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France: FFMC Fed Up, And On The Attack

  Posted at 02:00:00 PM
  File under  France Protests
  Author: Mike Werner
  Location: Normandy, France

FFMC logo
The Association of Angry French Bikers (FFMC Open link in a new window) are a very active motorcycle-rights association. Anything that touches the rights of bikers, you'll find the FFMC playing an important role. From organizing protest rides (including getting other vehicles types to join in), to lobbying for our rights with the political powers. The way the FFMC expressed itself, was usually with protest rides, blocking entire cities, causing massive traffic jams. Until now.

Over recent months, the unpopular French government has come up with several ideas to prevent motorcycles from riding their favorite vehicle, or by just not doing something, they put biker's lives at risk. They probably hope that we'll just go away.

But the FFMC are striking back at the government's publicity machine with a series of print advertisements that should be seen all over France. In these ads, the FFMC are ridiculing the new measures the French government want to undertake.

Here are five of the new ads. I've roughly translated the French text below each ad (you can click on an ad for a larger version to pop open)? Each ad has as common slogan "Motorcycle Security/Safety: Let's think differently".

Click for bigger version of Ad FFMC Crash Barriers
Open image in a new window

Translation: This is what a crash barrier looks like to a motorcycle rider. Great security, right?

Every year the crash barriers that have not received a low barrier are responsible for the deaths of several motorcycle riders. However, a method exists to prevent these cleavers, but they are often not applied due to budgetary constraints. Security has a price, but life hasn't.

Click for bigger version of Ad FFMC License Plate Size
Open image in a new window

Translation: If the size of the license plate could have avoided accidents, we would have known that.

The inter-ministerial committee on the 11th of May 2011 decided to increase the size of motorcycle license plates to fight against regular excessive speeding, while they only represent 1% of excessive speeds.

The MAIDS Open link in a new window report mentions that the majority of Powered-Two Wheelers accidents are between 31 and 60 kph, and in 70% a car is involved .... so how is a bigger license plate going to reduce accidents?

Click for bigger version of Ad FFMC Pedagogic Radar
Open image in a new window

Translation: At that price they merit somewhere better than alongside the road!

By deciding to replace the "approaching radar" road signs with pedagogic radars, the government is having the tax payers and road users pay an invoice that is higher than 40 million Euros. A nice envelope that could have been better used to improve road infrastructure, finance better education, and lower taxes on motorcycle safety equipment....

Take all your time to admire the pedagogic radars, real works of art of road security.

Click for bigger version of Ad FFMC Share Road
Open image in a new window

Translation: Why only share the road when you have no choice...

Lane splitting for motorcycles with a maximum difference of 20 kph from the cars will increase security for everyone and increase traffic flow.

Let's learn to share the road starting with the first driving lessons.

Click for bigger version of Ad FFMC Yellow Vests
Open image in a new window

Translation: If a yellow vest will save lives, we would have known...

The inter-ministerial committee on the 11th of May 2011 decided to make the wearing of a yellow reflective vest mandatory for all bikers riding a motorcycle over 124cc.  Biker helmets already have reflective material incorporated, and we must ride with lights on. Making wearing a hi-viz vest mandatory will not increase the security of bikers in case of an accident and even less to avoid them.

Reducing sales tax on security equipment will do so..

[Edit note: in France, all helmets must have reflective stickers on the side and rear ]

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