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Product Review: KTM Epic

  Posted at 05:45:00 PM
  File under  KTM Product Review
  Author: Mike Werner
  Location: Normandy, France

KTM logo
I'm a big user of backpacks. When I go to a location for my work, I need to carry cameras, lenses and computers, and since I usually go on the motorcycle, I need to carry stuff on my back. Therefore I've been using several backpacks over the years, and have settled since 2005 on KTM/Ogio Open link in a new window backpacks. They are well designed, and extremely solid. From experience I can tell you that when sliding off your bike, the backpack survives the slide; more than you will.

I decided the try the latest from Ogio-built-for-KTM backpacks, the KTM EPIC. If you don't want to be bothered reading the detailed review, let me sum it up one one word: FANTASTIC!


In short, there are more storage compartments than you'll ever need, well thought out and accessible. The backpack is even made with some good sense of humor.

After the jump, you'll find a detailed overview of the motorcycle backpack (there's a lot of photos, so let the images load).

Here's the detailed review of what you can find on the KTM EPIC backpack:

Figure #01 - Front

Each of the numbers on the above photo will correspond with their explanation below. But as you can see, there's plenty of pockets to loose your stuff... you might need a paper index for where you've stored your stuff...

Here are the side views:

Figure #02 - Left Side

The left side ....

Figure #03 - Right Side

The right side.

We'll start by having a detailed view of the left side.

Figure #04 - Left pocket

Item #4 (from figure #1):
On the left is an open pocket, which is elastic. It's not closed by a zipper, and there are two holes at the bottom to let out liquids. It's ideal to store a small water bottle or such. It also easy accessible when the backpack is on your back.

Now to get to the meat...

Figure #5 - PC Storage

Item #3 from figure #1
:At the very back, closest to your back, is where you store your PC. There are three compartments (papers, computer, etc).

Figure #06 - Small computer storage

Here I'm storing a small, ASUS, 12 inch computer.

Figure #07 - Stored computer

Here you can see the computer stored. There's plenty of space for it. So now the acid test....

Figure #08 - Big laptop stored

... here I've stored my (very) big HP 22 inch laptop. It fits, but it's "just". But I would have no problems bringing this PC in the bag, since it does close properly.

Figure #09 - PC storage compartments

Here you can see the three storage compartments.

Now to the top of the bag:

Figure #10 - Music compartment

Item #1 from figure #1
: This is the storage compartment for your music player. It's rain proof, and it will take a fairly large device, like my Apple iPhone. The phone slides all the way in, with plenty of space.

Figure #11 - Audio cable lead

Item #2 from figure #1
: If you're not wireless, then you'll need to pass your audio cable through this hole. It's finicky, since it stops rain from going into the compartment, but after a bit of pressure, you'll manage to get the lead through to your player or phone.

Figure #12 - Small storage compartment

Item #5 from figure #1
: This is a small storage compartment. I use it to store my press card and stuff that needs to be accessed quickly (like anti-acid tablets..).

Figure #13 - Big storage

Item #6 from figure #1
: This is one of the main storage compartments, since it allows for the biggest items to be stored. The two zippers open up all the way to the bottom for easy storage and access. The little orange bag you see belongs to the small storage compartment (figure #12).

This is where I'd store my camera and a few lenses.

Figure #14 - Small storage inside big storage

There's even a small bag inside the big storage compartment. Great for some cleaning clothes...

Figure #15 - Top storage

Item #7 from figure #1
: This is a handy storage for valuables. It's the only compartment that is flat when accessed (the others are vertical). You can stored sun glasses, head phones, mouse and small digital cameras.

Figure #16 - P storage

Item #8 from figure #1
: This is the front storage compartment. With a sense of humor, the signs says you can store anything starting with a "P", like pencils, PDAs, paper, phones... but also tools, and there's even a key ring for storing keys. The flap opens all the way to the bottom.

Figure #17 - Open flap

Here you can see the compartment fully opened.

Figure #18 - Ticket compartment

Above Item #9 from figure #1
: I forgot to put the item number for this one in Figure #1, but the slot is just above the Item Number #9. It's a zipperless compartment for fast and easy access, meant for things like your airplane ticket.

Figure #19 - Supplies compartment

Item #9 from figure #1
: The last front compartment is meant for long items, such as a PC power supply, cables and batteries. The flap opens all the way.

Now to the right side:

Figure #20 - Right side holder

Item #10 from figure #1
: Like with the left side of the bag, there's the same style open compartment for bottles (see figure #4).

Figure #21 - Right side storage

Item #11 from figure #1
: There are two small zippered storage compartments on the right side, one above and one below (you can see the compartment better in Figure #3).

Now the last bit, the back of the bag.

Figure #22 - Back of backpack

The back part has at the top (#1) a handle for carrying the bag without putting it on your shoulders. There are two straps to put over your shoulders (#2), and a front strap (#3) to hold it in place. Both straps can be opened a long way, so even Schwarzenegger could put it on.

There you go, your private tour of the KTM EPIC bag.

Cost: £59 / US$90 / €78
Availability: Now

You can buy the bag at your local KTM dealer, or on-line at one of many shops. If you're in the market for a backpack, this one I'll highly recommend. The partnumber for the bag is 3PW097930.

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