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Review: Cardo Scala Rider G9 - Part 2 -Configuring

  Posted at 04:00:00 PM
  File under  Bluetooth Product Review
  Author: Mike Werner
  Location: Normandy, France

Click here to read Part 1 - Installing the G9 Open link in a new window

NOTE: To make cross-references with photos of the previous article easier, when I reference a photo, it will be underscored with a dotted green line. Hover your mouse over the text to see the photo pop-up.

Cardo logo
Configuring The G9

The Scala Rider G9 Open Cardosystems link in a new window is a "complex" piece of electronics, since you have many features at your disposal. You do not need all of them, so many features can be turned off, or configured to your style and personal preferences.

There are different ways of configuring the G9; directly from the unit (by using different sets of buttons), or by plugging in the unit into a PC via the USB cable (#2-13 #2 ) and connecting it up to the internet.

Cardo also have a downloadable free program that will assist you in configuring the G9, but the software is Windows only, and I run a Mac shop...

NOTE: The configuration software runs only on Windows, not on a Mac or Unix PC. Most features can be configured directly in the unit, but some need the special software.

Power On

After you have fully charged the battery (you really need to do this properly for the first time, if not you'll have a not-so-good battery), click in the main G9 unit (#2-1#2) into the helmet holder (#2-3#2). It's a question of sliding in the unit until it clicks.

Power on the unit by pressing the "Mobile" button for 2 seconds (#3-5#3). The LEDs in between the three buttons will light up BLUE, flashing, to tell you that the unit is working. You will also hear a sound inside the helmet.

Pairing - Smartphone

Bluetooth devices need to be "paired". Pairing is nothing but a mutual "introduction" to each other, like "Mr. Bluetooth, please meet Mrs. Bluetooth. Mrs. Bluetooth, this is Mr. Bluetooth". You will need to "pair" any device you want the G9 to access without wires, like your phone, GPS, etc.

NOTE: Pairing other G9 devices is not done in this way. In fact, if you buy the G9 Powerset with two devices, they are already paired. See further on.

Here is how to pair with an iPhone (sorry, I don't have an Android devices. If you want to send me one, fell free to do so...).

Make sure your phone is turned on, and in Bluetooth discovery mode (on the iPhone, it's automatic). The iPhone is looking for any Bluetooth device within range (range is a maximum of 10 meters).

Make sure the G9 is in Standby mode (single blue flash every 3 seconds), then press and hold the Mobile Button (#3-5#3) for 6 seconds. The G9 first will flash RED, and while you continue to hold the button, it will flash red and blue rapidly. Let go of the button. The G9 is now transmitting it's data and can be discovered.

Scala G9 16

Figure #16

You see that it has found the Scala Rider G9, but it has not been introduced to the iPhone. Touch the "Scala Rider G9" words on the iPhone:

Scala G9 17

Figure #17

Enter the G9 PIN code (which is "0000").. and now you'll see:

Scala G9 18

Figure #18

The G9 will slowly flash blue. Your unit can now not only receive phone calls, but more importantly, listen to music and if your phone has a navigator, you can hear instructions. You will not need to repeat this process. Once paired to your device, it's stored forever.

Pairing - Music Device

If you phone does not stream music properly , or it doesn't have music, you can follow the above instructions to pair a wireless music player to the G7.

Pairing - GPS

To pair a dedicated GPS/Navigator, after you made sure the G9 is on and in Standby mode, press the Volume UP (#3-4#3) for at least 5 seconds until the LED turns PURPLE and starts flashing.

Search on your GPS for Bluetooth devices (follow the instructions for your GPS). Once you see the "Scala Rider G9", select it. Enter the password of "0000". Once the GPS has paired with your G9, it will start slowly flashing BLUE.

NOTE: The reason you need to pair a GPS as a different device is that it receives top priority for sound.

