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Top Trailer - Self Inclining Motorcycle Trailer

  Posted at 02:00:00 PM
  File under  Exhibitions New Products Travel
  Author: Mike Werner
  Location: Normandy, France
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French Top-Trailer Open Top-Trailer link in a new window make a trailer that uses the same technology as the previously mentioned AirTrailer (link Open link in a new window). This means that the trailer inclines at the rear, giving you a natural loading ramp.

Top Trailer

I stumbled upon them during my visit to the Parisian Le Salon de la Moto Open link in a new window, made loads of photos, but then for some unexplained reason, lost those photos.

Top Trailer

Top-Trailer make a trailer that can be used for any type of transport, like hauling cargo, but in our case we will be looking at transporting motorcycles or scooters. However, even the cargo bit is interesting, since you can "wheel" in your furniture, safe, beer barrels all without needing a loading ramp.

Top Trailer

Top Trailer
Why? Because the rear part of the trailer bends down to the ground, while the front end remains in position. This means you get a trailer that goes from the ground up several centimeters above the ground, giving you a slight and gentle slope.

The mechanics of moving the rear of the trailer up or down is hydraulic. Press a lever, and the rear lowers itself gently to the ground, flipping the license plate into the trailer bottom and moving the wheel mudguards out of the way.

Then you ride your motorcycle onto the trailer. There is no bridge, so you can ride it, or push it. The same applies if you are bringing in cargo; just roll it in.

After securing your motorcycle to the front wheel clamp, you "pump" the hydraulic system with a lever. Just pump it several times (up and down of the lever) until the rear end of the trailer is level. This takes about 20 seconds.

At your destination, after having lowered the trailer, getting the bike out is easier than with normal trailer. You can sit on your bike and nudge it out of the clamp. Since the slope inclination angle is low, it is easy to "walk" out your bike.

As you can see, it easy and simple to use.

NOTE: As they explained to me, there is another big upside to this system. If you have a garage, storing your trailer is probably an issue, since there is never enough space in a garage. But if you store your motorcycle(s) in the garage, the solution is simple: just place the trailer where you store your bikes, and when you have finished riding your motorcycle, ride it onto the tailer. You do not loose much space and you don't need to do anything else. Just roll it on and off.

The trailer weighs 750 kilos. They are about to release a version that has an electric engine that will lower the trailer using a remote control.

There are three sizes available; 1300 x 2300 mm, 1300 x 2700 mm, 1800 x 2700 mm.

The base price for the smallest version is €2198 and the biggest is €2542. Different sidewalls are available from simple walls to cages. The wheels clamps run between €93 and 193.

Remember that you can have two motorcycles on the trailer.

Have a look at this video on the usages of their trailer:

Top-Trailer are currently talking to importers in other countries, and hopefully you will be able to buy them shortly in your own country. But if you can't wait, you can buy them online. If you are interested in importing or selling their product, just contact them.

Click here to access Top Trailers web site Open Top-Trailer link in a new window (in French).

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