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Review: 2014 Honda PCX 125

  Posted at 02:00:00 PM
  File under  Product Review Honda Scooters
  Author: David Morcrette
  Location: Paris, France

Since this is a translation directly from French, some of the colloquialism may seem a bit strange at times, for which I apologize. It's not easy to translate. Any mistakes below are mine, and mine alone.
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The 2014 Honda PCX 125 test report was originally published in French on the Le Repaire des Open lerepairedesmotards link in a new window web site.

Click here to read the original review of the 2014 Honda PCX 125 Open Click here to read the original review of the 2014 Honda PCX 125 link in a new window (in French)
The 2014 Version

Although it appears to be a mini-scooter, the Honda PCX 125 quickly distanced itself from the competition not only by its size but by its price and embedded technology, being one of the few two-wheelers incorporating stop & go technologies and offering a particularly low fuel consumption. The model has quickly won a huge sales success, with a reduced price of just €2.390 barely increased to €2.590 in 2014. Justified? Here is the review ...

Review 2014 Honda PCX 125


Redesigned at both the esthetic and technical level in 2014, the PCX however retained its visual affiliation with the original model. It was already good and up to date. The 2014 vintage further improves the quality and modernism, while continuing to stand out from the competition. When we discover the PCX 125, we first think of an electric scooter with its flea size and windshield barely higher than the saddle giving a particularly compact appearance to the whole. The PCX does not impose and is particularly a go-everywhere but it stands out from the majority of scooters with its shaved line.

However, the headlight is rewarding and wide, with good lighting at night. The mirrors provide a good field of vision. The rear is much more stylish than the previous vintage.

Review 2014 Honda PCX 125

In fact, the scooter reveals all its qualities when we approach it with its impeccable finish throughout. From the saddle stitching to the quality plastics or stalks, Honda achieves a flawless production.

Review 2014 Honda PCX 125

In The Saddle

The PCX seems visually very low ... But the feet do not touch however completely the ground for a 1 Meter 70 rider despite a saddle at only 760 mm height. Instead, one must sit at the edge of the saddle to get to place both feet flat on the ground. in so far with a 135 kilos featherweight placed very low, daily handling is particularly easily.

Review 2014 Honda PCX 125

The handlebars, positioned low, fall perfectly in your hands with a natural global position without an arched back. Forearms are angled downward and forward. One then releases the Neiman protection with the tip of the ignition key. It turns noticeably and one can then open the trunk with the button under the handlebars. And with another gentle turn, the dash lights up.

We now have under the eyes a huge central counter, clearly visible even in direct sunlight, turning around with a needle via the counter's outside and not central as usual. Clock, dual partial trip, odometer and especially a very accurate fuel gauge complete the dashboard. We especially note the famous green light with an A surrounded by an arrow, indicating whether or not via a green flashing the operation of the stop & go. For the PCX is also characterized by this technology, killing the engine when stopping and automatically restarting when opening the throttle.

Review 2014 Honda PCX 125

We appreciate the standard handlebar that allows attaching a GPS in the traditional way, without obstructing the view of the instruments. We only regret the absence of a hazard warning.

Review 2014 Honda PCX 125


The PCX snorts quietly, with very discreet vibrations of the 4-stroke cylinder. In fact, you become aware when you stop especially when they disappear completely at the next stop. Otherwise, we do not feel them. And then just the slightest solicitation of the right handle makes the engine restart automatically and especially instantly. One could well fear a slight delay between the throttle and the start but day-to-day, there is absolutely none. The restart reaction is instantaneous and you do not even need to be aware of the difference compared with a standard scooter that sometimes takes longer to leave. The PCX now develops 8.6 kW, a slight increase compared to the 8.3 kW of the previous vintage. The 125 allows you to very quickly take charge and even easier since the weight is placed very low, giving maneuverability and handling and all that with a very pleasant smoothness of the engine. Because some scooters ride in high revs, screaming ... here the PCX rather gives the impression of riding on velvet and smoothly despite the peps. This is particularly pleasant and relaxing while providing the power needed to have the feeling of having an energetic and dynamic scooter.

