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Review: ACCELERATOR - Make Your BMW Motorcycle Go Faster

  Posted at 06:00:00 PM
  File under  Product Review BMW
  Author: Mike Werner
  Location: Normandy, France

Accelerator for Road 2 Performance Open link in a new window is one of those products that when you hear what it does, sounds too good to be true. Accelerator will make your BMW motorcycle go faster while saving more fuel for an affordable price. Sounds good?

How does it work? Well, there's a very detailed technical explanation on their site (click here to read Accelerato's technical info Open link in a new window), but in essence, it modifies the way fuel is sent to the engine by the ECUElectronic Control Unit is a generic term for any embedded system that controls one or more of the electrical systems or subsystems in a motor vehicle. . You get more fuel delivered during acceleration, but when cruising, less. The fuel reduction comes from the fact that you arrive at your cruising speed much faster, and then start saving fuel. In other words, you use up more fuel than normal to get to your speed, but then you use less to maintain it. Overall, you use less; But you get there faster.

So today my Accelerator arrived. Tthe equipment is meant for BMW motorcycles,almost any model, any year. I got the version for my BMW R1150GS (without a catalyst). I was very worried about installing it, since people who know me, know that I have two left hands, and can't even put oil in my bike without screwing that up (I once put paint instead of oil).

Accelerator BMW

But I was assured that it was so easy, that even I could do it. So here's the installation.

First, the hard part. You need to remove the pillion saddle, followed by the rider saddle. That was the hard part.....

Accelerator BMW

This is the place where the Accelerator will be placed. It's under the rider's saddle, next to the battery.

Accelerator BMW

You unclip the existing IATInlet Air Temperature. Connector by pressing the metal clip (see arrow). That releases the IAT connector.

Accelerator BMW

You place the Accelerator into the IAT connector (there is only one way of doing this, so you can not put the wrong end in). It just clicks into place.

Accelerator BMW

Then you click the other side of the connector into your bike. Again, there's not confusion which part goes where. Just press in, hear the click and you're done. You put the saddles back in place, and you're in business.

The Performance Test

I was on my own, so a bit difficult to test. I took the BMW motorcycle out without the Accelerator first to test performance. I found a stretch of road with no traffic, and more importantly, no cops. I reset all trip data on my Garmin GPS, and mapped out a 500 meter stretch.

I then proceeded running the 500 meters several times both ways to get the top speed I would pass the 500 meters mark. Since I couldn't use a stopwatch while riding, I just looked at the speed passing the 500 meter mark.

I did the stretch 6 times. The speeds ranged between 114 kph to 122 kph.

Then I went back, and installed the Accelerator, and did the same run 6 times.

Now the results where different. The range was 122 kph to 135 kph! Not a bad improvement. I still wouldn't want to drag race a Hayabusa with that, but the speed increase is noticeable.

Ride Results

I then went for a long drive in the country. I was not going to measure fuel consumption, since that is much more difficult, and could realistically only be done over many weeks of usage.

While riding the country roads I noticed an increase in torque at low RPM. Not so much in 1st gear, but 2nd gear would lift the nose of the bike up more than normal. Switching to 3rd gear at low revs used to make the engine uncomfortable, but now with the Accelerator, it picked up speed in no time. Impressive.

Over many kilometers, through villages, winding lanes, up & down hills, I can say one thing for sure: the bike runs so much smoother! If there's one immediate thing you notice, it's how smooth it runs.

Another apparent advantage of low rev torque, is that if you're riding in a higher gear, cruising along the country lanes, when there's a car in front of you, you don't need to down-shift anymore to overtake. Just open the throttle, and the bike picks up speed very easy. Think of all the wear & tear you'll be saving on your gear box.

On the "down" side, I noticed a slightly high rev when stationary. Not an issue, since you can adjust that.


Overall a good purchase. Fast throttle response, faster acceleration at low rpm, smooth running engine and a (theoretical) lower fuel consumption.

And the price?

For the normal version (the one I used): €32. The one with the longer cable, called the Extended version (used if you want to move things around,) €42.

Click here to access the Accelerator site Open link in a new window.

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