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License Plate Country Codes

  Posted at 09:30:00 AM
  File under  Travel
  Author: Mike Werner
  Location: Travelling

When riding your motorcycle you'll for sure see another vehicle on the road coming from another country. If the vehicle is from a neighboring country, you'll know the country code, but if it's from far away, you'll probably not know it.

So just for your amusement (and because I had nothing else to write about and I'm on holiday), here are the country codes (and the ones that no longer exist) for most countries that have cars and motorcycles...

A Austria M Malta
AFG Afghanistan MA Morocco
AG Antigua and Barbuda MAL Malaysia
AL Albania MC Monaco
AND Andorra MD Moldavia
ANG Angola MEX Mexico
ARK Antarctica MGL Mongolia
ARM Armenia MIS Marshall Islands
ARU Aruba MK Macedonia
AUS Australia MNS Micronesia
AX Åland MOZ Mozambique
AZ Azerbaijan MS Mauritius
B Belgium MV Maldives
BD Bangladesh MW Malawi
BDS Barbados MYA Myanmar
BF Burkina Faso N Norway
BG Bulgaria NA Netherlands Antilles
BH Belize NAM Namibia
BHT Bhutan NAU Nauru
BIH Bosnia-Herzegovina NCL New Caledonia
BOL Bolivia NEP Nepal
BR Brazil NIC Nicaragua
BRN Bahrain NL Netherlands
BRU Brunei NZ New Zealand
BS Bahamas OM Oman
BTN Bhutan P Portugal
BU Burundi PA Panama
BY Belarus PAK Pakistan
C Cuba PAL Palau
CAM Cameroon PE Peru
CD Democratic Republic of the Congo PL Poland
CDN Canada PNG Papua-New Guinea
CH Switzerland PS Palestinian Authority
CI Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) PY Paraguay
CL Sri Lanka PRI Puerto Rico
CO Colombia Q Qatar
COM Comoros RA Argentina
CR Costa Rica RB Botswana
CV Cape Verde RC China / Republic of China (Taiwan)
CY Cyprus RCA Central African Republic
CZ Czech Republic RCB Republic of the Congo
D Germany RCH Chile
DJI Djibouti RG Guinea
DK Denmark RH Haiti
DOM Dominican Republic RI Indonesia
DY Benin RIM Mauritania
DZ Algeria RL Lebanon
E Spain RM Madagascar
EAK Kenya RMM Mali
EAT Tanzania RN Niger
EAU Uganda RO Romania
EC Ecuador ROK Korea
ERI Eritrea ROU Uruguay
ES El Salvador RP Philippines
EST Estonia RSM San Marino
ET Egypt RT Togo
ETH Ethiopia RUS Russia
F France RWA Rwanda
FIN Finland S Sweden
FJI Fiji SA Saudi-Arabia
FL Liechtenstein SCG Serbia and Montenegro
FO Faroes SD Swaziland
FSM Federated States of Micronesia SGP Singapore
G Gabon SK Slovakia
GB United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland
SLB Salomon Islands
GBA Alderney SLO Slovenia
GBG Guernsey SME Suriname
GB Jersey SMOM Sovereign Military Order of Malta
GBM Isle of Man SN Senegal
GBZ Gibraltar SO Somalia
GCA Guatemala SOL Salomon Islands
GE Georgia STP São Tomé and Príncipe
GH Ghana SUD Sudan
GNB Guinea-Bissau SY Seychelles
GQ Equatorial Guinea SYR Syria
GR Greece T Thailand
GRO Greenland TCH Chad
GUB Guinea-Bissau TG Togo
GUI Guinea TJ Tajikistan
GUY Guyana TL Timor-Leste (East Timor)
H Hungary TM Turkmenistan
HK Hong Kong TN Tunisia
HN Honduras TON Tonga
HR Croatia TR Turkey
I Italia TT Trinidad and Tobago
IL Israel TUR Turkmenistan
IND India TUV Tuvalu
IR Iran UA Ukraine
IRL Republic of Ireland UAE United Arab Emirates
IRQ Iraq USA United States of America
IS Iceland UZ Uzbekistan
J Japan V Vatican City
JA Jamaica VAN Vanuatu
JOR Jordan VN Vietnam
K Cambodia WAG The Gambia
KAN Saint Kitts and Nevis WAS Sierra Leone
KS Kyrgyzstan WAN Nigeria
KIR Kiribati WB West Bank
KP North Korea WD Dominica
KSA Saudi-Arabia WG Grenada
KWT Kuwait WL Saint Lucia
KZ Kazakhstan WS Samoa
L Luxembourg WSA Democratic Arab Republic Sahara
LAO Laos WV Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
LAR Libya Y Yemen
LB Liberia YV Venezuela
LS Lesotho Z Zambia
LT Lithuania ZA South Africa
LV Latvia ZW Zimbabwe

ADN Aden
BP Botswana
BUR Burma
CS Czechoslovakia
DDR German Democratic Republic
EW Estonia
FR Faroes
R Romania
SF Finland
SU Soviet Union
YU Yugoslavia

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