Review 2014 Honda PCX 125

In The City

The PCX has a small size and therefore allows you to filter in between cars easily. Leaving from a red light is frank, uptake and re-accelerations in order to filter is immediate. Braking is at the level of the global homogeneity of the scooter, powerful but without exaggeration and accurate with a good feeling. Interactions with the environment are therefore precise, instant and fluid ... In the flow of the traffic.

Review 2014 Honda PCX 125

With the handlebar and a very small turning angle, the slightest turn takes place on a dime and without any effort.

On The Motorway

The PCX is still a 125 cc but then darts to reach a good 110 kph (on the counter, or 103 real kph), more than enough for riding long distance and out of major cities by the major roads. With an excellent stability there is little, if not, virtually no sensitivity to trucks and air generated, which can sometimes cause a stir with other scooters. Its very small fairing surface and low windshield offers no wind resistance at any particular speed and doesn't generate any stray movement in the front. However, even slightly downhill and your head in the windshield, the PCX will not exceed 115 kph on the counter, a real 105 kph. However, it has a good pick-up and responsiveness even at its maximum and gives a real sense of security.

Review 2014 Honda PCX 125

Protection for that maximum speed is limited and we feel substantially pressure on the forearms and chest, but without causing any particular inconvenience, at least in good weather. Wet weather will require a better combination than some scooters proposing a higher windshield.

Secondary Roads

Therefore, returning to the secondary roads, the country roads, allow it to always remain below the maximum speed limits and at its best abilities. Stable on long straight roads and still maneuverable but not too much, the PCX is at ease everywhere and especially on country roads where you could lose your license and all that in comfort and enjoyment and carefree riding. Because even in curve sequences, it takes the corner without flinching or squirming, reassuring the rider by its handling.

Review 2014 Honda PCX 125


The long and wide seat provides excellent comfort for both the rider and that of the pillion. Duo, the pillion weight is barely noticeable and does not generate the effect of dangling like some scooters with high back seats. Here, the rear is at the same level. The impact is only at times during speed pick-up.

Review 2014 Honda PCX 125


No ABS but linked braking which is very nice on a daily use. And despite a small front 220 mm disc and a single rear drum brake, the braking is largely at the level of a 125. The feeling of the two brake handles is excellent and allows brake dosing to the right degree, ample and always safely, including in the rain where blocking is almost impossible.

Review 2014 Honda PCX 125


The under-saddle storage makes it possible to store an integral helmet and a small computer or tablet. This is not the largest storage capacity in the category (some 125 can house two full-face helmets), but it offers a great capacity, more homogeneous and habitable by its overall shape. We appreciate the front glove compartment, deep and providing a 12V socket to recharge a large mobile phone, a real advantage in daily use.

The trunk's saddle swings opens via a cylinder and comes to rest on the handlebar. The cylinder has a mid-way block which provides access to your stuff under the saddle without completely opening the latter.

Review 2014 Honda PCX 125

Fuel Consumption

The PCX has a bird's appetite and one of the lowest consumptions in the category, especially given its mechanical impulses with a real live engine. With an announced consumption of 2.1, it consumes nevertheless rather 2.6 liters per hundred kilometers with muscular riding, which is very little. So, with the new fuel tank increased to eight liters (before it was 5.9 liters), it offers a comprehensive range of 300 kilometers in city use without special effort to consume less. With a quiet ride, the PCX is capable of well over 300 km of autonomy.

Review 2014 Honda PCX 125


The first version of the PCX was already a success, proven by its annual sales. The new 2014 vintage further enhances the excellence of the whole, homogeneous, comfortable, easy handling and comfortable in a daily use. Honda offers all that for a very low price (€2599) against the competition, especially in view of mechanical ambitions and overall pleasure. A faultless performance which should help extend its success.

Strong PointsWeak Points
  • Engine
  • Frame
  • Start&Stop
  • Esthetics
  • No space for 2 jet helmets under the saddle

Via: Le Repaire Des Motards

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