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Motorcycles and Go-Karts

  Posted at 05:30:00 PM
  File under  Funny Special-Bikes Video Feeds
  Author: Mike Werner
  Location: Normandy, France

I really don't know why there aren't a lot of motorcycle engine powered go-karts out there. Not that I know much about go-karts, but it would seem that a motorcycle engine is a perfect one for go-karts. Or maybe it's because they would make a go-kart too powerful? Just have a look at some of the videos below, you'll see what I mean.

Several high-powered motorcycle engines have been fitted to a go-kart frame. I'm guessing here, but I presume that it's just for fun, and can never be used for races. But imagine if they would start a go-kart race class using really high powered motorcycle engines, like those below. That would be fun....


Hayabusa Go Kart

The Suzuki Hayabusa is a popular engine to use, since it's one of the most powerful ones. Placing them on a go-kart frame, makes the kart want to fly. But other Gixxer engines will do fine.

Hayabusa Go Kart

Below is a video from a German "Top Gear" style TV show, featuring Sabine Schmidt, the female racer/presenter who beat Jeremy Clarkson racing a Ford Transit van on the Nurburgring circuit. In this, in German language, video of the TV series, she's racing a Dodge Viper and her opponent will be racing his home-made Gixxenkart.

The Gixxenkart, with its 113 bhp can do the 0-100 kph (62 mph) in less than 3 seconds. Its top speed is not that fast, 170 kph (105 mph), but considering that the driver is sitting almost on the ground, it's enough to give even Rossi heart palpitations.

In the video, you'll first see Sabine take the go-kart for a spin, followed by the race, with her driving the Viper. Remember it's an entertainment TV show, so midway they go back to the start and recap, and they'll force a few errors to make it a good show. But the video really shows you what kind of a monster the Gixxerkart is.

Gixxerkart against Dodge Viper (9 minutes 57 seconds)

Click to see the Video clip


Obviously, putting a R1 engine on a go-kart will give you rocket power. The problem then becomes how to keep traction. This fellow solved that problem:

Yamaha R1 Go Kart

But it doesn't need to be a big engine. Here's a XS650 Yamaha motorcycle engine:

Yamaha XS650 Go Kart


The smaller Kawasaki Ninja motorcycles, the 250cc, are actually popular for go-karts. When you research the internet for Ninja Go-Karts, you'll find plenty of them. But even bigger Kawasaki Ninjas are available

Kawasaki Ninja Go Kart


Honda's 900cc Fireblade is another one of those powerful engines (140 hp) used to power go-karts:

Honda CBR900RR Go Kart

Here's another Honda's CBR900RR Fireblade engine on a "little" go-kart.

Honda CBR900RR Go Kart

Have a look at the video below. The power on this kart is insane, and riding it on the public road is even insaner....

Honda CBR900 Go-Kart (3 minutes 5 seconds)

Click to see the Video clip


Even Ducati engines are used on go-karts. Here's a 748 engine

Ducati Go Kart 748

or this one

Ducati Go Kart 749

I further found some on-the-way project for an Aprilia engine powered go-kart, but look as I may, I did not find any Harley-Davidson powered go-karts. But maybe I was looking wrong....

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