the spot.

Dubbed Guillotine Barriers, many bikers have been decapitated by them, and pressure has been put on the government to do something about it. But they have been moving very slowly.

Maybe now, with the unfortunate death of a government representative, will they do something now.
Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 - France: FFMC Fed Up, And On The Attack

Ad FFMC Crash Barriers
The French Association of Angry Bikers are fed up with the unpopular government, and has gone on the attack. Already, we're seeing a lot of protest rides, but they have now also unleased a advertising campaign, ridiculing the government's decisions.
Friday, May 20th, 2011 - Europe: EC Tells 11 Countries To Improve Their Roads

Car Sank In Pothole
It looks like the European Commission agrees with most of us .... it's the bad road infrastructure that kills people, not speed...

The have mandated 11 countries in the European Union to get their act together and make the roads safer! It's only been a few years that the motorcycle associations have been saying it, but who will listen to us?
Tuesday, June 17th, 2008 - Europe To Standardize Motorcycle Safety Guardrails

Accident motorcycle against barrier
FEMA logo
Anyone with half a brain will know that most guardrails (safety barriers) are dangerous for motorcycles and their riders.

After 2à years fighting, FEMA has announced that the European Union is now going to look at making a standard for safety barriers to accommodate motorcycles.


Via: Mehdiator

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