Pairing Scala Riders Devices

Intercom with another G9

Pairing another G9 (if not bought in a dual set), you need to remove the G9 from the helmet, make sure it's on (Standby mode), and just press Channel A (#3-1#3) or Channel B (#3-3#3) button - the LEDs will flash purple - and then bump the units together (gently) and hold them side-by-side. After two seconds, the LED turns solid purple. Done.

Intercom with 2 other G9

If there are going to be three G9s, one G9 will be the "master". It gets paired in the way described above with the 2nd G9, selecting Channel A. Then repeat the process with the 3rd G9, selecting Channel B.

NOTE: When in 3-way mode, the "master" will not be able to receive phone calls, GPS or wireless music. 3-Way conferencing can however be disabled on-the-fly.

Intercom with 3 other G9

As above, by there will be two masters. The 1st master G9 pairs with the 2nd G9 using Channel A, the 3rd G9 pairs with the 4th G7 also using Channel A. Then the 2nd G9 pairs with the fourth G9 using Channel B. The last two G9s can not receive phone calls or navigation during the "conference".

"One+8" Intercom with 8 other G9

You can talk to 8 other G9 units, but not like in a walkie-talkie.  You need to assign units (either using the Scala website), or by pairing them by bumping each individual unit together (without pressing a Channel button).

Best is for each G9 unit to have a name assigned to it, typically the person's name or handle. This way when you get a call from one of them, you'll be told who is calling.


The G9 is equipped with a FM/RDS radio. RDS means it can switch to a different frequency if the RDS radio station is equipped with them. Many radio stations have different transmitters located in parts of a country, often using different frequencies. When riding your motorcycle, eventually you will get out of range of the station. Instead of locating the new frequency, the G9 will automatically switch to the new frequency.

You can set up your favorite radio stations using configuration tools, or you can do it manually directly in the device.


Finding a station is easy. After the G9 has been turned on (I suggest you put on the helmet, this way you can hear the station), turn on the radio. This is done by pressing Channel B (#3-3#3) for 2 seconds, (or by using the voice commands by saying "Radio On").

Seek & Save

Press the Volume UP (#3-4#3) or DOWN (#3-6#3) button for 2 seconds. This will make the G9 go up or down respectively through the frequencies until it finds a good signal. Once it has reached a station, and you like the station, you have 20 seconds to save it. Press the Channel B (#3-3#3) button to save it in one of 6 presets.

Scan & Save

Press the Volume UP (#3-4#3) button for 5 seconds. Like above, the G9 scans stations, upwards, until it finds one. It will stay with in the station for a few seconds before hopping to the next one.

To stop scanning, press the Volume UP (#3-4) button once.

If you like the station, within 20 seconds, press the Channel B (#3-3#3) button. If you want to continue, just wait a few seconds, scanning will resume.

Turning RDS ON

RDS is turned off by default. Either use the special web tool to turn it on, or after you turned the FM radio on on the G9, press and hold both Volume UP (#3-4#3) and Volume DOWN (#3-6#3) together for 2 seconds.

Web/PC Configuration

To configure your G9 using the web interface, you need to go to Open link in a new window. There you'll need to register yourself, including email and password. Once done, you will be confronted with their main site:

Click for bigger version of Scala G9 19
Open image in a new window

Figure #19

1 - Your name (or buddy name - used for multiple connections)
2 - Download the Cardo installer software (Windows only)
3 - The software ensures you have the latest firmware
4 - After making changes, click on sync to update the G9
5 - Your FM/RDS radio presets (6 maximum)
6 - General settings
7 - Your buddy list

Once you've installed the software and connected the G9 via the supplied USB cable, you can start configuring your unit:

Click for bigger version of Scala G9 20
Open image in a new window

Figure #20

1 - Configure all your specific settings
2 - Configure your favorite radio stations.

Once you've synced your G9 unit, you're in business, and ready to roll. You're ready to go now.... On to the product test.

Click here to read part 3, the test of the G9 Open link in a new window

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